Looking for an easy fall project with a fresh take on fall? Here’s a simple and easy project. Make this DIY floral pumpkin in an afternoon.

If Downton Abbey had pumpkins they would look like these.


Lady Mary would have one on her breakfast tray that Anna brought to her room with her pearls. Mr. Carson would arrange them in the front hall for guests and tuck a few in the library for after-dinner drinks. Cora would stack them next to her tiara and Edith would complain that Mary’s pumpkins were prettier than hers and the Dowager Countess would comment on what in the world were pumpkins coming to.

I don’t live at Downton, but I feel like I should.

I feel like I need a butler and Daisy to make me bread and Anna to get my clothes ready and Lady Rose to come over for tea.

The front room is blue and white and I couldn’t figure out fall and then?

I dreamed about these pumpkins and made them in a hot minute yesterday.

They are simplest and easiest fall project.

Here’s how to make your own Downton Abbey DIY floral pumpkins.

Here are a few close-ups of the pumpkins.

I made three pumpkins.

One large, one medium and one small.

(total aside: I think I’m making more—but with blue and white paper this time.)

Here’s the close-up of the smaller one.

You can make them any size and any color to match your decor.

This pattern might look pretty on a black pumpkin, too.

simple and easy diy floral pumpkin



Mod Podge



scrapbook paper

1. choose your pumpkins

I selected three pumpkins of different sizes.

Do NOT choose cute pumpkins because you are going to be covering them up.

These are just styrofoam or plastic pumpkins.

2. choose your paper

I got this paper from Hobby Lobby.

They are having a sale right now for 4 pieces for $1.00.

The background of the paper doesn’t matter because you are going to cut out the flowers.

I used three pieces for this project and wrapped one of the twin’s gifts with the other.

3. cut out your flowers

Go all paper doll on your flowers and leaves and cut them out.

Do NOT overthink this.

See how I still have a little bit of black on some of them?

Do NOT worry. You won’t even notice on the pumpkin.

4. Choose your Mod Podge

Mod Podge comes in different finishes.

I don’t really like the glossy finish because it shows all the imperfections and looks a little more inexpensive.

I like satin. It just fades away and you don’t even know it’s there.

Kind of like Tom sometimes on Downton.

5. apply Mod Podge

Start the project by glumping on the Mod Podge.

Don’t be shy.

Apply a heavy coat of Mod Podge.

6. Apply your flowers

Start with the first flower.

Lay it on the pumpkin and then add more Mod Podge to it.

It’s a little challenging. The paper is kind of stiff and you have to soak it a little bit with Mod Podge to make it fit to the pumpkin.

After you get the first flower finished, add the rest until you have the design you like.

You could add more flowers if you want, I just like the flowers at the top.

Also, make sure to cut out leaves and use them as filler.

7. Let your pumpkin dry

That’s it.

Check the Mod Podge every so often as it is drying to make sure you have all the flowers stuck properly.

Then let the pumpkin dry completely and you are ready to decorate.

If you like a little Downton Abbey with your pumpkins?


I know, right?

I remember when I first heard about it and September seemed like a million light-years away.

And now IT’S HERE.

Hello Lady Mary and Edith and Cora and Tom and Daisy and Mr. Carson.

I can’t wait to see you this weekend.

Be sure and save me a seat. 🙂

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  1. Image for Carole West Carole West

    What a great idea at first glance I thought they were handpainted. Confession I wasn't wearing my glasses.. which makes me think hand painted arylic flowers would also look neat.

  2. Image for CherylB CherylB

    Lovely as always! Modge podge is so under used these days!? Remember ‘back in the day’ ?! I used that all the time!? I modged my daughters bedroom chest with cutouts from their old children’s books! My mom even used it back in the 70’s when she was wood burning and modging cut outs! Lol Thanks for the ‘throw back’

  3. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I've not tried this with paper, but I've done this by taking apart a multiply napkin and using the pretty top. It works really easily since it is so thin.

    1. Image for Shelley Shelley

      I agree about using napkins! Usually napkins are two ply and you can take off the bottom white layer and just use the top layer with the design. You have to be pretty careful because it’s fragile, but it’s very easy to work with as far as following the contours of whatever you’re applying it to.

  4. Image for jillian jillian

    These are so cute and simple enough for even a non crafter (me). Please also tell us about those frilly little pumpkins that were on your kitchen island last week. We have to hold back a bit on the movie. The lines are going to be around the corner, but really looking forward to it.

    1. Image for June Gerstner June Gerstner

      Jillian, I asked the same question and when I didn't get a reply, I went on the Internet hunt. I finally found them at Joann Fabrics on sale. They are wood curl, come in 3 sizes, and aren't really pure white so much as ivory, but boy are they cute! Good luck!

  5. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I love a good mod Podge project! These are lovely!! I too thought they were handpainted at first! I was like man KariAnne has skills she’s been holding back on! So excited for Downton!!

  6. Image for JudiV JudiV

    Love this idea!! Simple. Cute. Inexpensive. Checks all the boxes. More importantly - Downtown Abbey!!!! I cannot wait!!

