If you meet for more than five minutes, I’ll probably tell you a story.

I can’t help it.

When they were handing out stories, someone gave me extra.

I tell stories about mile markers that make me cry and the drips on a painted stool and wise brownie fudge sundaes and wise men that bring dish towels and a zillion other things.

And when we bought this house back of course there was a story.

One that started with hot rollers and Dear Abby.

Right here in this very bathroom.

But now?

The story has another chapter.

With a re-written ending that’s even better.

Here’s where it all started.

With this mirror.

See that strip of light blue paint behind the mirror that doesn’t match the rest of the space?

It’s because that mirror wasn’t there when the previous owners painted the room.

It couldn’t be.

When the house was sold, I brought this mirror home with me.

I was about to leave the house for the very last time (or so I thought) and that mirror held so many memories for me.

Dear Abby.

The wedding dress.

All the times I checked my lipstick in the mirror before I left for a date.

The one last glance before I leave for the dance moments.

All with that mirror.

I couldn’t help it.  Right then and there in the middle of that hallway, something came over me.  I couldn’t leave that mirror.  I just couldn’t leave it behind in the house.  So I reached up and grabbed it and ran out the door with it before the new owners showed up.

And then?

I drove it all the way back to Kentucky.

And when I arrived back to the farmhouse I realized that it didn’t really fit anywhere.

So I put it up in the attic.

And there it stayed.


Until I drove it back to Texas and hung it back up.

Right where it had always been.

Right where it was meant to be.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Like all good stories, it has a new ending.

A new beginning.

Because two weeks ago two new characters entered the mirror story.

They were dressed and ready to leave for the dance.

Their dates were waiting.

Their hair was curled.

They had new dresses and new shoes and beautiful smiles and sweet hearts and one even had a tiny little freckle in the middle of her forehead.

And then?

Before they left for the dance?

They checked their lipstick in the mirror before they walked out the door.

Another chapter.

Another beginning.

Another story.

With an even better re-written ending. 🙂

PS  Look what I found in the way back file.

My own set of littles from a little over ten years ago.

Sitting on the front porch of this house.

Just waiting for another story. 🙂


  1. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Awwwww! I love your stories. Guess you got my allotment as I am not much of a story teller. ;) This is so sweet! Love how you took the mirror with you and have brought it back. Melts my heart! Love that picture of your children sitting on the porch. Cute!

  2. Image for LIsa at celebrate creativity LIsa at celebrate creativity

    What a beautiful story. Nice that you’ve incorporated the old mirror into the new decor. The bathroom is just stunning. So bright and airy. . Wow, I can finally tell your girls apart from each other. They’ve both matured so much and are beautiful and don’t look so identical to my eye anymore. Gorgeous duo. Have a lovely day.

  3. Image for Tori Tori

    So sweet. Love this picture; it's wonderful in black and white. Frameworrhy for sure! I wonder, is there a pic of you and your siblings sitting on those steps? How sweet would it be to have those pictures hanging side-by-side? ❤️ And one day grandbaby pictures to go with... all in b&w, of course. 😉 So special to put your stamp on the home of your youth. Happy for you!

  4. Image for Marisa Franca at All Our Way Marisa Franca at All Our Way

    I love your stories and I never get tired of them -- I don't care if I've heard them a zillion times. I do love happy endings. May I tell you a secret? I hope you don't think I'm terrible, but . . . I read a books ending before I buy it. Yep! If it's terrible I won't buy it. If I want to be depressed or sad I'll just watch the news - which I don't. But your stories make me smile with happiness even though you've brought tears to my eyes. But those were cleansing tears. You are right where you belong. Sending big hugs to you!!

  5. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Love.the.picture.of.the.littles. PS- listened to the PODCAST (so fun!) and heard the story of the mirror there, too! You are made for re-telling stories.

  6. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    Awwwww, shucks, Karianne!!! You've done it again!!! So, so sweet and lovely are your family anecdotes !! They touch all of your readers' hearts. As I've said before, you are sooooo blessed!!!!

  7. Image for Connie Connie

    The first picture of your girls makes me smile and the second one of all of your children makes me want to cry. As a grandmother, I feel everything you feel only twice as much. LOL To be back in your own childhood home, is a true blessing from God. Love your blog, your books and your stories.

  8. Image for Pamela Smith Pamela Smith

    Such a precious photo...I'm sure you will be taking a new photo with all four of your children on those same steps. Love your blog!

  9. Image for Jean Jean

    I love seeing pictures of your girls, i’m guessing but is the reason we don’t see pictures of the boys is that they don’t want their pictures on your blog? To bad, would love to see pictures of all your family! Absolutely love your writing style and stories!

  10. Image for Mary S Mary S

    Adorable picture of the little people.... and look at those girls!! Such beauties - I'm sure their hearts are as sweet as those beautiful faces. Great job to Mom and Dad! Thanks for sharing! Agree that last photo needs to be framed and displayed as a previous reader suggested.

  11. Image for Cindy Brown Cindy Brown

    Oh wow, those young ladies just keep getting more beautiful! Dates? YIKES! So very happy that you are doing well in Texas in your childhood home. This is really the stuff dreams are made of.

  12. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I LOVE the story about the family mirror! It’s probably my favorite of all your stories! The pictures of your precious children tug on my heartstrings every time!

  13. Image for judy judy

    Such a sweet story and I can relate. I also have an antiqued framed mirror that has followed along to each of my homes. I originally found it dumped in a dark, dusty corner of my mother-in-laws basement. It had been her mother's and lets just say...my mother-in-law didn't have the vision...HAHA. I took it home and cleaned it up and hung it in one of our bathrooms. Everyone who saw it remarked how special it was....if they only knew. It followed us to the next house and ended up in the half bath. Its next move was to a bath off the kitchen in the home we have been in for 26 yrs. I love that I can see it everyday. It has a very calming effect on me. I know, sounds crazy.

