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pumpkin and urn found here

I cannot take credit for the brilliant fall decorating idea I’m about to show you in the post.

An idea that will inspire you.

An idea that will make you look at things from a different light.

An idea that will make your Monday better and start your week off right and make you put your coffee down and stand up and applaud.

An idea I never would have thought of in a million years.


I have to thank my lucky stars.

I have to give idea credit where idea credit is due.

I have to celebrate the incredible, amazing individual who inspired this post.

My mother-in-law.

Before we get to the idea let’s take a trip back.

Remember the wall that I have been struggling with since we bought the house?

Here’s one solution I came up with.

I liked it.

It just seemed like there were too many pictures and the lamps hid the artwork and the mats were too dark for the space.

Enter idea number two.

I really liked this idea, but the leaves wouldn’t stay in place and they dried kind of crinkly and they kept sliding down the mats.

I even tried taking them out and painting the leaves onto the white boards.



Not even close.

Enter idea number three.

I really do love this artwork and I’m going to move it to another space in the house.

But after I lived with it for a while it just seemed too contemporary for the room.

It was fine.


But I wanted something that would make me happy every time I poured my coffee in the kitchen.

One day I was talking to my mother-in-law who had been with me through all the wall decorating.

I told her about my dilemma and explained the look I was going for.

She stopped me mid-sentence.

I have an idea, she said.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Are you prepared for the most brilliant idea on the planet?


When I took off the top of the hutch and re-did the dining room, I gave the hutch to my mother-in-law to create a built-in for her bathroom.  My father-in-law reconstructed the top to fit into the space and he had to take off the doors.

And those doors?

They were just sitting outside on their back porch.

Just waiting to come home.

We took down the artwork and hung the doors up on the wall.

I love how they visually take up space without actually taking up space.

The distressing?

The arch on the top?

Doesn’t it look like it was designed for the space.

After we hung it on the wall, I knew it needed something else.

I found these incredible fall wreaths over on Bed Bath and Beyond.

Here’s the link.

(total aside:  if you order them online—there’s free shipping and don’t forget to use your 20% off coupon.  You can find it in the special offer section at check-out.)

Here’s a close-up of the wreath.

There are so many different layers and textures and it’s even prettier in person.

I added two to the door frames to balance out the width.

And then?

Remember when I had that toolbox on the table behind the sofa.


Several of you were NOT about it.

It gave me pause and helped me to re-think it and now?

I just created a simple display of pumpkins and books.

The books are stacked horizontally and vertically and I’ve added three pumpkins to the display.

Simple, but it helps accent the new door frame.

On the other side of the room where we play cards, I made a few changes, too.

I added this reproduction of a vintage map.

You can see all the different sizes here.

Here’s a close-up of the printing on the map.

The texture is so pretty.

The surface is comprised of several boards with the map printed on top.

It warms up the space and reminds me of the map from the office that’s over the fireplace in there.

The wood looks authentic and reclaimed and the design truly looks vintage.

(total aside again:  if you order it online—there’s free shipping and don’t forget to use your 20% off coupon.  You can find it in the special offer section at check-out.)

I kept it simple on the table and just filled this driftwood bowl with pumpkins.

It warms up the white of the table and makes my dollar store painted pumpkins look like fall.

You can see the details on the bowl here.

I think my favorite thing I ordered was this pillow.

I love it so much, I think I’m going to order another one.

You can see it on the sofa to the left.

It’s so soft.

It’s made from sweater knit–but then?

The rest of the pillow (including the back) is made from that soft almost minky dot fabric (without the dots).

I took a close-up so you could see how soft it is.

It comes with a down insert that holds it’s shape.

You can see all the pillow details here.

I still have a little more fall decorating to do.

But this room?

I think it’s done.

I found these brilliant orange pumpkins that are heading into the living room.

I couldn’t resist that texture.

These textured pumpkins come in a set of three.

I found this pumpkin display.

I keep moving it around to different places.

Currently it’s by the back door.

I also found this adorable doormat that I’m putting out by the front door.

A new look for the family room.

Just in time for fall.

And it all started with a hutch, a set of cabinet doors, a brilliant idea….

…and an amazing mother-in-law.

PS  Just in case you thought I was out of stories?

See that ladder?

It has a fall tale of its very own.

PPS  Did anyone else watch Poldark last night?  IT WAS AMAZING.

This post was sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Eileen Eileen

    The doors are absolutely brilliant and the fact that they came back home, even more so. I just love that livingroom.

  2. Image for Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

    Oh I love everything you did in this post...but those cabinet doors and wreaths! They are perfect on that wall...I love the warmth and texture they add! That becomes the focal point for the whole room. Your mother-in-law had a great idea!

