Looking for fall decorating ideas outside on the front porch? Here’s my fall porch with seven simple decorating ideas.

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I woke up this morning to cold.


I said it.


I opened the front door and shivered. Somehow in the middle of the night, someone took away our 91-degree temperatures and replaced them with a 57-degree morning. In Texas? That’s the equivalent of glacier-like temperatures.

I love that first cold morning. That wonderful time of year where you and the weather put a sweater on. You know. Where you can stick your nose in the air and smell the fall and the football and the winter and the Christmas and all the amazing that is to come.

But just between us?

The only thing that’s better than a crisp, cool fall morning is opening up your front door….

….and seeing this.

My front porch.

All ready for fall.

It’s like the weather knew that I decorated my porch yesterday and it decided to cooperate. If you can’t tell from my fall this year, I’m mixing it up. I’ve decorated my dining room table with blue and white pumpkins and painted blue and white fall leaf pillows.

So for the fall decorating ideas outside.

I wanted to go black and white with a little purple mixed in.

Let’s discuss.

Here are seven fall decorating ideas outside on the front porch

1. Fall decorating outside with lanterns

You can’t go wrong with a lantern for fall.

I’ve used them in the past and I was so excited when I found this lantern at Walmart.

It’s in the Better Homes & Gardens collection and it comes in two different sizes.

This is the medium. They are made of wood and have a metal bottom and a metal top with the cutest hinge and a door that opens.

2. Mix up the size of your lanterns

You want the porch to look like it lanterned itself over time instead of just showing up one day for a 57-degree cold snap.

The easiest way to do that?

For simple fall decorating ideas outside, layer your lanterns and mix up the sizes and colors.

I added in this smaller lantern with a wood base and a black metal top. It also comes in two different sizes. This is the smaller one and it’s super affordable.

You can see it here.

3. Add flowers

Mums are my flower of choice for this time of year.

I love the different colors that mums come in and they flower for such a long time.

I mixed in larger flowers and smaller flowers in different colors and pots.

This galvanized planter from the Better Homes & Gardens collection has the prettiest fluting on the sides and it’s sturdy and fits a standard size plant.

4. Add pumpkins

I love real pumpkins when it comes to fall decorating ideas outside.

If you wait until September in Texas, the pumpkins will usually last you until the first part of November.

Here, I chose white pumpkins and layered them in with the lanterns and the flowers.

And WAIT until tomorrow. I have the CUTEST DIY buffalo check plaid pumpkins that will fit perfectly in this display.

All the DIY instructions coming tomorrow.

5. Add a conversation piece

I LOVE these black house lanterns.

Several years ago, I found them in white, but I’d never seen them in black before.

They have a door on the side that opens up with a metal closure and they would work on a porch or inside on your mantel or dining room table.

You can see them here.

6. Tuck a blanket on the porch


Let’s just stop the post on fall decorating ideas outside here.

I found this buffalo check blanket and fell in LOVE.

It’s so cozy and soft and it’s perfect for a porch or a football game or a really good fall afternoon.

Like one that’s 57-degrees.

And the best part?

It’s UNDER $15. It comes in tons of different colors, but this pattern was my favorite.

7. Fill a basket with pumpkins

When all else fails and I can’t think of any other ways to decorate?

I always fill a basket with pumpkins.

It’s easy and quick and simple and looks like it stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

This large basket is under $16 from Walmart and it has brass handles and sturdy wire sides.

You could fill it with wood or use it as a planter or drape that amazing buffalo check blanket over the side.

I love this picture of Buddy on the front porch.

He has his nose in the air.

Like he can smell that fall is coming, too.

Here’s to all the porches and pumpkins and mums and lanterns and amazing wonderful fall that is just around the corner.

My porch is ready.

And I am, too. 🙂

PS Here’s an entire Pinterest board devoted to fall with TONS more fall decorating ideas outside.

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  1. Image for Lori Lori

    I normally love EVERYTHING you do - I am also a lover of blue and white. But this porch seems to me too busy - 10 lanterns is a bit much. I have loved your other more simple porch decorations from the past. I know this post is sponsored, but still a little much on those steps. On the other hand, I love love the bench and surrounding area - looks really cool/classy!

  2. Image for Jean from Georgia Jean from Georgia

    Girl, Just when I think I can clean my house and have no projects going you pop one in on me. No, mam. I am not running to Wal-mart. I have already placed my online order and will pick up all my goodies later today. I do not have a wonderful front porch as you do, but I do have a few steps and they will be covered with lanterns and mums by tomorrow morning. Compliments to you for such a pretty front porch. Where did you purchase your white pumpkins?

  3. Image for Judy Howell Judy Howell

    I love this post and the way you decorated your porch! But I have a question. I see the lanterns are out so they will be rained on. Does the rain not harm them? Is it ok to leave them out in the weather? Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      I wonder that, too. Also, how do you keep the lanterns from blowing over in the wind? That's a problem in my neck of the woods.

  4. Image for Chas Greener Chas Greener

    I have a bunch of lanterns too - they're so versatile and I love them. One of my favorite things about fall is how you can use all natural and inexpensive things to decorate with!

