Have you ever watched a marathon of “Hoarders” episodes?

Am I the only one?

It’s not like you planned it.

It’s not what you intended to spend your afternoon doing.

But once you started…..you could not look away.


Somewhere between the mounds of old refrigerators and the jumbled stack of goblets and the over run rooms full of doll collections and the massive amounts of fountains and the piles and piles and piles of unwieldy trash….oddly enough…..

…….you start to root for them.

You root for them to get their lives back.


Butler's Pantry


And when the episode is finished and the house is clean and the two dump trucks have hauled away enough trash to fill a small country and you go to change the channel….

…..they hook you right there with the preview of the next episode and the lady with the handbag collection.

Will she make it?

Will her husband be able to get his retirement savings back?

How much is too much?


It looks touch and go.


And one can of Pringle’s and seven episodes later….you are feeling so much better about the muddy clothes on your laundry room floor.


So just in case you are recovering from a “Hoarders” marathon, too…..and you need a little organizational inspiration….here’s a fun easy project that you can make in the time it takes….to watch the next episode 🙂


Spoon Door Handle


How to Make a Spoon Cabinet Handle



Silver plate spoons

Rubber hammer


Drill with metal bit



Vintage Silver Spoons


Step 1:  Select spoons

You can create the handles from matching spoons or mix and match silver patterns for fun.

Silver plate is very easy to work with and bends smoothly and is strong enough to hold up to normal wear and tear.


Flat Spoon


Step 2:  Flatten head of spoon 

Using a rubber mallet (so you won’t damage the silver)  flatten the head of the spoon.

The spoon will still have a few ridges and bumps even though it is almost flat.

Those are my favorite.

They’re called character.


Spoon Handle


Step 3:  Bend handle

This was the easiest step that I thought was going to be the hardest step.

I just bent the handle with my hands.

I used the natural bend in the spoon and applied pressure until it resembled the shape of a handle.

If you want your handles smaller or larger….just adjust the pressure.


Stamped Spoon Project


Step 4:  Stamp spoon 

Stamp the spoon with an organizational message.

Or…if you are a non-stamper…you can go stampless.

I think a non-stamped spoon handle is a conversation starter.


Step 5:  Drill Holes

Tape the spoon to a block of wood and drill holes in the top and bottom of the spoon.

Screw the spoon into the cabinet.


Step back.


Let your heart fill with joy.


Butler's Pantry


I hear they are running another “Hoarders” marathon soon.

I’m sure I’ll be too busy to watch.

I’m sure I’ll be doing something really important.

But just in case I’m home and the handbag lady returns to star in another episode…..

….I’ll have the Pringle’s ready 🙂


To see my other stamped spoon projects….click here.


PS  If you have questions about the actual stamping of spoons or anything else that was not addressed in this rather random tutorial.  Please e-mail me.  I love random silver questions.

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  1. Image for Laura Laura

    Gotta check first to make sure I am not on the show. WHEW!!!! Okay, now I can comment. I love this idea and it is something I can actually do. Hooray! Now where is that drill? Maybe it's under the.......no, wait, I remember putting it,,,,,,,sigh, I'll get back to you. Hugs, Laura

  2. Image for Tiffini Tiffini

    LOVE girl! We painted an OLD kitchen cabinet over the weekend just to "see" if we could save the grossness and make the kitchen look a little better...what fun would it be to use spoons? oh my.... happy monday friend xo

  3. Image for SheilaG @ Plum Doodles SheilaG @ Plum Doodles

    Karianne, you always amaze me with the beauty of your home, projects, and most of all, your words. Love these spoon handles, though I'm thinking fork handles might help me think twice about going into the snack cabinet. Ouch! Or knife, depends on how bad the snack attack... ;D

  4. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    These are really pretty, Karianne! I wish I could do something like this to replace the handles on our kitchen cabinets. They are really the only thing about the cabinets I don't like, although I've grown used to them over the past year we've been here. They are sooooo long and kind of contemporary looking.