  7. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    I love these so much! I can't WAIT to hear your critique of the movie! I'm so excited to see it. Happy Tuesday! (By the way...I'm sewing my Big Lots place mats on my pillows today. lol)

  8. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    KariAnne, Very pretty pumpkins. I've seen this done with napkins too. The color ink transfers would also work great. Such a pretty idea for a lighter fall look. The Crawleys would be so proud. Well, maybe not Barrow.

  9. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Love Mod Podge and what a fun thing to make!! Lots of possibilities, but the Downton Abbey pumpkins are pretty special 💜

  10. Image for shelley shelley

    Did you paint your pumpkins white beforehand? I have not seen any white ones, just the orange ones. I would assume you would paint them with white chalk paint before starting to apply your paper?

  11. Image for Denise V Cox Denise V Cox

    I am making these pumpkins!! Re., Downtown Abby, of course it's not coming to our little town of Easton, so Mom and I are going an hour away to see it in the next town. Bought our tickets online last month. We're all set!! Get ready bucket of buttery pop corn and large coke... 😁.

  12. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    My Friends of the Library group got tickets for the advanced screening of Downton Abbey!!! I got to see it last Thursday and it did NOT disappoint! ;) <3 I can't wait for you to see it! the pumpkins are adorable!!! I may or may not have over bought in the pumpkin arena when searching for wedding decor . . . so I may have some potential mod-podge projects coming up!!

  13. Image for Kelly Kelly

    These are so pretty! They reminded me of the Old Country Roses china pattern, which I have. I need to find some paper and do some of these to use with my china for a formal fall table setting!

    1. Image for Nancy Nancy

      Oh I love this. I forgot that one of my china sets, Summer Day by Villeroy & Boch has paper napkins to match that I can use!

  14. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Karianne, you have saved me once again!!!! I need a neighbor gift on a budget and this is perfect. Thank you so much. xoxoxoxo

  15. Image for PJ PJ

    These pumpkins are so lovely and would be perfect for wedding decor as Regina mentioned.. I also look forward to seeing Downton Abbey, but will wait until the second week so please, folks, no spoilers. :)


    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Made blue and white ones last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    A real eye catcher! Really like the bright colors you used. I might just try this. Thank you for the idea and the instructions.

  18. Image for Loryl Loryl

    So elegant but cute! Very Downton. My husband ordered tickets today for the movie. We’re going to a matinee Friday. Can’t wait!🥰

  19. Image for Laura Laura

    Thanks for this idea for the pumpkins! It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to see Downton Abbey at the movies, should be fun!

  20. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    WOW! That is brilliant. Looks like you used classic ephemera. You chose perfect floral choices!!! And as for DA - oh the butterflies, I am so excited. Seeing it Friday, Sunday and Tuesday - with different groups. Two of the three are in costume. Cheers!

  21. Image for Teri Teri

    You're pumpkins are so great! I 💗 Downton Abbey. That's why I named my 6 year old Cora. Its so pretty and fits her personality. 🤗

  22. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Lol! I love the Downton backdrop to your DIY story. I’ll be at the movies this weekend for sure. Then maybe I’ll decorate my 2 white pumpkins that I had no idea what to do with other than place them somewhere in the house. Thanks for the inspiration and the giggle. Enjoy!

  23. Image for Dee Dee

    Modge podge palooza! Of wait, let me go all Downton... My how exquisite! 😄 Seriously though, you chose the prettiest paper and it turned out amazing, and blue paper would be awesome with your gorgeous room as well! Thanks for always inspiring us with your wonderful DIYs!

  24. Image for Linda Linda

    Adorable pumpkins! Haven’t used Modge Podge in a long time, going to have to try this ! Can’t wait to see Downton Abby!

  25. Image for JC JC

    Love your new spin on Downton Abbey and floral pumpkins. They do need a few of these lovelies on their set! I absolutely love this quick and easy idea. Thanks!

  26. Image for Lou E Gipson Lou E Gipson

    K~ Love the pumpkins plan to make a few today.. but first this : HOT OFF TH PRESS! are you sitting down? red lipstick and all? Highclere Castle, the main filming location for Downton Abbey, is being listed on Airbnb for a one-night stay on Nov. 26. However, you must obey the “strictly one butler per person” rule.!!!! grab your phone/credit card/make that reservation! Loui

  27. Image for Elle Elle

    KA! I saw an early release of Downton Abbey last week. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! It was fabulous. No spoilers here. Great pumpkins.

  28. Image for Nancy Nancy

    You entertain me every day with your delightful writing and lovely home. Today though you spoke to my dormant crafter’s heart! This is a project for me! We just moved into a new (for us) home...downsizing (which by the way is dreadful). Well, this house does not like orange...not one bit. It likes sage and cream and a touch of white. Halloweeney it is not. But now there is a way to bring autumn inside in as you say in a Downton Abbey way! Thank you so much!

  29. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Your pumpkins are so pretty! Went to see the Downton film this afternoon. I think you will love it - it's been the top grossing film in the UK . Maggie Smith is wonderful.

  30. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Oh, thank heavens, I lost you for a while. I have been a follower since your Kentucky days and suddenly you were gone. So glad that I found you again. Theses pumpkins are adorable. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Image for Sherry Sherry

    I LOVE these pumpkins!! A great idea to decorate for fall in a non-traditional way. I may have to make some for my home office. Thanks for sharing.

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