If you have met me for five minutes, you know that I love a challenge.

Especially when it comes from the aisles of the dollar store.

My home away from home.

That’s why I was so excited when my friend Ashley asked me if I wanted to participate in the Mystery Box Challenge.  She challenged five bloggers to go to Dollar Tree (the store where everything is a dollar).  We would each spend $10 on 10 things and then mail our $10 box to one of the bloggers on the list.

The bloggers?

me (obvi)

Ashley from the Handmade Home

Annie from Zevy Joy

Melaine from My Sweet Savannah

Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane

The goal?

To take the $10 worth of mystery items that we got in the mail and transform them into a coffee table display.

One that looked like we spent WAY more than $10.

My box came from Melaine.

Here’s what was inside.

A spool of polka dot ribbon

4 gold votives

2 gold mirrors

2 bags of rocks

A plastic bowl


What in the world is a blogger to do with this?

How can this pile of stuff be transformed into a fall coffee table display?

Good thing I had my crafting thinking cap on.

Because all this stuff?  It’s sitting on my coffee table.


Except now it looks like this.

I spray painted and glued and twisted and turned and stacked my fall DIY dollar store decor.

And here’s how I did it.

I started with the mirrors.

They were too new looking.

So I created this vintage look to the mirror with Looking Glass Spray (affiliate link).

All you have to do is spray the spray paint on the glass and sprinkle water on the wet spray paint.  The water pulls the spray paint apart and creates this vintage look to the mirror.  It seriously took me a minute to create this look.

I then sprayed the rest of the mirrors with gold spray paint (affiliate link) to remove the black accents off the mirror.

Next, I took out the centers of the votives.

I hot-glued them together and then glued the mirror on top to create a pedestal.

I made these fun ribbon accents for the pumpkins with the rocks.

This was such an easy craft and I thought it added accent and color to the pumpkins.

All I did was glue the rocks to a 2″ ribbon and drape them over the pumpkin.

The plastic bowl?

I made it into a cloche.

Another easy dollar store project.

I just turned the bowl over.

Then I glued a crystal knob to the top of the bowl.

I found a plate that was slightly larger than the edge of the bowl and placed my new cloche on a wood pedestal.

I spray painted the ribbon gold and tucked it under the pumpkin.

Then I just styled everything in a basket on our coffee table.

Can you believe it?

This showed up at my house.

$10 from the dollar store.

And now?

A little glue.

A little paint.

A little repurposing and rearranging.

And it’s living its best life.

Right there on my coffee table.

The end.

Want to see more dollar store fall decor living large?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Stop by and see what these bloggers did with their mystery boxes.

The Handmade Home

Zevy Joy

My Sweet Savannah

Lolly Jane

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  1. Image for karen karen

    I love Dollar store ideas! I'm strangely obsessed with Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target and have so much fun with stuff I find! Great Job with your box! I love how you made pedestals!

  2. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Wish I had a creative cap as good as yours! Good thing I've got you to help me out ;-) Your ideas are amazing. Every time I need a little extra decorating or a gift card to buy, I head to the Dollar Store. They help me out too!

  3. Image for Rachel Burch Rachel Burch

    I love this! Wouldn't it be fun to invite a few friends friends to bring a $10 box of dollar store items to trade and then get creative all together? That's my kind of party!

  4. Image for Ashley Mills Ashley Mills

    I love this! And that polkadot ribbon - yes please! Such a fun reminder that we can change just about anything to make such fun decor! Thanks so much for participating!!! ;}

  5. Image for Annie Annie

    Ok this turned out so beautiful! And KariAnne what you did with that bowl turned cloche was so so smart...!!! This is why I loved this challenge, because it was such fun to see how everyone would put their spin on it. Hope we do this again soon!

  6. Image for Tara aka Stilettos and Shiplap Tara aka Stilettos and Shiplap

    I absolutely love this entire concept! This is the sort of thing I do on the regular but I love how y'all pulled off your challenge! You did amazing things with the items you were presented with! I especially like the idea of the cloche! I'm not sure if I would have come up with that! Love it!

  7. Image for Emily Emily

    I love this!!! Such a fun idea for a challenge! Love what you have come up with!!! You are so creative and so talented!! Emily @ LeCultivateur.com

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