It’s take a poll day on thistlewood.

I tried something new and I’m curious if it made a difference.

My brother made me this wood tile scrabble board for Christmas and wrapped it up and tucked it under the tree.  It might look cute here, but it is even cuter in person.  And helpful.  And useful.  I have a lot to say and a short time to get there and I need more message boards in my life.

I’ll show you how he made it and then show you how you can make one with supplies that I randomly found at Hobby Lobby.

But first?

I need an opinion.

In the spirit of 2019 and goals and trying to make myself the very best person I can be, I’ve started listening to classical music.  I found a classical music online radio station and I turn it on whenever I’m on the computer in an attempt to spark creativity and inspiration and brilliant words flowing from my keyboard.

It’s playing right now.  Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp minor.  The piano keys are leaping and jumping and dancing with joy.

And I wonder?

Did all that classical music inspiration make the post cuter?

Creative minds want to know. 🙂

Here’s the close-up of the message board.

And what a message.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Leave a little color and joy and personality wherever you go.

(total aside:  For some reason I thought there was a D like this in pidgeons.  There’s not.)

My brother started by making the entire board himself from scrap wood.

Here’s a look at the back.

There are 11 pieces of scrap wood held together by two boards fastened in the back.

Next, he routed out these smaller pieces of wood.

There’s a small lip in each piece.

He created seven pieces like this.

Then he simply used wood glue to attach them to the board.

Here’s the edge of the pieces so you can see the routing.

And you can see a little bit of the glue in the middle of the picture.

I found these over-sized scrabble tiles at Hobby Lobby.

You can see them here.

I’m not sure if it’s the classical music, but they are SO MUCH cuter than regular scrabble tiles.

And so much more messagy.

I bought two packages and created a message.

(total aside:  Scrabble messaging tip.  If you don’t have all the letters you need, just flip them over and draw them with a sharpie marker.  I did that for four of these tiles.  Can you tell which ones they are?)

I love my brother.  I love this Christmas present.  But just in case you didn’t find one of these under the tree I have the EASIEST DIY for you.

I found all of these reclaimed wood boards at Hobby Lobby.

Here’s one of the larger ones.

They are pieces of wood held together in the back, just like my brother’s.

They come in tons of sizes.

Here’s a smaller version.

Most of these boards are in the wood part of the craft section in the back.

And now for the message part.

This is balsa wood.  I used to make doll furniture out of it.  It’s super soft wood and you can cut it with scissors.

These are smaller pieces that you could cut with scissors and glue together with wood glue to create the message holders.

Or even easier.

I found TONS of scrabble tile holders on Amazon.  You could just buy the wood board and glue on the scrabble tile holders—maybe two across to make longer message boards.

It’s such an easy project.

If you use the pre-made board and the scrabble tile holders it might only take about an hour.

And the best part?

That leaves more time for classical music all the wisdom you have to say. 🙂

(you can always pin this for later)

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  1. Image for Richella Parham Richella Parham

    You, dear KariAnne, are certifiably adorable. And endlessly creative--which I think means that the classical music is working its magic! :) Love this message board idea. And Scout's honor, I can't tell which tiles you created. What a very good idea!!

  2. Image for Sheri Sheri

    Love this and there are so many possibilities to personalize! Have a beautiful classical kind of day! Your posts make me smile every time!!

  3. Image for Lou Lou

    K~ i too listen to background music while working on my computer... sometimes Classical. sometimes Jazz..or sometimes even simple easy listening.. but always without lyrics.. did the music make you post cuter.. Not really! Cuteness is unimportant.. I enjoy your easy flowing style of writing.... with just the right pause times for a sip of coffee.. a good chuckle or even a belly laugh.. always tho with a smile.. keep listening to your music.. but don't change your style! ever! Lou

  4. Image for Kristy Harvey Kristy Harvey

    I am such a fan of Scrabble. Little Will is an amazing woodworker, so I'm going to ask him to make me one of these! I've been listening to more instrumental music, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting brilliant too!!! Adorable!

