twins imagination room

I remember the day the twins were born.

I remember words like extremely premature and fetal distress and incubator and monitor and oxygen stats.

I remember watching their ballerina toes dance across the top of the cribs in the NICU.

I remember waiting and worrying and hoping and praying and calling the hospital every night to see if they had gained even the tiniest of grams.

And I remember the day we got the paper worth more than gold.

painting a sign

If only.

If only I had known in the middle of the darkest hour the joy that was waiting just around the corner.

And that they would grow up to be healthy.

And strong.

And full of giggles and laughter and conversation and the not to be overlooked ever-important knowledge of the words to every Taylor Swift song.

letter sign

They are growing up before my eyes, these tiny golden-haired ballerinas of mine.

They have opinions on hairstyles and Disney channel shows and Hallmark movies and colors that they like and how they want their rooms to be decorated.

I understand.

I get it.

I started decorating my own Laura-Ashley wallpapered room right about their age and I thought it might be fun to have them create something of their own for their space.

Enter the over-sized wood typography sign.

painted wood sign

They painted it for the wall going up the stair case to their craft room.

We started the sign project by cutting a 4 feet long by 2 feet wide piece of plywood.

If it’s a little overwhelming to cut the boards on your own, you can always have them cut the plywood to size at the home improvement store.

Next, we stained 1″ x 2″ boards and then cut and added them as a frame around the sign

how to paint a wood sign

Next, we primed it and painted it white.

Then we took a set of chipboard letters from the craft store.

Chipboard letters are usually found in the scrap booking section of the craft store and come in packs of letters and numbers and punctuation marks.  You can find them in upper case and lower case and in different sizes and fonts.

diy wood sign

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the lettering.

We flipped the letters this way and that way and upside down and right side up and put small ones next to big ones next to the punctuation marks.

Each letter we traced with a pencil, leaving an outline of the letter on the sign.

painting a wood sign

And then the painting began.

Letter after letter filled in with different colors of paint until the sign was filled in.

We let the paint dry (you could also add a top coat here of Polycrilic to seal it) and then it was hung on the wall to great applause and fanfare.

painted wood sign DIY

When it was done, I stood at the top of the stairs and looked at the sign that they had created…..

….and realized they are spreading their wings.

And growing up.

And writing new chapters in their story.

Day by day.

Line by line…..

….and letter by letter. 🙂


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  1. Image for Terri Terri

    Tears of joy (I know, kinda weird) because they grow so fast (mine is 31!). I know you are enjoying every minute, Karianne. Have you read "18 summers" by the Nester? This is so true. Love the project and those girls are so blessed to have a special room to hang out in!

  2. Image for Kayden Kayden

    Honestly, how can you allow those baby ballerinas to grow up?!! They are turning into beautiful young women; but still your ballerinas. Watching that happen is entrancing, isn't it?

  3. Image for Barbara Barbara

    It's in their genes to be creative and beautiful girls! What a blessing they are! I clicked to read the dancing ballerinas story again- what a fragile time for you all- with a wonderful ending:)!

  4. Image for Sandra Sandra

    Such a loving and lovely story! You are surely twice blessed. What a fun project too. It reminds me a bit of word clouds (which I love). The complementary pillow looks great with the new artwork! Was this the inspiration for the choice of the letter colors? Sandra

  5. Image for Jan Jan

    And this is truly only the beginning. The amazing and glorious things that will come are not even imaginable. Our children still amaze me, their children now fill my heart to overflow. Thank you for sharing and for a reminder to enjoy each and every moment. Life is dancing along, way too quickly!

  6. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Time slow down... Our babies grow up way too fast don't they? I am doing a Snoopy dance over here because I am sooooo tracing a huge chipboard letter for a sign now! XOXO Lisa

  7. Image for Dolores Dolores

    Beautiful story, beautiful daughters! What type of paint are you using? It almost looks like watercolor. Love it.

  8. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne, rest assured that no matter how big they get or how old they become, they will always be your tiny little ballerinas! I know this to be a fact. My daughter, a mere whisp of a precious and tiny little girl, will be 50 on July 29th, but she's still my precious baby girl! And my favorite daughter to boot! hahah, of course I only have one daughter, but that's beside the point. LOL They did an awesome job on that board. It would be kinda neat to intentionally "hide" words in that....

