Hello Christmas touring friend.

It’s nice to meet you. If you are stopping by from At Home With the Barkers—Welcome and Merry Christmas.

Today I’m taking you on a tour of the house at night with the lights turned low and the twinkling Christmas lights turned up.


There’s nothing better than Christmas when the lights go down.

You know.

The twinkles.

The sparkles.

The glow of Christmas lights that fill the room and warm the darkness and make you want to go all Christmas caroler with O Holy Night.

Are you ready?

Oh, good.

The twinkles are too.

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house

All the trees were bright and merry without any sign of a mouse

The kitchen was messy covered in ribbons and trim

I’d just finished wrapping—the countertops full of scraps to the brim

“I’ll put the mess away later,” I said to myself

And snuggled on the couch to watch the best movie, Elf.

My golden, Buddy, and I pulled a throw over our lap

And settled our brains for a long winter’s nap

When out on the front porch there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my cozy couch to see what was the matter

Away to the window, I flew like a flash

Raised up the shades and threw up the sash

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But my friends I’d been missing with their smiles and good cheer

More rapid than eagles those friends of mine came

As they stood on the porch, rang the bell and called me by name

“Now KariAnne—are you home friend? We’re here to say hi.”

“We’ve got goodies to share and we want to stop by.”


As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly

My feet quickly dashed across the floor—oh my

What? They were outside and my hair was a mess?

How could I get myself cute in two minutes or less?

As I drew in my head and was turning around

My friends starting laughing and giggling—making many a sound

They were jolly and merry—each one a Christmas elf

And I laughed when I saw them in spite of myself

I straightened my messy bun and grinned from ear to ear

This was going to be fun—-I had nothing to fear

You see friends, they loved me—with my yoga pants, bare feet, and messy bun

We laughed, talked, and shared stories until the night was done

Then they packed up their cars and as quick as a whistle

Away they all flew like the down of a thistle

But I heard them exclaim, ere they drove out of sight

“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night”

I hoped you enjoyed the Christmas lights tour and the poem.

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  1. Image for Be Be

    Ohh it was just beautiful!!!! I love the poem. So great!!! You are so gifted and thanks for sharing your joy and ideas with us!!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Beeeeeautiful, cozy and perfect! Loved your poem and smiled especially when I read "down of a thistle" :) Merry Christmas Thistlewood family!

  3. Image for Lori Lori

    The house looks beautiful! What a heart warming start to the Christmas week! You worked so hard..now you need to rest and enjoy the holiday.

  4. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    A lot of hard work and so pretty. I don't think I realized you had that lovely alcove where that one tree is located. Your stairway is one of my favorite parts of your house.

  5. Image for Kathy E Kathy E

    Gorgeous!! How wonderful for your family to still be able to gather in that beautiful home! I have a quick question—-what do you use to hang the wreaths on your outside windows?

  6. Image for Edie Edie

    Your home is beautilul and all decked out for Christmas. Thank you for the pictures. May God bless you and your family with a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Image for Marianne C. Whitman Marianne C. Whitman

    Absolutely beautiful and lovely and so full of warmth. I found myself smiling and wishing I was there to see in person and wishing I had your talent, imagination and special gift. It is beautiful and it made me smile and filled my eyes with wonder as if I were a child. You are beyond talented. Thank you for sharing this and giving many of us spirit and beauty. Sincerely, Marianne

  8. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I love seeing homes all lit up. Thank you for the poem and sharing your beautiful home. Have a Merry Christmas.

  9. Image for Peg Peg

    This is WONDERFUL! I also like the way the bathroom sconce casts pretty shadows on the wall!! Merry Christmas Karianne!!!

  10. Image for Tara Watts Tara Watts

    So cozy and beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I love the poem too! I have fun writing poems like that. I did that one year for our Christmas card and it was the best card ever! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  11. Image for JJ Jacobs JJ Jacobs

    Thank you for sharing your spectacular photographs and wonderful poem, KariAnne! Your home and decor are absolutely stunning, and your poem is lovely. Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do!!

  12. Image for Diana Diana

    What a beautiful house so cozy and warm. I have enjoyed the Christmas season with you as always and the poem was great. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. New Years is around the corner !

  13. Image for Nancy Collier Nancy Collier

    Karianne, I could look at photos of your home all day! Such love and care in every detail! Please let us know what ribbon you have on your blue and white tree!

  14. Image for Claudia Willey Claudia Willey

    What a beautiful home! I so enjoyed reading your blog daily. Appreciate you sharing decor, diy projects, recipes! You are such an inspiration!! Merry Christmas

  15. Image for Susan Susan

    Your home is so inviting and beautiful! From my home to yours we wish you love, laughter and joy throughout the year and a happy and healthy 2022!

  16. Image for Krista Krista

    So beautiful! Your stairway is just amazing, and your home looks stunning from the outside all lit up for the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  17. Image for Julie Julie

    You are adorable! Thank you Karianne for the joy you have given me in 2021!! I look forward to more in 2022!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

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