  5. Image for Eileen Eileen

    When I moved to southern Virginia from New York, I left behind a fabulous classical station that, up and one day, switched to country western. WHAT a shock! NOT a fan. The first time I drove my car after we moved in, I turned on the radio and found WCPE,, out of N Carolina. Instantly. It was karma. I been a devotee and contributor to the station ever since. I like most classical music, but discovered that, by just listening to whatever they were playing, I learned so much and learned to like so much more. Now, it's my only radio station. I even put it on in my shower, lol!!! You can listen to it live on the internet. Also, is another wonderful source on the internet. I put in my favorites, Jean Pierre Rampal, James Galway, both flute and Nadia Sonnenberg, violin and click "like" and it plays away and comes up with other suggestions. Oh, try French Cooking Music in the search engine. It's french music, oh lala. Fabulous and free.

  6. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, Everything you do is cuter because you are too cute! The classical music you listen to only enhances your cuteness! Keep on being cute, the world needs it!!!!

  7. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Fun idea!! I definitely cannot tell which tiles you hand lettered 😇. Classical music is always a good thing. 🎼. You are pretty amazing on your own, but some Chopin or Bach never hurts!

  8. Image for Susan Susan

    Love your board and message! Classical music is a big part of my life. The Philadelphia Orchestra concerts we have attended over the years are a highlight. The beauty is truly inspirational! ❤️🎼❤️

  9. Image for Brenda Hurst Brenda Hurst

    I'm far more into your writing style than any music additions. You are so gifted in fun, girl-next-door, known-you-forever, conversational type writing that holds its own with or without music. And I just KNEW your brother was going to make you the best Christmas gift! He always does! I may try to copy but think I will lazily cheat by using a nice cheese/cutting board from Home Goods as my base. Thanks for you (and your brother) great ideas!

  10. Image for Cristie A Morton Cristie A Morton

    When I was growing up, my Daddy always played Classical Music on his Hi-fi.... I would dance around the house very Dramatically! Such wonderful memories. And I believe it definitely inspired Creativity! My Father was an Artist so that probably helped also.. Hehe

  11. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I so love the message board and especially your message that goes along with the theme of our upcoming ladies event - Pigeons, Puddles and Precepts. I must use this picture you posted somehow. I found the cutest sitting flamingo at HL to go with a small wood sign a friend gave me that says: "In a world of Pigeons be a Flamingo". The flamingo would be oh so cute sitting on the top of your message board.

  12. Image for Kris Kris

    The board is wonderful! What a great brother! As for the music ... if it makes you feel happy and inspired, then it's all good! For some reason, I like classical music on stormy fall and winter days, It feels like it warms me up. In the spring, I like 70s and 80s rock. Crazy? Perhaps!

  13. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Are you a fan of Walter Pidgeon movies? Maybe that's where you saw the spelling, haha! I love this message board, and I've got tiles from an old anagram game that I've been unable to decide how to use.

  14. Image for Sandi Magle Sandi Magle

    Um, cuter---maybe is cute just the same. However, classical music exposed to children through listening or learning an instrument has been shown to raise scores, improve math and reading abilities---that's some pretty old stuff from the 1970's. But, repetition, variations, and just the infinite patterns created with music seem to enhance brain function and so it seems, soothe the savage beast...perhaps it will be the next post that is inspired by what your brain processed and then re-arranged in the future. I've always had classical running in the background of my life...can't hurt, LOL.

  15. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Cute is cute....classical music just elevates it to an all caps CUTE. Like your letters. All caps. You are EXTRA CAPS in the joy of life.

  16. Image for Connie Connie

    Your blog is so cute all the time! My go-to music is Christian Contemporary. or Praise. But my hubby loves classical. So when we are in the car together I listen to his music. (for 47 years today!) He listens to classical at work because we are caterers and he says it calms him when he is preparing food. I listen there too. I listen to my favorite when I am by myself!

