Would you love a watercolor painting of your own home? Here’s how to turn a photo into a watercolor painting – in just 4 simple steps!

This gorgeous winter scene of a red barn with a snow covered roof in the middle of a snow-dusted field with trees in the background would make a beautiful watercolor painting


I wish I was a weatherman.

Or I wish I was married to a weatherman or had an aunt or uncle or brother or sister or a cousin-twice-removed…..

….who was a weatherman.


Because maybe they could explain to me in simple weatherman terms…..why the sun is shining and the skies are blue….

…..and it’s 12 degrees.

Shouldn’t all that sun warm everything up and melt the snow a little?

I mean….I’m not asking for much….just maybe a temperature with a 2 in front of it.

And why did the sun only melt the snow on the top of my car which turned into water and then slowly dripped down across the driver’s side door….

…oddly turning into ice again mid-stream.


And then froze the door shut.

Thistlewood Farms snow-covered backyard with a small white shed and bare trees, with a snowy forest in the background

And as I was banging on the door and contemplating rolling down the window and exiting the car Dukes of Hazzard style…..and then attempting to climb over into the passenger’s seat and losing my shoe and bumping my head and tipping over the glass of diet coke in the cup holder…..

….I only had one thought.

None of this would have happened….

….if I just ran in those weatherman circles. 🙂

How to transform any picture or photograph into a watercolor painting

One of the best housewarming presents I have ever gotten was a watercolor picture of my house.

And now you can have a tiny watercolor painting artist who lives in your pocket….

….on your phone.

You can transform any picture into a watercolor in four easy steps with a new app I just discovered called….


It works with iPhones or ipads and it costs about $3.99 through the app store.

The cost of two tubes of lipstick at the dollar store.

And totally worth it.

This smartphone app called Waterlogue allows you to take photos and put filters on them for special effects. Here is a picture of the Thistlewood Farms house

You download the app to your device.

Then click on the camera button and upload a picture.

You can choose different watercolor styles.

I uploaded a picture of our house in the snow….

A picture of the Thistlewood Farms house with the Waterlogue filter "it's technical" applied to give the picture a watercolor painting effect

And in about 30 seconds later it looked like this.

There are also different settings you can use to create more of a pencil drawing or to have more of an impressionistic style.

Using the app Waterlogue, you can change filters, photo settings, and other aspects to apply special effects to any photo you'd like

After you decide on your style of watercolor you can make it lighter or darker.

Using the app Waterlogue, you can share and post photos you've edited by tapping the heart icon on the screen

Once your picture is exactly how you like it….just click the heart to share or e-mail the photo to yourself.

Then you can print it out on archival paper or card stock and frame it.

Four steps to the perfect housewarming gift.

Or wedding shower gift.

Or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day or that all-important holiday tomorrow on February 5….

….National Weatherperson’s Day.  🙂

PPS  Waterlogue did not compensate me for this post in any way.  

I just had to share. 🙂

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  1. Image for Karolina from H O U S E L O V E S Karolina from H O U S E L O V E S

    I love you and I love that you share things like this :) it might seam so useless yet it isn't :) for us, GIRLZZZzzzz but the way, I am not sure if I ever told you that your reading/library room was a little bit of an ispiration for me when creating my livingroom last year - take a look https://www.houseloves.com/blog/2013/10/4/living-room-make-over-metamorfoza-salonu LOVE you xxx karolina from H O U S E L O V E S

  2. Image for Lisa at celebrate-creativity Lisa at celebrate-creativity

    Good morning Karianne. What a cool effect. I'm definitely going to give this a try. I've always thought the sketch of your home in your banner was awesome and this looks like it could be the next best thing. Thanks for sharing the app link. Have a wonderful day and stay warm. Lisa

  3. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    Oh!! Here I was picturing you in a smock, in front of an easel, and a beret on your head. You have a brush in your hand squinting at the watercolor to make sure you have the details. Oh and you are in your garret - isn't that an attic? I do get a little " Karried " away when it comes to you and your ideas. The idea is terrific!! A person's pet would be a good watercolor too. I'm going to download that app and find something to watercolor. Big Hugs Marisa

  4. Image for Janet Janet

    I don't often comment but read your blog daily with my cup of coffee. Love your style of writing and think you are just adorable. A friend in cyberspace who I know would be a friend of mine if we lived closer. Love this app...just in time for Valentine's Day. (A photo of our puppy is what I have in mind for my hubby). Thanks for brightening my day every day.

  5. Image for Lois@pineridgehills.com Lois@pineridgehills.com

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.......and.........psssst...... I'll let you in on a little secret, you didn't hear this from me, but word has it that Punxsutawney Phil was coerced by Jim Cantore into giving that prediction! Yup! being a Pennsylvanian, I got this from a very reliable source - the cows have not stopped talking about it! Spring is coming - right after this next storm....... Stay Warm!

