Random thoughts on a cloudy summer Saturday:

1. It was a big week here at thistlewood. We cut the cable and went with Apple TV. I’d read so many articles about it, but I was so nervous. I have had cable for almost my entire life. That is a lot of cable life. But it was getting so expensive. The price kept going up and up and uppppppp.

So we stopped it.

And now we have Apple TV.

So far so good.

I’ll keep you posted.

2. This week on the blog we created the CUTEST no-sew fall DIY in five minutes and we talked about where I found the rug in the office and discussed 28 creative fall centerpieces and changed things up a little in the living room.

3. Last night we watched the remake of 90210. Hello, high school.

What is going on in Beverly Hills?

I wanted to like it.

Truly. I did.

I just didn’t expect them to all fall apart. Have you watched it? Opinions, please.

4. Also–I’m working on the most fun idea for fall EVER. It kind of involves all of you. And crafting. And making beautiful things for your home. TOGETHER.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be AMAZING. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter over there on the sidebar so you don’t miss it.

And now?

Let’s see what I found around town this week.

This is the house we are staying at in Waco in a couple of months.

We are going down for Baylor homecoming and I booked it for the weekend.

And the best part?

It belongs to one of my best friends.

You can see all the details here.

These yummy blueberry honey muffins.

Hello breakfast.

Nice to meet you.

You can see the recipe here.

If you are looking for cute front porches for fall?

This one is full of farmhouse ideas and comes with a friend.

See the entire porch here.

I love easy fall ideas that cost almost nothing.

These letter blocks are super easy and almost free.

See the DIY here.


And in random news this week:

This creative farmhouse DIY

These mantel ideas for fall

This ceiling is the prettiest color

These fall projects

This is such a pretty bathroom (wait until you see the faucets)

When you tear out your ceilings

This pretty wreath

This pretty front porch

This pretty South Carolina house tour

And this.

My husband read this post and told me about it and I almost cried. I wanted to raise my hands and say YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

This is what we all need a little more of.

And one more for the road.

This diy scrabble wood board would make such a fun handmade Christmas present.

See all the how-to’s here.

Happy random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    I hope you have a blast in Waco! Gorgeous home and blog, right? Apple TV sounds interesting. I need to look into it! Lovely features, KariAnne... thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  2. Image for Marty Marty

    You always find the most interesting things. I loved today's collection. Have a blast in Waco and enjoy that gorgeous home. They did an amazing job flipping it.

  3. Image for jillian jillian

    Oh oh! You had me at donkey (mule?) love those stripe benches in top photo. Does Apple tv play on big screens, not just computer screen? Not in the know over here...but we are spending way too..too.. on prime, netflix stars hbo etc.

  4. Image for june june

    Love your Saturday posts...a bit of this and that. We also need to look at cable...keep us posted. We pay $3,000 a year...when you look at it that way it knocks you back a bit. Thats no premium stations😣. Just want my Hallmark, Food Network and HGTV and I am a happy girl. What an adventure you will have in WACO. Don’t forget to let the city know Miss Karianne has arrived❤️

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    We dumped cable years ago and have never looked back!! Apple TV is great, we also do Sling :) Can’t wait to hear about this new project/crafting that also involves us readers ❤️ Happy weekend to you!

  6. Image for Connie Connie

    Love your weekly Thistlekeeping - its always a delight to read. Have fun in Waco and bring back some neat stuff. I know it all about fall for most bloggers but when I was in Hobby Lobby this past week, I visited the Christmas area and all I could think about was - I wonder what Karianne will find this Christmas in here that is unique and will use in a cool way. Want to see what you think will me the newest craze this year. LOL

  7. Image for Elle Elle

    Happy Saturday! I really enjoy all your posts but random Saturday is extra - just like you. I was really disappointed in 90210. It was a bit of a train wreck and after watching the entire first episode, decided one was enough. Looking forward to all things fall and a change of weather. Thanks for sharing so much! Cheers!

  8. Image for Phyllis Phyllis

    Karianne- Thank you for another wonderful Thistlekeeping which entertains me for a long time each Saturday. I love the collection of ideas and finding new bloggers. The kindness article also touched me earlier this week, and you should know that you already epitomize so many acts of kindness and positivity. It touches me that you never fail to answer my questions about something in your blog, as you did earlier this week. Please continue doing the work you do to make us all stop, think and smile.

  9. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    Hi. This is one of your best friends. I shrieked when you called me that. You truly made my day. Or week. Or year. Perhaps decade. I am not enough (yet) to say century. But you know what I mean!!!!!

  10. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Hi, I cut the cord last January and love it. I have Direct Now which was bought out by ATT. It’s streaming like Netflix and works great. I love your blog and all the info and links you give. Enjoy your getaway. Hugs,

  11. Image for Kim Jones Kim Jones

    you are so sweet to share friend - I appreciate you more than you can know! And the 90210, I want to be on board but I don't think I can :( I just don't get it!!!??

  12. Image for Terry Terry

    We had just talked about cable this morning! Hubby doesn’t watch tv for the most part but I NEED my football., HGTV and QVC! Picked up some suggestions in the comments

  13. Image for Michelle Nettles Michelle Nettles

    I would love to hear more about cutting the cable!! We are wanting to do the same and it is sooo very confusing and like sky diving to me (scary).

  14. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Oh my goodness! As soon as I saw the donkey I knew it must be my friend Cindy from Countyroad 407! I love her style and could sit on her front porch for weeks! Love the scrabble board and may just give it a shot. We've been toying with the Apple TV too... I've been too scared to pull the plug on the Cable., but it sure is tempting. Please let us know how that goes!

  15. Image for Jan Jan

    I would love to hear your experience with Apple tv. I looked into it but was too chicken to jump right in. Your review would be most welcome.

  16. Image for Kim S. Kim S.

    First - Can you get Hallmark on Apple TV? We tried getting rid of cable but I need my Hallmark/Hallmark movie and mystery! Second - I don't get the new BH 90210. I tried watching the first two episodes and I was just so lost. Why can't they just make a normal reboot instead of this weird one. I just want to know what happened to Donna and David and who Kelly ultimately married.

  17. Image for Linda F Linda F

    I got rid of cable over a year ago and have not regretted it once. Between Sling and Hulu I get to watch all the same channels I have before, yes Hallmark, Food, HGTV, etc. for less than a 1/3 of the cost my cable was. Plus if you are a Prime Amazon member you can get even more shows on their app. There are so many TV channels that have apps you won't miss a thing!. The only think I don't get is the local news channels but that is why I have a HD amplified TV antenna that cost about $20. Thanks KariAnn for all the décor inspirations!

  18. Image for Suzanne Chen Suzanne Chen

    You are everyone's best friend, the person everyone wishes they could live next door to. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It is a bit of sunshine in everyone's life! Suzanne

  19. Image for Susie Susie

    While I totally support the message Chip Gaines was delivering, he could make more of an impact to human kindness by taking his intent further than his own company and petition the government to pursue gun control legislation. How many more mass shootings and deaths have to happen before restrictions are imposed. That will be a true act of kindness.

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