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I just spent the weekend watching Downton Abbey from the beginning.

They were running a marathon and it started from the beginning, so I started from the beginning and never stopped.

I’ve seen it before.

But just between us?

It never disappoints.

Just like fall decorating.

There’s nothing like that first shopping trip for mums and pumpkins and gourds and fall flowers. The car smells like fall and you bring it all home and decorate the porch.

Have you started on your porch yet?

I have so many fun creative think-outside-the-box tips to get you started.

Here are 7 simple ideas to decorate your fall porch.

1. Stand back and layer your flower pots

I know this seems super simple, but you want to stand back and look at the porch before you ever get started.


You want to stagger your biggest flower pots or urns.

See how I have three larger urns and I’ve placed on at the bottom of the stairs, one at the top next to the pillars and one next to the front door. I also added two planters on each corner that are out of the picture.

That’s the key to filling out the porch.

Start with the largest pots and then fill in.

(Total aside: You can see how we did the spelled out house numbers here.)

2. Fill in with smaller flowers

I LOVE THESE MUMS so much. I got them at Walmart and they are from Better Homes & Gardens. And when I found them I di the happiest dance you have ever seen and bought every single one that they had.

Look at those colors.

And there are three different colors in each bunch.

I found these smaller ones at the store for under $11.00 each and they came with the cutest pots, so I didn’t need to repot them.

You can order larger versions online here.

Another quick tip is to fill a larger urn with smaller pots of flowers.

You don’t have to repot them.

Just place a brick or something else to stabilize them and fill with as many smaller flower pots that will fit.

3. Stack your pumpkins and add eucalyptus

For the urns in the front?

I found three cinderella pumpkins in graduated sizes and stacked them on top of each other.

Then I tucked eucalyptus at the bottom of the stack.

I’m drying hydrangea right now to add to my pumpkin urns, too.

4. Finish it off with pumpkins

The key to good pumpkin arranging?

Just like the three bears?

You need small, medium and large.

I usually stick with neutral pumpkins and then vary it up with the texture.

This year I went with orange and white. Some of the pumpkins are flatter, some of the pumpkins are rounder. You want a good pumpkin representation so you can tuck them in and around the stairs.

(Total aside: to make your pumpkins last you want to make sure to thoroughly clean them and then varnish them. We have to do this in Texas to save them from the heat.)

5. Bring a little of the indoors outside

I just added these rugs to each side of the porch.

I used to have darker black and white rugs and I love the softer palette of these rugs. They are the perfect neutral indoor/outdoor rug for fall.

The pattern is so pretty and they are really good quality for the price.

Each side of the porch also has one of these benches and these black and white striped pillows.

6. Tuck a plant inside a metal sphere

I’ve had these metal spheres for years.

They keep getting better and better with time.

I had them on these urns on either side of the door and they just needed a little something, so I came up with the idea of putting a fall plant inside.

It’s the perfect little pop of color next to the larger mums at the front door.

7. Make your own monogrammed planter

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.

We made these last year and they have held up so well.

I love the neutral look of the raised monogram on the planter (especially when they have a giant mum in them).

You can see how we made it here.

My friend just came to the house this morning and told me how cute the front porch was.

My work here is done.

Good thing.

I have 4 more seasons of Downtown Abbey to watch.

If only Mrs. Hughes would bring me some tea. 🙂

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  1. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Looks beautiful! Love all your porch designs :) Yes have started on my mini front porch. Thanks for the inspiration to finish it :) Watching Downtown Abbey must have been the inspiration for you!

  2. Image for Janet Arden Janet Arden

    Thanks for the inspiration! I have started on m y porch, but this will get me to the finish line.An d I just watched the ent8re Downton Abbey (again) during summer's last heat wave. it never gets o0ld for me either!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Eagerly awaiting the newest Downton Abbey movie. My husband has purchased all of the DVDs for me. That's a man who knows me well! In decorating news, I love your porch and I like it that you took it a different direction this year. I love the autumn colors. I know the trendy thing has been neutrals these past few years but the thing I love about fall is the fleeting but glorious color display. Well done, you! Tea will be served now.


    KariAnne, you are such an inspiration to all of us! What a fabulous job you did with decorating your front porch! It's just so beautiful. All those colors just look so pretty together! I just love to see all the colors of fall. Our trees have just started to change color. Enjoy your week and be sure to sit out on those lovely benches with your dear hubby and just enjoy all the beauty you have placed on your porch and steps.

  5. Image for Jan Petrucciani Jan Petrucciani

    Challenged by my very small patio size home porch! Working on getting a little better every year! This is our 3rd Fall in it so I feel like it becomes more like home and tells me what to do next. In Houston, and from my 24 years in East Texas, I get the nice, artificial pumpkins from Hobby Lobby. I stick with the number I have and haven't added in a few years. Maybe this is the year. BUT no rotting. And I can used them again. And again. Adding mums this year! Your porch is grogeous!

  6. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Love fall and have almost finished my inside and outside decorating. Tommorow is my deadline! Just a few more pumpkins lol. Also rewatched Doughton Abbey and love it. Hope the movie is in theaters soon. Haven't been to a real movie in almost 2 yrs. I think it was Little Women. Wow. Your house is always so beautiful. Thankyou for your most enjoyable blog. I always look forward to it.

  7. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    so behind this year.... still soaking up summer haha Cool front next weedk I hope will get me in the mood for fall...

  8. Image for Amy Amy

    I have my pumpkins on the porch. After reading this post, I'm going to reorganize. As always, thank you for your great perspective.

  9. Image for Yvonne Smith (CA) Yvonne Smith (CA)

    You are so funny, you have a wonderful sense of humor!😁 I found your blog this morning & I’m going to binge watch all your posts to get caught up. You have great ideas!

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