  6. Image for Christine Christine

    Love the tips on doing a watercolor photo....too cute! I am so sorry your car door froze, I hate it when that happens to me. or I am driving and the bad weather ices up my wiper blades. But have I found a tip for you....my niece told me this and so far it seems to be working....cooking spray....can you believe it! simple cooking spray that I have used in my kitchen for years fixes it so ice or snow will not stick to my key locks or wiper blades!

  7. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    Shame on me, but I didn't even finish reading your post before I zipped over to the APP store and purchased this! Holy cowzerss is it ever the coolest. thing. ever! Already made my house pic into a lovely watercolor. Going to frame it and put it in a new frame a friend JUST gave me days ago....that still houses the faux family! My kids are quite irritated w/ that! LOL THANKS a mil. Now....I'll finish your post! XOXO

  8. Image for Leslie Heatley Leslie Heatley

    Great advice as always. I'm getting addicted to your blog! FYI - you almost married a meteorologist! The navy told him he was to SMART! Remember that?? Thank you for all the wonderful stories about my precious brother!!

  9. Image for Jenna Jenna

    Thanks KariAnne, this is too fabulous! I have played around in photoshop with different effects but haven't done it in a while~I can't wait to play with this, what a cool idea!! I'm an artist and should just do the actual painting, but so much to do, so little time!! I have always wanted a direct link to a weather person too, mainly just to ask them why they are ALWAYS wrong....like last week when we were only supposed to get a dusting and we got 3 inches and were snowed in for 3 days and everyone got stuck in the ice and had to walk home...so let me know if you get connected!!

  10. Image for Patti Patti

    Cool app. Love watercolors. I even took a class in watercolor painting years ago. Not easy. ;) Thanks for sharing.

  11. Image for Cass Cass

    I love that you posted this tutorial. I am always looking for new apps. The possibilities really are endless. So sorry for you weather problems but thanks for the laughs.

  12. Image for Angela Angela

    I was just checking out this app yesterday! Looks amazing and I think it's the perfect gift to myself for National Weatherperson's Day!! Have a wonderful day and I hope it warms up enough so your not stuck in your car! Be sure that diet coke cup is full!!~~Ang

  13. Image for Shelia Shelia

    You are just so cute and you literally paint us a story with your words. I love the idea of the watercolor app. We all need this and thank you for sharing. Be a sweetie, Shelia ;)

  14. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Amazing! I can't wait to try this out. I completely understand car door issues, finace broke off our drivers side door handle a week ago. I look like the worlds WORST car thief when I reach from the open rear passenger door, stretched out on tiptoes frantically pawing at the inside drivers door handle to get the drivers door open. Which is better than when I am rump up leaning across the front passenger seat to open the drivers door. I don't even want to know what people think when they see that. lol

  15. Image for Maury Maury

    That is so cool! One of these days I really ought to get on board with the 21st century and get one of those new smart phones :) my phone is still stupid.

  16. Image for melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    I am SO GOING to try this! LOVE! I wonder how it works with "people" pictures...I'm about to find out! And, I understand your pain about the frozen door. I ran to Target last week. My driver's door was frozen when I left the house, but I knew that it would have plenty of time to thaw while I drove...but it didn't. So I had to crawl over to the passenger side to get out, and then to get back in when my shopping was done. Luckily I was by myself; my daughter's would have been mortified! Instead, I just laughed. :) Life to the full! Melissa

  17. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    When I read the title of the post...my first thought was...what on earth does she want me to try now? Water color painting...I have no talent. But, an app...that I can handle! And I will give this a try! And just between you and me...the weather people don't know what they are talking about. And, they get paid whether or not they are right or wrong! They are just up there in front of green screens, waving their arms, and naming storms...who.does.that? ;)

  18. Image for Tricia@Little Cottage on the Pond Tricia@Little Cottage on the Pond

    I love this app and have been playing with it for a few weeks- so pretty! I can't relate to the frozen stuff though, we are in Texas where we die when the temps dip into the 30's. School was actually cancelled one day last week- because it was cold. And lordy, we can't have kids walking. in. the. cold!

  19. Image for Nicki Nicki

    KariAnne, My husband is a weather man! And he is simply the best at what he does! I wouldn't mind to loan him to you for a couple of days. Or, if you ever have a question, just email me and I will ask him and get back to you with the answer. So there you go. You now have a blog friend with a weatherman husband! LOL

  20. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Thanks for the info on this new app. What a great idea! I'm going to get this one and start "painting". I've always want to be a watercolorist! '-)

  21. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, What a great idea. I don't own either an iphone or ipad but when I do...ha! Living in Michigan, I too have been froze out my car many a time and oh the stories I have. Onetime I was zooming down the freeway and my windshield wiper went flying in the air like in a movie. I think the ice broke it off. I've climbed over seats, rocked the car in ice ruts, fishtailed, you name I have done it all! Have a blessed day! Christine the other car.