  3. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Very pretty! The doors fit your style very nicely! One suggestion, if you don't mind!, is just using one wreath in the center. The two wreaths seem to throw things off for me just a tad. Your creativity is inspiring!

  4. Image for Jean from Georgia Jean from Georgia

    Thanks so much for photos, as I love the full room photos so much more than a half dozen or more close up photos of the same item. Nothing says it better than a photo of the full room.

  5. Image for Teresa Ann Harral Teresa Ann Harral

    Brilliant indeed! Love your cozy look and the idea that the doors of the cabinet have been re-purposed to center stage in your lovely sitting area. I can just imagine you sipping coffee and seeing the happy place on the wall and remembering your dear mother in law!

  6. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Brilliant mother-in-law. It brings the room together with the different colors and textures. Looking magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    Aren’t amazing mother-in-laws the best!?!? I have one, too, and we are very lucky to have them! Love the doors - liked the pictures, but I agree that you’ll find a great place for them elsewhere. If not, I can take the money off your hands...

  8. Image for Kellie Kellie

    That's the perfect solution for that spot above the sofa. The ladder extends the wood color and texture and pulls everything together. I love it. You'll have lots of fun switching out different wreaths for the seasons too. That wood map would look perfect over my entertainment center!

  9. Image for Cristie A Morton Cristie A Morton

    Amazing! Love Love Love it! The cabinet doors & that Ladder are my favorites.. Oh and the wreaths and the books and the pumpkins and and and!

  10. Image for Carol Carol

    I love your decorating and repurposed items. Also, thank you for telling us where you get everything, and how it is redone

  11. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Perfect KariAnne! It looks like they were made for that wall! The wreaths are very nice too! Were the doors already 'chippy' like that? Everything looks really good now in there! Nice work and kudo's to your Mama-in-Law!

    1. Image for Colleen Colleen

      Ugh! I just have one more comment....I didn’t notice until just now. Something doesn’t look right with the pumpkins and books behind the couch. Sorry. It takes always form your doors and looks too busy. Just my’s just that I hadn’t noticed that there was space behind that couch until now.

  12. Image for Jeanette Jeanette

    It really is brilliant. The doors are such a better fit for the character of your house. The art work was nice but it sort of left me with a sense of dissonance. I almost breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Yes. That's it!" when I saw this.

  13. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Okay I love the usual. But can we talk about that mirror? I gasped! The whole post is filled with amazing photos. Now I'm going to go home and fluff all my pillows and pull out my camera. What an inspiration!

  14. Image for Jackie B Jackie B

    Oh Karianne, you and your Mother in law hit this one out of the ballpark! It looks amazing and much more creative than a purchased picture! Way to go Girl!

  15. Image for Marty Oravetz Marty Oravetz

    Love the doors, that room is totally amazing. I am green with envy to have such a large family room. I love it all.

  16. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    THAT'S IT!!!!! WOW... what a difference!!!!!! I love it and will definitely Pin this post. I was watching Poldark on Netflix, but, at least in MD, they removed it and now I would have to pay for another channel subscription. Darn.. I really enjoyed it too.

  17. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Looks great! I don't think you need the books and pumpkins below it drags my eye down when looking at the photo. It's cute, but I found my eye going down instead of up to the wreaths and door frames. But if you love it, you should leave it alone!

  18. Image for Connie Connie

    The door are perfect and so is the ladder. Everything looks great - love the pumpkins and books. You have an amazing MIL.

  19. Image for ellen ellen

    I love your doors, but agree with not having so much under them. Another idea would be to line them with fabric or wallpaper. They could be changed with the seasons or at any ole time! You have wonderful ideas and such great style. My favorite room in your home is that beautiful bathroom for the twins! It's gorgeous!

  20. Image for Lucy Lucy

    This room is just gorgeous! You truly have a gift to create rooms that are so eye-pleasing. My only suggestion is to add some green plants (real or fake) to really liven up the space. I think every room needs at least one or two!

  21. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    Your mother in law is AMAZING! You are the decorating queen of Texas and beyond Karianne! Love how you changed up the room!

  22. Image for Toni Toni

    Your mother in law is a genius.....perfect. I also love the addition of the ladder. It gives vertical interest! Great job.

