This post was written in collaboration with Window World.

family room farmhouse style

It’s here.

If you’ve followed along for the last couple of months, you’ve seen the before of the windows (yikes) and then I collected tips from you on what to look for when buying windows and then I went and visited the store and actually chose the windows and today we are window measuring and ordering the windows (insert a dozen exclamation points).

Double hung, 4000 series windows with dual tilt latches and a locking screen.


It’s like a window soap opera.

With a really happy ending.

Ordering Windows

Enter the hero of our window measuring story.

This is Mike. Mike is the Window World of Paducah store owner.

He knows more than anyone that I’ve ever met about windows.  If there was a Jeopardy category for windows he would win hands down.

Window World Charity

And he’s funny.

And nice.

And he arrived on time (thanks for showing me my time is important Window World).

Then he measured my windows and answered every single question I had.

Measuring process

I asked about energy efficiency.

He told me about the solar zone package.

I asked about the gas between the panels and he explained that argon was 10 times heavier and acts as a blanket for my windows and blocks the heat and cold transfer and saves me money on my electric bills.

I asked about direct sunlight and he explained the windows would help to prevent fading my almost 100-year-old floors.


He helped me order custom exterior trim to match the other existing windows in the home.

He told me Window World was ranked No. 1 Replacement Contractor in Remodeling magazine’s Top 550 for the seventh year in a row and its window products have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for nine consecutive years.

And when my questions were answered, he measured once….

….and then measured again.


And took notes and showed me the contract and explained the window replacement process, the time frame and that my windows would be here in six to eight weeks.

I can’t wait for the windows to arrive.


I know they are going to be beautiful and provide the perfect cross-breeze with the porch door on the opposite side of the house.  I am truly amazed at how easy the process was and I want to say thank you to all of you and Mike for all the advice about the whole window process.  I know I made an awesome decision about the best windows for my space….

….thanks to my nice, funny, on-time, Jeopardy would-be winner Window World professional. 🙂


PS  And then a couple of days later a letter arrived in my mailbox from a rock star.

Thanks, Mike.

You and Window World make a great team. 🙂

This post was written in collaboration with Window World.

All opinions on windows are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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  1. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    That's awesome, Miz karianne! I know how excited you must be to finally move ahead on this project. We have a Window World dealer about 30 miles from us and if and when I need some, they're my intended go to guys! I would HATE to have to do without tilt-in Windows....I've been spoiled, I mean BLESSED, with them for too long!

  2. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Oh my. I haven't heard the word Paducah in such a long time. I lived across the river in Missouri from Paducah and would shop their often. I had no idea you lived close to that area. I miss that area and loved driving from the Miss/Ohio bridges to Paducah through all that beautiful farm land. Seeing the tobacco barns full of hanging leaves. Back to your story........LOL........I know you will love those windows. I've had tilt in windows before and they really make it easy to clean. Very efficient too.

  3. Image for k sunday k sunday

    hello Kerianne, we had window world of davenport ia last august do all of the windows in our home, I cant tell you how many times I have said how happy I am. The installers were very professional and fast my husband is thrilled he doesn't have to paint exterior windows anymore! money well spent. I am sure you will be pleased. K Sunday

  4. Image for Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    Good morning KariAnne, I know it's a happy day at your house getting your windows measured...but just wait till they start installing them! It will be a Really Happy Day! We put in 17 windows ourselves in our fixer upper and I can TRULY appreciate ALL the hard work they will be doing! You are going to be THRILLED to wash windows...well, maybe that's going a little too far... Everyone...don't forget to vote for KariAnne's Imagination Room so she can win the Frog Tape contest... Find the details a few posts back about The Really Big Favor... Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Image for Gee Gee

    Hello :) We just had the pleasure of Window World installers in our home yesterday. They replaced ALL the windows . It was an all day affair, but well worth it. They came in about 8ish and went to town. I can't say enough about how amazing they were. Professional , polite and efficient. PLUS they cleaned up as they went. Did I say amazing?! I am beyond pleased!!! Our new windows are beautiful! I know you will too.

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    Yay new windows! I purchased a new window blind today and made the woman who was cutting it to size measure twice ... so nice that Mike did it without being asked. :)

  7. Image for Susan Susan

    WOW..."double hung, 4000 series windows with dual tilt latches and a locking screen" sounds like some serious windows business right there! Bet you'll even be able to drive 'em! :) Seriously, this is going to make your life soooooo much easier with the tilt in option...and it's just going to feel soooooo much better to have brand spankin' new windows that light up your space just as you envisioned! I can't wait to see how the room sings once they're in there! I do soooooo love a window soap opera with a happy ending! We can call it, "As the Window Tilts". :)

  8. Image for emily bennette emily bennette

    I like that you pointed out that argon was a think in windows that will help keep heat in the home. It seems like it would be smart to choose a window that does have good insulation. That way, you aren't losing money because of the window.

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