Looking for a simple project you can make for your home? This inexpensive drop cloth pillow with pom-poms can be made in an afternoon. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

drop cloth pillow sewing on sewing machine

Hello friends.

How’s coffee?

Meet my sewing machine.

My mother gave it to me when I graduated high school and she got it from a lady who had sewed for fifty years.

It doesn’t do anything fancy.  It doesn’t sew zigzag stitches or monograms or loop stitches.  It doesn’t let you set a pattern and walk away while it sews it.  It doesn’t double stitch or triple stitch or fancy stitch or have a help center you can connect to on the machine.

But what it does is so much more amazing.

It sews a straight line.

Year after year after year after year it sews straight line after straight line after straight line without ceasing.

And it make the most amazing drop cloth pillow with pom poms.

family room drop cloth pillow

Here’s the drop cloth pillow on the couch in my family room.  I was trying to cozy everything up for winter.  Translation:  I just left out all my Christmas decorations that could pass for winter and called it a day.

Please tell me I’m not alone.

I did add a throw and a pillow.  A wonderful, glorious amazing pillow with pom poms.

You can make one in an afternoon even without a Laura Ingalls Wilder sewing machine like mine.

Here’s the step-by-step DIY.

drop cloth pillow pom poms

how to make a drop cloth pillow with pom poms


drop cloth



pillow insert


1.  Start by making pom poms

You can see how I make pompoms with my stocking project….here.  The only difference with these pom poms is you want to make sure you leave a tail when you tie the pom pom.  You will need it to sew onto the drop cloth.

I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby and I love it because of all the layered colors and other textures.

A yarn can make or break a pom pom.

Choose wisely.

drop cloth pillow

2.  Cut a piece of drop cloth

I think the best drop cloths are at Lowe’s.

You can buy a smaller size which is easily big enough to make several pillows.

You will need two pieces of 18″x 18″ square drop cloth.

sewing drop cloth pom pom pillow

3.  Pin the pom poms onto the drop cloth

Take your pom poms and their tails and pin them about three inches apart on the drop cloth.

You want to pin the pom poms so they face toward the center and the tails stick out slightly over the edge of the material.

Continue pinning until you have pinned them all to the piece of fabric.

Then sew the pom poms in place.

pin the pillow together

4.  Pin the top of the pillow

Once you have all your pom poms sewed, place the other piece of drop cloth on top.

Pin in place.

Make sure all your pom poms are inside the pin and leave the tails out.

sewing machine

5.  Sew pieces together

This is the sewing machine in action.  Make sure when you are sewing to leave about a 10″ opening to be able to flip the drop cloth pillow inside out.

See how it sews.

Just a straight line.  A perfect, wonderful, dependable straight line.

pillow tutorial

6.  Flip entire sewed drop cloth pieces inside out

After you sew the two pieces together, reach inside the 10″ opening and flip it inside out.

Make sure the corners are completely poked out.

Iron smooth.

Then, insert the pillow form into the 10″ opening.  I like to use down pillow forms.  They are so much cozier.

Next, hand-stitch the opening closed.

family room

I know you might be sipping your coffee and thinking you don’t sew.

Just a word of encouragement.

This drop cloth pillow project really is so much easier than it looks.

pom pom pillow

And you don’t have to be fancy.

You don’t have to sew zigzag stitches or monograms or loop stitches.  Or double stitches or triple stitches or fancy stitches.

Because in the end?

All you really need is a straight line.

PS  There is such a life lesson somewhere in there I think.

Maybe I need more coffee to sort it out. 🙂

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  1. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Love it! I think the pom-poms would put me over the edge. But they look amazing on the pillow! My oldest sister has my mom's sewing machine...she had a buttonhole attachment which was great. My twin sis has my grandmother's machine...it sews a straight seam only; not even a backup switch on it. They both still run beautifully. They don't make them like that anymore.

  2. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I totally agree with you on drop cloths from Lowes being the being the BEST! You give me hope that I may one day remove my sewing machine from the shelf and create something magical. XOXO Lisa

  3. Image for lisa at celebrate creativity lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi KariAnne, what a fun project. I love using drop cloths for fabric projects too. That heavy fabric is good for so much more than just catching errant paint. Your pillow turned out beautifully. Awesome old Singer machine too. Even though I've upgraded to a combo sewing-embroidery machine, I still have my the Singer that my parents bought me when I was 12 years old. It still runs like new and I use it all the time, mostly for "straight lines" and a few zig-zags. Great post. Have a nice day!

  4. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I adore Singer sewing machine. My mom and I had one for ages. Then, well, it went to Singer heaven. The one I have now has a few of the bells, but it does sew a straight line pretty well and thats all that matters to me too. Love pillows and really love pompoms. Use to wear them on my shoes I wore as a majorette back in the day. They were so cool.

