Looking for creative spring mantel ideas? Here are some of my favorite mantels that I’ve ever created and a little spring inspiration, too.

These spring mantel ideas are so easy, you can decorate your fireplace in five minutes. All you need is a few simple items you probably already have on hand.

spring mantel ideas

This is my birthday weekend.

Happy birthday to me.

And to celebrate I wanted to welcome a little spring here to my corner of the universe. So I did a little mantel research on the blog and in the middle of putting together all the spring mantels that have gone before…

…I discovered something amazing.

None of the spring mantels that I decorated before was perfect.

Not. A. Single. One.

Not even close.

I almost didn’t post these spring mantel ideas because when I looked at them all I could see was the flaws (which I’m not even going to point out to you because then you’ll see them, too).

And even though I’m not about perfect. Even though I preach that perfection is TOTALLY OVERRATED. Even though I constantly remind myself that authenticity is so important.

Just between us?

Those flaws gave me pause.

Especially with all the perfection that swirls around us on blogs and social media.

It’s not for the faint of heart.


Everyone’s wearing the perfect outfit with the perfect wide-brimmed straw hat—standing on a beach in the middle of winter with their hair blowing in the wind–holding a latte and snacking on broccoli.  I think last week I liked a picture of someone weaving linen for their beach house windows and I’m pretty sure I left a heart emoji for someone growing their own grain for fresh herb bread for a picnic on a rock at sunset.

spring mantel ideas hydrangeas

 Now don’t get me wrong.

I love weaving my own linen as much as the next person.

I love wheat and beaches and picnics and hair blowing and fresh herb bread (except when I’m giving up gluten and sugar).

I mean—I’m the one in the grocery line reading about the top 10 ways to live healthier and happier in the next five minutes.

I get it.

Who am I to question anyone’s hat fashion choices when I’m sitting on a mountain of imperfect spring mantel ideas?

But just for a moment—I want to shift the paradigm.

Self—I’m looking at you.

spring mantel ideas rustic

 Instead of focusing on others’ perfection.

Before we feel smaller when we scroll through all that beautiful.

Before we feel less than when we look at ourselves through the lens of social media.

Before we decide we’re not speaking ice cream anymore and start spending hours deep conditioning our hair and add another skincare product our regime or search forever for the perfect purse to match our flip flops….

…can we just stop for one moment?

And remember how amazing we are?

spring mantel ideas flowers

Sometimes we are in such a rush to make ourselves better or wish we were walking in someone else’s shoes that we don’t even recognize the amazing that is right under our nose.

You know when you were younger and your mom wanted to take your picture and then she did and you looked at it and you didn’t like it because you didn’t look like a supermodel and your hair was flat and your shoes didn’t match your dress and you told your mom that you never, ever, ever, ever…

…wanted to see that picture again?

And then?

One day, years later you found the photo and you realized you were so thin and beautiful and your hair was super cute and the shoes were perfect…

…and you looked amazing.

But you missed it.

Because you were too busy looking for what you thought needed to be fixed.

spring mantel ideas flower arrangement

 So can we pause and celebrate imperfection? Like these spring mantel ideas?

Just for today.

We can all go back to trying to be perfect tomorrow.

I promise.

Today we are going to remember all the things that make us amazing.

Today we are CELEBRATING US.

Today we are taking the imperfect and recognizing how beautiful it truly is.

So put down your coffee tell yourself in the mirror or tell your friend or your mother or cousin or aunt or the check-out lady at the grocery store what a great organizer, mother, crafter, singer, DIYer, daughter, brother, baker, sister, painter, wife, dancer, roller skater, hula-hooper, world-traveler, talker, listener, chef, movie-watcher…

….that you are.

We got this.


Here’s to the amazing that we almost missed….

….right under our nose. 🙂

And now?

Here are my 5 imperfect spring mantel ideas with tons of texture that are absolute perfection.

Click on each of the links below for more details on each of the mantels.

5 Creative Spring Mantel Ideas

spring mantel ideas trees

 Rustic spring mantel ideas

Add these wood tree cutouts and spring branches and a rustic barn door. This mantel is all about keeping it real and layering in a little greenery.

Click here for more details

Re-create this mantel with:

 spring mantel ideas with rustic wood art piece

The foundation of this mantel is this perfectly imperfect rustic wood art piece. It’s so easy to make from leftover scrap wood pieces.

Click here for more details

Re-create this mantel with:

Bird Nest Spring Mantel

 birds and painted branches spring mantel

I created this mantel from spray-painted branches in the yard. Yep. I spray painted them turquoise and added birds and branches.

Click here for more details

Re-create this mantel with:

 classic spring mantel ideas

This was one of my first farmhouse spring mantels. I love a burlap bow and made two for the sides of the mantel. Then I just layered in a little milk glass.