  5. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    We just had a freak snowstorm and a couple of days with below freezing lows after hitting 100F last weekend. I can't remember it ever snowing this early in the foothills of the Rockies. I almost feel as if I should just segue to winter decor, but, I, too, am adding fall touches indoors and out and it does looks as if we might have some traditional Indian Summer now with highs back up in the 80s by Sunday. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Yay! I'm picking up my mums today (curbside order)! I'm determined to make them last until frost this year (and maybe winter them over!), so I researched how to do that and posted about it this week: https://caretokeep.com/how-to-grow-mums/ Enjoy yours, too! Beautiful entry to your home!

  7. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Super cute, but holy moley that is one heckuva lot of lanterns. : - ) They're awesome, mind you lol - but quite a lot. Bet it looks great all lit up at night. Hope you share that too. I would be so happy if you sent me one of your extras for my Oct 4th birthday, bwuahahaha. LOL. We got HUGE mums at Costco for super cheap and they're better than any nursery ones for half the price. So hubs is starting our fall stuff. It's cooled down to 81 now, so slowly we're getting there. Time to think about getting my bins from downstairs and making my transition. Thanks for the eye candy and inspiration! Have a great day, KA.

  8. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Your front porch is so pretty for Fall that's probably why it turned cooler. It's been cool her in Oklahoma too, but i believe that it will be 85 by saturday. I need to put out my Fall decor and now i have some inspiration. Have a great day!

  9. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    So pretty! But still loving summer weather in KY and the pool! Love Walmart lanterns. I just have trouble with candles melting in hot afternoon sun on my porch. Love the buffalo check blanket! Thinking on the blue and white.. always put up my Blue Willow after summer. Wheat dishes go up! But thinking I might use the blue and white dishes aftedr all. Thank you for the ideas. You know I need all the help I can get.. still Mrs No Pictures on Wall after moving.😂

  10. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    Oh what a wonderful explosion of loveliness! You make me want to buy tons of mums and lanterns and create something like this on my porch. This really is SO beautiful! Yay for fall - and cooler temps! (It's hot here in NJ today...) Shelley


    KariAnne, your front steps and porch are so beautifully decorated! What a wonderful way to welcome your family and guests -- just gorgeous with the lanterns, pumpkins, urns, wire baskets and purple mums! I just love what you have done this Fall. Just enjoy now that your beautiful decorating is finished! What a cute picture of Buddy on the porch! Have a blessed day, dear friend!

  12. Image for Donna Donna

    Don't worry if one comment says this is too much. I once bought so many pumpkins I was accused of buying out the store. It looks fabulous and love your simple colors to bring light to your door.


    It looks beautiful and so inviting. I thought I was on it by putting 5 pumpkins on the mantel :). It is hard to be inspired when inferno fires and heat surround you!

  14. Image for Kathy Dombrowski Kathy Dombrowski

    When I scrolled down to the picture of your porch, my jaw dropped.. I love that you GO BIG!!. Your porch is beautiful!! I am ordering some of the items. Mine will never look like yours because I just have a little stoop, but I'm gonna try!!!

  15. Image for Katy Katy

    KariAnne, Another inspirational post!!! I’m in Fort Worth and this weather was a surprise and does make you feel like summer is leaving! Thanks for all the great ideas and photos GF!!! I love that you support Wal-Mart and Better Homes & Garden, two fantastic American institutions! Saving money there gives you more to go around for other things!!! Hubs is going out of town tomorrow for a week and my boxes of Autumn goodies are waiting for me in the garage to start waving my magic wand and transform while he’s away! Thanks for the inspiration you always provide!!! You’re brilliant and creative!!! 🍁🍂 Hugs, Katy

  16. Image for JC JC

    Ahhhhhh, autumn , my absolutely favorite time of year for so many reasons! This is a welcoming sight of fall delight! Thanks for the great little tip on those lanterns. I'd better check them out before there are none left!

  17. Image for Anna Anna

    You have now proved that you are a good walmart customer ! I believe you. You worked sooooo hard , and while you bought so many of everything cool for your steps, it looks like a 4 -year old did it. There is so much stuff on those steps that there is nothing to enjoy and appreciate.---just my opinion.

  18. Image for Lorri Lorri

    I have to agree ...you really went over board on this one. Way too many lanterns, mums on your porch. As an influencer you want to promote their items but cmon , that is just too much !! I do love the black house candle though. I do love the purple against your house colour.

  19. Image for laura laura

    Good morning! We had snow mid-week so it dereailed my plans to decorate the porch! I love those little black lanterns. Happy Friyay! xo laura (anne).

  20. Image for Amy Amy

    Oh my goodness!! You outdid yourself!! Where do you get your visions and ideas? That last picture with Buddy is absolute perfection. I guess I need to repaint my front door because it's a lovely shade of coral that does not lend itself to fall decorating. I love changing my front door color so no biggie. But how do you keep things from blowing off your porch, especially with those wet, windy days? Do wood lanterns hold up to moisture? I'm do inspired! What a way to kick off the weekend! You never disappoint.

  21. Image for Kim Waldorf Kim Waldorf

    Your Fall porch is beautiful! I love the way you used all of the lanterns. That buffalo check blanket is perfect for some upcoming family pics we are having. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Image for JUDY JUDY

    Your porch is beautiful however unattainable for many. How about posting an alternate more affordable option for front porch decorating?

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