Can I ask you a question?

Just between us, I want to know why.

Why do yard sale signs over-promote themselves?

They use words like EPIC and GIANT and ENORMOUS and MULTI-FAMILY all to imply that it is the biggest sale since sliced bread.

They get your heart racing.

They get your car turning.

They get your wheels spinning.

And then?


The sale is nothing but a broken down washer and dryer and last decade’s tupperware.

I’m taking a different approach.

I’m on the lookout for signs that say SUFFICIENT YARD SALE.



Truth in advertising.

I went to one of those sales this past weekend.

A nice, sufficient yard sale that under-promoted and over-delivered.

A yard sale where I found this.

A vintage needlepoint piece of art.

Look at the colors.

Look at the brilliant stitches.

Look at this vintage frame.

Here it is in all its glory.

Can you imagine the work that went into a piece like this?

It’s good sized and measures 48″ wide by 30″ long.

I walked into the yard sale and asked the price and when they told me $25 I started shaking and grabbed onto the frame like it was the last yard sale find in the universe.

I brought it home and dusted it off.

And now?

I need your help figuring where to put it.

To help us find the best place in the house, with the help of photo editing, I put the needlepoint artwork in four different places.

Please get your opinions ready.

1. The office.

It would fit perfectly on the wall when you walk in the room.

And add a little color to the space.

2. The fireplace

This is the fireplace in the family room.

I really love it here, but this space is around the corner and not really seen when you walk into the room.

3. The stairs

I have these typewriter patents on one side of the stairs.

It might add a pop of color if the needlepoint went on the other side.

4. Over the couch in the family room

I really like the art here because you can see it from so many different rooms.

But I just added these cabinet doors to the wall so I’m not sure if I want to change it.

And so my amazingly talented friends can you help a needlepoint owner out?

What do you think?

Where is the best place to put my new find?

Thank you for helping me figure it out.

And for celebrating needlepoint art.

And vintage finds.

And bargains and treasures and one-of-a-kinds and hidden gems.

And under-promoted yard sales everywhere…

…that are anything but sufficient. 🙂

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  1. Image for MJ MJ

    Love it - it's too busy for the fireplace-it needs a calm clear space - I'm leaning towards the stairway where the light hits it so beautifully and it can shine without distractions.

  2. Image for beverlee lyons beverlee lyons

    by the grey chair in the office....and it's wonderful that you recognize someone loved doing every stitch. They are thanking you.

    1. Image for Jo Gallivan Jo Gallivan

      Cecilee has THE BEST IDEA! Turn it into a bench cover!!! That would look amazing!!! And it would be used in the most interesting and unconventional way...very me, that says KARIANNE. If you’re determined to hang it, the office has my vote.

    2. Image for Mimi Mimi

      I agree with Cecilee about making a lumbar pillow. You could use it on a bed or bench or sofa. That way it could visit most of the rooms in your home and you could select locations with no direct sunlight and have the fun of easily moving it.

  3. Image for Sondra Sondra

    Beautiful piece! What a treasure. I'd love to see it either in the office or over the couch in the family room.

  4. Image for Nan Nan

    The needlework may fade if exposed to sunlight. All of your rooms seem so light and bright, which is great, but I would vote for hanging it where it will be most protected, perhaps a hallway?



  6. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    My first thought was the family room as you've had such a difficult time with that wall. It also adds color and as you said, you can see it from different rooms. That's my vote! As for the cabinet doors - what about the stairway for them? Maybe add some greenery for the needed color? OR - paint them a wonderful color?

  7. Image for Kathy M. Kathy M.

    I like it on the stairway wall but with a piece of needlepoint like this you may have to protect it from sun damage. If a problem the r my next choice would be your office Beautiful find.

  8. Image for Rose Rose

    I like the office setting. There you can gaze on this colorful masterpiece, and get your creative juices flowing!

  9. Image for Raquel Raquel

    I think it’s begging to live in every room of your house, so move it around. A few weeks/months in each lovely setting throughout the year.

  10. Image for Anna Anna

    I like it on the stairway wall. It’s a pretty touch of color there and doesn’t have any competition. Great find!

