Looking for tips on how to arrange tulips in a vase? Here’s an easy way to create an arrangement that looks like a florist created it.

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

You know what’s funny about me?

There’s the normal way to do things.

The way most people go about doing a project or build something or paint something or write something or create something. It’s the way a particular expert does something and shares it with people and then it becomes the way that particular thing is done.

And then?

There’s the KariAnne way.

I don’t mean to invent my own way most of the time.


It’s just—I’m not really an instruction reader and I don’t have the patience to sit down and read or study exactly how it’s been done before. So I see a project and I jump off the project high dive.


That’s me—starting down the project road without a road map.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out and I have to scrap everything and start over or just start a new project. But sometimes? Sometimes it all works out perfectly. I have an idea and the idea just works out.

Like this tulip situation. I found a secret to making these tulips (the ones I’m holding in my hand) look like a professional florist arranged them.

And you WILL NEVER GUESS what it is (I’m even kind of surprised myself).

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

Before we get to the brilliant idea?

Let’s look at where this tulip arrangement started.

Some friends gave me this blue and white vase for Christmas and I knew it would be perfect for tulips when spring came. The vase is about 9″ high and when took the bunch of tulips and put them in the vase? They looked like this.


This arrangement looks fine.

It looks sufficient.

But just between us? No one would ever think that a florist put this together. The tulip stems were really too short for the vase so they all sunk into the center and only the tops of the blooms stuck out over the edge of the vase.

Has that ever happened to you? Are your stems ever too short for the vase?

Oh, good.

Because I have A TIP for you.

Because now?

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

My tulip arrangement looks like this.

Please do me a favor.

Scroll back up and see how far we’ve come.

How did I change it up? How did I get the tulips to stay up like that?

(total aside: In the spirit of complete disclosure to make a fair comparison. I did add some more tulips to the second arrangement—not as many as you think because there are tulips that are sunken in the first arrangement that you can’t see. I just got so excited when it started working that I just had to add some more.)

It’s so easy that it’s almost unbelievable.



That’s what made all the difference.

These are just ordinary, run-of-the-mill straws.

I used the straws with the bendable ends, but I think any type of straws will work. If you are using this tip with a plant with a wider stem, I think jumbo straws would work. My main straw tip is to use a clear or white straw (these have mini stripes on them and that works, too) instead of brightly colored straws in case you see them in the top of the vase.

All you do is insert the end of the tulip into the straw.

And then bend the tulips slightly to create movement (these are faux tulips so they are easier to bend than real tulips). If you are using real tulips, the straws with the bendable ends will be super helpful.

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips // table runner //

// blue and white rug // table runner // similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

It does help with the arrangement that these faux tulips are so next level.

They look SO REAL (and feel so real, too).

The tulips come in almost any tulip you can imagine (I ordered them in the pink).

There are 20 tulips to a bunch and they are under $20 for the entire bunch.

You can see them here.

// similar blue and white vase // pink tulips //

See what I mean?

This tulip arrangement is brought to you by the KariAnne way.

Sometimes jumping off the project high dive can be so much fun.

Especially when it looks like spring. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kimberly Westby Kimberly Westby

    Works on real flowers as well. The Gerbera daisies we ordered to do my daughers wedding flowers came in huge diameter straws,, like bubble tea straws. Upright and able to drink, the entire wedding, unlike some guests-haha. This discovery, that it also works on dry, brilliant. Thanks. Kim

  2. Image for Carol Tucker Carol Tucker

    Brilliant idea!! I would love your direction on using the spray tan. I order what you suggested ..tips please.

  3. Image for Beth Beth

    I'm going to run downstairs and find my pink tulips . . . and buy a blue vase! That looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Great idea! I've used (I don't know what they're called) little green sticks with a wire attached to wrap around the end of a flower. I've had them so long I don't even know if you can still buy them. But they're not as long as a straw. Your idea is much easier! Your clever noggin at work again! 🥰

  5. Image for Sheryl Sheryl

    I love tulips any time.. your vase n tulips beautiful… a tip for real tulips .. add a penny to you water.. yes for real it works helps them stand up straight!

  6. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I have 3 blue vases that you would LOVE! We used at our oldest son's wedding rehearsal party and I gave vases to some of our close friends and family after. Now I need to order tulips and straws too! :) I have a suggestion but you being the decorator I'm sure you have already thought of this or maybe have done this before. I had our dining table turned the direction of yours and had a light bulb moment to turn around so it was going the same way as our buffet. I have had multiple compliments on what a difference it made in the room. Just a thought.

  7. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Amazing tip! This is the best type of tip-easy and cheap! I love it!! The second arrangement looks so much better.

  8. Image for Nancy G Ingram Nancy G Ingram

    The rug!! Awesome. Thank you for your fun tips! I miss your "What l bought Wednesday", but your posts make up for those. Appreciate you!


    KariAnne, thanks for the great tip! Now I have to go and purchase some straws! You always have such wonderful ideas! Thanks, so much, for sharing.

  10. Image for Juliana Denney Juliana Denney

    MIC DROP!!! Karianne you are brilliant! I just made my "avoid at all cost" blogger husband see the before/after of this straw idea! I'm going to buy tulips tomorrow!!🤗🤗🤗

  11. Image for Veronica Deering Veronica Deering

    Love this idea for making a fuller more beautiful arrangement. Where did you find your beautiful dining room area rug?

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