  5. Image for Deb Huffaker Deb Huffaker

    Love it!!! Maybe if you come back to our Ladies Retreat, you could teach us how to make pom-poms. And, we could all bring our straight-line sewing machines....and a drop cloth.....and downy pillow!! ;-) Happy New Year! I prayed for you on the 19th....don't know if you made the plane trip, or not, but you got prayed for!!!

  6. Image for Becky Becky

    I would love to try to make these. I've wanted neutral pillows for my living room for awhile and I love these. I bought my sewing machine the first year we were married (1982) from the Sears catalog. Doesn't that sound like Laura Ingalls wilder? I think it does zigzag but nothing fancier than that.

  7. Image for Missy Missy

    I have that exact machine! I love it for its cast iron sturdiness (if it was ever knocked off the table, I am sure that it would go right through the floor and survive unscathed). Now off to Lowes to use some of the gift cards that I received for Christmas! Thanks!

  8. Image for Velia Velia

    What a fun idea for a pillow. The older Singer sewing machines were made to last for decades and have been past on through generations. I have my grandmother's old pedal Singer that still works, but is only used as a decoration. I also have one machine purchased in 1972, which still works well; probably better than my two newer fancy models. Keep on sewing straight lines and making memories. By the way, you are not alone on keeping some of your Christmas decorations out, I still have my snowmen decor out and will do so for another few weeks.

  9. Image for Mary Mary

    Pretty darn cute!!! Read your post while I sipped my morning coffee. One note: my recent trip to Lowes for drop cloth revealed they didn't have any of the Blue Flyer brand I've used over and over. So I settled on what they had on thier shelves. Warning: don't do that. It was thin, and not near the quality of the previous brand. So use caution when you buy your drop cloth. This is for your readers more than you, Karrianne... Just want to spare them the expense and trouble. Back to my coffee :)

  10. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Oh my goodness, that pillow is adorable! Looks like snowballs on the sofa...too cute! And now I've just got to make a couple of those. Thank you!

  11. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    I love the drop-cloth fabric! The heaviness, the texture, the perfectly neutral, natural color that says, “Trust me. I’m going to be here for a while.” Perfect choice, KariAnne, to make adorable pompom pillows out of it! And I love your sewing machine! Although, last year I bought a fancy schmansy sewing machine (a Brother CS-6000i after much research), I still have my mom’s Kenmore that only sews a straight line, too, but I’ve made bedspreads, coats, curtains, tailored suits with it… It’s my back-up now and I say to it everytime I see it, “Trust me. You’ll always have a home.”

  12. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    What an awesome pillow. Besides being super cute...you know what that pillow screams to me? Patience. I love the picture of all your pom poms pinned neatly to your drop cloth. Patience. I would love to do this project and may attempt it to work on my patience and end up with an incredible pillow to boot. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Oh how I wish I still my original Singer sewing machine! It belonged to my grandmother, who had all the latest household appliances and gadgets that any homemaker would ever want. There was one little thing, my grandmother wasn't a homemaker! She didn't cook very much. She had a cleaning lady. And she certainly did not sew. After years of sitting in her (very up to date for the time) laundry and sewing room, untouched, she passed the sewing machine to me. I used it for years, until my MIL upgraded my sewing machine. I passed it to my sister, and if she still has it, it probably hasn't seen daylight in years.

  14. Image for Lori G. Lori G.

    Oh, your sewing machine is a dream and it suits your home perfectly. I had all 3 of my MIL's sewing machines, gave the oldest to my SIL. I miss it. Love the pillow, can't wait to make it.

  15. Image for Debbie Esparza Debbie Esparza

    Yes, I too leave some things out from Christmas that can work either way. Love the pillow, I do wish I knew how to sew. As for me, I would have probably stenciled a crown or laurel wreath on it, do you think pom-poms and crowns would go together? Crowns go with everything, don't you think? Have a glorious day, and thank you for all your inspiration!

  16. Image for Julie M Julie M

    What a beautiful pillow, Karianne - your home looks so warm and cosy. I might have to try this, although my sewing skills are minimal at best!! Not sure what a drop cloth is, though, I'm on the other side of the Atlantic!! Lowe's is a hardware store, I think? So maybe it's what we'd call a dust sheet - for covering furniture and floors while painting? Am I right? Julie

  17. Image for Donna Donna

    Thanks for all the tips, love the tried & true, standard, no frills model. Wisdom comes with years, said almost every woman I know.

  18. Image for Linda Linda

    That Singer looks just like the one that I learned to sew on. My Mom bought it in the early 60s from a friend, a Home Ec. teacher, whose school was getting new ones - probably one of the worst decisions they made. Mom treats it well - getting it professionally oiled and cleaned twice a year (she sews ALOT), but it still works like a dream. They just don't make them like they used to - I know because I have purchased, and hated, 2 new "fancy" sewing machines.

