Looking for simple ways to decorate for fall? Why not start with your table? Here are 28 creative fall centerpiece ideas. 

fall centerpiece ideas dining table

Someone sent me the sweetest email yesterday.

They asked me if I missed the farmhouse.

I wanted to tell her no.

I wanted to tell her I’m all adjusted and living in the house I grew up in and I only give Kentucky a passing thought.

But truth?

I love where I live and I love my family and I love my new/old house.

But when fall shows up? I miss Kentucky. I miss the leaves turning. I miss the cool crisp air. I miss the miles and miles of cornfields. I miss the hayrides and bonfires and sweater weather.

I can’t help it.

There’s just something about fall in the country that makes a heart beat faster.

So today to celebrate Kentucky and fall, I’m taking a look back at all of my fall tables through the years.

Here are creative fall centerpiece ideas from all the tables I’ve ever falled with.

fall centerpiece ideas table

fall centerpiece ideas for the dining table

Fall centerpiece ideas

Fall table idea number one:

1. Start with a wood plank used as a wood runner.

2. Add wood vases with leaves from the yard.

3. Fill wood bowls with fruit.

4. Layer in cutting boards and rustic pumpkins.

Fall decorating idea number two:

1. Drape two runners horizontally across the table.

2. Group small pots of flowers in the center of the table to create a centerpiece.

3. Add blue and white pumpkins.

4. Add blue candles to the fall table.

fall centerpiece ideas with hydrangeas and pumpkins

Fall table idea number three:

1. Start with a runner with a little orange.

2. Fill faux pumpkins with dried hydrangeas.

3. Layer in orange pumpkins.

4. Add magnolia leaves (these dry in place) and other faux greenery.

Fall table idea number four:

1. Start with a simple burlap runner.

2. Find these wood trees and get inspired.

3. Stack the wood trees on wood logs.

4. Add in toile and velvet pumpkins (and make the cutest chargers out of gold leaves).

Fall table idea number five:

1. Start with a bay leaf runner.

2. Add in different types of faux greenery.

3. Shop the produce aisle and add the pumpkins.

4. Layer in magnolia leaves and let them dry.

Fall table idea number six:

1. Start with a chalkboard runner.

2. Create cabbage vases.

3. Fill the vases with fall leaves from the yard.

4. Add in rustic pumpkins and different types of produce.

Fall table idea number seven:

1. Go bright or go home.

2. Find all your white dishes and fill them with fruit.

3. Add brightly colored flowers from the grocery store in wood vases.

4. Tuck a floral sprig at each place setting.

fall centerpiece ideas in blue and white dining room

Fall table idea number eight:

1. Start with a blue table runner.

2. Add in glass vases with faux stems (so they last all fall).

3. Bring in blue velvet pumpkins.

4. Add gold flatware and patterned dishes.

fall centerpiece ideas with table

Fall is almost here.

And I’m ready.

I went shopping yesterday at Dollar Tree and came home with FOUR fall projects including the cutest metal trucks and mini hay bales to go in them.

Stay tuned.

So many amazing fall (and Christmas) projects are just around the corner.

How about you?

Are you ready to start decorating?

Let’s GO.

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  1. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I just miss knowing you’re IN Kentucky and we never managed to meet! Beautiful. I may be ready to decorate for Fall this year. Daughter #1 got married in Oct 2019, and I developed a love-hate relationship with faux pumpkins - SO MANY PUMPKINS! LOL!!!! Trending toward love this year, and I won’t have to buy a thing. I think I could do nearly all of your ideas from my stash!

  2. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Awwww Fall is my favorite time of year! The scents of apple and cinnamon and candles and wood burning fireplaces get me in my happy place. Your Fall decorations are adorable!! This makes me smile. Fall here in the low country won’t arrive until Oct/Nov. I’m counting the days but looking at your beautiful pictures I feel like it is right here, right now. You do such a fabulous job of decorating.

  3. Image for Debra Graham Debra Graham

    I miss fall in Kentucky too! I grew up there, and I seem to be programmed to know that sometime in September, it’s time for cooler nights and football games, and going back to school even though I’m now 67 years old! So every year I HAVE to go to Kentucky to see the beautiful colors in the mountains and feel the cool nip in the air. My hometown of Barbourville has a wonderful little festival every year on Columbus Day weekend with a parade and crafts and quilt contests and even a long rifle shooting contest. It’s the perfect time to go back, and every fall trip to Kentucky just has to include a trip down to the gorgeous Cumberland falls. Seeing it surrounded by a riot of fall colors on a beautiful cool autumn day with a clear blue sky is just…perfection.

  4. Image for June June

    Love the pictures and a reminder of all your great ideas! Never thought about the seasonal changes you went through. Both of your homes are lovely 😍. When I told our youngest we are planning to downsize within a year I asked him what he thought. His response was, “home will always be where you and dad are”. “Think of it this way mom, we have so many memories in the home we grew up in, hold on to the thought that the family that buys our home will be excited to create their own memories”. I asked him to email me what he said so I have a reminder as we plan our next chapter that is why I can quote him. I too love fall too and cannot wait to start sprinkling a fall theme throughout our home. Can’t wait to see your Christmas checklist!

  5. Image for Diana Diana

    I remember those lovely curtains in the first picture. I loved them then and still do. I really enjoy Fall and everything that comes with it. I have to wait till mid October, but time is flying so I'll plan now. I will start decorating mid September. Keep the great ideas coming I'll be watching. Hope your brother is still doing well. sending prayers and blessings.

  6. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I to miss the fall where I lived before. I use decore to bring fall to my home, inside and out. The colors of fall are gorgeous and bring me happiness. Then I steal a few of your ideas and work them into my own home.... Thank You for sharing such wonderful ideas. Have a funtastic weekend. Big Hugs

  7. Image for Susan E Susan E

    Hi Karianne, I LOVE Thistlekeeping! Fall is my favorite season! I would give anything (almost!) to have a product list for all of the beautiful things in this post. Will you have a "Shop the Feed"?

  8. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne All are so gorgeous, but do you know what I noticed between the pics? And I love it. I noticed in your current house most of your decor, furniture, festive decorations, curtains and walls are lighter and brighter and I am all for it. But all the fall decorations were pretty but I love your current style.

  9. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    Oh I am in love with that dark wood table and those curvy back chairs!! All that wood was so warm and cozy and I see how it could make you miss fall in that dining room. These are gorgeous ideas. I loved the runner with the orange. Off to try to find one like it!

  10. Image for JC JC

    Different seasons in a different location...both equally beautiful in each of your homes. We have a new life chapter in our recent move to Ohio and I'm SOOO excited for autumn this year!! I'm all for pumpkin and apple picking, cider, cooler sweater weather and the amazing fall foliage. Wonderful season to look forward to...decorations inside the home or outside!

  11. Image for Marlene Marlene

    They were all so pretty, I pinned them so I could enjoy them. I did love your Kentucky home but it is better to be close to family.

  12. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    Thank you for all of the great ideas and fall inspiration! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful Kentucky home……💙

  13. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I recall sitting in a California theater watching Sea Biscuit with tears streaming down my face. No, it was not the story that was making me cry, it was seeing all that beautiful foliage that I missed so much. My dear husband arranged a trip to the New England states (we both grew up in Connecticut) so I could get a dose of the fall that I was used to. On that trip, we found the land and the farm that we moved to once we retired. Friends tease that most folks retire to warmer places while we did the opposite. To me there is nothing more beautiful than fall in New England.

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