Looking for simple budget spring decorating ideas?  Here’s how to shop your house and decorate for spring using what you already have. 

Spring is a time to clean the house and get organized. But it is also a time to be creative and make home décor look fabulous and new. This is how to do it with easy and inexpensive projects.

budget spring decorating idea


Raise your hand if you are a millionaire.

I’m really sorry, friend.

This is not the post for you.

Because today? Today is all about how to decorate for spring and how to save money AT THE SAME TIME.

Two of my very favorite things.

Save your money for something much more exciting. Like a pair of stirrup pants (please tell me you are as surprised as me that they are back in style). Or a pedicure with purple nail polish. Or a really good lunch with a friend.

Today is all about shopping your house and your yard and your cupboards and using what you have to decorate for spring.

Who’s ready?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Here are tons of budget spring decorating ideas.

easy budget spring decorating idea


budget spring decorating ideas

1. use book pages to decorate for spring

You probably have paperback books sitting around that were headed for the donate pile or the trash pile.

Don’t toss them yet.

Use them to decorate.

Here’s how I made this book-page bird wreath for spring.

You could also create a book page garland.

Or even fold a book and create art.

2. Make a spring pot

There is nothing.

And I mean NOTHING cuter than a spring flower pot.

It’s like showing winter the door and inviting spring in.

Here’s this spring planter pot I made.

And this easy spring flower pot DIY.

budget spring decorating idea using a frame


3. Frame it

Shop your house and find all the frames to decorate with for this simple budget spring decorating idea.

Then shop your house and find something ordinary and frame it.

Anything. Even a paintbrush. You can see how I framed this paintbrush here. 

Just between us?

Everything looks so much CUTER in a frame.

budget spring decorating idea coffee filter flowers


4. Coffee Filters

Shop your kitchen cupboards for coffee filters.

You know.

The ones that you use to make coffee every morning. Did you know they have an entirely different purpose?

Use them to create flowers like this one.

And in a total aside that literally has nothing to do with decorating?

Here are nine things you can do with those leftover coffee grounds, too.

budget spring decorating idea framing a basket


5. Vintage Windows

Shop your storage shed for a vintage window or even a mirror or an empty frame.

And then?

Here are four creative budget spring decorating ideas to decorate it.

You can see all the creative ways here.

budget spring decorating idea spring mantel


6. Shop your yard

Have several mason jars sitting in your kitchen cupboards?

Why not repurpose them with an easy budget spring decorating idea for a mantel display?

Simply cut leaves from the yard, then line up the mason jars and fill them with water and leaves.

See this easy spring mantel here.

budget spring decorating idea topiary


7. DIY topiary

This topiary is an easy budget spring decorating idea. All you’ll need is a pot of ivy and a wire coat hanger.

I know the coat hanger might be hard to find.  We mostly have plastic here.

Check with your local dry cleaners.

And then?

Follow these simple DIY instructions.

how decorate for spring bow


8. simple burlap bow

This DIY takes minutes.


And it makes one of the prettiest, simplest, BIGGEST bows for your spring decor.

The key is in the ribbon.  Shop your craft closet for the ribbon.  One roll will make two of these bows.

See the DIY instructions here.

how decorate for spring pillows


9. DIY pom pom pillow

If you are wondering how to decorate for spring without spending a dime to make this. Just shop your house and remake over an old pillow.

This simple pom pom pillow is an easy budget spring decorating idea. It’s only made with fabric glue and tassels.

Here’s the simple DIY.

You can also make a pom pom pillow from leftover drop cloth, too.


10. DIY fabric flower

I’ve seen these in stores before for $15 or more.

But why pay that much?

Especially when you can just make your own using leftover fabric in your fabric closet.

See the simple DIY here.

how decorate for spring moss runner


spring table runner

I’m including this as a bonus spring project because this ribbon is hard to find. This is such a simple spring project and perfect for bridal showers or a spring table.

Do you know what this runner is?

It’s moss.

The kind that comes in a roll.

The kind that you pick up in the craft store and have no idea what to do with it.

Moss ribbon stumped?

Why not make a runner?

Here’s the simple DIY.

how decorate for spring urn


Now go forth and shop your house. I hope you found a little budget spring inspiration on how to decorate for spring with what you already have from today’s post.

I hope it warmed your heart.

I hope your spring decor is as amazing as you are.

And just remember.

Even though it’s cold and wintery today?

Warmth and sunshine and YARD SALES are just around the corner. 🙂


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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    You create the cutest stuff for a gorgeous modern farmhouse like yours. My house is traditional/glam, (lol) if there really is such a thing. I have a taste for the fancy but not gaudy. As my mother would say, champagne taste on a beer budget.😊 But those little white pots are just the cutest. I grow house plants so I think I am trying those. I loved them. That was just the cutest blog. Thank you so much.

  2. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Love these ideas! I actually nailed a horseshoe from my high school riding days to the wall and then put a frame around it like you did the paintbrush. Love the flower pots too!

  3. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I didn't believe your comment about stirrup pants being back (I haven't seen any on women or in stores) so I googled them. There they are, in all their stirrup glory. At Nordstroms. Somehow, I'd missed them. No doubt the current crop no longer bag out at the knees like my hot pink pants in high school. You are right, once again.

  4. Image for Mary Mary

    You are brimming with creativity! It’s always fun to see your latest project.BTW…most millionaires got there with frugality.

  5. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    Hi, I always come away from my visits to your blog filled with ideas and inspiration. I tried to find a project that you did sometime this past autumn with an old, unused grapevine wreath. You painted it white along with the pinecones (if I remember correctly) you added to the wreath. I would love to see the wreath again so that I could copy your creativity. 😊 Can you tell me where to look in the blog? I went through all of your "Holidays" and "Christmas" posts. I don't think it was specifically a Christmas wreath. xo, Karen B.

  6. Image for Jan Kinman Jan Kinman

    Karianne, You mentioned your sign from your product line that you created. Would you share your template? I would love to create it for a mirror at my entry. Of course I would add your name as the quote!

  7. Image for Suzi Wollman Suzi Wollman

    Hello, KariAnne! Well, I'm not a millionaire, so I enjoyed this post. And I have a question. As I told you before, I recently moved from Texas to Colorado. My house is a condo (1 floor, yay!) of 1335 sq.ft. But I'm a farmhouse girl. Wood floors, pot belly stove, vintage furniture. Not here. I am so impressed with your blog, I thought I might start one myself. About living as a county girl in the mountains of Western Colorado, in the Grand Valley, in a tiny condo. What do you think? Fondly, Suzi Wollman

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