Looking for unique and creative ceiling design ideas? Here are seven creative ways to make your ceiling so much more interesting.

ceiling design ideas

This is supposed to be a serious article about ceiling design ideas.

Ideas that are so clever and so unique and so creative that they give you a crick in your neck from looking up.

But when I sit down to type?

My fingers don’t want to type serious ideas.

They don’t want to prose on about clever, creative unique ideas for the fifth wall in your home.

All they want to do is say:

Because you know I’m about that ceiling ’bout that ceiling ’bout that ceiling….

….no walls.

I’m about that ceiling ’bout that ceiling ’bout that ceiling.

No walls.

I know.

I get it.

I need professional decorating help. 🙂

1. Simple pine planks

This bedroom in the house that I photographed in Alabama has a simple pine ceiling.

It’s such a simple idea.

And yet so brilliant at the same time.

I love the idea of using plain pine planks—but keeping it interesting with different sizes and widths of the boards.

(total aside: you know you weren’t even looking at the ceiling because of that headboard.)

Here’s another ceiling with a similar treatment from the tour of my old house.

The new owners created this amazing porch area reusing wood from the house.

I love the simplicity of the pine.

ceiling design ideas wood ceiling

2. Whitewashed distressed wood

This is the same song second verse option of number one.


Except the wood has been distressed and whitewashed.

This is the perfect option if you are remodeling an old house and pull down a wall and need a place for all that wood that you want to recycle.

Then make sure you call attention to it with a chandelier like this.

ceiling design ideas architectural planks

3. Geometric pattern with wood

I know there are Christmas trees in this picture but I had to share this one.

It’s one of the cleverest ceiling design ideas I’ve ever seen.

This is from a showhouse in Nashville that I photographed and I literally gasped the first time I saw it.

My first thought was how amazing it was.

My second thought was that it might involve a lot of dusting.

But I’d be up on a ladder with a Swiffer every day of the week to have a ceiling like this.

stenciled ceiling ceiling design ideas

ceiling design ideas fall dining room

3. Stained wood with stencil

Nothing says fancy like this ceiling.

And it’s relatively simple to create.

Just stain the ceiling and layer in a stencil with a different color of stain.

And then find a chandelier like this.



ceiling design ideas

4. Reclaimed wood beams

This study ceiling is from a house I photographed in Nashville.

The decorator told me that they found this arch in an old barn and had it reconfigure to the ceiling.

If you don’t have an old barn lying around, you could recreate this with reclaimed wood and a lot of patience.

6. Metal ceiling

This was a porch on an outdoor area of a house I photographed and a clever option in the ceiling design ideas enclycopedia.

This is recycled metal from another project.

The beauty of the ceiling is that it was left alone.

They just sealed the original patina on the metal and left it as is.

7. Two types of reclaimed wood

And now?

We come to this.

My favorite ceiling on the planet. It’s two different types of wood wrapped around a trey ceiling. And then? As if that wasn’t amazing enough, they added a third beam in the middle of the center part of the ceiling and added this amazing chandelier.

I photographed this years ago from a showhouse that I photographed. I actually think it’s everyone’s favorite ceiling because do you know how many times this picture has been pinned?

357,091 times.


It told me it wanted you to pin it.

It’s trying to make it to 357,092. 🙂

PS One more for the road.

I found this picture from a house I photographed in Alabama.

Every ceiling needs a little red, white and blue.

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  1. Image for Eileen Eileen

    The first one, the simple pine planks, is exactly like the ceiling on our lakehouse when we moved in....except for the fact that the idiots stained the boards, then walked on them with big workman's boots before installing them. I didn't even notice it on day until a neighbor and I were looking up at the pretty ceiling and he said, "Isn't that a footprint,,,and there,,,,and there,,,and there!?!!!!!!!? We have since drywalled the ceiling, painted it a beautiful cream and put up wooden beams, with no footprints. Better look.

  2. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I have been looking for ideas, i took down some old lighting that was here when i moved in this old house and now to cover the area the new lights don't. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Image for jillian jillian

    I love the same one...I loved it before, and love it again! Thanks for showing the more detailed photo. We happen to have a tray ceiling over the kitchen eating area and this would be so awesome. Think it will have to happen...Thank you for the suggestions.

  4. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Love the stained and stenciled ceiling. I never would’ve have thought to do that 💗. Thanks for all the ideas!!

  5. Image for Terri S Terri S

    Love the creativity and Alabama ceiling, especially! Over the top amazing, Karianne!!!!! And then there're my poor popcorn ceilings :(

  6. Image for sue sue

    Love the various ceilings...my 1880 upstate NY home has a "balloon" ceiling. That means it is a big piece of canvas, stretched to cover the ceiling area and secured to molding. Then it was painted. Popular style maybe in the 1930's? Designed as a cheap way to cover an unsightly ceiling I think.

  7. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I love a good ceiling. So many choices. Thanks again for always inspiring. I’m now thinking of which is best for my screened porch ceiling area. 😊

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    Great ceilings, but you're right, my eyes went straight to the stained glass headboard. And the chandeliers. Love! Speaking of ceilings, my husband has often teased me that we bought our house for the built-ins and the moulding on the living room ceiling. He may be right.

  9. Image for Tracy Tracy

    My heart skipped a beat, okay TWO beats, when I saw that smoky stenciled ceiling....whoa! All those ceiling are just spectacular. I better get the neck brace ready for my Husband Ü As always, thanks for sharing such unique designs and ideas ♥

  10. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Ok...I too love a good ceiling. Do you remember my One Room Challenge Reveal of the media room? But, you want to hear something crazy? I have this exact same trey ceiling from your most pinned ceiling in my current house. I know! I have a pretty chandelier just waiting for the mister to put it up and I have been dreaming of re-creating this in my home. Love love love it. Nancy

  11. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Man, I can't decide which is my favorite!!! I love them all for different reasons, but I agree that one that requires a lot of dusting would automatically remove it from my list. Lol!!!

  12. Image for April April

    I picture me bitching and whining about trying to stain the ceiling with that stencil... ROFL... but I love it to bits! That and the whitewashed one.

  13. Image for PJ PJ

    "My first thought was how amazing it was. My second thought was that it might involve a lot of dusting. But I’d be up on a ladder with a Swiffer every day of the week to have a ceiling like this." Oh, my dear, we do think alike! My first thought is always: Will this be hard to keep clean?

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