Looking for last-minute Thanksgiving ideas? Here are 5 super simple ideas to make your Thanksgiving dinner so much easier.

last-minute Thanksgiving ideas table settings

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you are enjoying family and friends and the Macy’s Day Parade and up to your elbows in stuffing and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

(total aside: are you on team dressing or team stuffing?)

And in the middle of all the busy, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

Do you have any idea how thankful I am for you?


Yes, you. The one with the green bean casserole cooking in the oven.

All the things—this blog, the books, the projects, the laughter, the giggles, the joy, the never-ending stories that I am LUCKY enough to be able to share on this blog—would not be possible without you.

I treasure it all.

All the joy that is you.

And I wanted to say thank you with these five SUPER SIMPLE Thanksgiving ideas you can use right now.

You got this friend.

last-minute Thanksgiving ideas

1. These pumpkin rolls.


Aren’t they the cutest?

This is the most pinned project from my blog. Why? Because you make these with frozen rolls and they are ready in a hot minute and you will look like a Thanksgiving rock star.

See the simple how-to here.

last-minute Thanksgiving ideas pumpkin and wood slices

2. These simple Thanksgiving family games

Here’s a post I wrote a few Thanksgiving sleeps ago with fun games for Thanksgiving.

You don’t need really any prep to play them.

They are perfect for the time between turkey and dessert.

See the games here.

3. Simple Thanksgiving table ideas

These are no stress.


I used the simplest of things to create these five Thanksgiving place settings.

You can see them all here.

And to set the atmosphere, here are 46 Thanksgiving songs for the perfect Thanksgiving day playlist.

4. This thankful tree made from leaves in the yard

Need a fun last-minute idea to make your Thanksgiving a little more special?

Collect leaves from the yard and ask the littles to help create a thankful tree.

(quick note: make sure to wash and dry the leaves and check for bugs.)

You can see our family tradition here.

5. the best pie crust on the planet

I don’t know much about baking.

But one thing I can make like no one’s business is pie crust.

It’s my one claim to baking fame.

And the best part?

This pie crust recipe is only three ingredients.

You can see it here.

May your Thanksgiving be full of joy.

May your Thanksgiving be full of all of the promises of the holiday season to come.

May your Thanksgiving be amazing and incredible and wonderful and authentic and real…

…just like you.

Happy Thanksgiving friend

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  1. Image for Cindy Vojanec Cindy Vojanec

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family! I have followed you for years and although I have stopped following others, you are a staple in my life! Thanks for all the hints, stories and laughter you provide!

  2. Image for JC JC

    I'm so thankful for you, KariAnne! I imagine you coming over and we'd sip tea and laugh and decorate and create all kinds of fabulousness! Thank you for investing in our lives over the years! I especially love the game ideas as we are a game playing family.😁 Have a beautiful day tomorrow, friend!

  3. Image for Becky Becky

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the joy your blog brings to my morning routine. You smile is contagious and your decorating ideas are inspiring. EnJoy your day!

  4. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    Oh KariAnne, I was just telling someone about your famous Gingerbread House! I was so enthused that I bought the “house” too! I’m surprising my family with taking it for Thanksgiving. I made a chocolate house. You have a been to me a friend with the “bestest” ideas ever! Have the happiest of Thanksgiving with your sweet family. Smiles, alice

  5. Image for Linda K Linda K

    And We (I'm taking the liberty to speak for all of us! 😊) are so very THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! We love you, your stories, your family, your home, Buddy, your exuberance for life. Wishing you a wonderful fabulous Thanksgiving day.🦃

  6. Image for Geri Geri

    Thank you KariAnne, for every post on your blog. I look forward to reading about what’s going on at Thistlewood Farm every day! I love your decorating ideas, how to reuse and repurpose every day items, and your recipes. I recently moved to Florida and have been having trouble making pie crust. I’m going to try your recipe. Thank you for sharing it in time for the holidays!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God bless.

  7. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Happy Turkey Day KariAnne, Wishing you and your family the best day ever. Enjoy the 3 F's!!! Family, Food and Football.... Big Hugs,

  8. Image for Marlene Marlene

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, pray you have a blessed day with your family. You are the best, and bring so much joy and laughter.

  9. Image for Nancy Tillery Nancy Tillery

    Thanks for all the inspiration, your enthusiasm is a joy. 🤗 So I must try the cute pumpkin rolls. Especially, enjoy decor shares‼️

  10. Image for Kris Kris

    I like both dressing and stuffing, but I like stuffing just a little bit more. Wishing you a joyous time of thankfulness with your family.

  11. Image for June June

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! So thankful to have found and follow your blog. You are a blessing to everyone❤️

  12. Image for Mary Ellen Mary Ellen

    Happy Thanksgiving! I really appreciate you and all your fabulous ideas! You inspire❤️ Enjoy the time with your family ❣️

  13. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    I’m thankful for the time you take away from family/friends to share “ all thing’s KariAnne “ with us, your “other family”! You seem to be able to handle it all and we all appreciate it! Have a great holiday!

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