I literally sighed when that picture came up.

Mostly because I love my brother and his family so much and they are so happy with the new room and that makes me so happy.

And then?

There were all of you.

And the SWEETEST comments on the planet that you left on this post. My sister-in-law read them and my mother read them and I read them and decided I needed to have a pillow embroidered with a few of them.

There were so many questions both on the post and in all the e-mails that you sent me and I wanted to take a minute today to answer all the things. I tried to e-mail everyone back and answer in the comments, but in case you missed any of the answers?

They all showed up today.

Here are all the details and the source list for the office before and after.

Question 1: I love the room and want that rug! Where did it come from?

I fell in love with this rug as soon as I saw it on the Wayfair site.

It has over 16,000 reviews and most of them were positive and when it showed up I immediately knew why. One of my best online shopping tips is to check out the other reviews. You can see all the rest of my tips for buying furniture and rugs online here.

It’s like the rug that goes with everything. The colors are pretty true to the website. There’s a little navy and yellow and reddish fuschia and turquoise. I know it seems like a lot of color, but the white background kind of grounds it.

And the best part? The rug is super affordable.

You can see it here.

(spoiler alert: I loved it so much, I’m ordering one for my house, too.)

Question 2:  This is so lovely! What is your source for the wall storage?

This unit actually came from IKEA.

It’s a brand new bookcase that they just got in.

This is actually three units all together. It might be hard to tell from the picture, but the bottom with the cabinet is slightly larger than the top which makes it look a little more expensive.

Truth? They were kind of challenging to put together and a little pricy.

But this is where we spent the majority of the budget for the room and it really filled up the wall space.

You can see the units here.

Question 3: Where is the piano?! I’m dying to see that too!! This room is flat out GORGEOUS!!

We saved the piano.

It’s actually a family heirloom that used to be in my mother’s home.

We sang Christmas carols around it every Christmas.

Right now it’s in another room, but the verdict is still out on whether or not to move it back into the space. My sister-in-law still hasn’t decided. All the rest of the instruments are in the upstairs playroom now.

Question 4:  Also, let’s get a tutorial on book sculpture. You have really got me going today.

My sister, Whitney, made this book sculpture.

There’s a tutorial for book folding that she created here.

She also sells books and other paper art like these at shows all over the country and has an Etsy shop where she creates custom work here.

Question 5: I’ve seen the wood slices in your home and have always loved them. I wonder if you’d share where you purchased them. They may still be available. Great job!

I got them in the floral department at Hobby Lobby.

They are with the fall stems.

I think I saw other colors of wood, too.

Question 6:  Beautiful transformation….love all the changes. Where did you find the pillows and the plant in the corner?

The pillows came from Home Goods.

Home Goods doesn’t have an online shop so I linked a few similar pillows in the shop the post at the end.

The fiddle leaf fig plant came from Target, but they don’t sell them anymore now, so here’s a super similar plant from Wayfair.

Question 7:  Beautiful space!! Can you share how the map was created? All lovely Thank you!!

The map is so pretty.

It comes in different sizes, but this one is 3 feet x 2 feet.

You can find it online here.

Question 8: Glad to hear the bookcases came from IKEA, I’m curious about the chair in front of the desk, please?

The chair came from Wayfair and it is SUCH a good value for the price.

My sister-in-law picked it out.

The chair has tufting all over the back and nailhead trim and carved legs.

It’s a low-profile chair so take that into account if you are thinking about this for the room. It just tucks under the desk on either side.

Here’s the link to the chair.

Question 9: I need the reclaimed wood lamps!! Can you share where I can find them ??

The lamps are SUPER inexpensive and came from Target.

You pick your base and then you pick your shade.

Here’s the link for the lamp base.

They look really high end in real life.

Question 10:  The three vases? where to buy, the open weave one?  Thanks

I got them all at Hobby Lobby.

Best vase selection ever.

Make sure to wait until they are 50% off.

Question 11: Can you share the blue paint color please?

Of course.

It’s Sherwin-Williams Sea Serpent.

Question 12: Now I am so curious…. which SW Personality Style did YOU come out as when you took the test?? Did the SW color palette come close to what you personally love and have used in your homes?

This was my favorite question of all.

I am a creative.


Are you surprised?

Oh, good.

Me, either. 🙂

In the end?

It was the best reveal EVER.

My sister-in-law is amazing. I wish you could have seen her face. I wish you could have seen her children dancing and singing and looking in all the cabinets and the baskets and telling me how much they loved their new room.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all of you.

And for all those questions.

We have an unlimited question policy here at Thistlewood.