  5. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    So, you are making something so pretty, while watching Hoarders, which is anything but pretty....let me see....there's got to be a name for that! Those spoons are really darling. I don't think I could do those things to something so innocent as a spoon! But, you do it well, and they are beautiful! ;)

  6. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute project!...Love it, love, love it, love it!!!...I am a "hoarder of "cute" and "love" words!!!... The spoon handles are the perfect pieces of "jewelry" for your kitchen!!...

  7. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    What a cool project! I really love this & plan to show it to my hubby tonight. He'll love me. As for hoarders ... I just can't bring myself to watch it.... I am too much of a neat freak so just the idea of hoarding freaks me out!

  8. Image for Monica Monica

    What a great way to use items in the home and convert to such a beautiful useful kitchen handle....love it!!! Now the Hoarders show..I have to say no I have never watched it.....

  9. Image for Laura Laura

    Oh how I love this!!!! I have been wanting to stamp and this looks like a perfect project!! I think I will also make some for the garden next year....Basil...Thyme...Mint. Also love the stamped baskets!!!! Great work as always!!

  10. Image for tinam61 tinam61

    You are too funny!!! I don't watch alot of tv so I have never seen Hoarders. Can you tell me where you got that rug? Thanks! tina

  11. Image for Bliss Bliss

    Just when I hit a pinning slump, along comes Karianne and her amazing spoon bending. Sounds like a traveling show. But I'm pinning. Bliss

  12. Image for carmel carmel

    These spoons are awesome! I'm scared to watch that show - because i think it'll make me want to get rid of everything I own! I thought of you this morning - I'm making a roast for dinner tonight ;) Off to the grocery right now in fact.

  13. Image for Jana Jana

    What a cute project! Just this past weekend I was at the Antique Mall and picked up some more spoons for stamping. Love~love~love your idea!!!

  14. Image for betty betty

    I love this idea. Not sure I could do it though. Writing little letters on a spoon sounds hard to me. With just a little drill bit?

  15. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Cool idea, I've never seen that before. and yes, I feel the exact same way about Hoarders. I like to watch it when I feel like my house is a mess. As soon as it's over I feel a little less guilty about not cleaning.

  16. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    My girls just stocked up on BBQ Pringles - getting ready for Hurricane Sandy. I hate half a can last night - and got accusatory looks from them (I need my own Pringle stash under my bed so I can eat in peace)! Who knew you had such superhuman strength - I'll have to try my hand at bending silverware - I wonder if I can use mind powers (I'll have to practice that)! Oh, and who you calling a Hoarder (even we have feelings)! Kelly

  17. Image for Regina Regina

    This, I love. Someday I WILL do this. You know, forks would be cute, too . . . . flattened, anyway. Hmmmm . . . . antiquing, anyone? I'm impressed, Karianne. Only ONE can of Pringles? That is restraint. :) I can not watch "Hoarders." I've tried. The closest I can get is "Clean Sweep," and I can't find it anymore. I have read most of Peter Walsh's books on organization, though. VERY well-written and inspirational. I will admit, though, that even just seeing the teasers makes me feel SO GOOD about my own housekeeping abilities! LOL

  18. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    This is such a fun project! I love the idea; I'm pinning this one, so I'll remember how to make these! I have watched Hoarders and hope I'll never be on there! :-) I think I throw out too much and need it later, but I think of that program! Thanks for sharing this adorable idea!

  19. Image for Stephanie @ The Hardscrabble Home Stephanie @ The Hardscrabble Home

    THAT is TOO COOL!!! Love it! I'm trying to think where I can put them in my house. Back in the spring when I first saw a post of yours on spoon stamping I told my husband I needed to get some of the metal stamping letters. Turns out HE HAD SOME at the family farm! Well, they are MINE NOW! lol I made my sister garden markers for her end of May birthday. Thanks for inspiring me ALL THE TIME with your genius. :-) Hoarders. LOL It always makes me feel so much better about my own little weeks worth stack of magazines/paperwork on my table that I have to go through. Have a great Monday Karianne!!

  20. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I need a spoon right now to catch the drool falling from my lips... Pick your Plum had a set of stamps the other day and I thought of you... and here you are.