  19. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I simply love it!! Now I may not be a master craftsman (woman) like you, but I am hell on wheels at the sewing machine. I love to sew!!! I love to make window treatments, clothes, the works. The only reason I don't do a sewing blog is because I cook -- I can't drag a sewing machine around with me six months out of the year :-( I would if I could but then hubby couldn't bring all of his fishing gear and he wouldn't have anything to do. Now, I do have a Singer sewing machine -- it is 46 years old. I remember cuz my mamma gave me one when I got married. I learned to sew on my mamma's old Singer Treadle sewing machine. Boy could that machine sew great! I wish I still had it. Who needs all that fancy, schmantcy stitches as long as it will sew a straight line. I can't wait to find a store nearby where I can purchase your fabric!! Love your idea!! Hugs!

  20. Image for Jessica Jessica

    This pillow is just adorable! I just love how innovative and inspiring you are KariAnne! Every project you share just makes me want to grab my sewing machine/tools/paint and create whatever it is you have shared!!

  21. Image for Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

    Your pillow is so pretty! Don't worry the older sewing machines may not have all the fru fru but they sure get the job done without breaking down....if I have to compare to say a vehicle it would be a tank of steel. Just keep her oiled up and she will treat you good. The pom pom yarn makes wonderful pom poms. Ill have to give it a try. Just love to sew the day away that is when I can. A great stress reliever. If that pretty pillow was on my sofa I would tell the kiddos to sit at the other end. lol Thanks for sharing Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  22. Image for Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson

    I learned to sew 40 some years ago in home- ec. I don't know what the machine did but I did straight lines, anything else my mom did. Lately I have felt those straight lines calling me. My grandmother's Singer might have to take a trip to the repair shop. Love the pillows.

  23. Image for Sharon Sharon

    When my 48 yr old Kenmore quit working, I pulled out an inherited Singer my aunt got for a wedding present in 1938. Much to my surprise it had never been used. It still had the factory thread on it and factory oil needed to be cleaned off. It sews a great straight line. Will have to see if it will sew the drop cloth.

  24. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    The pillow is amazing! I want to make one for everyone I know! And yes- my big metal snowflake did not get put away with the rest of the Christmas decorations.....

  25. Image for Cheryl Ann Cheryl Ann

    Very nice...love your pillow! Do you wash the drop cloth first? They seem a bit stiff, but maybe that's a good thing. Thanks for the cute pom pom lesson too.

  26. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Love this pillow project! i was making red pom poms today to attach to a white cable knit pillow that i made from an old sweater purchased at Goodwill. It will be part of my little Valentines vignette. I happen to have some leftover Lowes drop cloths too, so I may find a use for my 50% off coupon this week and search out some chunky natural yarn too. I bought my first Kenmore after secretly returning all my Christmas presents. It cost a whopping $180 and that included the the hardwood sewing table that it set into. I still have it and it works like a champ, although compared to my newer machines it does rumble like a wide body 747 on take-off.

  27. Image for Kristy Jones Kristy Jones

    Your pom pom pillow looks really adorable! I would love to try making one at home since my mother's sewing machine is available. Can't wait to see the product after.

  28. Image for Susan Susan

    I soooooooo LURVE this!!! THIS is how you make neutrals fun! I must give it a try! Wish me luck, please! And thank you soooooo very much for sharing this wonderful project and tutorial with us!

  29. Image for Susie H Susie H

    Love your pillow. It seems just right for winter time. I have an old Singer too (not quite as old as yours), but it threads the same way. I remember in Home Ec class we needed to be able to thread the machine in a few seconds. I'm afraid I would never be able to thread the new machines.

  30. Image for Mindy Whipple Mindy Whipple

    It's so cute! My machine does zig-zag but that is as fancy as it gets. My Grandma gave it to me when I got married and she had had it for years. It has served me well though even though I don't have room to leave it up all the time and have to lug, (yes lug- that old machine is heavy!), it out of storage every time I need to use it. But she would be so happy I still use it. I miss her...

  31. Image for Laurie Laurie

    I have the exact same sewing machine! It was my mother's, and when she replaced this beauty with one of the fancy ones - well, I was happy to have this one. It is the one I learned on and the only one I use. The pillow is pretty darn awesome! Thank you for sharing with us at Brag About It! Pinned :) ~Laurie

  32. Image for Megin Megin

    Love it! I adore neutrals (white!) so anything drop cloth is a huge hit with me. Then: Pom Poms. My latest obsession. This pillow is just over the top and I am swooning! I simply adore your projects. Thank you so much for sharing this week at Brag About It link party on VMG206 (Mondays at Midnight). I plan to feature you next week! ~ Megin of VMG206

  33. Image for Katrin Katrin

    How beautiful! I have a sewing machine, a singer, but I don't think it could do this ;) or me that is... it looks stunning and so cozy!!! Have a great day!

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