Keep them coming. 🙂

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  1. Image for Shirl Shirl

    Why can I not open the shop pieces?? Just get an error. The office is absolutely gorgeous. I have an idea not what to do with mine. I love the cornice boards. It amazes me how much energy you must have. Do you ever sleep, eat or sit??

  2. Image for PJ PJ

    I love this room even more the second time around! That rug and all those wonderful little details! My test results indicated "minimalist" which kind of surprised me.

  3. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Ooooh looking forward to seeing where the rug goes in your house! Great questions, I too was wondering about the piano. We have one and it gets played daily...too much sometimes. However, they sure do take up a lot of space! I often want to move it, but that's not like moving an armchair or a table! Thanks for all of the answers!

  4. Image for Jean from Georgia Jean from Georgia

    Thanks so much. I went immediately to the rug site the day the original blog was published and the runner was out of stock. Just got a reminder yesterday "back in stock". Is the rug really as pretty and colorful as your photo indicates?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Jean, It really is that pretty. Just know that it's not a fluffy rug---it's flatter with a small pile---but super easy to clean. I ordered one for me. :) karianne

  5. Image for karen karen

    so good. love the rug and everything else. remember the questions and your comment 'keep 'em coming" the three vases? where to buy, the open weave one? Thanks

  6. Image for Lou E Gipson Lou E Gipson

    K~ once again: YOU are AH-mazing! YOU are Brilliant! YOU are a ROCK STAR! loved the original reveal post.. loved this source list as i got to see ALL the details!! Keep on Keeping On!!! YOU ROCK!

  7. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Thank you for sharing your resources! Wish I needed a rug:) Absolutely stunning room and I wish you were my sister-in-law!!

  8. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Thank you for all the resources! Can’t get over the price on that rug 😲. Awesome!! Loved this reveal! So exciting for your family 💜


    Wow!!! You are a incredible resource!!!! Thanks for putting all this information together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I bought the same lamps a white back at Hobby Lobby. The price was right and HL had a promotion going to buy one and get second one free. Yay! Also KariAnne, my new slipcovered couch and chairs (from IKEA) are being delivered on Monday. Will look terrific with our blue rug! Thanks for all your good ideas. You are terrific.

  11. Image for Eleanor Eleanor

    Thanks for all the info!! The lamps that come up in the link are much “chunkier” than the ones in the office and a different color. Is that the right source?? Thanks for answering all the questions!!

  12. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

    Eleanor, I'm so sorry! That was the link for these other lamps I have in my house! I got those lamps at Hobby Lobby! Here's the link: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Lighting/Lamps/Distressed-Stacked-Disc-Lamp/p/80874125 Happy day friend! karianne

  13. Image for Robin Robin

    Thank you so much for using all the questions in your post and telling where you got everything. I don't always have time or think to look at everyone's comments but I like knowing where you get things at so I can be on the lookout for it when I go shopping. I enjoy your blog you have a lot of good ideas.

  14. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Okay... the price on that rug is AMAZING! (Not even 'so-close') Love those wood "picks" you got from HL... thinking that a DIY with sand dollars for a coastal style home might be in order... in aqua or blue vases? Hmmm... or SAND colored vases! I'm trying to figure out if/how I can add an office space in MWA... ain't an easy task! Thanks for all the inspiration... can't wait to see the rug in your home!

  15. Image for Karen Karen

    I thought I saw where you said the wood slice stems came from Hobby Lobby? Is that correct? I looked and didn’t see them. Thanks!!

  16. Image for Margaret Mills Margaret Mills

    KariAnne, there are several colors available for the rug. Exactly which one did you select? I want to order, but I want it to be the same colors as the one you used. Thanks!

  17. Image for Mary Mary

    Thanks so much, KariAnne, for gathering all your answers about the sources for this amazing office into one concise post! So much we all want to copy! And I was so tickled to see you include Question #12, which was my question to you in the comments on the original Office post!! I couldn't believe that you would tease us by promoting the usefulness and the fun of taking the Sherwin Williams Personality Quiz, then give us your SIL's results of the quiz, and then.... NOT give us your own results! I reread that original Office post twice... including all the comments that were there at that time... thinking I MUST have just missed where you revealed YOUR quiz results. After checking back to read new comments for a few days, I just gave up and decided you were way too busy to be answering so many comments.. BUT... since we all know you are AMAZING, you didn't forget to answer. You were just saving it for this new post. How "creative" of you... ha ha. I have been a faithful reader of your blog and books for years and I truly learn so much from every post of yours and have such a Good Time reading all your cleverly written stories. Keep it up forever and ever, please!!

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