Looking for best dining chair slipcovers? These chair covers come in over 40 different patterns and are stretchy to fit most dining chairs.

Looking for best dining chair slipcovers

// colorful rug // neutral chair //

Raise your hand if you have ever had a decorating problem.

Oh, good.

Please come sit by me. I’m saving you a seat.

Like these chairs.

They are amazing chairs. They have sturdy legs and nice neutral fabric in amazing condition and they are super comfortable and they will last a long time—so long that I don’t want to replace them. I actually really love them.

But they are the wrong color for the dining room.

So what is a neutral chair owner to do when your chairs don’t really match and your heart is full of pattern?

And vivid hues.

Good thing I found the most brilliant solution on the planet.

And it only took me 5 minutes and $7.

best dining chair slipcovers

// colorful rug // neutral chair // blue and white striped chairs // curtains //

First, let’s start with an overall picture of the chair.

See how sturdy it is?

It’s actually amazing.

If we were handing out high school superlatives it would have won “Most Dependable.”

In case you need a potentially award-winning superlative chair like this?

You can see this chair here.

best dining chair slipcovers blue and white

// colorful rug // neutral chair //

I thought about re-upholstering.

Then I thought about I always try to reupholster chairs like this and it never turns out how I plan it in my mind. Mostly because of this little ridge in the back.

See that ridge?

It’s an upholstery speed bump.


You pull the fabric over it and then there’s extra fabric on the side and it glumps up and looks awkward.

Just like my bangs in high school.

best dining chair slipcovers pattern

// colorful rug // neutral chair //

Then I came up with idea of a slipcover.

But the only slipcovers I’ve really ever had the privilege of working with are linen and long and tied in the back and the sides.

And they look pretty for a little bit.

But they can get wrinkled and messy in a hot minute.

So I did a little research into other kinds of dining room chair slipcovers.

And apparently?

Slipcovers have gone all 2023 when I wasn’t looking.

best dining chair slipcovers stretchy

I found these blue and white slipcovers and ordered trepidatiously.

I was nervous because it was a new slipcover category that I hadn’t tried before.

Just between us?


Because look at this.

The BEST Dining Chair Slipcovers

best dining chair slipcovers dining room

// colorful rug // neutral chair // blue and white striped chairs // curtains //

(Okay I know you’ve already seen this picture but I wanted to show it one more time for dramatic emphasis).

Here’s the before.

And now?

The chairs look like this.

best dining chair slipcovers how to

// colorful rug // neutral chair// blue and white striped chairs // curtains // blue chair slipcovers //

Same room.

Same rug.

Same navy walls.

But the chair looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT thanks to these chair covers.

And it only took me 5 minutes and under $7.

The amazing thing about these blue and white chair slipcovers unlike other ones I’ve used?

They are stretchy.

When you open the package they almost feel like a super soft t-shirt that you’ve washed 1000 times so it has the perfect amount of t-shirt softness.

The entire slipcover is one piece and you just pull them on over the chair (which is not hard to do at all). The amazing thing is that you don’t have to have the perfect size chair for the slipcover.

The slipcover knows it’s supposed to be accommodating and it just adjusts to your chair like a glove.

The bottom of the slipcover has elastic so it tucks under the bottom and fits in place.

Some of you requested to see where the two chair pieces meet.

The first picture is the untucked slipcover.

The second picture is where I tucked it into the crack of the chair.

Here’s what the bottom of the chair looks like.

You can see how the bottom of the slipcover ends kind of at the bottom of the chair and tucks around the bottom.

Als0—you want to make sure that. you adjust the pattern so it lines up on the chair.

It’s super stretchy so you can adjust it as needed.

And remember the bump of challenge?

The slipcover just glides over it.

The most amazing thing about these slipcovers? Their superpower?

Somehow, someway? They don’t look like a slipcover at all.

They just look like a blue and white chair.

// blue and white chair slipcovers //

You can order them in a set of two, a set of four or a set of six.

The price gets cheaper per chair the more you order.

And they come in over 40 different patterns.

// gray and white slipcovers //

For example?

Here are the same slipcovers in gray.

You can see them here.

// black and white striped slipcovers //

I also found these black and white striped chair covers.

Such a classic design.

You can see them here.

// buffalo check slipcovers //

I also thought these buffalo check chairs were super cute.

Perfect for a change up for the holidays.

You can see them here.

// colorful rug // neutral chair// blue and white striped chairs // curtains // 

And just one more look.

(Mostly because it makes me so happy).

From this.

// colorful rug // neutral chair// blue and white striped chairs // curtains // blue chair slipcovers //

To this.

5 minutes and under $7 later.


The chair looks like it went to a salon in Beverly Hills for a makeover.

And if this chair was up for a high school superlative?

I know it would get “Most Beautiful.” 🙂

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Oh so gorgeous. I loved the chairs always and never realized they are slip covered. My daughter has some ugly chairs, gonna see what I can find for her. Thank you, thats fabulous. Gorgeous. As always, you are so nifty.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I get it! I wish I could find some slipcovers for those---but I don't think these slipcovers would work with that type of chair! Happy day! KariAnne

  2. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Amazing transformation! Love those slipcovers. I had some in navy stretch velvet ( I think from Target- can’t remember). They were an amazing transformation too.❤️

    1. Image for Dee Dee

      Agree..need to see those areas and where the seat meets the back. The link doesn't show the important areas either. Thanks.

      1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

        Just added more pics to the post so you can see and emailed you the additional photos! Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy day! KariAnne

    2. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Just added more pics to the post so you can see and emailed you the additional photos! Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy day! KariAnne

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Just sent you the direct link! Sometimes it takes a bit to open up in Amazon! Let me know if I can help in any way! KariAnne

  3. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    These are amazing! And inexpensive enough that a person could change them out for the seasons if they wished. I see there is even a Christmas print! And although I have struggled with slipcovers for larger furniture pieces in the past, it appears I might even be able to take these on. Thanks for the info!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Here's a link I found that are similar for just the seat: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/HAsB (affiliate) Happy day, KariAnne

  4. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Well I went to that Amazon link - and they have an additional sale too and they have beautiful neutrals too (for me, not such a bold decorator as you well know,) but I think it'd be a GREAT idea to hide stains if one has then - or to change up anytime - or maybe just to protect newer chairs. Great post, KA. I may look into it - eventually I want to sell my new ones once I get the nerve to reupholster my really high end ones that are too Tuscan now and I have them in the basement. I am not good at that sort of thing and I refuse to spend the big time cash they want to do it professionally. I was hoping to find a deal and never did so I bought 8 new ones and I love them, but they aren't my really well made ones, that's for sure. Love this idea. TY!!

  5. Image for Charlotte Charlotte

    KariAnne, I have a dilemma and need your help. In my bedroom I have a half moon 72" wide window. Directly below them are two windows side by side. They are 54" long. On the half moon I have an accordion fan shade to block out the morning sun. However, I do not know what to do with the two windows. Any suggestions? Thank you for all your help/suggestions in the past.

  6. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    Love this idea- so easy and cost friendly! And I LOVE that you’re adding a pop of bold color to your rooms! I suggested my favorite coral once but I LOVE the Barbie pink! I ve used lime green and yellow too in rooms I’ve done for people! Thanks for caring about all of us!

  7. Image for Patricia Patricia

    HI Kari, I have those Parsons chairs which I reupholstered years ago and now would LOVE to avoid doing that again. You mentioned that they are like a t-shirt. Are they see-through? Wondering if the current pattern would show through on a neutral version of this slipcover? Also do they "untuck" at the seat/back after sitting on them?

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