reclaimed wood

This entire project started with this wood.

I saw it and I had to have it.

I know I live in the country and we have barns that are falling down and old wood scattered around and pieces like this by the side of the road.

But I didn’t get it at any of those places.

You will never guess where I got it.


It came from HOBBY LOBBY.

Can you even believe it?  I saw it in the wood section already cut in a nice bundle called Wood Pile and it was only $4.99 for an ENTIRE BUNDLE.  I’m sure its a cousin to the barn around the corner.  And wait for it….just wait for it….I used my 40% coupon from my phone and got it for 40% off of that.

And then of course, I had to make something with all that amazingness.

So I made this.

reclaimed wood sign project

It’s a reclaimed wood monogram.

And it’s a no-nail project.

All you need to make one is hot glue, a stain pen, white carbon paper and a couple of bundles of wood to get started.

reclaimed wood sign back

You could almost get away with one bundle of wood, but I got two just to be safe.

Actually, I bought all the bundles they had, but that’s a story and a couple of projects for another day.

Then I laid out seven pieces of the wood in a square.

Next, I laid out the two pieces across the back and hot glued into place.  You want to really apply the hot glue to make sure the wood holds.

You could also use wood glue to hold it in place, just place something heavy on the top to hold it in place until the wood glue dries.

This is a multiple-glue option project.

reclaimed wood sign trace

Next I printed out a monogram.

I made this one with a monogram app on my phone called Monogram It.  It costs .99 and it make the prettiest monograms in all sizes and fonts and colors.  I just made one in a script font, saved it to my camera roll, e-mailed it to myself and printed it out on my computer.

You could also upload it as an image to Word if you want to make it larger or smaller.

reclaimed wood monogram DIY

Then I used white carbon paper to trace the monogram onto the wood.

White carbon paper is found at most craft stores and is perfect for a project that has a dark background.

Make sure you press hard with your pen or pencil on the paper to ensure the carbon transfers.

When you are done, it will look like this.

Reclaimed Wood Project How To

Next take a stain pen (the kind you use to fix scratches on furniture) and trace the outline.

Just fill in the outline with the stain pen.

You can simply wipe any extra bits of white graphite away with your finger.

monogram sign reclaimed wood

Here’s the finished sign.


The stain looks like it’s old and antique and blends in so perfectly with the wood.

reclaimed wood monogram

And you don’t have to make a monogram.

You could make a bunny for spring.

Or a silhouette.

Or even your favorite quote.

Reclaimed wood never looked so pretty.

And now the barn is calling.  It’s talking about a family reunion. 🙂


And on a sad note.

The world lost one of its greatest dogs this week.

My thoughts and prayers are with my sweet friend Andrea and her family.

May you run like the wind now, Basil.

Rest in peace.

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Aww!! Losing a pet is losing a member of the family. One day Andrea and her family will be reunited with Basil. Those who you love truly never go far -- they are always in our hearts and minds. On a different note --- I love your reclaimed wood and your monogram. Now if I would have discovered it I would have had my Honey make me a table "prop" for my dishes. I love the rough look!! Great idea KariAnne!! Have a wonderful weekend. I bet everything is nice and green in Kentucky :-)

    1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

      Thank you Marisa...thank you so much for your are so right...he will always be in our hearts and on my mind and we will all be reunited again. It just hurts so badly...Hugs...

  2. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Wow! I shop Hobby Lobby all the time... and I have never seen a "wood pile". About what section did you come across this great find? Great DIY project btw, very cute :)

  3. Image for Gee Gee

    LUV!!!! I have some reclaimed wood and have been trying to come up with something easy. This is it!! Eta a great gift idea as well. Thanks!! You rock. :) BIG Friday hugs. Gee


    What a wonderful post, I'm on my way to try and find what's left of that barn wood at Hobby Lobby. Most sincere condolences to your friends on the loss of their sweet little Basil, I raised Dachshunds many years ago, they are the most devoted of small companions. His loving heart shines from those eyes.

