Looking for quick spring porch decorating ideas? Here are easy and simple ways to get your porch ready for spring including the prettiest spring tulip wreath.

I’m sharing my front and my back porch today (spoiler alert—both of them have these amazing topiaries).

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries  (similar and there’s a coupon)// black and white striped rug // heart mat //

Happy Leap Year.

Can you believe right before we left for the cruise this porch was covered with a dusting of snow?


We left behind ice and snow and dripping faucets for palm trees and ocean breezes.

It was amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

And now?

Yesterday it was 92 degrees.

WHAT? The trees are bursting with new leaves and the birds are chirping and little blades of grass are poking up through the dirt and the sun has decided to show up and the twins got second place in SING this weekend.

My heart is full.

Spring is here.

Good thing I finally took the Christmas wreath off the back door.

I wish I was kidding.

I’m slowly working my way around the outside of the house and cleaning and fluffing and flowering all the outdoor spaces…

….starting with a little spring porch (the front and the back) decorating.

Here are 7 budget ideas to make your spring porch even cuter.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas tulips wreath

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries // black and white rug // heart mat //

This is the backdoor I’ve walked through my entire life.

It’s where my husband picked me up for our first date in an outfit that started and ended with a prairie skirt and a scrunchie.

It’s where I walked out in my wedding dress and came back in as Mrs. Wood.

It’s where my children learned to hopscotch and water Nana’s flowers.

It’s where I sit with my husband and hold hands and watch the fireflies.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas spring wreath

And this year?

I found this amazing tulip spring wreath.

It’s tied onto the door knocker with a ribbon.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas heart doormat

// heart mat //

Now that the snow has melted, the porch is cleaned off and dusted and swept and ready for spring.

Cue the flowers and hearts.

I ordered this heart doormat for February and it comes in a ton of fun colors.

You can see the heart doormat here.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas boxwood sphere

// faux boxwood spheres //

I found these metal urns in Kentucky and they have rusted to perfection over the years. I’m filling them with these faux boxwood spheres.

I also added smaller boxwood spheres to these amazing vintage planters I found last year.

You can see the smaller boxwood spheres here (there’s a 10% off coupon).

Such great alternatives when flowers aren’t available yet.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas with topiaries

// spring tulip wreath // black planters // topiaries // black and white striped rug // heart mat //

If you want to make a bold statement for spring? This is the PERFECT affordable outdoor striped rug.

It comes in four different sizes.

This is a 5″ x 7″ striped rug.

You can see the rug (and all the other sizes) here.

Quick Spring Porch Decorating Ideas porch swing

// white porch swing //

These white porch swings on each side of the porch have held up amazingly well for two years.

Other porch swings we’ve had tended to fade and we had to keep repainting them, but not these swings.

They are SUPER sturdy and comfortable.

I’m also planning on covering the porch chains again like I did here, but this time I’m going with a black and white patterned cover.

// daisy wreath //

// topiaries // daisy wreath // faux boxwoods //

I know it gets confusing when I share pictures of the front and back of the house, so I thought I’d share both porches together—the front porch and the back porch. Our house is on the corner so both porches are visible as you’re walking by.

So let’s get our porches straight.

The porch with the tulip wreath?

That’s actually the back porch.

This is the front porch.

// faux boxwoods //

// faux boxwoods //

Eventually these porches will be FULL of Dipladenias.

FULL to the flower brim.

But for now? Now I’m filling the gaps with these faux boxwoods.

They look so real. I’ve actually never seen boxwoods like these before. They have individual branches that twist so it makes them look even more real.

 // black planters // topiaries // black and white striped rug // faux boxwoods //

I love the new old back and front porches decorated for spring.

I love the bright pops of color.

I love the black and white striped rug.

I love the beautiful swings and the planters and the boxwood topiaries and the beautiful wreath and the joy that spring is just around the corner. But what I love the most?

If I squint?

I can still see this.

Here’s to going home.

One porch at a time. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    I love it ALL… and YOU! I’ve been cleaning, fluffing, “ springing” my home too- feels so good to get outside! Have you ever thought about painting the raised monogram on your white planters BLACK?? Your creativity’s rubbing off on us! Happy spring!

  2. Image for TJ TJ

    Ohh - the picture of the children - priceless! The faux boxwoods and other great decor at the front and back porches - thank you for telling us where to get them!

  3. Image for Judy Judy

    love it all!. Just one question for all southern front porch lovers, How do I keep birds was using my patio furniture as a portable potty?

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