Have a blank wall that needs to be filled?  Looking for simple and easy artwork ideas for your home?  Here are seven wall ideas for the living room including a raised panel wall, oversized artwork, a plate wall and many more.

Please tell me your walls give you attitude.

You know.

There’s a wall that’s blank and then you find some art and try to put it on the wall and then it’s too small or too colorful or not colorful enough or just isn’t right and you shake your head and sigh and search Pinterest for ideas but you keep coming up short.  And then?  Every time you walk by the wall?  It gives you sass.

Kind of like it thinks it’s still in high school.

If this has ever happened to you, please come sit by me.

I get it.

I understand.

I’m the one who decorated the big blank walls in the living room FOUR times until I got it right. You all loved the dining room faux plaster walls so much I thought it might be fun to post some other wall decorating ideas.

For all the sassy rooms on the planet, I have some suggestions.

Here are seven wall ideas for the living room.

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panel wall with gold accessories floral pillow gray desk

coral raised panel wall with blue lamps and gold accessories

living room wall ideas with a wall painted coral white rug white chairs brass accessoriesraised panel coral wall with white furniture wood console mirrors

Wall idea one:  Raised panel wall

I created this wall for the gatehouse years ago and it’s still one of my favorites EVER and painted this with SW Coral Reef.

You can see the room here.

And the DIY on how to create this wall here.

You could also create the same look with picture frames or even a group of different kinds of picture frames that weren’t all square.  The key to making this look work is painting the frames and the wall the same color.

Wall Idea two:  shiplap wall with shelving

This wall started out as just a blank wall in the beach house.

It’s been my room every summer since I wore pigtails in my hair.

We created this shiplap wall and added shelving.

It really is easier than it looks.

You can see the entire project here.

And how to build the wall here.

white plates on wall with bird decals and milk glass and pink flowers

living room wall idea created from bird plates with bird decals on them

Wall idea three:  graphic plate wall

Those other ideas?  They will probably take you a weekend.

This living room wall idea?

It will take you a hot minute.

All you need are plates and one of those wall graphics from the craft store.

See the entire DIY here.

Wall idea four:  quote wall with picture ledges

I know I just posted this, but it is seriously SO CUTE and so versatile that I thought I’d add it to this collection.

You can create this look with simple wood picture frame ledges that you make yourself (see the DIY here).

Or you can just buy picture frame ledges from Target and create your own.

The thing I love about this project is that IT FILLS UP THE WALL.

And it makes you look extra philosophical, too.

Wall idea five:  Add cabinet doors to the wall

This is the wall that I talked about at the beginning of the post.

This is the wall I decorated four times.

First, I created this grid of book pages.

Then, I pressed flowers from the yard and hung them up in a grid.

Next, I created a giant piece of artwork from different pieces of the art framed.

And then?

I found this idea.


It’s my favorite.

See the entire room here.

Wall idea six:  Chalkboard wall and bicycle wheel clock

I painted this wall with chalkboard paint.

And then?

We made this bicycle wheel clock.

If you are looking for a conversation piece, this clock is your friend.

You can see the entire DIY here.

Wall idea seven:  Create “patent” art

I had these pictures on the wall before the mirrored staircase wall.

These typewriter patents lined the walls of the staircase. I designed them from vintage patents and had a sign shop recreate them for me.

I chose a typewriter because I write books.

It’s a nod to all the authors and writers who have gone before.

You can see the entire wall here.

raised panel coral wall with white furniture wood console mirrors

I hope you found an idea you can use.

I hope you decorate your walls with joy.

But most of all?  I hope your walls don’t give you any more sass.

I wouldn’t want them to be grounded.

PS  Do you have any fun wall decorating ideas you’ve used?

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    Wall decor..UGH!!! I will see an idea on someones wall go home and try it and then I stand back to gaze at my wall.....my spirit drops. It doe not thrill me. So I go back to the drawing board. But I do very well with mirror decor. But the cabinet door frames look gorgeous in your home. It looks so natural. Have a great day.

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