Looking for affordable cabinet hardware? Here are some of my favorite cabinet drawer and door pulls by category.

affordable cabinet hardware

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about the new office space.

But did you notice anything?

Look at that white hutch with the scalloped trim on the top.

I’ve posted about it on the blog before.

Do you remember what it looked like before it ended up looking all cute and farmhousy in the corner?


It was a little different.

Let me show you.

It used to look just like this.

Just a little more vivid.

A little more of a statement.

I actually painted this piece for a photography campaign with FrogTape. They asked me to create a piece for their social and online media to represent one of their trends this year. The trend was SHINE with this colorful paint palette. I actually LOVE projects like this where I’m challenged to think outside my comfort zone and create something that I wouldn’t normally decorate with.

It’s exciting.

And exhilarating.

And temporary.

I knew all along I wouldn’t keep it these colors because they don’t work in my house.

I knew I would paint it back white all along. That’s why I chose it. I knew it would be perfect on this back wall in the corner.

I just needed some really fun affordable cabinet hardware to take it to the next level.

affordable cabinet hardware pulls

And then?

I found these.

Aren’t they the CUTEST?

And they are such good quality and so affordable.

Six to a package for under $19.

You can see them here.

affordable cabinet hardware office

affordable cabinet hardware thrift store

I added them to the hutch and the matching piece in the bay window.

One quick hardware tip.

If you can’t find a matching pull for a piece (or if the holes are too far apart because the original hardware is vintage)–you can always double up on the knobs and add two knobs instead of one handle.

And in my hunt for hardware for this cabinet? I discovered SO MANY cute pull ideas over on Amazon. I love ordering hardware from there because you can easily return it if it doesn’t work and you can always find the exact number of pulls that you need (raise your hand if you’ve gone to the hardware store and you are one pull short from the pulls in the bin).

Here are some hardware pieces from my house and a few new discoveries that I’m planning on ordering for client pieces.

The Best Affordable Cabinet Hardware

affordable cabinet hardware gold knobs

affordable cabinet hardware brass handles

affordable cabinet hardware makeover

I thought it would be easier if we broke these down into categories.

These knobs and pulls are in my new favorite category.

The gold just looks so fresh and current.

It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to update a piece of thrift store furniture.

And it looks so sturdy and substantial (and expensive even though they aren’t).

gold-colored cabinet hardware

//these vintage gold pulls//

//these circle hardware pulls//

//this bee hardware//

//these gold cylindrical cabinet knobs//

//these crystal and gold drawer pulls//

//these gold drawer pulls//

//these clover drawer knobs//

Clear crystal knobs are my go-to.

I have them in the kitchen—both the knobs and the pulls.

The knobs and pulls add a little bit of bling without being super overwhelming.

Any time I can’t decide which pulls to use because I’m not sure what will match with the colors on the painted piece?

Clear crystal works perfectly.

clear crystal hardware

//these gold and crystal knobs//

//these victorian crystal pulls (from my kitchen)//

//these crystal and gold drawer pulls//

//these crystal knobs//

//these square crystal knobs//

These are two examples of hardware in the house.

These swing knobs and black hardware are from the piece in the hallway.

In the dining room, I painted a thrift store piece white and added these round white knobs.

And then I found the CUTEST patterned knobs in black and white.

black and white hardware

//set of four black and white patterned knobs//

//black swing handles//

//set of 20 black and white patterned pulls//

//black knobs//

//white circle pulls//

These are the cabinet pulls from the dressers in our bedroom.

I love the vintage look of them.

I also just found the cutest blue and white hardware I think I’m going to use for the dresser in the front living room.

Everything is linked below.

blue and white hardware

//these blue and white knobs//

//this set of blue and white knobs//

//these hand-painted blue and white knobs//

//blue and white drawer pulls//

//this set of 10 farmhouse pulls//

Here’s where it all started.

A little before and after thrift store makeover.

And along the way I discovered all this affordable cabinet hardware for about five more projects.

Here’s to all the rabbit holes full of hardware. 🙂

PS Tons more thrift store makeovers pinned here.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    I avoid the knob section in Hobby Lobby because I think I just may be a knob/pull addict. 😏 So many cute choices .... and I love your doubling-up idea.

  2. Image for Mary T. Mary T.

    Love the knob ideas! I am a knob addict and love to change out hardware....I also love the small round ottoman between the chairs....where can we find that???

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Mary, Of course! It's so affordable---it's from Walmart! Here's the link (affiliate): https://bit.ly/3NazsIx happy day! KariAnne

  3. Image for Betsy Betsy

    In my world you are the Queen of knobs. I tell my girlfriends if you need great knob suggestions go straight to Thistlewood Farms!

  4. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Thank you for all the work you did. Love the links for the hardware. That is a lot of work. Thank you very much!

  5. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I love knobs and trading them out to make a different look. You have given me a whole lot more to look at and see how they look, thanks for all your hard work. You are a blessing!!!

  6. Image for Katy Katy

    Loved the finished product in all white with the fantastic knobs!!! But, also thought your creative paint scheme for Frog was amazing!!!! I know it’s not your personal style to keep in your home, but you were very clever with your design & color choices making a super fun piece of art! Wouldn’t that be great in an art room in a school? Kudos KariAnne for thinking out of your safe box! And congrats Baylor Grad Mom!!! 💚🎓💛 Thought of you this weekend as we went to an Aggie baseball game in College Station and drove right by Baylor. Enjoy the summer with the twins and know you are super proud of your Bear! Katy

  7. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    I love that hutch, so happy its white again. And the knobs are just sooo cute. I fell in love with some of the black and white knobs. Maybe my next project. Have a beautiful day. Jodena

  8. Image for Anna Anna

    Oooh so many good recommendations! I refurbish old furniture and sell it so these hardware recommendations will come in handy. Thank you.

  9. Image for Chrissy Hage Chrissy Hage

    Oh my goodness! I practically have the same little hutch. I painted it white like yours a few years ago. I was thinking about replacing it, but now I’m glad I didn’t because I love everything you do! Thanks for making me love mine again!

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