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Random thoughts on a Saturday morning.

1.  I’m sorry I’m late with Thistlekeeping today.  I was helping Cinderella get dressed for the ball.  Literally.  One of the twins dressed up as Cinderella for a birthday party and I sang “Lavender’s blue dilly dilly, lavender’s green” all the way to the party.  Just doing my part to help her get into character.

2.  The peonies are blooming.  I cut dozens and dozens and dozens of them to fill the house for a fun house tour I’m participating in with my friend, Julie.

3.  Someone told me this week that I smile when I talk.  I can’t help it.  Sometimes I have so much to say and the smiles have to come along for the ride.

4.  The second season of Poldark is arriving in June.  Nothing goes better with summer than long hair and ocean cliffs.

5.  And I’m flying on Wednesday to Salt Lake City to promote the second fabric line.

And I’m scared and worried and nervous.

So friend to friend, can I ask a favor?

Can you send a few flying-in-the-air-and-arriving-safely-there-and-back prayers my way.  🙂

Rooms for Rent

Such a cute idea for old whiskey barrel rings.

One of my favorite patio makeovers from one of my favorite people.

You can see the entire makeover here.

Red Cottage Chronicles

My peonies and I loved this beautiful garden tour.

Any time flowers are blooming is my favorite time of year.

This tour is full of them.


When it’s a lazy Saturday and you’ve just gotten Cinderella dressed and you picked your peonies from the garden.

And you want something light and fresh and delicious.

Here’s a fun recipe to try.


The perfect idea for those bi-fold doors.

I think I have some in my attic.  I think most of us might.

See the DIY here and some other fun thrifty ideas.

And in random news this week:

Beautiful home tour

Just heard amazing reviews for this movie yesterday

Industrial farmhouse dining room


Perfect for movie night

When when you finish the pizza, you can always snack on this


One more for the road.

In honor of Cinderella’s debut today.

Here are five life lessons I learned from Cinderella.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂


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  1. Image for Susan Susan

    What a sweet thing, you smile when you talk! How wonderful someone pointed that out to you, I think you look like a romantic angel...I'm not kidding. You have a very Victorian look. I put my mind at rest about flying by thinking of all the flights that happen every single day. It is a mode of travel that is much safer than car travel. The law of averages is on your side and worry solves nothing. Poldark. Oh, what a glorious man. When he finally kissed his serving girl (name evades me) I thought it was so, so sexy. Thanks for that happy bit of news.

  2. Image for Cherie Cherie

    Such great things you shared! Always love perusing your Saturday morning "Thistlekeeping"! And absolutely can't wait to see that movie! Thanks for the heads up! It looks like a hoot!

  3. Image for Debera Debera

    Prayers said for a safe flight both ways.....all will be well....didn't you know? You are our rock star! Smiles, Debera

  4. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Prayers for before, during and after- you're covered! Cinderella was my youngest daughters alter ego! She called herself "The Princess" when she was just a toddler and soon enough so did everyone else. She would only wear lavender to purple colored clothes and her older sister wasn't allowed to wear any shade of the spectrum- luckily she loved blue! She's still "The Princess" at 37. Love all your posts, but Thistlekeeping is probably my favorite. Thank-you for your red lipsticked smiles and creative musings!

  5. Image for Linda Linda

    I saw Harry Belafonte in concert twice more than 50 years ago and I can still remember him singing Lavender Blue. He put on a fantastic show for over 2 hours both times. Safe flights and lots of fun on your trip.

  6. Image for Sue Sondker Sue Sondker

    Prayers coming your way. God has gifted you and you use it generously. Your gifts are received with love. Mama Sue

  7. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Prayers are with you for your travels. I spent almost 18 years as a flight attendant and miss the skies so much~ you feel free to email me ANYTIME you have flight anxiety. I'm a good 'calmer-downer' :) For now, pack magazines, chewing gum, a bottle of water (once you get past security!) and something to munch on for your flight and... Flight attendants LOVE magazines you give them to read when you are finished....just a tip!

  8. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    I have enjoyed your blog and want to tell you I appreciate you transparency and honestly. I wish you well on your trip and I'm praying for you.

  9. Image for Betty Betty

    Something I always say to my son" May the angels fly with you." Have a safe trip. Love reading Thistlekeeping on Saturdays.

  10. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Where in SLC will you be? I'd love to see you and the fabric. Such a perfect time of year to visit our state. Safe travels

  11. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Got you covered on Tuesday for pre-flying jitters...Wednesday during flight...and I'll keep praying til you get your feet back at Thistlewood!! Have a wonderful time!!!

  12. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    With all of us praying hard for your safe journey I don't think you're going to need a plane. Our good prayers will lift you up and take you there and back ;-) I'll be anxious to hear all the exciting details. Don't forget -- you rock!!!!

  13. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Prays for a safe and successful trip! Would love to know if your fabrics are available in Canada? Oh, and a big thank you for featuring my garden today! It is so greatly appreciated :) And, the smiling while talking thing....I am also guilty of that. Makes it very difficult to be taken seriously when you are angry with someone :)

  14. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Love your blog….However…Poldark is coming in the fall…that was 2015 that it came in June…Cant wait...

  15. Image for Terri Terri

    Absolutely saying a prayer for your safe travels!!!!! This is such a beautiful spring post!!!! and .... while it's not Downton Abby.... there is something to be said about "Poldark"..... I do enjoy this series!!!! Blessings

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