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    What a find. Just beautiful! Someone put a lot of time into that. If only the pieces we find could tell us the story. Who made it, where did it live before and how many places has it hung :) the stories it could tell. I think your office would be nice, right where the story telling takes place. Have a blessed day. Linda Marsh Ocala, Fla.

  12. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Oh this is a treasure!!! I love finding the handiwork of women and loving it for them and all the hours they put into it (which is why I have an exuberant stash of it). IMHO, this beautiful piece is perfect in your office space. It even fits the theme of creating beauty at work.

  13. Image for Nancy DuPont Nancy DuPont

    Office.......such talent ( from the person who made each of those stitches to the eye that that recognized it).

  14. Image for Lydia Lydia

    Lovely! This will bring you joy for many years! I have a few collected needlepoint pieces and I’ve hung them where I and visitors can pass close to them so the stitching is evident. I like it in your office.

  15. Image for Denise Denise

    Be still my heart! Exactly the colors my sister is looking for for over her couch in her new condo! Consequently, over your couch. She (you know it's a female) will get the love and appreciation she so richly deserves. Ps if you decide to part with her, I'd be happy to give you a tidy profit 🤑

  16. Image for Carrie Carrie

    The office or the stairs if you want to leave it in the frame....if you want to take it out of the frame, I see this as covering a beautiful bench and placing a silver plated aged mirror in the frame and placing them together Mother did a lot of needle point and when she got tired of one of her pictures, she'd make a pillow out of it or a seat cushion!!! :) LOVE that you appreciate the time and effort it took to make this huge picture!

  17. Image for Kathy K Kathy K

    Another vote for the office first, hallway second (if there isn't a lot of light hitting the wall where it will be hung). Kudos to you Karianne for appreciating the workmanship and love that went into this piece.

  18. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I vote for the office. I think it will look lost on the stairs and it just doesn’t fit with the feel of the other two spaces! So many hours of work in that piece; glad you are giving it a good home🙂.

  19. Image for Dauphine Dauphine

    My first choice would be the office. Second choice the stairs, however there might be too much sun there and it would fade the needlepoint.

  20. Image for Theresa Theresa

    Office or Fireplace Previous comment is correct about sunlight in stairway causing fading. Leave the doors over the sofa in the den. I think they're perfect.

  21. Image for Sandra Warthen Sandra Warthen

    In the office.... When you talked about other locations the word "but" was in the sentence, telling me you really didn't want it there. You knew in your heart that it would make a beautiful addition to the office.

  22. Image for Nancy Martin Nancy Martin

    A beautiful piece for a beautiful home. Hands down, I think it fits best in your office. However, wherever it lands, you will make it look spectacular!

  23. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I like the office. Notice how it even complements the pillow. I’m so glad you purchased this. Those who are only decorating with “ready made” items are missing the opportunity to add another type of beauty to their homes.

  24. Image for Renae Renae

    I was going to suggest your bedroom, maybe in the sitting area? Maybe I haven't seen recent photos of that room. Otherwise I think the office is the place I would love it the most.

  25. Image for Shelley Shelley

    I love the idea of hanging it in the office! You deserve to appreciate the beauty and work that went into it as you work so hard!!!

  26. Image for Jennie Jennie

    Too big for the fireplace. Please don't change the cabinet doors above the those! I would rather see family photos on the stairway walls. That leaves the office wall which would be PERFECT! Just my opinion for what it's worth!

  27. Image for Barbara Schneider Barbara Schneider

    I love it in the office. It seems to fit there. The nice thing can travel, like the people in the scene. It can put itself in a place for a spell and take in the scenery and the beauty of where it has been placed and should the urge come for it to travel to yet another place it can to find it's beauty there. The nail that holds it in its place is just a marker to steady it for its season where it hangs. Love you friend. May your piece and it's people find refuge and peace in your wonderful home. It truly has "come home".

  28. Image for JudyCinNC JudyCinNC

    Definitely in the office, which will give you an opportunity to steal away to a more idyllic and peaceful time and place during your day. Thank you for rescuing a really nice piece and even wanting to include it in your beautiful home. An honor to be sure. Just such a happy piece!!! JudyCinNC

  29. Image for Nuala Raftery Nuala Raftery

    I think it looks best over your couch, or, as someone has suggested, over your bed. It's a beautiful piece and should be protected from sun.

