The DIY Style Finder

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I love questions.

Like questions with more questions with more questions sprinkled on top.

And one of the most asked questions I get on the blog is all about decorating and style and how to find it.


Here’s the spoiler alert.

Your style?  It’s your own.  It’s a unique combination of all of your life experiences and collections you have and pieces that you can’t part with and the occasional trend that you made your own and things that make your heart sing.

And when I first got those questions that is the answer I gave.  It’s a good answer.  It’s inspirational.  It sounds good on a dish towel.  But truth?

It’s not really that helpful.

People would write back to my answer and say things like.

Thanks for writing back.  Great answer.  Awesome inspiration.  Amazing insight. 


How do I know?

How can I tell?

What if I like some of this style and some of that style?

I tried to answer the best I could.

I would ask them questions and show them pictures and discuss different styles and what they looked like and try to help give them a name to what their style was.

We’d work together until they had an idea of their individual style.  Sometimes it was mostly one style, like farmhouse.  Or sometimes it was coasacontemaditional or farmacoastalrary or some other combination thereof.

And along the way, I discovered something important.

I love helping people find their style.

It’s one of my favorite things ever.

order my new book here

And so?

I wrote a book.

It’s called The DIY Style Finder.

I can’t WAIT for you to read it.


Here’s the idea behind this wonderful, beautiful, amazing four-color decorating book.  It starts with a quiz that you take to determine your style.  Then I explain the different types of styles and specific elements and decorating tips for each.  We traveled all over the country and photographed different bloggers’ houses in different styles.  The book walks you through each of the spaces in the home and gives you tips and inspiration for each of the styles discussed in the book.

My style for this book?


We went up to Cape Cod and photographed my family’s beach house.

Here’s a sneak peek at the dining room.

There are pages and pages of decorating inspiration.

And tips.

And hints.

And stories.

And DIY’s.


order my new book here

I wanted to do something extra special with this book.  Something that would make the stars shine a little brighter and the angels sing and the houses across America smile from ear to ear.

I wanted to create a decorating community.

A special place.

A home away from home where we could gather and talk about the book and learn our style and tell stories and decorate our houses together.

And so……

(insert decorating drum roll here)

If you order The DIY Style Finder, I want to invite you to be part of the brand new DIY and Decorating Community.  It’s an exclusive Facebook group for members only.  I’m hosting weekly Facebook lives and giving helpful tips and inviting you all to upload your decorating dilemmas and share what you’ve learned from the book and there will be tons of encouragement and giveaways from some incredible brands and general happiness and giggles and merriment.

And I’d love for you to be a part of it.

Simply order your book here.

Then, all you need to do join is fill out this form with your order number and THAT’S IT.

You’ll be e-mailed an invitation to the DIY and Decorating Community.

You got this friend.

You are amazing.

You are one-of-kind.

You are a ROCK STAR.

And I can’t WAIT to decorate together.

PS  I couldn’t leave without sharing this dedication.

You are my heart, cutie.

I couldn’t have taken a single step on this journey without you.