I just finished a mini refresh of this blue and white office. Here are some ideas and inspiration for office decorating.

A golden "office" sign mounted on a wooden door, slightly blurred in the background, focusing on the textured, vintage-style plaque.

This is the door I walk through every morning when I head to work on this blog.

My office door.

I grab coffee and a few of my hopes and dreams and ideas head into this room every day when the sun rises in the east.

I just finished a mini makeover on this space that was born out of necessity.

A necessity called Buddy.


Buddy our golden retriever and he’s 17 years old and he’s been with our family since before the twins learned to read. He’s funny and smart and full of personality and A LOT (which means he fits perfectly into our family). But when you are 17 and a dog? Sometimes you have accidents.


It’s hard getting older (I know Buddy, I know).

Because of all those accidents? We had to replace the rug in this space. Just between us—I’d rather have Buddy than any rug in the entire world—especially when rugs are replaceable and Buddy is not.

So I found a new rug for the space.

And now?

The office looks like this.

// blue and white rug // white spindle chair // blue and white curtains (similar) // these blue and white curtains are so beautiful //

Here’s the new room.

I LOVE the rug so much. It actually grounds the room a little more and makes the desk blend in. The older rug had a lot of white and it was easier to see the stains.


I think this rug is a little busier so hopefully it will hide stains better.

A blue and white patterned rug with intricate designs on a wooden floor.

// blue and white rug // white spindle chair //

Here’s a closer look at the pattern in the rug.

It’s the prettiest damask and it’s stain-resistant (which is AMAZING).

And so affordable, too. It’s on sale right now for 78% off.

You can see the rug here.

Close-up of the rounded spindles of a white wooden chair with a blue patterned rug in the background, focusing on the texture and details of the spindles.

// blue and white rug // white spindle chair //

It may look a little busy in the picture because I pulled the chairs back to let you see the rug more.

The chairs and the desk both help break up the pattern of the rug.

I love, love, LOVE these chairs so much. They are so fancy with the carved wood spindles.

You can see the chair here.

A cozy living room corner featuring a white bookcase filled with books, a decorative blue and white patterned curtain, and a plush white sofa with blue patterned pillows beside a potted fiddle leaf fig plant.

Both walls of the office are lined with these bookcases from IKEA. You can see the bookcases here. Before I open the doors and show you inside, I wanted to answer a few of the questions I was asked about the bookcases:

  • They are the standard BILLY bookcases from IKEA
  • The bookcases come in separate parts–the doors, the bookcases and the upper units are separate
  • You purchase each separately and then put them together
  • We did attach them to the wall (there are instructions on how to do this with the units)
  • We have two bookcase units on one side and three bookcase units on the other side
  • There are two adjustable shelves inside each bookcase

And when you open the bookcases?

Here’s how I have the inside of them organized.

A neatly organized white closet with labeled white baskets and white file holders containing various items, flanked by shelves of books on the top.

Here are the storage baskets that I ordered for the space.

I LOVE THEM so much. I ordered two sets of them (and I may order one more set of them when I fill the two sets up).

They come in different colors and have lids and measure 10.4 x 7.3 x 5.1 inches and there are little holes in the side to let the contents breathe and they are affordable and they are on sale right now.

You can see them here.

I also used this stand-up file folder organizer for my files.

Close-up of a brass clip attached to a white binder, holding papers with printed text, on a wooden table background.
A close-up of a white storage bin with a label that reads "stumps". the bin has a pattern of small holes and a slightly raised lid.

To each of the bins, I added these clip-on gold labels. Mine are sold out, but here are some that are similar.

They just slid over the side of the bins and I added labels to the front. I was going to print off fonts on clear labels but I didn’t have time.

Here are some of the things I’m storing in the bins:

    • labels
    • markers
    • stamps
    • photo supplies
    • tape
    • notebooks
    • scissors
    • chargers

    A bright, neatly decorated interior with a white and blue patterned wall, a small potted plant, and brass accessories on a mantle, beside a window overlooking greenery.

    An organized drawer containing office supplies, including scissors, sticky notes, labels, tapes, and black pens.

    Inside the drawers of the desk?

    I have these plastic desk organizers that fit perfectly in the drawers.

    I got these organizers at IKEA, but you could also use these drawer organizers that I used to organize my kitchen drawers.

    These gold scissors are part of a nine-piece office set that I ordered.

    A transparent acrylic model demonstrating light refraction, with a gold coin appearing shifted inside the model, placed on a blue surface with a blue backdrop.

    Here’s the stapler that’s part of the set.

    It also includes a beautiful tape dispenser, a staple remover, a ruler, a pencil holder, a stapler and tons more.

    You can see the entire nine-piece set here.

    Glass jars with gold lids, one containing paper clips and another larger jar with rubber bands, set against a white background.

    To hold office supplies like binder clips and paper clips and push pins, I found this set of acrylic apothecary jars with gold lids.

    Then I decorated the bookcases with them.

    You can see the acrylic apothecary jars here.

    Two colorful floral paintings hanging on a white wall, framed by blue and white patterned curtains on either side, with a small gold light fixture above the top painting.

    A bright living room with large windows draped in blue patterned curtains, a matching blue rug, floral artwork, white upholstered chairs, and a wooden desk.

