Looking for easy, simple painted wood sign projects? Here are five simple projects you can create in an afternoon.

painted wood sign projects paintbrushes and paint

I spent the weekend painting a sign for the imagination room.

It’s four feet long and two feet wide and full to the brim with letters turned this way and that way and painted in colors that will make you smile.

I painted it the sign because I couldn’t find exactly the sign I wanted anywhere.

Has that ever happened to you?

You have the perfect sign in your mind and you know what colors you want it to be and you about the size of the sign you need and you know that you know that you know….

….in all the stores in all the world, there has to be a sign like the one you’re looking for.


Except there isn’t.

So you just make your own.

Here are five simple painted wood sign projects you can make in an afternoon.

painting a wood sign

It’s so much easier than it looks.


Sometimes the hardest part is just deciding what you want it to say and what you want it to look like, so I thought I’d help any other sign painters out there in the universe with few sign painting ideas.

Welcome to sign painting central.

Here’s my top five favorite painted sign projects I’ve ever created.

Spoiler alert:  Just because it’s Monday and we all need a little help getting started today….

…I included an extra sign project for the road.

painted wood sign projects painting of Pi

Reclaimed wood painted sign

This made it into the top five because it’s painted on one of my favorite surfaces in the world….reclaimed wood.

And it’s Pi.

Not the kind you eat.

The kind of mathematical constant that goes on forever or until you run out of sign.

DIY found here.

painted wood sign projects painted mileage sign

Mileage Distance Sign

I painted this sign before I ever had a blog and it’s hung in the back hallway for years.

It’s a great reminder of two places I love.

And how far it takes to get there.

  • To make simply trace around the chipboard letters from the craft supply store
  • Use a ruler to draw the arrow
  • Then simply fill in the lines
  • Use a small paintbrush to get the sharpest edges

painted wood sign projects reclaimed wood sign project

DIY Wood Reclaimed Monogram

I included this sign painting project in the top five because it looks like the wood was branded.

Except it isn’t.  (I know…right?)

I made it with a stain pen from the home improvement store.

DIY found here.

farmhouse bathroom sign

Brush and Floss Sign

I found this wood by the side of the road.

I wish I could tell you I created that finish, but it came just like that.

  • Find chipboard letters at the craft store
  • Trace around the chipboard letters with a pencil
  • Fill in the outline with gray paint
  • I only used one coat of paint, but you can add another if you want crisper letters

The moral of the story?  The side of the road always has the best clearance sales.

love you to the moon and back sign

Reverse Stencil Sign

This is my favorite sign I’ve ever made.

Not because it only took an afternoon and a vinyl stencil.

Because it’s more than a sign project.  It’s a story and a celebration of someone special.

DIY and story found here.

Distressed Grocery Sgin


Distressed Grocery Sign

And here’s one more sign project for the road.

Free of charge.

How to make a distressed grocery sign.

DIY found here.

Happy sign-making friend!

You got this.

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  1. Image for Susie @ The Chelsea Project Susie @ The Chelsea Project

    Oh KariAnne, Your signs are just lovely. I'm so inspired by the variety of techniques you have used. The one with your initials stained to look like a wood burn is especially creative. I look forward to visiting the posts and making some of these little beauties to fit my spaces. Have a lovely Monday and a great week, Susie from The Chelsea project

  2. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    I know exactly what you mean about thinking for sure I'm going to find the something I need somewhere because well, of course, it's everywhere because I've seen it before...(searching, searching, searching)...I know I have...(more searching)...haven't I? I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me. I love the idea of doing it myself. And then the thing that I though was everywhere becomes one-of-a-kind! Yay!!! :-)

  3. Image for Julie Julie

    Ha! I thought the bathroom sign said Rush. It wasn't until i read further that it said Brush. The Rush fits at least over here. My 3 are pretty slow esp in the bathroom:)

  4. Image for Randi Randi

    I am loving the colors on the sign you are making. They are so happy and vibrant. Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!

  5. Image for Linda Rutherford Linda Rutherford

    In your spring homes tour, in your living or sitting room (?) there is a large sign with the words from the song "I Hope You Dance." Did you make that sign? If not, where did you find it? I just love the song and it's words on that extra large sign makes quite a statement. I would love to have in my home, if it could be replicated? Thank you!

  6. Image for Linda K Linda K

    Hi! I love your signs. And I love reading your stories! I saw this on FB the other day and thought it was neat. Maybe it's where Love you to the moon and back came from, haha "Every day, the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime that is equivalent to driving to the moon and back. So, when you tell someone 'you love them to the moon and back', you're essentially saying you will love them with all the blood your heart pumps your whole life. Which I think is equally meaningful." Dr Asky I thought it was interesting. Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. Image for Charlotte Snodgrass Charlotte Snodgrass

    I love all your signs, especially the "Cape, Dallas distance" sign! Love it. We live in East Texas and I just came back from Dallas last night from visiting my son. I must say I took an Uber a couple places because of the dreaded Dallas traffic but I ADORE the city! Also adore your blog! Thank you for sharing your talents and life!

  8. Image for cindy cindy

    You do such a great job at making those signs:D Anxious to see the next one for the girls! I went to Joann's this weekend and came across a cute little saying for that room... "I craft so hard, I sweat glitter". Isn't that adorable? Have a great day Ms. Thistle!

  9. Image for Angie M Angie M

    The side of the road has the best clearance sales! It so does!!! I recently made a grocery sign using your idea, except it's running down a length wise to fill a narrowish wall. Loved all your signs!

  10. Image for Susan Susan

    *Note to self: Pick up some chip-wood letters at the craft store* This is such a timely post for me, KariAnne as I have a bunch of old fence boards out back and want to do something with them...I will be using some of the brilliant ideas you used to create these beautiful signs...maybe even all of 'em, if I can gather the motivation! ;) But when do we get to see your newest sign??? I am seriously jonesing here and have been ever since you mentioned this room makeover! Lemme see! PLEASE!

  11. Image for Pamela A Pamela A

    Kari Anne - I think it must be the creative spirit in us that envisions what is the perfect piece for the perfect spot...but it's no where to be found. Thank goodness for your beautiful blog that inspires us all to think about the perfect piece for the perfect spot and your kindness that continues to share.

  12. Image for Mindy Whipple Mindy Whipple

    All of them are so cute! You have provided good inspiration since my husband just cut me out a wood sign to paint for outside. I started it one way and didn't like it so now I am thinking 4th of July - because it is May and it could take a while... : )

  13. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    These are all great! I might even try one someday. Maybe the wood burned (stained) monogram. Love it! I can't wait to see the colorful one you're making for the Imagination Room!

  14. Image for TwoPlusCute TwoPlusCute

    The finish on the brush & floss is amazing and what an eye you have on adding just the right hue in the words! Musical beep: *pinned* Also, you tease! When will you show us the result of the colorful top sign? :)

  15. Image for Jemma Jemma

    Love each and everyone of them and they have the sweetest sayings on them and of course the mileage one from Dallas to Cape Cod...made me really smile! Thank you for sharing them with us at TOHOT too:) Jemma

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