  21. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    What a great project. I hear you about the Hoarders episodes. it's like a train wreck and I can't look away. If I don't get going on some of these projects soon I am going to be on one of those episodes- (minus the poop in the bags!;>) xo Diana

  22. Image for Marnita Parry Marnita Parry

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm telling you right now that I'm going to copy this idea. Love it! I think I even have a couple of extra pieces in that pattern, Adam, right? Can't wait.

  23. Image for Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique

    Love those spoon handles KariAnne. I've been collecting silverware for ages with various stamped projects in mind... jewellery, herb markers, napkin rings and so on, but now.... wow, after seeing those pantry handles I'm adding another project to that list.

  24. Image for Barb @ Grits and Glamour Barb @ Grits and Glamour

    You say "hoarders"like it is a bad thing. LOL Girlfriend, if you could see my garage and basement you would think you had hit the thrift store/antique store/Goodwill Motherload. heehee Wanna come shop? I will even throw in a few cans of Pringles. xxoo

  25. Image for Jen Migonis Jen Migonis

    Adore these spoons! They are sooo cute and definitely nicer than an episode of Hoaders (that show stresses me out and makes me want to completely cleanse my belongings).

  26. Image for Peggy Peggy

    These are simply wonderful! And I have the perfect place for them... the old pie safe that is currently handle less (which is driving my dear sweet husband around the bend!) I have to admit I've never watched Hoarders, I think it would freak me out a bit too much (and these days I need all the calm I can get... crisis mode seems to pop up too often these days... did i mention we think we have a mouse or something in the ductwork? ugh and no we haven't been able to trap it yet!) Now for the big question... where did you get your stamps? I have some but they are itty bitty teeny tiny. Yours have a bit more substance, and right now substance is good especially when it comes to letters! Have a wonderful day! I'm off to hang curtains (in a bit...)

  27. Image for Anne Anne

    So pretty! I can safely say I have only ever watched 10 minutes of Hoarders. I was confident in my purging ability and assumed that I could not be considered a hoarder for many years. Then I lived in one place for 10 years and moved. O M G I had so much stuff crammed in so many cabinets, baskets, cupboards, under the bed, in closets, in outbuildings... my movers totally underestimated what I had. I've spent the last two years trying to use the stuff I hoarded and/or get rid of it. It's working!!! Don't send in my name to Hoarders!!! Have a happy night!

  28. Image for Eva Eva

    I love all the silver stamped stuff. I'm going to ask for a stamping thingy for Christmas. I'll be stamping and stomping! Love your blog, dear girl!

  29. Image for Carol Carol

    I just saw your beautiful home featured on The Old Painted Cottage. I have been following it for several years and I have never commented on one of the houses. Yours is wonderful I love your Thanksgiving mantel among other things.

  30. Image for Jacque Oelker Moore Jacque Oelker Moore

    Those are adorable! I want to make markers for my garden and for gifts....but..... Where did you get your stamps and what size are they? What do you use to make them black? I bought two sets and they seem so "skinny" and I tried black marker, but it wiped right out.....so depressed....

  31. Image for Mary Mary

    karianne! remember me??? this is so stinkin cute and i've missed you girl! life has been so busy that i don't get to read many blogs, but i ALWAYS smile and leave HAPPY when i come over here. :) love LOVE this idea and you! we are truly kindreds sweet friend...hoarders? oh yes! i.cannot.STOP. xoxo happy day!

  32. Image for Jami (freckled laundry) Jami (freckled laundry)

    These are the sweetest handles! I really want to make them for my kitchen...just when I thought I had the perfect hardware after filling/painting extra holes to convert from pulls to knobs. ;) How did I miss these until now (I saw them on hometalk last night.)? Shared them on my little fb page & twitter this morning! Thank you for the inspiration! xo Jami

  33. Image for SAS SAS

    I see your using silver plated spoons for this great idea. What about stainless steel or aluminum spoons? The cheaper aluminum ones would bend easy, but would they be strong enough?

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  35. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Very cute project. Can you tell me where you found your baskets that are on top of the cabinets? Did you stencil on them or did they come that way? I love your ideas you are really creative! Thanks!

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