Looking for simple kitchen organizing hacks? Here are seven simple ideas to make life a little easier including the easiest plate rack idea.

Do you know what makes organizing so much fun?

Finding simple, easy ideas that someone else thought of to do it.

I’m that someone.

I love thinking up clever ideas to keep a place for everything….

….and everything in its place.

And the best part?

These are all ideas (with the exception of one) that you can organize in under an hour with things you may have around the house.


All you need is a little bit of time and these tips to start organizing today.

Who’s with me?

Who’s ready to organize?





7 Simple Kitchen Organizing Hacks

Create faux built-in plate racks

This organizing hack and I go way back.

It all started in the farmhouse when I wanted built-in plate racks like I had seen in the magazines.


Except I wanted my children to go to college.

And then I found these tall (the key is the tallness) plate racks at the Container Store (make sure you click the TALL plate rack button).

I painted them white and put them end to end inside the cabinets.

When you close the glass door, it looks like the racks are built-in.

(total aside: if you are looking for ideas to decorate your glass cabinets, I got you. Read this.)




Keep silverware and serving pieces on display

I know this is such a Caption Obvious kitchen organizing hack.

But everyone forgets about it so this is my kitchen PSA.

Use your serving pieces and your silverware to decorate with.

I have my silverware out on the counter in the prettiest silverware basket.

All of my shelving is filled with platters and bowls and extra plates. If it’s out? You will use it so much more (and it gets washed more often).



Use removable crates to organize cabinets

I found these low crates at a flea market and they are organizing gold.

They are an inexpensive alternative to those drawers that you add to the top of shelves.

Each crate has these stamped spoon handles (you can see how I made them here).

Before I added these crates, the hutch was a hot mess. Everything was a little jumbled and unorganized and it was so hard to get to the back of the shelf.

But now?

I just pull out the crates (similar to pulling out the drawer) and I can see everything on the shelf at a glance.

Use these moveable plastic drawer organizers

Until recently my drawers looked like the picture above.

But then I found this drawer-organizing hack.

The answer was so easy it was brilliant.

Why not use individual plastic organizers that I could move around to accommodate everything I had in the drawer?

No more searching for scissors.

No more digging through drawers to find a pencil

No more disorganization with all my drawer mess.

These organizers come in a set with rubber stick-on feet to hold them in place.

You can see the drawer organizers here.





Roll your linens instead of folding them

The other day I couldn’t even close this drawer.

It was too full of messy, wrinkled, disorganized stuff for your table.

I tried everything. I tried kicking the drawer. I tried pushing all of that wrinkled, unorganized mess down with one hand and shutting the drawer with the other. I tried scooting everything to the back and shutting the front.

And then?

I came up with an idea that was so simple I wasn’t even sure it would work.

I rolled the linens instead.

You can see how I organized this drawer here.





Get rid of the boxes

I have a wall of cabinets on the backside of where the chalkboard is.

This is where we keep all the stuff.

One of my biggest challenges is ALL the boxes. We’d buy two of one of something and both of the boxes (or three of the boxes) would sit there and take up more space.

I kicked those boxes to the curb.

I used these plastic organizers to organize the contents of all those boxes.

You can see the containers I used here.



Build this plate rack in under two hours

I saved my favorite for last.

This is one of the most commented-on projects in my house.

I had one of these in the farmhouse and added a recipe to it. Then when we moved into the house I grew up in, I knew I wanted another one, so my husband built this in under two hours.

The best part about this project?

It’s so much easier to make than it looks.

And it’s one of the best kitchen organizing hacks for all those oversized platters and an easy way to fill up a flat wall in your kitchen.

You can see how I made my plate rack here.


That wasn’t hard.

I hope you enjoyed all the organizing hacks and simple tips for your kitchen. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the projects or if you have any tips and want to share.

And remember, organizing is fun.

Especially when you do it with friends. 🙂

PS Here are seven of my favorite home decor hacks, too.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    Great ideas! The problem comes in when you aren't the only one putting things away in your kitchen. My husband doesn't understand the concept of nesting bowls. He stacks the large ones on top of the small ones. 😕 At least he attempts to help out!

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    I am a sucker for a good organization story. Thank you for all the great ideas. Such a pretty home you have.

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