  30. Image for Sharon Smith Sharon Smith

    I think it is perfect in the office and you can look at it and get a sense of satisfaction that you found such a treasure!

  31. Image for Teresa Ann Harral Teresa Ann Harral

    Fabulous find, I like it it in your office. This beautiful picture spoke to you and while you contemplate your writings, I would think that this piece could greatly inspire you!

  32. Image for Yvonne Yvonne

    Good morning! My vote is for the office. I think it’s too busy for the calm spaces and might clash with the prints on the stairway. I love how you treasure it and in your office it will be your own special treat!

  33. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    What a find! I like it best in your office. The grey chair compliments it nicely. OK, I'm just throwing this out there.... So, why not take it out of the frame and use it to cover a bench? It seems like the perfect size and you could paint the frame a soft color to set it off. There are a ton of other things you could repurpose it for if you are OK with altering it....ottoman, pillow (s), french side chair, a wall tapestry with a thin wood edge or amazing fringe, crochet, or tassels. Look at "repurpose needpoint art" on Pinterest. Then the frame you have... that vintage, chippy, big, wonderful frame can be repurposed too! It's a double win, win! Just my little opinion this early morning before I've had any tea and my eyes are still alittle sleepy. 😉 Whatever you do will be amazing and wherever you place it, let it make you smile.

  34. Image for Jackie Jackie

    So I guess I am alone in my thinking but I love it over the fireplace. You may not see it when you walk into the room but when you turn around boom! A pop of color. What ever you decide for a location it will look beautiful!

  35. Image for Carol Carol

    Obviously, the office is a hands-down winner. But I like the stairway, where it can stand alone and show off its detail without other visual competition..

  36. Image for Kristina R. Davidson Kristina R. Davidson

    My immediate thought was the office. Many others agree with that. I think your fireplace itself is lovely. No need to create a focal point on a focal point. I used to hang artwork in stairways until I realized that people should look at stairs themselves when traversing them. I seem to remember too that your sweet mother in law or mum came up with the idea for the doors above the sofa? Might hurt feelings changing that out.....I wouldn't risk it. Just my thoughts since you asked. Lovely piece, by the way. Kristina

  37. Image for Margaret Margaret

    LOVE that needlepoint! My initial vote is for the office but it would also be stunning in the living room. Can’t wait to see where you decide to put it!

  38. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Nice find indeed! I say put it in the stairway and create a family wall. I don't think I've seen you do that and I know you'd do amazing and I'd want to copy it.

  39. Image for Peg Peg

    I vote for the office! It will be a wonderful inspiration piece to admire as you sit and work your magic on the blog!! Love, love!!! xoxoxo

  40. Image for Kay B. Kay B.

    The minute I laid eyes on it I thought covering for a bench! In the minority here, but of your choices, I would select the fireplace. What a delight it would be to round the corner to that beauty! Spaces that are not seen from all directions need beauty and surprise!

  41. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Definitely the office. It's a big piece and looking at it from the stairs may prove awkward. The livingroom has just been done so perfectly. It's a perfect piece to contemplate while working in the office, restful, inspirational and it provides an area where it can be a real star.

  42. Image for Linda Chauvin Linda Chauvin

    I’m going with the staircase landing. It’s so colorful that you may get tired of it if you are staring at it all the time. I so appreciate the work too. I had a beautiful piece I had done that got destroyed by Katrina. ☹️

  43. Image for Romeogirl Romeogirl

    My vote is office. And I like the idea of a lumbar pillow when you have sufficiently enjoyed it on the wall.

  44. Image for E.J E.J

    It's beautiful! May I suggest anywhere where the sun doesn't shine on it directly,the fibers are weak on an older piece and of course subject to fading.

  45. Image for Deborah Deborah

    I like the idea of the office or stairwell. Also, I don’t remember what you have in your dining room but it may very well look amazing in there. It is in such a nice frame I definitely would not remove it from that. Such a wonderful find. Needlepoint is a lost art and so much time spent I am glad you picked that particular piece!

  46. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Well I thought I had an original idea but perusing the comments I see that Kay B. had the same idea! When I saw it I thought, I'd put that on a bench that can be moved around! Good luck and let us know what you do!