    A close-up of a delicate white ceramic flower resting on a blue book, with a blurred background of a light-colored room setting.

    // similar white flower //

    A stylish tote bag with a metallic silver finish and bright pink floral patterns, accented with brown leather straps and decorative tassels, stands on a white chair against a blue patterned rug.  

    Isn’t it amazing how a new office gives you a brand-new perspective?

    I was SO productive last week and I think I owe it all to the office.

    Work has never looked so cute….

    …or been so MUCH FUN. 🙂

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    1. Image for Tracey Hokanson Tracey Hokanson

      If Buddy is a male dog, you can get doggy diapers that will catch the urine. We had a 15 year old golden who also started having accidents and I was so appreciative when the vet finally mentioned these diapers we could use. We got the washable ones and just changed them out when they were wet. Those golden years are so special albeit trying at times with our dogs.

    2. Image for Carol Carol

      As always, beautiful and helpful posts. I love that white flower - looking thing. Please tell me where you can buy or make it. Have a great day!!

    3. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

      I bet Buddy loves his new rug! Rugs come and go but doggy love is “ furever ”! Our Peyton was 16 1/2 when he left a hole in our hearts! Keep replacing rugs! I LOVE this room now… and you KNOW I love the art work! More pink please! Flowers on the desk, pink in pillows on the chairs… You always amaze me with your enthusiasm and positivity! Happy weekend! I think you go to Chi O this weekend! I was a Phi MU mom and I know the fashion pressure! Maybe it’s a “ southern thing”!😁❤️

    4. Image for Sally Jo Sally Jo

      I agree with Janette “shows what love can do” ! When our dog Renni reached 14 we made adjustments in our home for her. We switched to rugs that were washable. The new rug looks great!!

    5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

      KariAnne, The rug is beautiful. The room looks so pretty, as always. Love all the details. And yes, Buddy is family. And family sometimes make messes. From kids, adults to family pets, we make messes at times. But the messes we make, are soon forgetten, but kind words and actions are always remembered. Buddy is one lucky family member and so are all of you for his love and devotion all these years. If love could keep them alive, many pets would live forever.

    6. Image for Diana Diana

      Everything looks so cute and cheerful. The new rug is amazing and Buddy will try to do better. The storage choices are good for stuff and who doesn't have a bunch of that.

    7. Image for Dauphine Dauphine

      KariAnne I found the best thing for pet accidents and it really does what it says. The product is called Furry Freshness and you can order it on line. I found that if I follow the instructions I have no odor or stains. Dauphine

    8. Image for LeAnne LeAnne

      What a sweet boy! And I absolutely love that new rug. I love how it coordinates with the curtains and makes the desk blend in more. I would never have the courage to mix patterns like that, but this looks amazing together. Way to go! Enjoy your "new" space!

    9. Image for Marci Marci

      Belly bands, they were quite handy with our old dog….I got some off Amazon that you can wash just like baby diapers with Velcro fasteners. Didn’t think they would work but they were great! You have to go back to a diaper pail but it ended up being very economical! LOVE the new rug!

    10. Image for MaryJo Materazo MaryJo Materazo

      Oh you’re so lucky Buddy has made it to 17. That’s amazing! Keep loving on him. The rug looks fabulous and thanks for letting us peek at some of your office details. Everything is perfection. Perfect space to make your magic happen. XO- MaryJo

    11. Image for Rizae Rizae

      I put pee pads under our rug! Our Daisy Mae-Mae has little dribbles so we just put pads under all the rugs and use our green machine for a quick and easy carpet/rug clean up. The pads save our hardwoods and are easy to replace as needed. I buy the ones for humans! Bigger and more durable. I love the new rug and the spindle chairs are gorgeous! Big Hugs,

    12. Image for Crystal Crystal

      Awww poor Buddy - I understand this so well. Our little Mia so far can make it outside but goodness she is like me and has to go a million times a day! Haha! With regard to your office - wow! You always inspire me. Your office is so fresh, lively yet relaxing and so darn beautiful! Your photography is spectacular. I so want to be able to take photos like you. My exterior photos are ok, but I just cannot get good interior shots. Do you use a DSLR?


      KariAnne, your new rug is beautiful and looks so nice in your office! Buddy is so precious and I know how much he is loved by all of you! Just enjoy your precious Buddy and wipe up the carpet as best you can! I sure miss our little dog since she went to "Doggie Heaven". Enjoy your weekend!

    14. Image for Linda Linda

      I looked at the rug. Very pretty ! Looked at the book cases. Loved them too. Looked at the desk drawers so smart of idea for all the office things. I slowly scrolled down looking at everything. And I thought now Buddy will be the last picture. Awwww where was Buddy ? I love Buddy. And would love to see him more. Merlin is 13 and Scobbee is 7. Both Golden Retrievers. I had a mixed breed who lived to be almost 19 named Nike. We do love our furbabies. ❤️❤️🐕🐕. Very pretty room. Almost as pretty and sweet as you.

      1. Image for Linda Linda

        O your so sweet. Thank you. Buddy sounds like Merlin. He doesn’t like his picture taken either. Thanks again. He’s adorable ❤️🐕

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