Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Rooms To Go.

This is our family room.

This is the place where everyone gathers. We’ve had a Miss America party here complete with a runway and prizes. We’ve hosted a football watching party the year the Cowboys went to the playoffs. We’ve played games and watched the Survivor finale and sung songs and caroled and played the guitar and eaten piles of macaroni and cheese and broccoli.

It’s farmhouse and neutral and khaki and gray and ready at any minute for a party.

But here’s the thing.

As amazing as this room is?

It had a challenge.

It needed extra seating.

We had two couches and two chairs and ottomans for the floor and a coffee table that people scattered pillows around and a table in the back with some kind of uncomfortable chairs.

People would pull the chairs into the room and sit for a while and kind of squirm around and then?

They’d end up just sitting on the floor.

So when Rooms To Go contacted me about working with them, I knew EXACTLY what I needed.

Extra chairs.

I was so excited to work with them. I’ve been shopping at Rooms To Go for years.


They have amazing prices and a great selection and I like seeing what furniture looks like when I’m making a big purchase. When our sons were little and we lived in a house with two bedrooms and not a lot of space, I went shopping there for bunk beds. I found the perfect set of white bunk beds that looked just like the high-end bunk beds from the catalog. They had drawers underneath them and they were super sturdy and we used them for years and eventually passed them down to another family who was just as excited to get them as we were.

This is our local Rooms To Go store.

Doesn’t it look like you could shop for days and have food shipped in because you never want to leave.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled up to the parking lot and walked inside.

I explained my entire life history to the most helpful salesman and explained about the parties and the caroling and the macaroni and cheese and explained to him that I needed extra seating for all the fun events I had planned for the year.

And all the events I had yet to plan.

We walked around the store and found these chairs. I liked them. I liked the pattern. I liked the size and they were super comfortable.

And just as I was about to tell him they would work perfectly.

I saw these.

These beautiful, wonderful, farmhouse chairs. The chair is the Westover Hills Brown Side Chair from the Cindy Crawford Home collection. You can find them by clicking here and searching at the top of the website.

I know they look like they are dining chairs. But truly? They are the perfect size to work as dining chairs or arm chairs….or…..or….

…you guessed it.


I bought FOUR.

Right there on the spot I ordered four of these amazing, incredible, perfect extra seating chairs.

They are the perfect size and not too heavy and super comfortable.

They come in this heavy weave fabric that has dimension and color to it.

The back of the seat and top of the seat are padded and there are silver nailheads that line the chair.

Perfect for football games and the Survivor finale.

There are also nail heads on the bottom of the seat as well.

Here’s a close up of the legs.

They are a classic style and come in a dark wood.

Four of these chairs fit perfectly around our game table in the back of room.

I still have the striped chairs that go here, but I pulled these into the space so you could see how well they worked on this side of the family room.

Thanks to all the extra seating 12 people can now sit comfortably in this space.

I bought these four chairs on a Wednesday and they were delivered on Friday.

The delivery team called me in advance to let me know the delivery window and called me again when the team was 30 minutes away.

And then? After they were delivered?

Rooms To Go called me to ask me how my experience went.

Here’s a close up of the chairs at the back of the space around the round game table.

And here’s a close-up of the chairs in the front part of the room as extra seating.

I’m so happy.

Now my family room is ready to party.

And football watch.

And serve macaroni and cheese.

And welcome family and friends.

And make sure that everyone….

….has a seat at the table.

PS I changed something else about the room. Can you figure out what it is?

PPS I was at my brother’s house last night and he had the most amazing new sectional in his family room. I asked him where he got it and guess what he said?

Rooms To Go.

Of course he did. 🙂

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Rooms To Go.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Neutral enough and light enough to use in other rooms for other occasions! I have 2 that look a lot like those😊!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about the parties and events using them!!!!

  2. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Did you change out the blue rug or was that in your dining room? I just SWOON over all your rooms. And those chairs? Nailhead trim? yes, please!

  3. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Is the map of the world new? The rug? The coffee table? Your rooms are constantly changing! I just can't keep up. But I love your blog and your home.

  4. Image for Denise Denise

    Website super difficult to navigate. Easier to just google it. Is it necessary to purchase as a set with the table or can chairs be purchased separately?

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Chairs are great and I love the basket with the tassels in there too!! We do not have Rooms To Go here in AZ :(. Looks like a wonderfully fun store. Enjoy your weekend 🌞

  6. Image for Nancy Grossnickle Nancy Grossnickle

    What do you have on the bottom of chair legs so they don’t scratch the floor? I love them and the whole house! You’re my favorite everything!!

  7. Image for Corinne Corinne

    Hi Karianne- it’s the rug, pillow, and the map! This new look is much more neutral, and I love how soft it looks. Very nice. Have a great weekend!

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    We need Rooms To Go in Michigan. I just found the sleeper sofa I want but they don't deliver here (and you'll nod your head when I tell you the description of it is "transitional style". I guess you have me pegged and you haven't very met me!) I can see why you love the store--great prices, lots of selection. Anyway, enjoy your new beautiful chairs and I'm only a tiny bit envious of your shopping options!

  9. Image for Teresa Teresa

    KariAnne, Your new chairs are gorgeous and the nail-head trim just accents them so beautifully. I am surprised that you haven't considered a large sectional sofa in your family room instead of a traditional sofa/loveseat combo. We have a Rooms to Go in my city and I feel in love with a reclining sofa they had on the showroom floor but it was only available in a very dark almost black charcoal grey which was too dark for my area.


    KariAnne, your new chairs with the nail-head trim are beautiful and go so nicely in your Family Room! The wooden map behind your sofa is so nice. I bet your brother made that for you! Make sure you take time to enjoy your gorgeous Family Room! Have a wonderful week-end! Blessings!

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