  47. Image for Cathy Weber Cathy Weber

    I like it in the office the best. It looks too busy in the other locations. That must have taken forever to make!

  48. Image for Jane Jane

    I have a few amazing needle points from my grandmother and great grandmother. I avoid exposing them to too much sunlight S I was told the dyes used long ago fade easily. I have covered a bench my father built in his high school wood shop with one, had a chair upholstered with another and made a lumbar pillow. A few hang on the walls. You will find the perfect spot for this fabulous find.

  49. Image for Rae Rae

    My mother has a beautiful needlepoint piece her mother made. She made it into a piano bench seat cover. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  50. Image for Jeanette Jeanette

    I think it would be a beautiful addition to any of those spaces. Just don't put it in direct sunlight. I hung an all hand-stitched, hand- quilted wall hanging where the sun hit it for just part of the day, and it faded it before I realized what was happening.

  51. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I vote office......too busy by the sofa and like what you have there now, and too big over the fireplace...but I would lower it a bit on the office wall, (which I'm sure you will do anyway!). Not only do women needlepoint, but both my uncle and male cousin did lots of beautiful needlepoint over the years!

  52. Image for CathyAnn CathyAnn

    What a terrific find! Due to the large size the stairwell (if the sun wouldn't fade the needlework) or office would work best. It dwarfs the fireplace and detracts from it's beauty. Whatever location you choose it will be a stunning addition.

  53. Image for Cheryl Medders Cheryl Medders

    Sigh! I really have to stop reading your posts! You get me in sooo much trouble. I read one post. That's fine. I enjoy it. But here's where the trouble begins. You suggest another post. And another. And before I know it, an hour and a half has gone by! And I've done absolutely nothing but read your posts! SERIOUSLY - I love your writing and your finds! Keep up the good work. :)

  54. Image for Gina Gina

    As I was reading, I thought it would be lovely in your bedroom. The colors are soft and the texture is warm. Otherwise, I love it in the office or above the couch. My grandmother was amazing at needlepoint and my father has many of her masterpieces!

  55. Image for Suzy Suzy

    I like it in the office best. Nan wrote that it would be best for the needlepoint to stay out of direct sunlight It really is beautiful. Just so you know, I love me some old Tupperware!

  56. Image for Katie Heidinger Katie Heidinger

    My vote is for the office. However it's hard to choose without standing in the rooms and getting a feel for the size and colors and decorating scheme. The colors are beautiful in the needlepoint. I love the doors over the couch but don't prefer the books and such under it. seems like it needs a little heigth on the table behind the couch. like plants of different sizes. (sorry just my opinion) I love your beautiful home, stories, and you being you!

  57. Image for Cindy@countyroad407 Cindy@countyroad407

    My word I didn't think I'd ever scroll down and get to the bottom of this post so I could comment! Isn't it great to have lots of opinions? LOL. I have two ideas. #1, Give it to me because it's fabulous. or #2 What about hanging it on the stair rail at the top for a little while?! So when you are heading up or down the stairs you see it. It would technically be on the rail that sit's on the landing but facing the inside of the stairs. Does that make sense? Sounds crazy I know but I think it would be so different and magnificent there. Big hugs.

  58. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    Live with it for a while. Your style is not busy and the needlepoint is busy. I love needlepoint and have worked with this for a long time. It is indeed a treasure and one to take your time before placing it in your home.

  59. Image for Kay Kay

    Perfect in the office! If you do decide to remove it from the frame, it would make a lovely bolster pillow for your bed.

  60. Image for Susan Susan

    Clearly the office! Your over-the-couch situation just got perfectly resolved so leave that alone. I don't feel any of the other places are as perfect as the office.

  61. Image for Kim Lawrence Kim Lawrence

    Great find -- love needlepoint. And ... absolutely, the office . Seems like a perfect fit as it can shine on its own without competing for space or other patterns/textures.. Typewriters and vintage needlepoint a no go on the stairs -- of course, if you find more needlepoint then a collection on the stairs would be great. Not the fireplace as it would always compete with items on the mantel. It doesn't seem quite right for the family room either as it rubs with the other patterns in the room.

  62. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Oh my...I love Cecilee's idea for a long lumbar pillow on a king bed..maybe even a queen. But, it would be nice as a bench seat, but not one that is used on a regular basis!