  14. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    I love your stories, this one left me teary. Your home is beautiful - I could move in and not change a thing! Your girls are beautiful. It would be great to redo the picture on the steps.

  15. Image for Susan Frans Susan Frans

    Love the photo of your kiddos; but OMG!! I had to do a doubletake on the mirror, as I have the same exact mirror, but mine is painted black and the mirror is gone and it’s been a very lovely chalkboard for a few years until now! I am taking the chalkboard out and am leaving it as an empty frame for now. Been doing renovations in the house and am wondering where to put the frame? I bought mine in an antique store in Sellwood, OR 15? years ago!!

  16. Image for Marjorie Marjorie

    Beautiful story and beautiful young ladies and I absolutely love the photo on the front steps. And I like the mirror!

  17. Image for cindy cindy

    Love your stories! Well, you know what you have to do now! You need to take a picture of the kids right NOW on those steps! Frame it ! Then in 10 years take another one! You could have grandchildren by then! Looking forward to your visit to NC in April.

  18. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Once Upon A Time there was a beautiful house in Texas. The house was happy because she had a big family living with her. But...the family grew up and one by one moved away. The house was sad. One day the house was sold to a new family and the house tried to be happy again. Later the house was being sold again. This time was different, the house knew this Lady with the beautiful red lipstick smile. The big house in Texas just knew she would live happily ever after, because, it is just The Beginning!

  19. Image for Joy Shanor Joy Shanor

    I. LOVE. YOUR. STORIES. You never disappoint! You either leave me cracking up or with a tear in my eyes! Please never stop blogging!!

  20. Image for Stephanie A Wethington Stephanie A Wethington

    Oh my....such a beautiful story!! Yes you are a storyteller for sure. You brightened my day and thank you for sharing!!! Your stories always brighten my life. xoxo

  21. Image for Sherry Sherry

    The littles are adorable. What a wonderful picture to have and now you are full circle on the stoop. Your girls are beautiful just like their mom. Does it seem they are growing up too fast? Their braces are gone🤔

  22. Image for Debbie Lorson Debbie Lorson

    You made me cry in a good way. I miss my married daughter everyday but I was so fortunate to be at home with her in every phase of her beautiful life. You have many gifts!!!!

  23. Image for Alice Alice

    Isn't it awesome that God lets us rewrite our stories? We get to see His mighty love for us In our stories. , yours are delicious, sweeter than honey and beautiful to see.

  24. Image for Char Char

    I have a painting my sister did for our first home. Many moves later and we're never home until we hang that painting.

  25. Image for Terri Terri

    Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Goooooooonesssss!!! Sniff... Sniff.... I seriously need a hankie!!! This is one beautiful heart filling post!!!!!

  26. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Those girls are so adorable! They look just like you, lucky you that has all sorts of wonderfulness and experiences yet to be! Thank you for sharing xoxoxoxo P.S. You're bathroom rocks!

  27. Image for JudyCinNC JudyCinNC

    Would love if you would onetimes let the twins do a post about their inspiration and creativity and teen things.. I let my twin great granddaughters (12 years) know when there is a post they would like to read about your twins' lives. Thanks for being you, which is a whole lot of fun. JudyC

  28. Image for Rosanna Rosanna

    Oh my...(sigh)...You have beautiful children,beautiful home,pretty amazing history to share..n such a beautiful heart ❤️ yourself!!Keep it coming!!💛💐

  29. Image for Donna Donna

    Love, love the black and white photo on the front steps. The big white bows and the happy kids make a super impact statement. Now go and copy it for each of them before they leave home. Time passes quickly.

  30. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I love this. The mirror. The stories. The generations that will keep looking into this mirror. So thankful you saved it. And that it appeared again at the perfect time.

  31. Image for Teresa Teresa

    KariAnne, You are an amazing storyteller and I have often wondered if you have ever considered becoming a professional storyteller?I worked with a woman who did this part-time and decided to quit her job to do it full-time. She is an amazing storyteller and often took on characters so real in her stories.

  32. Image for Sue Sue

    I have a smile on my face from just reading that story and seeing that cute picture of your four children at the end.


    KariAnne, what a beautiful post! Your girls are so pretty -- just like their dear and precious Mom! How wonderful it is for you all to be living in your "childhood" home! May each new day bring special blessings your way. Enjoy your gorgeous home. So happy for you that you are back where you were meant to be.

  34. Image for Eva Beaule Eva Beaule

    So sweet. I finished the audible version of So Close To Amazing this week. KariAnne...it was very, very good. As I completed it, your stories and lessons made me feel a bit closer to God...He and I were cheering and chuckling with you. I’m betting writing that book and experiencing the vulnerabilities that accompany such an endeavor was scary. I’m glad you had the courage to see it through. Eva

  35. Image for Joy Jump Joy Jump

    KariAnne, I talk to you last year in Nashville, I didn't know you had moved from Kentucky back to Texas, so sorry to hear that but where ever you are that sweet smile and personality will make your surroundings a better place for your friends and family. Hope to see you at another show someday and may God Bless you and your family.

  36. Image for Amy Amy

    I'm glad that you were given extra stories, and that you share them with the rest of us. This one is a keeper! So sweet.

  37. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    This is such a beautiful story-with many twists that I was completely engaged throughout my reading. Both of your girls are looking beautiful. God bless you! Stephanie https://smiletutor.sg/

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