Random thoughts on a rainy fall morning:

1. There was a saying we used to have in brownies, “Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” I’m going out to brunch today with some gold friends from high school.

And I can’t wait.

2. Another episode of “What I Bought Wednesday” is live on my YouTube Channel. Remember that mascara that we all loved so much? I found a primer to match.

You can see it here.

3. Doesn’t the word October just make you smile?

4. It was a great week on the blog. We talked about ways to treat yourself that don’t involve chocolate chip cookies and what my favorite color to decorate for fall is and we took a tour of the front porch.

5. One of the twins, Whitney, is coming home today and I have an entire 23 hours to spend with her.

I don’t think I’m sleeping.

And now?

Here are some of my favorite ideas and inspiration from around the web.

Here’s a hint.

All fall. All the time.

When one of your favorite bloggers puts their home tour out there?

You have to share.

This fall tour is the sweetest.

I thought this was such a clever take on the sweater pumpkin.

You could make any pattern you want. Swirls or leaves or giant polka dots.

See the DIY here.

Love following along with this before and after.

Here’s the renovation of this house for an Airbnb.

You can see it here.

I thought this arrangement was so pretty.

Such a classic fall idea.

See all the details here.


And in random news:

These DIY Halloween costumes

This home is so beautiful

I’m making this for fall

This dried flower wreath

This porch inspiration

This clever idea for wainscoting

This DIY wreath with pinecone flowers

This cinnamon ice cream

This cake stand DIY

This is the cutest pumpkin stand

This colorful front porch

This fall pear and cranberry tart

This was so encouraging if life is overwhelming

And this

You know how much I love a before and after furniture makeover and this one is amazing

One more for the road

This is one of my favorite fall DIYs.

Aren’t those pumpkins so different?

You can see the entire DIY here.

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for Ann Ann

    Love all your beautiful ideas KariAnne. Vermont is beautiful this time of the year and we embrace orange here too🎃😉. Have fun with your daughter😃

  2. Image for Amy Amy

    Here we are again--Saturday morning, sitting in my car all alone in a parking lot after dropping my daughter off at crack of dawn gymnastics, reading my treat for the day!! Luckily I'm sitting outside a craft store because I see the man in the moon project on the agenda tomorrow, and I also need to get some mums after seeing those gorgeous porches. Enjoy your day with your daughter! Love your writing, love your blog, love you (which my teen would say is strange to share, but what does she know?!)!

  3. Image for Rachel Ronson Rachel Ronson

    Your home is Gorgeous. So excited for you. Time with your daughter, every second is precious. I love hearing you talk you are such a Doll. Happy Weekend. I love October too!!

  4. Image for Rachel Ronson Rachel Ronson

    So excited for you. Time with your daughter, every second is precious. I love hearing you talk you are such a Doll. Happy Weekend. I love October too!! You are such an inspiration. Love your decor.

  5. Image for Kris Kris

    Aww. Mom time with your little girl. Enjoy! Thanks for all the beautiful autumnal links today. Maybe someday soon I'll break down and decorate for fall. Probably not today. :)

  6. Image for Jo Jo

    Hello there, I’m from over the pond, I live in the shires of England (no I’m not a hobbit) 😅and love reading your posts, I’m in the midst of making your memories wreath with a twist on it for Christmas, I hope you have a lovely girls day and look forward to your next post 😊

  7. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, I love reading all your posts, but Saturdays are special. You pack in such great things! Keep it up my friend, we all need it!

  8. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Sounds like a lovely weekend with your daughter. Enjoy! Thanks for the weekly wrap up and all the wonderful ideas.

  9. Image for Linda Tarascio Linda Tarascio

    Hey there, Really like the little pumpkins, great idea. I too have beautiful colors, I have a home In Northern Maine in the woods and the Colors are bursting. Have a Merry Fall, Enjoy, Sincerely, Lin Tarascio .

  10. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Late reading this - I LOVE the man in the moon!!!! I've always wanted to have one so I'll get started on it today. And I love Bre's hutch makeover- gorgeous! Thanks for an awesome post:)

  11. Image for CoCo CoCo

    Thank you so much for sharing our Fall home tour, KariAnn, I really appreciate it. I was SO CLOSE to not even sharing a Fall home tour this year because we have a lot going on behind the scenes and it just didn't feel good enough. I can't tell you how much this means to me! Thank you for always celebrating creativity (even when we don't feel confident) Big hugs and thank yous, CoCo

  12. Image for CoCo Tyre CoCo Tyre

    PS: Hope you had so much fun with the girls! PPS: I was so excited to be featured I forgot to spell check and add the E to the end of your name 🤦‍♀️(heading to get more coffee right now 🤣) Sending you hugs!

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