Click here for more information

Re-create this mantel with:

 free spring mantel

Is anything better for spring than free? Yes, please. This mantel is created from mason jars and branches clipped from the yard. It’s that easy.

Click here to see more details

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  1. Image for Shelley Shelley

    KariAnne, I'm a faithful daily follower of yours, here on your blog and your other social media accounts and have been from the beginning. I love everything you do. What I love most about your blog is that you are the real McCoy and most relatable. I find other blogs are too perfect and just not realistic, so I often eventually walk away from most other bloggers. You are true to yourself and therefore true to me. I recognize I'm far from perfect and quite frankly am fine with it. I'd much rather be true to myself and let the rest go. I don't have the time, energy or interest to compete with people who are chasing "perfect" - that is just too exhausting and I'm too lazy for that!!!

  2. Image for Julie Julie

    Friend, you are one a a kind! No one else has your outlook, your talents, your dreams.......and that's why your birthday is such a wonderful time of celebration! Thanks for sharing with your readers and enjoy your day/weekend/month however spent!! ox

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Happy Birthday February sister. Mine was February 1st. I hope you enjoy your birthday weekend and this is a lovely story for all of us wonderful women to remember. Jodena

  4. Image for Barb Barb

    Thank you for ur transparency and authenticity. It’s refreshing. Love that u use your gift of style and writing to lift us.

  5. Image for Suzan Suzan

    Truly inspirational! The turquoise branches and colorful birds are A-MAZ-ING!!!!! Love it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas!

  6. Image for Renae Renae

    Happiest of birthdays to you, my beautiful friend. Such a lovely post-I loved ever single word-and the mantle ideas were quite lovely. Hugs to you.

  7. Image for Stacie Stacie

    First of all, Happy Birthday! Second, what a great lesson for today! We all get caught up in social media comparison and it's a great reminder that we all only put our most perfect moments on display for the world to see. We must also realize we're all human and everyone is just as imperfect as we are. By the way, that classic mantel is my absolute favorite! Love it!

  8. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Happy Birthday pretty lady! Thanks for your lovely post. I am a terrible perfectionist - and am rarely satisfied with what I am working on because I want it to be "just perfect." Of course, most times I procrastinate doing "projects" because I want to do it in a perfect way with a perfect result. Ha. Best wishes for a beautiful weekend birthday!

  9. Image for Stacy Stacy

    First of all you are “perfect” because you are so real and I love that about you! I have followed you for years and read your emails every day! And have all your books. I especially love “what I bought Wednesdays”! You have helped me in so many ways you have no idea! Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I don’t have a mantle upstairs on the main floor. We installed a beautiful wood burner on slate in the corner of our living room (northern Michigan). We have a gas fireplace in our lower level but haven’t entertained other than family so no one sees it. I love seeing everyone else’s ideas though. I think imperfection is really character. We all have imperfections and that is what makes us unique and gives us character! Thank you for your unique style of reminding us of what is important! Love you girl!

  11. Image for Charla Charla

    KariAnne, Thank you for your honest, open, insightful post this morning. It was EXACTLY what I needed today after spending most of my day yesterday comparing myself to all that social media perfection and feeling inadequate in SO MANY ways. As usual, I’m happy that I woke up to your email in my inbox, but today I’m especially grateful that you’ve helped set a tone of joy, peace, and contentment for my day. This is an inspired post and truly an answer to my heart’s prayer. Thank you!

  12. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    What a beautiful post today. Such a great reminder! Happy Birthday weekend—-ALL weekend make it a birthday celebration, friend!

  13. Image for Barb E Barb E

    This post reminds me of a quote, that is so true… “Perfectionism KILLS productivity.” Isn’t that so true? Thank you for this post today, this beautiful message. It is truly amazing how satisfying, not to mention peaceful, life can be without expecting everything to be perfect. I wish you the happiest birthday!

  14. Image for Becky Becky

    Happy, happy birthday, KariAnne! Here’s to day filled with the people you love most in the world. Thank you for your post today and everyday really. EnJoy!

  15. Image for Robin Plummer Robin Plummer

    Happy Birthday Sweet Lady! Thanks for all your lovely ideas and I love the painted branches and birds for the mantle. I remember my mother always making something beautiful from a little paint and branches. I called to talk to her one day and my brother answered the phone, he said, "I have to keep moving around or Mom is going to spray paint me silver, it's the color of the day". Your house always looks like it belongs in a House Beautiful magazine!

  16. Image for Kim Kim

    Happy Birthday, dearest KARIANNE! Wishing you a wonderful and cheerful celebration and hoping your "new year" is full of more delight!

