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    1. Image for Kelly Juiliano Kelly Juiliano

      I seem to have lost ..What I bought Wednesdays.. Could you help me locate it again .I love all your finds.. Especially your Happy Bees shoes..lol

  1. Image for Sandy Phillips Sandy Phillips

    What is the color of your walls. I am looking for a neutral color. My designer suggested Agreeable Gray as a neutral. Just not sure

  2. Image for Donna Hale Donna Hale

    I saw this on my Facebook feed today. Some influencer is touting your room as hers. Maybe I interpreted it wrong but I don’t think so. This site isn’t letting me include the pics. Please email me and I will send them.

  3. Image for Betty Betty

    I loved, loved the chair slip covers you posted about August 17 or 18, but when I clicked the link to look/order them it wouldn't open. Can you let me know the website again. Love getting your blog.

  4. Image for Debbie L Debbie L

    I absolutely love all your ideas and everything you do is so beautiful. I would like to know what brand of spray paint you use and what brand of protective coating you use afterwards.

  5. Image for Judy G Judy G

    Hi I am new to your website. I love the living room that you are asking for votes on the fabric for your drapes. Could you tell me where you purchased that blue and white area rug? It may have been a few years ago but I will search for it, if you have any information on it. I vote for #6 fabric for your drapes I moved to FL and want my rooms to be shades of blue. I have a lots of sunlight coming into my living room also!! I look forward to following you I was so excited to find this site and to see your white and blue room, especially the rug!!

  6. Image for Anita D. Collins Anita D. Collins

    Hi Ms Karianne I'm interested in the light blue and white curtains advertised in your living room with the striped chairs and off white sofas where can I find them

  7. Image for Leisa Haynes Leisa Haynes

    I'm trying to purchase both books however, I don't want to pay it thru Paypal. It won't let me pay it with my card. What can I do?

  8. Image for Debbi Debbi

    Karianne, I love your positive energy!!! I have this AMAZING family heirloom that I found in a shed (the floor was dirt) at my grandmother's 1932 home. The home was brand new when they moved here with their new born son (my dad). Needless to say "my find" is well over 100 years old. I found it 40 years ago. Enough of my family history! My treasure is what people had in their rooms to wash up. It had at one time the curley arms with a straight bar going across to hold a towel. It has a few drawers and a door on the right to possibly hold extra water etc. The top had separated and warped wood. It was in terrible condition but I believe the thick coat of dirt saved it from being totally destroyed. My husband is a Master Woodworker. He did a beautiful job restoring it. He surprised me after 30 plus years. I had really wanted it to show a little age, but I sure didn't want to hurt his feelings. He saved the warped and broken top and a couple pieces of broken drawers. I thought of finishing it 2 ways: 1) make the part that holds the towels. He can piece wood together and it's impossible to see where they were joined. 2) Have him make a large frame from the old wood and place a mirror inside. 3) If he made the towel holder, there's plenty of wood to make small frames and include photos of my family back in the 30 and 40's. I'm a frame addict! Lol. I love finding special and different ones at Thrift Stores and garage sales. Then I love making them something really special! Unfortunately Dave didn't take a "before" photo. I'm fairly certain I did 40 years ago. I've been searching, but I won't give up! I'll send a photo of how beautiful it is now, but I want to have the photo of before so it shows how incredibly Talented my husband is. What are your thoughts on how it should be finished ? Thank you! Debbi in Arizona ~

  9. Image for Kevin Kovacs Kevin Kovacs

    Hi there! I stumbled across your site and like what I see. The wife and I want to go white in our house. I took notes down on your top 6 whites. We are either going with 7006 Extra white or the Toque 7003. My question I painted the interest of my house 5 years ago with wiseowl from KM. Would I need to primer it? Or will theses whites cover? I believe I currently have eggshell. Thank you in advance for the advice!!