    1. Image for Sue Sue

      Me too! I listen to Christian contemporary or Praise and Hubby listens to Classical....So in the car I listen to classical....LOL

  17. Image for Karen H Karen H

    I find classical music a great stress reliever. I played violin in my youth and have never lost my live for the genre. If I am stuck in traffic it is what I play on the radio. Trouble sleeping? Most cable companies have a classical station,and you can set the timer on your television. It also makes for a romantic date night!!

  18. Image for Mary Burchette Mary Burchette

    I adore this message board!! Thank you so much for sharing it ~ your brother is uber creative! I'm gonna have to make one!!!

  19. Image for Carolyn Brown Carolyn Brown

    Karianne, your idea is so cute. I've decided to make one for each of my neice's bedrooms. What a lovely way to wake up and receive a loving g message from your parents or an after school message after having had a trying day to be reminded how much you are valued and loved. Classical music rocks, so soothing, so calming. I listen while painting on my easel. Love Thistle wood Farms.

  20. Image for Mildred Mildred

    The message board IS cute and I cannot tell which letter(s) you made with a marker. How nice the the creative gene runs in your family. I am technology challenged. How do you listen to the radio online? If the answer is too involved I can ask one of my children. I love your energy, your cute and happy personality, and the fact that your are a Baylor Bear alum. Sic 'em!!!

  21. Image for Shelia Shelia

    Hi Karianne! I love the message board and what an awesome brother, knowing exactly what you needed!, Its been proven that when artists listen to classical music, it affects their creative side of the brain, making them somehow perform better and be more creative in their paintings.. I read it in an article awhile ago. So Yes, I think the music helped you! Have a great evening. Shelia

  22. Image for Mary W Mary W

    We have very tall ceilings on two sides of our living room and one is filled with pictures and the other was challenging - until my SIL made giant scrabble letters to spell out all our names. He even painted on the tiny score numbers. Then we had the challenge of 'playing' scrabble to fit them all together in a pleasing look. It turned out just great and filled the wall with personality. This idea would be a good entry way 'welcome' that would tie it all together. Cool!

  23. Image for april russell april russell

    I LOVE classical music. Got hooked years ago. Thank you for sharing the message board. Just added it to my must do list.

  24. Image for Josephine Josephine

    I love that expression! I think I have it on a pin somewhere. I collect flamingoes and wear pink all the time. My nickname is even Pinky an have it on my license plate as well Unlike all the white on white on white neutral décor options out there, I believe color can brighten the mood of not just a room, but the people in it as well. I even painted my house pink when I lived in Boston.

  25. Image for David David

    totally charming! And it's a scientific truth that oversize versions of things are, in fact, more cute. I'm going to give classical music a try as it does seem to work!

  26. Image for Polly Polly

    HI!! Instead of using a board, I have a zillion old clipboards that I used!! Glued the holders evenly, let them set out overnight and bingo Scrabble letterboard. Love all kinds of music but I am a “old type rock n roll” girl myself:)

  27. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Great tutorial for this DIY Scrabble sign, KariAnne! I love the texture and warmth that it adds to your home! As usual, your photography is stellar! Thank you so much, sweet friend, for linking up at Homestyle Gathering! You ROCK! Hugs!

  28. Image for April J Harris April J Harris

    Love this idea! I always like to surround myself with positive messages, and this is such a great way to do it. Pinning and sharing on the H&S Facebook page. Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  29. Image for Jan Jan

    The board your brother made you is soooo cool!, I love scrabble letter art! Would you be willing to share a bit more about your board? What is the overall height and width of your board! What are the demensions of each of the pieces of the wood that makes up the back?

  30. Image for JanZ JanZ

    The board your brother made you is soooo cool!, I love scrabble letter art! Would you be willing to share a bit more about your board? What is the overall height and width of your board! What are the demensions of each of the pieces of the wood that makes up the back?

  31. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Such an amazing project!! My hubby just purchased a vintage 1940's Scrabble game from eBay and we have enjoyed playing it again! But creating this message board with a Scrabble theme ?? Adorable! Simply adorable!!

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