Looking for quick spring porch decorating ideas? Here are easy and simple ways to get your porch ready for spring including the prettiest spring tulip wreath.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries // black and white striped rug // heart mat //

Can you believe two weeks ago this porch was covered with ice?

Snow and ice and frozen branches and leaves.

It was amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

And now?

The trees are bursting with new leaves and the birds are chirping and little blades of grass are poking up through the dirt and the sun has decided to show up and the TWINS CAME HOME this weekend.

My heart is full.

Spring is here.

Good thing I finally took the Christmas wreath off the back door.

I wish I was kidding.

I’m slowly working my way around the outside of the house and cleaning and fluffing and flowering all the outdoor spaces…

….starting with the back porch.

Here are 7 budget ideas to make your spring porch even cuter.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas tulips wreath

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas tulip wreath

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries // black and white rug // heart mat //

This is the backdoor I’ve walked through my entire life.

It’s where my husband picked me up for our first date in an outfit that started and ended with a prairie skirt and a scrunchie.

It’s where I walked out in my wedding dress and came back in as Mrs. Wood.

It’s where my children learned to hopscotch and water Nana’s flowers.

It’s where I sit with my husband and hold hands and watch the fireflies.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas spring wreath

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas wreath on door

And this year?

I found this amazing tulip spring wreath.

It’s tied onto the door knocker with a ribbon and Westleigh helped me fluff it.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas heart doormat

Now that the ice and snow have melted, the porch is cleaned off and dusted and swept and ready for spring.

Cue the flowers and hearts.

I ordered this heart doormat that comes in a ton of fun colors.

You can see the heart doormat here.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas boxwood sphere

I got these planter baskets last year. They have an amazing plastic liner and they are made for outside. They are SUPER sturdy and are designed to hold up to the outdoor elements.

I added two on either side of the porch. When my favorite Dipladenia flowers arrive at the local garden center they’ll go in here.

But until then, I’m filling them with these faux boxwood spheres.

I also added smaller boxwood spheres to these amazing vintage planters I found last year.

You can see the smaller boxwood spheres here.

Such great alternatives when flowers aren’t available yet.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas with topiaries

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries // black and white striped rug // heart mat //

If you want to make a bold statement for spring? This is the PERFECT affordable outdoor striped rug.

It comes in four different sizes.

This is a 5″ x 7″ striped rug.

You can see the rug (and all the other sizes) here.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas porch swing

These white porch swings on each side of the porch have held up amazingly well for two years.

Other porch swings we’ve had tended to fade and we had to keep repainting them, but not these swings.

They are SUPER sturdy and comfortable.

I’m also planning on covering the porch chains again like I did here, but this time I’m going with a black and white patterned cover.

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries // black and white striped rug // heart mat //

I love the new old back porch decorated for spring.

I love the bright pops of color.

I love the black and white striped rug.

I love the beautiful swings and the planters and the boxwood topiaries and the beautiful wreath and decorating with my daughters. But what I love the most?

If I squint?

I can still see this.

Here’s to going home.

One porch at a time. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    What sweet memories you have. And living in that house they are a constant for you. The wreath, the porch are so pretty. But you and your family are beautiful. Here is to hoping we all get to take a moment today to squint real hard and see a memory that makes us smile. Happy Monday.

  2. Image for laura laura

    omg i think the pic of you three needs to be framed! So pretty the porch girls and you! my yard looks like a seasonal mullet right about now. No snow on the south side and the back yard looks like winter tundra!

  3. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I love the photos with your girls and best of all is the photo with all four children. Your ideas are always inspiring. I have been applying foundation with a brush per your post last week. It makes a big difference. Thank you so much.

  4. Image for Corine Corine

    Ah, it makes my heart sing to see you with those gorgeous twins and smiles all around. I have no idea how moms make it through puberty with daughters! Cute pedis too! It's still too cold for my piggies to get out and get painted. Cheers!

  5. Image for Belinda Graham Belinda Graham

    Love your story today with pictures of children. You make all my days better with your blog. Appreciate you!!!!!!!!

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    Slightly jealous. I'm missing my son right now. He's 5 hours away so weekend visits aren't an option. Thank goodness for video calls. Meanwhile, I love the wreath. Tulips are my favorite.

  7. Image for Suzi Wollman Suzi Wollman

    Hello, KariAnne! I could (should!) say wonderful things about your photos. They surely deserve praise. And today. I want to share gratitude for you. You are consistent. Faithful. Creative. Encouraging. Amazing. I am so grateful for you blog, because every morning it brightens my day. I am grateful for you. Thank you. Suzi

  8. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Where did you purchase the basket type planter with handles pictured in the this post? The Walmart link only shows a planter wihout any handles and not a basketweave,as pictured.The one you show is much better than the Walmart link shows.

  9. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Those four are so cute, you have a lovely family. Those girls are getting too big, too fast, why do children have to grow. I love your back porch, that wreath is pretty. Memories are the best!!

  10. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    You and your daughters are so beautiful and look like Spring yourselves! Love all the pink! That wreath looks gorgeous and a reasonable price too. Loved this post. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your lovely family. Hope Mom is doing well too!

  11. Image for Debbie Debbie

    This is the sweetest text and photos!! How beautiful the 3 of you are❣️And I loved the last picture of your 4 little ones. Just so sweet. Well you are ready for Spring, girl!!

  12. Image for Be Be

    Ohhhhh, such cute ideas and so simple to !!!. I love the pictures of the kids. Girls are gorgeous. Y'all look like triplets. Thanks for always sharing great ideas.

  13. Image for Teresa Teresa

    You and your girls are adorable! Happy Spring! I have your apple pie recipe in my oven now. Early Valentine gift for my hubby.

  14. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Oh, KA!! First off, that tulip wreath is stunning. But oh my word - you three look so beautiful! Like triplets! My goodness how they've turned into stunning beauties, haven't they? And your skinny self - just wow. You look GREAT. Love the hot pink color scheme you all chose. Such a cute idea. But the pic when they were little? How do they grow up so danged FAST????

  15. Image for Mary Anne Russo Mary Anne Russo

    I love the picture of you and the girls! And that picture of all four of your children ❤️, time goes so fast! The porch looks great makes me ready for spring! I need the topiaries, my thumb is blue!


    KariAnne, thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! The picture of you with your girls is gorgeous! I love all the pink -- including that lovely wreath. Also enjoyed seeing that picture of your children when they were small kids -- just so precious! You are so blessed with a wonderful family!

  17. Image for Tedi Brandon Tedi Brandon

    Hi KariAnne! I loveee reading your posts. You have so many ideas!!! Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and design ideas. Love the family photos too. You are very blessed. I look forward to your blog.

  18. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    What a pretty wreath. Your daughters are beautiful and look very much like their mama. What a heartwarming post. I love that you are able to live in your childhood home. Karen B.

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