  5. Image for Debbie Esparza Debbie Esparza

    It always hurts to lose our beloved family members. May Basil be happy at the Rainbow Bridge until they meet again. Love your project!! Just looks fantastic!!

    1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

      Thank you Debbie so much for your kindness...our hearts are broken but we know he is happy and reunited with his Poppa. We will all be together again...but the loss is very painful...he lives in our hearts forever and a day...what a wonderful boy he is. Hugs to you ...

  6. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    Oh I love it too! Don't you just love wood glue and hot glue? I wish I could hem my pants with them. Maybe I'll just walk on my pants and make a cute sign like yours instead. I see a wood pile and an outline of an Easter bunny on wood in my future. :)

  7. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Oh, my goodness!! That monogram!!! Love! Love! Love! My heart is singing and I am downloading that ap right now! And if you are planning another creative trip to the aisles of any local shop...YOU- sweet friend- have my number. Would love a road buddy!! Happy Friday!

  8. Image for melinda melinda

    I would of never guessed Hobby Lobby! wow~ love your project with that wood pile,maybe I have a trip in my future to the woodshed,oh I mean Hobby Lobby!

  9. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Thanks for the idea!! I bought the monogram app straight away. I have wanted to try to monogram several things and now I can. Thanks to you girl......Rebecca

  10. Image for Teresa Teresa

    This may be one of my top post ever of all the blogs I receive. Great tip about the app, the wood at Hobby Lobby, the stain pen and just using hot glue or wood glue. This just might be a project I will attempt. I even like the other ideas to go on the wood other than monograms. Thanks a million. And, heartfelt sympathies to your dear friend, Andrea, losing her Basil. My husband and I so understand this loss. Our advice, find Basil 2 and give their love to another. It does help.

    1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

      Thank you for sharing your heart with us Teresa. Just 7 months ago we adopted two little girls (sisters) from our local Animal Shelter...they had to be adopted together and they were at the shelter way too we surprised him with two little girls (they are 2) he really loved being the boss of them : ) sure let them know who the leader of the pack was lol!!! So I am very thankful to have them here to help us through this very difficult time...Basil will live on in our hearts forever and a day and we will all be together again if only it didn't hurt so bad. Hugs to you and you are right...having these little ones here sure does help.

  11. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Hobby lobby? That is very cool! You could use all sorts of things like decoupage or stencils or you name it! The other day, someone was talking about Walmart carying galvanized metal products. They were pretty cool looking but it would take more than that, for me to go to Walmart. Hobby lobby, on the other hand, is a walk in the park!

  12. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Very sorry about your furry friend- always a heartbreak to lose one. I would have sworn that was wood burned. A stain pen- ( face palm) of course!!! I love the look of reclaimed wood. No Hobby Lobby here, but I'm hungrily looking at a few barns in the area :0. Do you have a suggestion on how to age new wood?

  13. Image for Moriah C Moriah C

    This is awesome!!! Already downloaded the app :). Gotta use your time wisely while sitting in a waiting room :). Thank you!

  14. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    The stain pen is genius - looks like it works like a Sharpie but with "wood stain" results. Our chicken coop needs a "Doodle T" logo sign in its future...for the crazy Doodle chicks. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  15. Image for antiquechase antiquechase

    I love your project and went straight over and bought that app! I am excited to use it on everything... it does greek letters too and is perfect for my daughter in college!! THANKS ~Marcy

  16. Image for Leah Leah

    This is awesome and I love the stain pen! I will have to try this. It looks just like a wood burn. Such a clever idea. I love Hobby Lobby. One of my most favorite stores. Did not realize that you could buy this type wood there. I must go!

  17. Image for Sherrie Pfeiffer Sherrie Pfeiffer

    Whaaaaaaaaat? Where is Hobby Lobby hiding that stuff? I've to to go back now. Thanks for the tip on the app as well! Cool stuff, Kari Anne!

  18. Image for Kris Kris

    Sad about Basil. :( I'm excited about this project. I am (s.l.o.w.l.y) re-doing my son's room to be more teen-friendly. While I would love to have one wall wood-planked, I don't think I can talk hubby into it and that's not where my skills lie ... but a reclaimed wood hanging using no nails--that, I can do. Maybe with a fish on it, since we are going for a fishing lodge look. Or something.