  17. Image for mary mary

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend! It's mine too....but I entered this world WAY before you. Keep being your creative, encouraging, silly self...you make us smile!

  18. Image for Lori Lori

    Happy Birthday my friend from this lovely internet blog! It's true! You have friends around you at home but you keep these distance "Pen Pals" from afar of yours uplifted and feel as if they have friends around them..when we are always actually by ourselves alone at home..with dogs...Lol!! Truly! It's nice that you find the time to reply. I agree with others (and I know so well how hard to find that time in a busy day to reply is) it's nice you say something in return...not that you have to every time...but to let you know it's so very nice to even just get a "hey I totally get it girl!" every once in a while..makes me smile! Now I will look at changing my mantle today from it's wintry feel...into a more spring's a comin' feel...:0)

  19. Image for Lee Anne Lee Anne

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for all your inspiring posts, too. You are a breath of fresh air!

  20. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Thanks for the pep talk. I realized a long time ago that chasing perfection was a losing battle. I finally realized I could not answer the question of whose definition of perfection was I trying to emulate! Since I could not identify who was setting the perfection parameters I decided it was a waste of energy. Embracing imperfection has freed me from insecurities that dominated my life for over 40 years. Thanks for your constant encouragement and insight. Also love the spring ideas.

  21. Image for Kim Kim

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend! I also want to thank you for all of your posts! I want you to know how much joy and happiness you bring to my days, because you are you and we need more of this. Take care. 😊💕🎉🎈

  22. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I remember those birds! But I need templates. I know, I know. You and your family members are super creative, but then there are the rest of us. Happy birthday! We are (almost) fellow Pisces!

  23. Image for Kris Kris

    (singing ...) Happy birthday dear Karianne, happy birthday to you! And I've always loved those birds and branches. They are MY idea of perfection. I bet we each have a different idea of what makes something perfect. It's not an objective measurement!

  24. Image for Tara Watts Tara Watts

    I needed those words today. Thank you. The spring mantles are lovely. I have lots of glassware and dishes. I forget about that sometimes and use those only in the kitchen. I will try mixing some of that in. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a “perfect” weekend! Giggles!😂

  25. Image for Sally Sally

    Happy Birthday dear one!! Reading your post is like having a sweet conversation with a precious friend. Your kindness continually reminds each of us just how special we all are. Have a very special birthday weekend.

  26. Image for Gail Gail

    First, Happy Birthday month to you! Celebrate every day! And your post today was definitely one to celebrate. I had been thinking similarly recently about judgement and opinions and how focused we can be on these about ourselves or others. You put it very eloquently today, be yourself. Love you for your insight and loving reminders❣ You are a very special lady!

  27. Image for R Newton R Newton

    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday you sweet and inspiring person! I will be celebrating a birthday in a couple weeks and will start decorating for spring and Easter which is such a bright and cheerful time of year! Will look forward to your ideas for then also. R Newton

  28. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    Happy Birthday KariAnne! Wishing you a day as wonderful as you are---and then some, if that is even possible! (PS, my twin sons' 30th birthday is today, gulp)...Hope you have a birthday full of fun, love, and imperfect perfection! God Bless!

  29. Image for Ann Ann

    HappyBirthday! I am so impressed with your weight loss. I save your email till last every day so I can read every word. I like your beautiful house. Everyday you have something I like to check out. Your style is rubbing off on me! I am eager for my wood slice “flowers” to arrive.

  30. Image for Barb Ostrom Barb Ostrom

    KariAnne, You are an inspiration for me to get up and get out there and stop putting things off inside and out. Thank you for motivating me daily. Barb

  31. Image for Diana Diana

    Happy Birthday KariAnne, my birthday is Sunday. I hadn't thought about it, but I was born on a Sunday and my birthday rarely comes on a a Sunday. Yeah another year......:)

  32. Image for Sally Jo Sally Jo

    Have a spectacular birthday weekend!! I’ve been following your blog ever since the “Country Woman “ article (still have that magazine)! Many thanks for sharing your “many talents” with us😊

  33. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! May it be a wonderful weekend!!! You make us all realize just how wonderful we all are with our imperfections and all!!! Love you!!!

  34. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    Yes, perfection is so overrated...And yes, I've looked back at pictures which I used to hate and find myself wishing I could look like that again! Love all your beautiful mantel ideas! I cannot wait for spring! Hope you had a Happy Birthday! Cheers! Shelley

  35. Image for Linda Linda

    Your post is beautiful. I have cocooned this winter, deliberately slowed down to read books, watch some fun TV, organize closets, bundle up and take walks outside, and take photos to remind me of the beauty around me, even in the dead of winter. Always reminding myself that life is about the little things sometimes that we take for granted. I'm wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday with your sweet family. Hope you get showered with lots of hugs.

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