  63. Image for Rw Rw

    I'm late to the party and can't read the other comments on my phone. I also can't really see the entire needlework. Not knowing what others have said, let me say that I think it needs to be where you can step up and look at the details of the stitches. I have one my mom did and I put it on the stairs so that you can pause and look at it in detail on the way up

  64. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    Karianne, everyone is giving you their opinions, you know where it should go, just use your own amazing judgement!

  65. Image for Christine Yost Christine Yost

    My pick would be the office ! I love the work someone has done and am always drawn to those type of pieces when I see them at a garage sale/ thrift shop! The time and effort it takes to do that amazes me ! Great find and even better you have a spot for it !

  66. Image for Leslie from Fairview Leslie from Fairview

    My first thought when I saw it was, "What a perfect seat cover for a bench!" Noticed several others had the same idea. Using it that way not only updates the beautiful needlepoint, but allows you to use it in any/every room - a piece of traveling art of which you'll never tire. It would be functional, too. How about at a dining table for several small bottoms at holiday dinners. Just yesterday I snagged the beginnings of such a bench at Restore. It's a sorta lamp table with 17" QA legs and an easy way to extend length for my bench. However you decide to use this piece will be lovely and such an honor to the lady who spent many hours creating it.

  67. Image for Claudia A. Claudia A.

    Girl I’m thinking in that office. Or in the staircase area. Oh and btw, when I go to “over promoted” yardsales that barely put out anything or it’s loaded with clothes hanging or lots of baby stuff, we call those drive by’s. No babies in the family here. 😢. Just went through all of our clothes, packed and sent to The local church.

  68. Image for Marilyn A McAuley Marilyn A McAuley

    Though all of your placements have great potentials, I would take it out of the frame and use it to upholster a bench.

  69. Image for RoseMary Knight RoseMary Knight

    over the couch in the family room. Too much direct light in the stairwell will fade it. The mantle décor will probably get changed out a lot for holidays.

  70. Image for Celeste Celeste

    My initial thought was the stairwell but, things in stairwells often just get passed by and you get used to it and stop noticing it, like pumpkin candles that smell great in September but by November you don't notice. So I thought since this piece brings you so much joy (and appreciation for the work that went into it thank you very much), I suggest the office. You can see it close up and get lost in the scene and get the joy of it whenever you're working.

  71. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Office! Also like the bench/pillow idea too.-but then you would have to find something for the vintage frame.

  72. Image for Carla Hanson Carla Hanson

    I think it would look great in the office for now. It has a lot of the colors of Thanksgiving in it. Would it work in the dining room later?

  73. Image for AmyG AmyG

    Wow - my Aunt did needlepoint and many many many hours went into this piece. - it's fabulous. You found a treasure for sure.

  74. Image for Rebecca Neustel Rebecca Neustel

    Put it in the office for now, and after you've had the doors hanging in the living room for awhile exchange the doors for the needlepoint art.

  75. Image for Marilyn Saxon Marilyn Saxon

    I loved it over the mantel in your living room. There is spectacular beauty in it. A real focal point for the entire room giving you so many options with pillows and accessories that you could switch according to your likes, the season, etc.. I definitely would opt for the living room above the mantel where others can appreciate the beautiful vintage needlepoint tapestry.

  76. Image for Deb Deb

    I think the office is the perfect place (above the table; by the chair). It would make me smile every time I stopped working and looked up at it. A great memory of the day you found it and a beautiful decorative piece of artwork. A double bargain!

  77. Image for cindy cindy

    I'm a little late chiming in, sounds like office is the favorite. That would be my choice. What a steal!! Awesome find!

  78. Image for Sue Sue

    Hi, If I were you and in your office working on a blog post or working on a new book, I think having that beautiful needlepoint art work to look at would be very calming and would spark creativity.

  79. Image for Young Young

    I think for now the office, then when you are tired of your living room decor, change it to over the couch. Love it both places!!

  80. Image for Christine Christine

    I like it in the office best, it is too big for over the mantle, and is not the right color scheme for the blue family room- office for sure.

  81. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I’d put it in your office- not only for the beauty it will add, but for the inspiration as well. It seems to represent so much of what you’re all about: Beauty, repurposing and vision where others might have overlooked.

