Looking for budget fall decorating ideas for your home? Here are 21 creative ways to add a little fall decor without breaking the bank.budget fall decorating

Happy almost September.

I hope you are having a day as amazing as you are.

And you have coffee.

Because today?

I have some FALL FOR YOU. I know it’s summer. I know it’s 100 degrees outside. I know falling leaves seem light years away. But here’s the thing. Fall is SO MUCH CLOSER than you even know.

And I’m here to get us all ready.

So in case you needed a little fall inspiration on a budget?

This is the post for you.

Here are 21 budget fall decorating ideas for your home along with budget finds for every room in the house.


budget fall decorating stairs

budget fall decorating sign

straw pumpkin//rope pumpkin//rug in entry//large basket

1. Fill a basket with pumpkins.

I know, right?

Simple and easy.

You can find my list of favorite faux pumpkins for this year here.

budget fall decorating wood pumpkin

budget fall decorating leaves

//wood pumpkin//wood lid boxes//

2. Make a wood pumpkin from twigs in the yard.

3. Cover the edge of a hutch or bookcase with paper leaves. I just attached them with double-sided tape and crinkled the edges for a more realistic effect.

budget fall decorating acorns

budget fall decorating felted acorns

//felted acorns//neutral felted acorns//mercury glass acorn//

4. Make acorns from felted sweaters and stitch the top.

5. Create an acorn garland with felted bottoms and mini acorn tops.

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budget fall decorating blue and white pumpkins

budget fall decorating chairs

//blue and white pumpkins (similar)//blue and white pumpkins (similar)//rug//chairs//

6. Create a centerpiece with potted plants and blue and white pumpkins.

7. DIY blue and white pumpkins with scrapbook leaves.

budget fall decorating dining room

budget fall decorating flowers

//rug//chairs//curtains//blue and white pieces//

8. Change up the colors of fall. Think outside the box and layer in blue and white or turquoise or hot pink.

9. Tuck a mini pumpkin into a display like this blue and white fabric pumpkin.

//brown and white rug//pillow covers//white pumpkins//glass vase//

10. Fill a glass vase with leaves from the yard.

11. Make a pumpkin pillow from a placemat.

12. Fill a dough bowl with pumpkins. This is the perfect idea for all those pumpkins that you have in a tub that you have no idea what to do with.

//battery operated candles//eucalyptus garland//wheat stalk//

13. Create a fall mantel with simple eucalyptus leaves and hay and candles.

14. Battery-operated candles with a timer are a great option for a fall mantel.

15. Tie bundles of hay with jute twine.

//preserved wheat bundle//white chenille pumpkins//velvet pumpkins//

16. Hand-stitch a thrift store tray for fall.

17. Layer in white dishes and velvet and straw pumpkins.

//kitchen chairs//fall flash cards//hanging basket//

18. Fill a low basket on your kitchen island with pumpkins. You can add in faux stems, too. Here are some of my favorite faux stems for this fall.

19. Drape a fall dish towel over the edge of a kitchen chair.

20. Tuck fall cards into the edge of a chalkboard or frame.

21. Add a basket full of wood slices to an interior door. You can see how I made DIY wood slices like these here.

And then?

Step outside and celebrate.

The season is changing. Hot chocolate and cinnamon cookies and sweaters and crisp cool days are just around the corner.

Here’s to all the fall that is here and is yet to come. šŸ™‚

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  1. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Where's my velvet pumpkins??? I made them a couple years back--don't tell me they are out of style now!!! I am gonna put them out any how, because I love them!!!

  2. Image for Amy Amy

    I always enjoy reading and looking at the beautiful pictures on your blog. Great pumpkin suggestions suggestions. Thank you.

  3. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Hello, Where did you purchase the bench located in your entry way? It is shown in the first picture of the post from August 8th. Thank you. Catherine

  4. Image for ann eichenberger ann eichenberger

    i absolutely loved the cabinet with painted blue back. It was perfect for the white collection of dishes. if you have a chance, would you create a bookcase for collectibles that are more varied in color. I ask because quite a few of my clients are downsizing and i believe i could sell items faster if they were displayed thanks for sharing your creative ifeasy

  5. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Fall is my favorite outside of early spring time as I don't like the heat and humidity. I made the velvet pumpkins last year and picked up some acorn tops for making some acorns but never got around to it...so maybe I'll get it done this year? Love the porch with the white pumpkins and pinkish mums. I struggle as my blue hydrangeas are not done blooming in the door pots but this year I think I'll place those in the ground early and create a more woodsy effect. Great ideas all around!

  6. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I so enjoy your blog and know you have companies that advertise in your blog. However, lately it has been a company for mouse/rat prevention. Seeing those mice in between your subjects kinda grosses me out, particularly when I am eating. Maybe this isn't you and it's my computer. I'll watch regardless because I love all your ideas!

    1. Image for Bre Bre

      It's based on what you (or someone using your devices) have been searching for online. My ads are all for cat products to protect your furniture from scratches, but the pictures of the kittens they use are so darned cute that I end up scrolling through cat rescues which means I could end up with a bigger furniture scratching problem in the end! Lol vicious cycle

  7. Image for Debbie Debbie

    What a beautiful segway into the fall season. I love how you are stepping into it with beautiful summer plants and white pumpkins. So pretty! And yes, it still is 100 degrees in SC šŸ˜¬šŸ„µ

  8. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I'm kicking and screaming and dragging my feet about rushing into fall, but when I consider 100 degrees and up in Texas, I can understand wanting to rush the season. Hope you dip down into the 80s soon.

  9. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love your blog and have been a fan for several years. If you ever get a free moment I would like to suggest an instagram page. Thorne.floral. She is one of my former students from the Kansas City area and makes some of the most unique arrangements. I know you love flowers and I think you would enjoy her designs.

  10. Image for carol carol

    HI Karri Anne Thanks for your post and fun videos. I can't find the link for 'making drop cloth curtains'. Could you please send the post; I'm wrestling with stiff drop cloth fabric at the moment. Carol

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