  19. Image for Anne Anne

    Oh I'm so sorry for Andrea and her family! Rest peacefully, sweet Basil. And I love love love that monogram!!! I need to scoot out and make one of my own, it would be perfect in my office. I finally decided how I'm going to decorate my "catch all" room and I'm doing lots of metal and reclaimed wood and calling it shabby industrial.

  20. Image for Susan Susan

    I love your reclaimed wood monogram, Karianne...I had no idea you could hot-glue wood and have it stay together...that certainly would make it much more simpler for a tool fool like me. :) The stain idea was pure almost looks as if your monogram has been branded into the wood! My heart goes out to your friend Andrea for the loss of her dear, sweet Basil...having just lost my furry bestie a few weeks ago, I know the heart-wrenching pain such a loss brings to a family. I just dearly hope Andrea and family are able to take comfort in the fact that they gave Basil a good life filled with love and joy...he knew he was greatly loved and cherished when he left this earth...who of us can ask for more than that? Run fast, free and unbounded, little Basil!

    1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

      Oh sweet Susan...I am so sorry for your loss...I know how your heart aches...know that this evening we will be lighting a candle in your besties is something we do each evening...we never want a day to go by that our angels are not honored and we want them to know that they are always they see the glimmering light every evening. I know your pain and it is a pain that there is no cure for. We do take comfort that we did give him a wonderful life and there was not a day that he didn't know that he was loved and treasured and he had the best medical care also. I know that he is reunited with his Poppa and his other little your little one is getting in on the party see Chocolate doesn't hurt dogs in Heaven so they all chow down on Peanut Butter Cups (that's the way my mind wants to see it : ) I also know that Basil has a job to do in the Heavens...he is going to be some very special pups Guardian Angel. I am sending you and your family a big hug and know that your precious pup is in our thoughts and prayers. Until we all meet again they run free and happy. I know that they are watching over us. Thank you for sharing. Hugs...

  21. Image for Marijean Jenson Marijean Jenson

    Love the project. I have some old wood that has that project written all over it. On another note, so sorry for the loss of that sweet little dog. Prayers for Andrea and her family. Never easy to lose a dear pet.

    1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

      Thank you so much Marijean for the thoughts and prayers...they are so greatly appreciated. Many hugs to you ...

  22. Image for susan susan

    I love this! I was at Hobby Lobby twice this week and I didn't see those bundles I would have got some for sure!! Super project Karianne!!

  23. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Super cute! I downloaded that App before I finished reading your post. I can think of a billion things to do with it. Thanks for the info. Oh... and your wooden monogram is awesome!

  24. Image for Judy Westmoreland Judy Westmoreland

    Just checked my Hobby Lobby in Pasadena, Texas and they do not have bundles of wood that I could purchase. I really wanted to try this project. Sad.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Judy, Look what I found: Happy day! karianne

  25. Image for Stacey Stacey

    I have always wondered how a girl with no old barn access could get barn wood and now I know! You bet your boots I'll be using my digital coupon too. Love that old wood and digital coupons. :) Your monogram looks amazing! So glad you joined us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We love having you, Karianne.

  26. Image for katherines corner katherines corner

    okay ..what! who knew you could by pallet wood at Hobby lobby, score! The sign turned out great. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I was saddened to learn of Andrea's loss. xo

  27. Image for Olivia Olivia

    This is a fabulous project, KariAnne. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby up here in Alaska. That store is the best! I'm very sorry for the loss of your furry friend. Basil was a cutie pie face. I'm a huge dog lover for life. I love all animals, but dogs and me have a special bond. Thank you for joining us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Olivia, co-hostess Reinvented Collection

  28. Image for cindy cindy

    OMG! That is too cute! I went shopping with my mother for the first time in a loooong time yesterday, and I found a great sign that I would love to make. This is a great idea, Ms. Thistle...I must use this:D

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