  82. Image for Kim Kim

    Over the couch. When I hang a landscape, no matter the medium, I look at it like a "window" to a wonderful, beautiful view outside. I think making it a huge lumbar pillow for the couch would be a amazing alternative too!

  83. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I like it in the office or your family room. It has the colors of blue that go with your family room. No matter where you choose to place this beautiful piece of art, it will be perfect.

  84. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Kristina (way back in comments!) made some great points: she mentioned concentrating on stair climbing, and your MIL’s hands were in the doors behind the sofa, etc. I might add that a bench pad cover might get use thst woukd wear those beautiful threads, and depending on the way your family uses pillows (thinking of a Febreze tv ad!) a pillow might also get rough wear. The office is perfect! And what a beautiful treasure you found!

  85. Image for Ange Ange

    It's an amazing piece of art! My first thought was to turn it into a pillow. Of the 4 places, it looks most at home in the office.

  86. Image for Shelia Shelia

    I vote for the office first, stairwell landing second. It’s too heavy looking over the fireplace. Didn’t like it in the living room at all. It was too busy and kind of clashed with the rugs pattern or something. Just didn’t like it there. I swear, you have the best luck at yard and garage sales!! You’ve inspired me to get up early and start hitting the sales again! Great find Karianne! Shelia

  87. Image for Debby Daniels Debby Daniels

    Hi KariAnn, It’s 2 am and I am wide awake counting the minutes until I can have more Tylenol (I hyper extended my knee and it is MISERABLE). I’ve been looking at this needlepoint and I think it would make a wonderful bolster pillow. If you want to leave it on the wall, then I wonder if a new frame would set it off better?? Maybe a grayish blue? Just the rambling of a sleep-deprived, knee-hurting girl in the middle of the night.

  88. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    First, this is a beautiful piece of needlepoint, and I'm so glad you appreciate that! Second, I like it in your office. A girl should be able to stare at her best finds often, don't you think??

  89. Image for CyndiM CyndiM

    What a stunning piece! And what work for the maker -- needlepoint is SO time-consuming, and that one is big! But I have to say that my stomach did a little flip when I saw the mock-up next to the big window in the stairwell. I would not hang it anywhere it would get direct light, unless you consider it "disposable" artwork. With a bright airy house, placement could be difficult, but sun damage could eventually be the end of it, in both color and fiber integrity, Looks like others have suggested removing it from the frame to have it made into something else, and I agree that could be a good use. Save the frame for another project.

  90. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I immediately thought bench cover when you said repurpose but I love it isn’t he office. The work that went into that piece was enormous! I used to needle point and a large canvas like that was labor intensive and expensive. What a steal you got!!

  91. Image for Sheri Sheri

    I vote for over the couch, with some nice celadon accents in the room. The doors would look nice above the fireplace. Sorry, that’s the story of my life: constantly moving things to accommodate new pieces! Hope you post a picture of it’s final destination!

  92. Image for Carol Carol

    I’m a little late, sweet friend; and I’m sure by now you know where it’s going and you already have it hung. I would love to see it in your office where you could really enjoy it while you work; or in the stairway so everyone can enjoy it on their way up and down the stairs. Personally, I think it’s too large for any pillow, unless you were to cut this into 2 or more pieces (which I wouldn’t recommend). If you have a very large bench, that would be great, but you wouldn’t want to cut it down too much for it to fit and you need to be concerned about wear and tear.

  93. Image for Sherrie Mock Sherrie Mock

    Office or stairs. It’s a fabulous piece and I have no doubt that you’ll find a perfect place for it. You always do♥️

  94. Image for Diane Huss Diane Huss

    I love the idea and the mock up of this piece over the stairs. Love the color it brings to the space, and the extra treat/suprise of heading up the stairs and seeing it there. The plus is that eventually you can move it around and experience it in all of these places!

  95. Image for Amber Amber

    Such a beauty! I know you'll find just the right spot. I had to comment to share with the "world" my Mom's and my pet peeve (she's my #1 garage sale buddy!). More than over-promotion, we loathe it when people neglect to take down OLD sale signs that aren't dated! Nothing worse than getting all excited and anticipating and going on a wild goose chase looking for a sale that's done and over with. We usually wander around, then say, "Liar, liar pants on fire! There's no sale!"