  22. Image for Kim Kim

    I downloaded this app after you posted on your blog. I love this. This is sooo cool. You are right. It would make a nice gift for someone. I think I will make some note cards out of these. Thanks so much

  23. Image for Mrs. Smith Mrs. Smith

    I'm tickled pink at this little trick, Thistle! We are very proud of our drafty, old house and I would LOVE a watercolor of it. :) BTW, I feel your pain having an icicle for a car. All we get here in ice storms and getting into the vehicle is next to impossible. Stay safe and awesome! (My cat is a weatherman if you should ever need him....)

  24. Image for Terri Terri

    The city closed the public schools here for the day. We're expecting 9" of snow by evening. I can relate to the beautiful day and bitter cold. Many years ago it was zero outside and the most brilliant winter day I've seen in my life. My mother refused to believe the temperature was zero. "That's too cold to have snow on the ground and the sun shining!" Love the watercolor app--watercolors are one of my favorite type pictures.

  25. Image for Amy Amy

    Wish they had an Android version! I know there are other apps that do similar things, but this one seems especially high-quality.

  26. Image for Garden, Home and Party Garden, Home and Party

    Karianne, Waterlogue is my new favorite app. I read about it on another blog site and have been making water colors of our dog, house, Christmas tree. Like you, I wish I could paint but since Waterlogue makes that wish a reality, I'm good to go. I love the water color of your home in snow, so picturesque. Karen

  27. Image for Cynthia at herlovelynest.com Cynthia at herlovelynest.com

    if it were possible to make your home any more beautiful [and that's a big if!]...this is it. I love the watercolor style and how funny I've just been contemplating buying this app and you've sold me! I think they owe you big time :-)

  28. Image for Charlotte Snodgrass Charlotte Snodgrass

    That is so cool, I think it's even cooler because of the snow! Thanks for sharing this. You have so much SNOW! Us down in Texas would be in complete lockdown if we had any snow:) Great pictures!

  29. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I love it! Heading to the App Store ass soon as I get charged up! Lol! Freezing rain in my neck of the woods. UGH! Stay safe!

  30. Image for Linda Linda

    We just moved to Georgia from California and I'm most definitely doing this with a picture of our old house. Such an easy ap to use. I've been playing with it for over an hour!

  31. Image for Lisa Gower Montgomery Lisa Gower Montgomery

    Nor this is the neatest idea ever. I am wondering if I could take a picture with a wreath on the door or something that will show up and convert the pic into Christmas cards that say from our house to yours! You're a genius!

  32. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Oh my gosh. I don't know whether to thank you or not. I don't want to work. I want to play with pictures. Ha! I have been playing with this app you suggested off and on all day! I think this is the greatest little app. I have been turning all kinds of pics into water colors. This app does what I cannot do...paint. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will be posting some of my water colors on MyKentuckyLiving. Sheila

  33. Image for Bliss Bliss

    What if I want a poster size watercolor? Can I send it from my ipad, to the big computer, to Staples? Or maybe I'll paint my own? Whatever, I want one.

  34. Image for Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life... Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life...

    Love your beautiful home through the eyes of Waterlogue! I have been playing with the App all weekend turning some of our best design projects into renderings... Posted about it today too. I think it is a fantastic creative tool and I think perhaps I may already be addicted to it!

  35. Image for Susan Susan

    I freaken love this idea!!! I'm so excited, I always wanted to do something like this for my Mother. :) Our farm house , barns and my Grandparents home are no longer standing there is now a church on the land. Which is wonderful and sad at the same time. :)

  36. Image for Random Random

    This is stupid. Photoshop has had filters for this forever, and other software had this option over ten years ago.

  37. Image for Dan Bartlett Dan Bartlett

    Great post, thank you! By the way, as a former weather man... Its all about the clouds. In the summer they are a giant umbrella, in the winter a blanket... Right now we all want a blanket.... :0)

  38. Image for Kim Kim

    Loved this idea, downloaded the app, and made pictures for my guy for Valentine's Day. I also am sharing a link to your blog in my post for tomorrow for this idea and the word cloud pictures. Thanks for your willingness to share all these wonderful ideas

  39. Image for Montclair NJ Realtor Montclair NJ Realtor

    This makes a great house warming gift if you enlarge it and put it in a nice frame. Thanks for the idea!

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