Looking for simple Valentine’s Day projects? Why not make a pillow or a vase or artwork? Here are some projects to get yourself ready for Valentine’s Day. 

Can I ask you a question? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Me? Not really.

It’s like I’m just recovering from Christmas and I’m still full of cheese and Christmas cookies and then I blink. All of a sudden Valentine’s Day shows up and I’m not ready.

I’m more of a spring-decorating girl.

But just between us? I do love a fun Valentine’s craft.

Something simple.

Something fun.

Something to make me feel like I’m all about love.

So today I’m sharing all the Valentine’s projects (almost all of them have just two supplies and I linked all the supplies to make them).

And because 2024 is the year I’m really trying to bring it with every post—I also put together a few of the CUTEST affordable Valentine’s Day home decor finds in case you didn’t have enough time for a project.

five super simple Valentine’s Day projects



heart sequins

Project #1: Love sign

This is the simplest of simple projects. It only really involves two supplies.

A bag of foil heart confetti.

A love sign.

I thought this project would also be so cute if you had a set of paper mache X’x and O’s.

You can see the X’s here.

And you can see the O’s here.

  1. Open up the bag (total aside: you know this is a super easy craft if one of the instructions is “open the bag”) of valentine heart sequins.
  2. Coat the letter sign (one letter at a time) with glue.
  3. Sprinkle the sequin hearts.
  4. Press into place.
  5. Shake off the excess sequins.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your letter is completely covered with sequins.
  7. Repeat the entire process with the next letter. Continue gluing sequins until the entire word is covered.
  8. Let dry.

And now?

It looks like this.

Isn’t it so cute?

It’s going on my hutch with all my white dishes.

I made this in about an hour with a full conversation with my mother to keep me company.

(total aside: the only thing better than Valentine’s crafting? Valentine’s crafting with your mother.)


red burlap

jute pillow covers (set of two on sale right now)

pillow inserts

Project #2: This jute Valentine’s Day pillow

You can make it no-sew or sew.

You pick.

I just cut these burlap hearts from red burlap and attached them to the pillow.

You can see the finished pillow and how I made it here.

It’s so cute you could actually leave it out through spring.

I was thinking about making another version of this pillow with just one large heart in the center and putting them both on the bench by the laundry room.

Just another Valentine’s Day crafting idea.

simple Valentines Day Projects


8″ x 8″ square canvas

foam alphabet stickers

Project #3: Valentine’s Day artwork

This is SUCH a simple project.

All you need are stickers and a small canvas.

And your favorite Valentine’s Day saying.

simple Valentines Day Projects artwork

I just placed them in a line on the canvas.

You can use lower case or upper case or a combination of the entire thing.

And then? I painted the entire thing. I painted the entire canvas gray, but you could always paint the entire canvas white and then go back and paint the top of the stickers red.

You can see the entire how-to for the project here.

simple Valentines Day Projects


transfer paper

10″ burlap ribbon

velcro tape

Project #4: DIY monogrammed burlap vase project

This is an oldie but a goodie.

It’s one of the very first projects I ever made for this blog (and I still love it).

It’s so easy to make and you can personalize it for someone special.

All you need is transfer paper and burlap.

simple Valentines Day Projects vase

And then?

Why not fill the vase with flowers for someone special and deliver it in time for Valentine’s Day?

You can see how I made it here.

simple Valentines Day Projects



embroidery thread

Project #5: hand-stitched notebook

Make a hand-stitched notebook for someone special.

You can see how to make it here.

Then personalize the gift.

Add a note or a quote or a scripture on the first page. It’s a great way to share a little bit of your heart.

You can see even more Valentine’s Finds in my Amazon store here.

And if your Valentine’s Day schedule is full?

No worries.

I’ve been shopping for you.

I linked a few of my favorite affordable finds. I think a little bit of Valentine’s decor can go a long way, so I kept it simple with accent pieces that can add a pop of color to the middle of winter.

Here’s to celebrating.

I think that’s what this post is really all about.

There are so many mini moments in life—whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a really good hair day with red lipstick and tulips—that need a little moment of their own.

Thanks for celebrating all of them with me….

….don’t tell everyone else but you’re my favorite. 🙂

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  1. Image for Diana Diana

    These projects look easy and cute, the best kind. Another one you can do is take a small canvas 8 x 10 and paint a heart on it then take a sharpie and add any word, words that you want. It looks like a conversation heart candy. Quick cute and small. Thank you.

  2. Image for Suzanne Kinkade Suzanne Kinkade

    I feel I need to apologize to you as a few weeks ago I posted my dislike for blue…your favorite color. I’ve tried blue but it is just not in my comfort zone. I LOVE your posts and ideas but just squint and visually superimpose my earth tones….

  3. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    I used to decorate heavily for St. Valentine's Day and always had an afternoon formal tea party.......but those days are long past. We have too many unexpected winter snow storms around then and it's no fun to have to cancel after working non-stop for a week to prepare for it just to have to cancel. But when my girls were younger I always decorated. Now I just stick with my winter until it warms up. I am with you on decorating for Spring. It's always so pretty to see color again. Thx for the craft ideas, KA!

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