  23. Image for Toni Toni

    PS: For what it's worth I would simplify what's under the frames and wreaths....maybe leave out the pumpkins or fewer books.....some separation between your sofa and the frames would make the frames stand out more I think. Just a "visual thought",,,,,is that even a thing?!🙂

  24. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Yes! Just Yes! They’re perfect there! And I love all the other goodies you found ... ! Like Kellie said earlier, those frames will be great with all your seasonal wreaths! And I like the books with the unique pumpkins ~ they give weight to the space below the pieces. But I must ask about the pumpkin on the table by the wooden beads/cut tree branch pieces. That tactile brown “bark” (?) fascinates me, so I’ve been searching for something similar. Could I still find it (or even just the bark) somewhere? Thanks ... 😘 as always!

  25. Image for Suzi Suzi

    Looks very good.....loose the books and pumpkins underneath! Add a “little “ blue and white somewhere (cocktail table) maybe to break up all the neutral color and to tie in the rug! Also add a pumpkin or two somewhere else in the room!! 🧡🍁


    KariAnne, those doors from your hutch just look so good on your wall! What a great idea! The two beautiful fall wreaths add so much! Love what you have done! It's perfect now! All you have to do is change the wreaths for the seasons! Blessings! Have a great week!

  27. Image for Lyssa Lyssa

    I L.O.V.E. your blog. I enjoy your writing sooo much (bought your book) and you have a great eye for decorating. It's so important that YOU love what you've done since you live there. I do agree with some of the comment-ers that the table behind the sofa looks a tad busy. Am I the only one that loved that tool box? And I would love to see a something live (plant).

  28. Image for Rita Rita

    I love, love, love the way the wood warms up everything! Tell your mother-in-law, "Good job" helping you! It's looking amazing!

  29. Image for Pola Pola

    I love the addition of the doors. However I think the pumpkins and books make it look too cluttered. Would agree with the simple toolbox with nothing in it. That room is super cute and you have done a great job. So jealous of all of your “junking “ treasures-

  30. Image for Julie Miller Julie Miller

    I LOVE, LOVE these cabinet doors - your mom's idea is THE KEEPER! It brings dimension, some deeper color (which #3 lacked) and warmth!! You're amazing and I just can't get enough of your precious blog!! Have a BLESSED DAY!

  31. Image for Berna Berna

    Brilliant....I miss a little blue something, something on the couch to tie in that beautiful rug. Your amazing blog always brightens my day.

  32. Image for Louise M Adkins Louise M Adkins

    I read about Round Top. I wanted to go. Finally, convinced a friend and her sister who lives in Dallas that we needed to go. Off we went...hmmm...hmmm...hmmm...unique accommodations-not available...we drove we shopped, we ate...we spent 1 1/2 days and said..."Let's go to Canton". I don't know if it was just so HOT or the fact that two of us were flying back to Atlanta. The stuff we saw wouldn't fit in our extra suitcases we brought or what but Round Top wasn't for us. Every time we've been to Canton we've been pleased. If I lived in Texas I would try Round Top again. The three of us are off to Franklin, TN and Nashville this year for a Christmas treat.

  33. Image for Jill Carlson Jill Carlson

    Gorgeous! I just love the old doors! You will have fun decorating them for seasons! Your house is amazing and you always inspire me! I have one of those striped chairs! Great taste! ;)

  34. Image for Suzanne Harvey Suzanne Harvey

    KariAnne, I have a question about your UGG pillows. I also have these pillows and I love the way they look and how soft they are. The problem is they shed on all my clothes and since I wear a lot of black, I look like a cat has been sitting on me when I get up from the sofa! I have put them in the dryer on air only but that did not work. Do you have this problem or any suggestions? My husband said return them to Bed Bath and Beyond but I love them! :-) I do not want to return them. I love your home and your decorating style! Many thanks, Suzanne

  35. Image for Toni Toni

    Nice! All of the rooms reflect your endless energy to get it right and the doors are a great idea! If you don’t mind sharing, what color are your walls ?

  36. Image for Lynn Lynn

    Just Gorgeous! Great minds think alike....about 3 years ago I deconstructed a cabinet I'd had for years and removed framed glass doors and placed them on my mantel. They have beautiful arches too. The bottom doors had paneled doors with slight arch in each panel so I removed them too and put them on opposite wall in same room with fireplace with family pictures hanging on them. Cabinet is currently in my kitchen which I painted Dove white (was navy) and then roughed up to look rustic-antique. It currently displays white porcelain pieces and copper accessories. My one large cabinet (that needed TLC) turned into 3 unique decorative objects. I put them all to good use 😊. I love your look.. We have same eye for something different. BTW.. Both wreaths look great on the doors!

  37. Image for Jill Jill

    Will you be adding the blue pillows back to that room after fall? They really livened up the room. And touches of orange for fall look great with blue.

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