  10. Image for Kim McCollum Kim McCollum

    I loved your video about your Yard Sale treasures! i visited a yard sale 2 miles from my house this past Saturday and found some beautiful pottery made here in my county many years ago from clay on the creek banks! $2 and $4 each piece! :) However, the real reason I had decided to go to that yard sale was to purchase a whole set of my favorite, simple inherited from my step-mom dishes! Over the years, many pieces had been broken or lost so I was so tickled to find an 8 piece complete set in such great condition!!! Anyways, thanks for the inspiration and for the positivity!!! :)

  11. Image for Crystal Crabill Crystal Crabill

    Hi KariAnne! 
I love your blog and your book So Close To Amazing. I think more women need to know about you! 

I'm working on a project to help women transform their chaos into a Proverbs 31 life. Would you be interested in speaking on this topic via a pre-recorded VIRTUAL l interview? We have several amazing speakers lined up and we will promote this summit to more than 300k women. I’d love to discuss the potential to add you to our list of experts on this subject. 

 Crystal Crabill 
Clothed With Strength

  12. Image for Debi E Davis Debi E Davis

    Do you do consults and advise for remodeling? I live just up the road from your Kentucky home and never met you throughout the years you were here. I need help remodeling this place and would love to be your next project! I live in the large white brick home with the horse barn on your left as your drove from your home to the interstate.

  13. Image for Tere Trout Tere Trout

    I love the wooden chinese checker board displayed on the guest room remodel photos! Where did you get that and do you know if I can purchase a similar one? love your blog and your positive energy!!!

  14. Image for Lynne Parish Lynne Parish

    Karianne, when time allows will you please email me the builder of the 'little houses' made from pre-used building materials? Thank you and hope you and your's have a very sweet and Merry Christmas!

  15. Image for Debbie Cotton Debbie Cotton

    Would you tell me where your foyer rug came from in your Shop my house blog. The one Buddy loves🥰❤️🦮 Love you and your blog, my taste is very similar to yours

  16. Image for Debbie Barkley Debbie Barkley

    Wishing many blessing in 2024. I love your blog. My daughter & daughter -in-love enjoye your decorating book at Christmas . I was not able to retrieve the natural looking stems on you web last week.I would like to order some- where. Thank you.

  17. Image for Michelle Meeuwsen Michelle Meeuwsen

    I read your blog on "HOW TO PAINT PLYWOOD FLOORS" and am wondering if you have explicit directions for how to do the checkerboard design and do you paint only the extra white in some squares and then only the front porch color in other squares or do you paint the whole floor extra white and then go back and paint the front porch color?

  18. Image for Kay Bigham Kay Bigham

    Could you do a post on a ten day travel outfit package for women in their late fifties? I am starting a new travel job and will be making presentations to teachers, working in classrooms with a few students, presenting lesson and content. I will be away from home for ten day time periods. I need something cute, that can mix and match, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Thanks in advance.

  19. Image for Madeline M Madeline M

    Hi Kari Ann, You must have read my mind, because I have a 40 inch by 30 inch coffee table painted black, and I so want to paint it an off white and distress it. But, I'm terrified to try it. I thought your method #1 ( the mindful grey ) seemed like maybe I could handle it. I was wondering if you have a video showing you do it. That would be really helpful. Love your blog every day!

  20. Image for Esther A Mangini Esther A Mangini

    I am so sorry to keep bothering you. I would like the info on the lady who makes the little houses. I got something in messenger one day that said from you, but when I clicked on it, everything disappeared. I am not very tech savvy. Could you just email me the info? Thank you so much! Esther

  21. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Hi kariann, Last year in spring or summer you talked about what product you used to clean outdoor furniture cushions. Couldn’t find any archives. I need to save my expensive cushions from stains and some mildew. I can’t remove the covers for washing. Hope you have some ideas. Thanks.

  22. Image for Shana Shana

    Hi. Your link isn’t attached to anything. I get a Hmmm when I try to go look at the baskets you found.😢

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