Looking for a simple Easter craft to decorate your house for spring? These DIY Easter carrots made from drop cloth are easy to make and super affordable.

DIY Easter carrot

If I weren’t already married to the cutest pair of twinkling brown eyes…

…I’d marry a drop cloth.

Or at least wait by its locker for it to get out of fifth-period geometry and ask me to the homecoming dance.

I’m not sure when I first fell in love.

Maybe when I made this wreath.

Or these curtains.

Or this roman shade.

Or this pillow with pom poms.

It’s just such an affordable fabric that looks just like linen for 1/32 of the price and it holds up in a snowstorm and has all the casual charm of Brad Pitt in a western movie where he rides off into the sunset.

So today—to celebrate spring and decorating—I’m sharing these SUPER simple DIY Easter carrots made from drop cloth.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial to make them for your house, too.

DIY Easter carrot from drop cloth

DIY Easter carrots made from drop cloth


drop cloth

jute twine


fabric glue

clear tape

DIY Easter carrot template

step 1: cut out your drop cloth

Cut out 7″ x 8″ rectangle from drop cloth.

Trim off each of the corners on one side as shown.

Note: you can adjust this depending on the size of your carrot.

This is one of my favorite drop cloths to use. I love the color and the texture.

DIY Easter carrot paper template

Repeat the same steps with a piece of copy paper.

This is going to be the base of our carrot.

DIY Easter carrot cone

step 2: roll into a cone

Roll the cutout copy paper into a cone.

It should look like the start of a DIY Easter carrot.

Roll it smaller at one end and wider at the other end.

step 3: cut out your twine

Cut out 6-7 pieces of jute twine approximately 12″ in length.

Cut out two smaller pieces of jute twine approximately 5″ in length.

Group larger pieces of twine together as shown.

step 4: add twine to the center

Flip drop cloth over the reverse side.

Place jute twine in the center.

Tape in place with clear packing tape.

step 5: roll cone into drop cloth

Start to form your DIY Easter carrot by placing the cone in the center of the drop cloth with the twine held in place by the tape.

Start to roll into place.

Continue rolling until you have covered the cone with drop cloth.

step 6: glue in place with fabric glue

Glue edges of drop cloth in place with fabric glue.

Let dry.

You can secure the edges with a piece of clear tape until the drop cloth dries.

step 7: form the top of the DIY Easter carrot

Tie off the top with one of the smaller pieces of 5″ jute twine.

Fray the ends of the top of the drop cloth into strips.

Pull the twine apart into smaller strands as shown.

step 8: form the end of the DIY Easter carrot

Tie off the bottom with one of the smaller pieces of 5″ jute twine.

Pull the twine apart into smaller strands as shown.

Trim the ends of the jute twine until you have the length you want for your carrot.

That’s it.

Your DIY Easter carrot made from drop cloth is ready to decorate with.

Here are some fun ideas for decorating with them.

  • add them to a basket with eggs
  • layer them on top of books
  • place them in a nest
  • fill a glass vase with wood eggs and add them to the top
  • add them to a spring wreath
  • glue them to the edge of a picture frame

And on and on and spring decorating on.

See why I love drop cloth?

And now?

I have to go. I hear the bell for fifth period and I’m wearing stirrup pants and a bow with my name on it and Flock of Seagulls bangs.

Watch out drop cloth. 🙂

PS I just added some cute new spring pins to this Pinterest board if you need more information.

PPS Total disclosure: the occasional affiliate link was used in this post.

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  1. Image for Sue Kosec Sue Kosec

    I am smitten with these easy-peasy and oh-so-adorable carrots. Genius, my friend. Genius. Happy (almost) Spring! xo SuZeQ

  2. Image for Patricia Patricia

    KariAnne, I always look forward to your DIY’s. They are always do-able and so darn cute. I LOVE doing stuff with my 12 yr. old Grand Niece and I have Easter Family Dinner so these will be perfect ! I think I will use them as plate toppers with each guest name on a craft label tied with twine and I am going to fill them with yummy jelly beans. Thanks again. Patricia

  3. Image for Christy Roppel Christy Roppel

    Hi! I actually did about the same thing only i used orange burlap. I think yhese would look cute mixed too! https://www.amazon.com/Online-Fabric-Store-Orange-Burlap/dp/B00I80SIGC

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