Thanks so much to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post and this incredibly fun partnership.

Office Thistlewood Farm

Have you ever watched the Academy Awards?

(I know…silly question…right?  Are you rolling  your eyes at me now?)

If you have then you’ve seen the part in the show where someone famous (and preferably George Clooney) stands up and reads off the names of the nominations in different categories to much fanfare, excitement and general hullabaloo.

The announcers make awkward banter with each other and show the pictures of the actors up for the award and the occasional random silhouette of the embarrassing nominee who can’t even take time off of filming in Rome to show up.

Then slowly a hush falls over the crowd.

 Office Thistlewood Lamp

It’s the moment everyone waits for.

The moment George rips open the envelope and says the words many of those actors have waited a lifetime for.

And the winner is…..

Office Thistlewood

This post is just like an awards show.

Except we’re talking paint colors instead of movies.

Every year Sherwin-Williams picks a color of the year.

Last year it was SW 6263 Exclusive Plum and here’s how I decorated the library with it.

Office Thistlewood Desk

But this year is different.

It’s a new year and a new color.

This year it’s out with the purple and in with the…..

Can you hear the hush coming over the crowd?

Office Thistlewood Chair

I’m so honored and excited to be partnering with Sherwin-Williams to announce the 2015 Color of the Year.

Envelope, please.

And the winner for Sherwin-Williams color of the year for 2015 is…..

SW 6606 Coral Reef.

Office Thistlewood Compass

And here’s the room I created for the award winner.

I started with a painted paneling treatment using SW 6606 Coral Reef.

I love how bright and bold the color is and I wanted the room to be whimsical and fun and full of personality.

Kind of like an awards show waiting to happen.

Office Thistlewood Chair With Pillow

Then I layered in fabrics with a blue pallet in stripes and a bold floral and simple graphic patterns.

Next I added gold accents like a giant ampersand, fun whimsical ornaments and a free-standing weather vane.

And finished it all off with a furry rug.

After all….every awards ceremony needs a little carpet. 🙂

Thanks so much to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post and this incredibly fun partnership.

All opinions and statements are my own.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Image for Michael @ Crafty Dad . com Michael @ Crafty Dad . com

    Thistle - Beautiful (as always). My wife and I are totally sold on Sherwin-Williams brand paint. Love. The. Stuff. So wonderful to work with. Thanks for sharing. BTW: Where'd you get those 'stick ball things'? I gotta have a couple. : )

  2. Image for Amber~The French Pressed Home Amber~The French Pressed Home

    That color is pretty fabulous in your room, Miss, KariAnne! I'm looking forward to finishing our remodel so I can look at it all as a whole and start working on adding fancy color. Sounds weird but we agreed that we'd use the 20 gallons of paint we got for free (a customer didn't like it) as a "base" for the time being until we finished THEN decide on accent color(s). Luckily, the paint we are using is very neutral and we like it. :) You, my friend, are such an inspiration!

  3. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Whimsical, fun and full of personality. Hmmmmmmm!! Sounds like someone I know :-) Could the initials be KW? I believe so. I love the bright color! It looks so bubbly and happy. I love how it goes along with all of your other things. Great job!! Who picks the color of the year? Are you on the panel -- you should be. Perhaps you should mention to SW.

  4. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Good morning, Karianne! What a lovely and lively room. I'm typically afraid to use big, bold color but you know how to take the fear out of it. I love how beautifully you coordinated all the other accent pieces. What a fun office space this is where every element flows together well. Have a happy day, Lisa

  5. Image for Betsy@coastal-colors Betsy@coastal-colors

    Very pretty! I love the blue and white accents with this color! Your room really makes a statement! I am such a fan of Sherwin William's paint. My entire house is painted in their colors, both in and outside.

  6. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Love this room. I have actually used this color or close to it for years and it makes me incredibly happy! Where can I find the fabrics? They are fantastic - just like Karianne!

  7. Image for Debbie W. Debbie W.

    I love that colour! I'm a chicken when it comes to painting bold colours in my home though and might stick to accessories. Is this a room in your house? Man I would love to see a 360 video tour of your home!

  8. Image for Diane Diane

    Gasp! Swooning here! I love how your Family home oozes with FarmCharm! . . . and then you head to your . . . Gatehouse Office Retreat and it oozes with KariAnne Bubbles.

  9. Image for Kris Kris

    Only someone as gifted as you could pull off a bold color like this and make it work. Gorgeous! It brings out the colors in the pillow (which I love ... ). On a completely unrelated note, how is it that George Clooney manages to look even better as he ages? SO unfair to us women who try so hard ... ;)

  10. Image for Regina Regina

    I love that color! Actually I just painted our (doorless) hall closet that color! Nice pop of color to a boring hallway! :)

  11. Image for Khadija Khadija

    I love the way it pairs with blue and white. It's not too "peachy" either. I might seriously consider using this instead of grey....hmmmm

  12. Image for Connie Grimes Connie Grimes

    Love the gold free standing weather vane with the arrow running through it. Where did you find it? I'm obsessed with arrows.

  13. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Ok. It is beautiful! I will mail you my front door key and you can redecorate my home! Or how about "decorate". (There is no "re" when it hasnt even been done the first time! ) There are key areas in my home that have never had a picture hung and my house loving, decor loving self is craving a finished - for the moment - home.!

  14. Image for Regina Regina

    I. Love. This. Color. I love it so much that my kids started complaining that that was the only color I would buy, to wear. But that was SO LAST SUMMER - now that it's the "color of the year," I'm going out and buying MORE! :)

  15. Image for Bambi Bambi

    Oh my gosh, KariAnne, I just got this color a couple of weeks ago to paint a small desk! Now I'm even more excited to get it done! Your room looks wonderful!

  16. Image for Judith simon Judith simon

    I love your beautiful style and sophistication. Please tell me about the beautiful Pillow fabrics - both the floral and blue.

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