  96. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    What a great find!!! It would look good in any of those spaces, but I think it would look best in the office!! Thanks for sharing.....😊

  97. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Wow, people have a lot of opinions, huh?! I’’ll add my two cents. I most want to say, “Don’t take down the doors (and wreaths) in your family room!” because they are so “out of the box” and so interesting! Love them! Maybe you could hang the needlepoint in your office? Or make an extra large coffee table topper out of it? If you hang it in on the stairs, (where it looks like you get a lot of natural light) it might fade. Anyway, enjoy!

  98. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    KariAnne, I think over the couch is just fine as is. And I agree with the other office votes. I think it looks great there. You can always hang it wherever you want, leave it there for a while, and then move it. See where you like it best. :D

  99. Image for Emmie Emmie

    I always find it sad when we go fall to christmas. Whatever happened to looking forward to Thanksgiving? We could use some time to reflect and appreciate our many blessings rather than scoot into holiday commercialism and materialism.

  100. Image for Debi Debi

    Although the frame is beautiful, consider covering a bench seat with it. Hopefully there is enough unstitched border that you could cover a seat adequately. You always find the most sufficient treasures!

  101. Image for Patricia Patricia

    As a needleworker, I love that you want to rescue and preserve another person’s work. I would suggest putting it behind glass wherever you decide to hang it. I also have one other suggestion, which is to turn it turn it into a a pumpkin- or two! Look at these.

  102. Image for Marie Lavender Marie Lavender

    Well, when you first asked and before I scrolled down to see the options, I immediately thought OFFICE. After looking at the options, I'm sticking with that story. It looks beautiful in your office and gives a nice pop of color(s) to cheer you while you work! When I'm decorating, I find that I almost always go back to my very first thought or idea and it was the same here!

  103. Image for Beth Treaster Beth Treaster

    I love it! Wish I had found it. I go crazy over wall art and especially hand made items. I think it looks great in the office. Enjoy it wherever you hang it.

  104. Image for Pat McRee Pat McRee

    If someone else already said this, I second it! Isn't your brother a woodworker? Have him build a rectangular bench that will hold a thick and boxy upholstered top using every square inch of this beautiful work. Use thick piping in one of the most prominent colors. You want this work to be where people can touch it and appreciate all the love (and maybe blood) that went into it. What a find!!

  105. Image for Terri Terri

    I love it in the office because it makes the blue pop, but I like the surprise of finding it at the top of the stairs! It would make a beautiful big pillow, too! By the way... I have a garage full of my mother's needlework! No one wanted to take it and I couldn't let it go, but have no room! C'mon over and you can shop for free!

  106. Image for Ann Ann

    After consideration, I definitely think office, where it picks up the blue of the pieces beneath it, and where it will be seen and enjoyed daily. It looks a bit overpowering above the mantelpiece, and it doesn't seem to complement as well in your family room, not to mention it would cover your newly-decorated wall.. Would it be too large for the other side of the stairway? Even if not, I think you would be more apt to pause and appreciate the detail and workmanship if it will be living in a room that you spend a good amount of time in. :)

  107. Image for PJ PJ

    Someone put a lot of work and love into that piece. I am thrilled that it fell into your caring hands. The office is the best home for it in my opinion. I am off to do a bit of used furniture hunting today. Wish me luck please~

  108. Image for Ann DeHart Ann DeHart

    Office for sure. Or send it to me. Love it, and fully appreciate the time and skill that went into making it. Their loss, your gain.

  109. Image for KimberlyAnne KimberlyAnne

    As an avid needlepoint person I would absolutely use it on a bench. It would truly honor the many many hours of work it took to create the piece. Be sure and let us know what you decide. What a fun piece.

  110. Image for Linda Linda

    The will remind you of how your business and your home are all wrapped into your life...Not the fireplace....too close to a heat source for a fragile needlepoint...

  111. Image for Julie Capley Julie Capley

    I vote for the office. I also have another suggestion - soften the color of the frame. Because of both of the thin border accents on the frame, visually these edges compete with the needlework. Maybe do a very light wash with a black antiqueing glaze. I use this technique often and it really softens the look of the entire piece of artwork.

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