  9. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    oh, oh. You're making me cry. They do grow up and it's amazing but bittersweet at the same time. They will always be your babies, the trick is to let them grow up and treat them as such. :o) My baby girl is 26 and she's amazing and I sometimes just can't stand it that she's out of the house and on her own. sigh. But....then again, she's this amazing young woman and I'm so proud of her. I love the sign. It's a perfect touch for the stair wall. Thanks for sharing your stories. They are what make reading your blog a pleasure. (And you have awesome photos. :D) hugs, Cecilia

  10. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    WOW,,great history of your twins. My twin grandsons were premies. One was 1 1/5 lb and the other 3 lb. I can relate to your story for sure. They are really beautiful girls! Love the letter sign and the colors.

  11. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    I know just why the good Lord chose you to raise these beautiful babies. It's because he knew you would appreciate every second and would do such a good job. Not sure who's the more fortunate, you or the twins.

  12. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Isn't it amazing to watch them grow? I remember at 20 weeks I went into early labor. The ER doctor told me to go home and wait for the aborted pregnancy. I cried all the way home. Then I got angry and determined and prayed and prayed. Today my daughter is 19 years old and left yesterday for an 8-week study abroad program in Beiijing....God works in strange ways but your story brought tears of joy to my eyes...Your girls are just beautiful and so are you.

  13. Image for Susan Susan

    What a harrowing time you went through when these two beautiful ballerinas were born...that is something that no parent should have to endure...but, with strength and a lot of faith and love, you got through it...and so did your babies...and now, looking back on that frightening time serves to show you just how blessed you are and how you must savour every is a lesson you not only learned, but one you excel in, KariAnne! And what a great project you've created the idea of it and love the colours...and your babies definitely have your talent for creating beautiful things...they must also have very steady hands to be able to paint like that...I'd have paint every which way...brava to you all for a job most gorgeously done!

  14. Image for Toni Toni

    Ohh... Sorry, wiping Mommy tears. Beautiful girls, story, room and of course the sign. (My baby is 18, and having a hard time with the "spreading the wings". )

  15. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I know how you feel. Sometime you can look at your kids and think Thank you Lord -- they are so perfect. Sometimes the very wonder gets to me -- how was it that I was so blessed?? But I thank God daily and pray that my kids guardian angels watch over them. Love the colors in the room. Gorgeous!!

  16. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Just when you think this room can not get any better- enter the Twinthistles! I think they have inherited some of your talents. This is so perfect in every way, it leads the way into their space with style and ties everything together beautifully. Thank-you for this lovely heartfelt post. You brighten everyday by sharing so much love and joy.

  17. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Love those sweet thistles and their creative sign! And I loved reading the ballerina and rooming in stories again. Precious. So thankful for their miraculous journey and a wonderful mom cheering each of their steps along the way.

  18. Image for Greca Greca

    Our Juno just turned five yesterday and boy did her birthday remind us of the anxious wait we had for her! You bring your home improvements alive..lovely.

  19. Image for Brandy Low Brandy Low

    Hi friend, A few years ago the very first post I ever read of yours was your story of your twins and all you walked through. Someone very close to me was walking that same road and I shared your words and your hope. It sustained and encouraged her through some very scary times. God is good and your girls are beautiful. I love seeing their wings unfold.

  20. Image for Michele Michele

    Neat sign, neat daughters, neat momma and AMAZING photography! Man, girl you have gotten so danged good over the years! Well done, as always! Hugs! ♥

  21. Image for Allison Allison

    I am so making this!!! So pretty! Your girls are creative like their momma! The 2'x4' is probably a little heavy, what did you use to hang it?

  22. Image for Barb Settles Barb Settles

    How well I recognize those feelings! This May our two oldest granddaughters graduated from high school! How has the time just flown by? So, I am cherishing every moment that I get to spend with my 8 year old granddaughter, realizing how very precious each moment is.

  23. Image for Mindy Whipple Mindy Whipple

    Beautiful sign - beautiful story. My niece has twins (a boy and a girl). He was just 2 pounds and she was under 2. They were SO tiny yet SO perfect. Lots of prayers prayed over them and now they are 1 and a half year old toddlers who run around the house saying their current favorite words, "Uh-oh". I have a feeling there are a lot of uh-oh's in the house : ) There is much more to the story but suffice it to say God is faithful. Oh, so faithful.

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