Buckle up buttercup.

I have the BEST idea for you today.

It all started with a messy drawer of tablecloths and placemats that wouldn’t shut.

It couldn’t.

It was too full of messy, wrinkled, disorganized stuff for your table.

I tried everything. I tried kicking the drawer. I tried pushing all of that wrinkled, unorganized mess down with one hand and shutting the drawer with the other. I tried scooting everything to the back and shutting the front.

And then?

I came up with an idea that was so simple I wasn’t even sure it would work.

But it DID.

It worked perfectly.

And now?

And I reorganized the entire linen drawer with this.


I know, right?

Are you impressed?

Can you even believe it?

And it was so easy, too.

Step 1: Start collecting empty paper towel rolls

I used about 12 to organize my drawer.

(total aside: I also used the inside of a gift wrap roll and the cardboard tube that a rug came on. I just cut them down to the size of a paper towel roll.)

Step 2: Spray your table linen with wrinkle spray

Some of them were ready without any spray.

But TONS of my linens were wrinkled.

If they were, I just sprayed a little bit of wrinkle spray on them and waited for it to dry before I rolled them.

(edited to add: to make sure the cardboard doesn’t stain the linens—for rarely used linens—make sure to wrap the roll in cloth or acid-free paper before you roll up the linens..)

Step 3: Place the empty paper towel roll at the end of your linen

The paper towel holders were the perfect size for table runners.

For tablecloths, I folded them in fourths and rolled them.

For placemats, I stacked them in stacks of four and rolled them together.

Step 4: Start rolling your linen

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to organize their linen drawer in your life?

It’s so easy.

All you do is start at one end and roll.

Step 5: Finish rolling

That’s it.

Keep rolling the linen until you have the entire table linen on the paper towel holder.

It’s best if you work on a flat surface because it keeps the linen straighter when you roll it.

Step 6: Add the rolled linens to the drawer

That’s it.

You’re done.

All you need to do is all the linens to a drawer like this.

I stacked two layers of them and added a stack on the side and they fit perfectly.

I used to fold my tablecloths over on a hanger and store them in a closet, but they always had that crease in the middle.

This is SO much easier and keeps them ready for use.

I wish you would have seen this drawer before.

I wish I had a video of me trying to shut it.


It’s closed and organized and ready to celebrate summer.

And we are ready to ROLL.

(Pun totally intended.) 🙂

A giant shout out to Kenna Lynn Photography for these amazing photos and for bringing me joy every day.

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  1. Image for Debbie Eidson Debbie Eidson

    Great idea! I need to try that. I’ll start collecting the empty rolls today. Also can you tell us where your dress is from??

  2. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I like this idea tho I grew up ironing tablecloths bc the creases were sharp and looked nice! So if you fold the table cloths to fit the roll, do they end up with a fold mark and if so how do you eliminate it?

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Good idea! Can I confess ... one of the things I like about myscandinavianhome.com is the wrinkled table linens and how it somehow looks super cool and trendy when they do it??? I'm living in the wrong country.

  4. Image for Claudia A Claudia A

    Girly that’s a great idea! Now what am I suppose to do with all the other crap, et I mean goodies I’ve shoved in those drawers??? I need help. Some please send that woman from Hoarders I’m not quite ready for Marie Kondo.

  5. Image for Dee Dee

    Geen-E-us!! of course, it's not spelled that way, but it makes total sense! What a game-changer, I can"t wait to get into my linen drawers and try this!

  6. Image for Shelley Shelley

    YOU are my SMARTEST friend! Thanks for the great solution. While I have you...where do you find all your amazing earrings? Your post the other day about fashion was awesome, but didn't say much about all your jewels. They (like you) are SO cute!

  7. Image for Deb Deb

    That seems like a good idea. I have another idea for you that has worked for me ... I put placemats and a table runner that was too large for the linen drawer on pant hangers and hung them in a closet. So far it has seemed to work out perfectly.

  8. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Oh no..it looks like I might be the only one not on board with this..lol... I just would never do that, KariAnne! Too much work! I would just weed out the linens I rarely use, or special occasions ones and just store them someplace else, or get rid of them altogether. I'm at the age now where I am not going to fuss with items like that. Minimize, minimize, minimize!

  9. Image for Cheryll Cheryll

    The concept is great, not so sure about the paper towel rolls though. I collect vintage linen and only use acid free papers etc. for storage. The chemicals from the cardboard can leech into the fabric and stain it. Day to day, frequently used and washed linens are a different situation however. I have been using pool noodles, A little slit on the long side can be used to anchor the piece and wrap from there. Now, I won't use them on the good stuff, but day-to-day, yes.

  10. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Clever! But what I really like is that dress! Wear it again and show the whole thing please!! Good fingernails as always of course!

  11. Image for Angela Angela

    This fails to "allow for 2 critical issues" 1 the age i.e. family heirloom linens which usually require preservation contact i.e. non acidic storage if you watch PBS.org they show recommend 100% cotton sheets without dyes, bleach, any chemicals used to separate these items. Therefore, the "acidic content" in old paper towel rolls...fails this test! 2. The old paper towel rolls usually have glue applied to roll the towels at manufacturer this glue is also "acidic" & will transfer in storage... yellowing white/ light color linens. Humidity in your household will also aggravate this "acidic" storage. If your linens are meant for your lifetime / pleasure use then this suggestion may be helpful...just don't plan on leaving these to your grandchildren. ACIDIC,SUNLIGHT& HUMIDITY storage methods are natural enemies to textiles. Just some things to consider if you have heirloom quilts, table linens with lace or appliques etc.

  12. Image for Deedra Deedra

    That is the niftiest idea!!! And can I just tell you how absolutely cute you are! Seriously you are! I ordered several of the pants and shirts from Walmart that you had linked awhile back and I am very pleased with them! I can tell you that the quality of Walmart clothes has changed for the better! Do you mind sharing the source for your dress? It is so cute and looks great on you!

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