Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning:

1. Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? It’s like it takes up residence and NEVER MOVES OUT.

Yesterday and today—guess what song I is playing on repeat in my brain?

Dusty Springfield, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.” 

Please get out of my head Dusty.

2. Tonight is MORP which spelled forwards is PROM. It’s where girls ask guys to a formal dance. Everyone is meeting at our house and taking pictures and then heading out to the dance from here.

The twins started getting ready this morning.

Don’t tell them, but I almost had an anxiety attack thinking about their dates driving them tonight.


Let’s just keep those mom worries between us.

3. Did you know a fireplace mantel is spelled M-A-N-T-E-L? Not mantle? I had to learn the hard way.

What is your biggest spelling pet peeve?

4. It was a good week on the blog. We discussed decorating your house for spring with stuff that you already have and answered all the questions about painting a window and I showed you five simple and creative ideas for a spring mantel.

5. I can’t wait until next week. I have the CUTEST drop cloth carrot project to show you and my new bedroom before and after, too.

And now?

Let’s see what inspiration I’ve found from around the web.

This is such a pretty flower arrangement.

Loved her tips for using grocery store flowers.

See the entire post here.

I think I need a flower arranging room.


This room literally took my breath away.

See all the details of the room here.

I love this spring home tour so much.

Every room is perfection.

You can take the entire tour here.

If you love french country farmhouse?

This is the bathroom for you.

Here are 7 ways to add a little french country to your bathroom.


And in random news this week:

These built-in bookcases

A little less sorry

This french pastry

How to make DIY textured chalk paint

This made me laugh

This simple DIY

These look yummy

This pretty coffee table

This life advice

This simple tip to make your cake look like it came from the bakery

And this.


You have to see this ceiling here.

And one more for the road.

Speaking of ceilings.

Here are seven creative, unique ideas for ceilings in your home.

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Mary Mary

    Karianne, I so love your mantel... (did I spell that right?) So I'll have to enjoy looking at yours. LOVE the floral arrangement! Yep. I think you could use a flower room! Ha! Tell Hubby and watch him roll his eyes! LOL

  2. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I always enjoy this Saturday morning round-up so much. I've added two blogs to my daily fare and laughed myself silly reading the Grocery Store Etiquette post. In another life when I was trying to piece together a living by working several jobs, I merchandised faux florals into big box stores. One day I found some real chili peppers from the grocery section in with my fake ones. No matter how I turned that over in my mind I found it hilarious. I thought someone might have some form of OCD and was putting likes together with likes! Thanks for making my morning!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Oh my goodness, KariAnne! Who knew my spelling comment would make the weekly Thistlekeeping lineup? Too stinkin' funny. Anywhooo .... I hope the girls enjoy MORP and I completely get ya on the teens driving teens around anxiety. And ... you had so many beautiful things featured this week--thank you!

  4. Image for PJ PJ

    I sure hope we'll see plenty of MORP pictures. My kids homeschooled, so there was no prom or morp and I was too shy in highschool to go. As for my spelling pet peeve......people using there, their, they're incorrectly bugs me. Same with two, too, to. Have a great day and fun MORP photo session. Hang in there, mom and keep praying.

  5. Image for laura@everydayedits.co laura@everydayedits.co

    Happy Saturday! I miss MORP! Oh, so fun! IMy kids' highschool called it Snowball Dance because it was always held in February and my boys had a Mom Prom which was the best ever! PS Have you heard of a national networking group called Creative Mornings. Going to a meet and greet on Tuesday in Denver! Better leave an hour before it starts.. traffic

  6. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I hope you post pictures of your girls dressed up. This is a big night for sure. I never get any sleep on prom night. xoxoxo

  7. Image for PJ PJ

    Thistlekeeping never disappoints. I especially love Ashley's essay about substituting "Thank you" for "Sorry." I cannot wait to see pictures of your daughters in their MORP dresses. In my time, the dance was called TWIRP (the woman is required to pay) and was less formal. Have an amazing weekend!

  8. Image for Lou Ann Lou Ann

    Looks like I’m tooo old to spell prom backwards ! But I distinctly remember watching my daughter get in the car with THAT boy😅. What a special and somewhat stressful time! I would literally do About Anything for that flower room! OH ... And Thanks... 🎼now Dusty has spent the day in MY head. Happy weekend!

  9. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Can't wait to see your twins (I am a twin, too) with their prom dresses! I went to Sadie Hawkins Dance but not to the prom. So excited for them as I write this!

  10. Image for Chris Steller Chris Steller

    I adore that wood bead with the heart! Is there a tutorial I missed or a place to purchase? Thanks! Hope the girls are having the time of their lives tonight! What fun!!!

  11. Image for Tina Tina

    Fun post! One of my spelling pet peeves is people using "loose" when they mean "lose" i.e. people saying they are going to loose their minds when they mean lose their minds. I don't know why these things bug me as I am sure I make plenty of mistakes lol!

  12. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love the wood bead and heart! Do you have a source for this? I subscribe to a lot of blogs and always start my morning with coffee and blog reading, but I save Thistlekeeping to the last, so I can really spend time enjoying it. Thanks so much for making a lot of my mornings so fun!

  13. Image for Glenda Shine Glenda Shine

    Yvonne, My biggest pet peeve for spelling was past down to me from my daughter as it belonged to her first. Ever since she brought it up to me, I think of it each time I use it or type it :) Most people write alot, when it is actually a lot. They also pronounce it as one word. I wouldn’t have thought about it much but like the song you had stuck in your head, once someone puts it there, it’s there to stay!

  14. Image for Deb in Oklahoma Deb in Oklahoma

    Ohh, the MORP. My high school had a MORP back in the 80's, which is when I think the word first starting appearing in the lexicon (I've not found a real reference prior to that decade). I find it highly amusing every few years when current teenagers (i.e. after 2000) think they invented the term and are the ONLY ones who have ever had one of these dances. In the mid 80's, our MORP attire was a mix of formal and casual, so a tux jacket over t-shirt and tropical-print shorts was the standard. Ah, good times. The spelling pet peeves for a former English major are numerous. The TV ads for Downy "Unstopables" irritates me to no end--the word needs another P in it--it should be "Unstoppables". Also, the local grocery store that has signage indicating "Can Food" above the aisles. Can Food...what? Can it do backflips? It should be Canned Food. Adjectives, people.

  15. Image for Sue Sue

    Well, I am a few days late, lol. We had 60 degrees and sun all weekend here in upstate/CNY so I was outdoors a lot! First, I was so happy and relieved with my son's "prom"/Senior Dinner thing, I had a big van with the latest sliding door on one side, and my son asked if I could drive him and his date, plus two other couples, to and from. YES!!!!! And, Karianne, how do you share exactly the right things at the right time? Your share of House and Home (Canada) with the built in book case idea was great, but then I checked that site out a little more, and found the most wonderful solution to my tiny living room/tv room issues. It was like the designer was in my house, directing me!. Thanks again. I love all the incredible ideas and designs you come up with, and your sense of humor and humility, But your willingness to showcase others and share what's out there is fantastic! Sort of a curated, well researched and referenced library...

  16. Image for Crystal Brown Crystal Brown

    The misspelling of mantel has been one of my biggest peeves! For years! My next biggest peeve, WaLa for Voila! or even worse, Walla. Come on people! and grammar is important, please everyone I beg of you, stop using "these ones" it's embarrassing. That said, I LOVE Thistlekeeping. I laughed and went ooh all in the same post. And then got mad at the end of Sandition on PBS... all in the same day. Can you even???

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