Two months ago I was at a yard sale.

Don’t you love a story that starts out like that?

I was wearing yoga pants and a messy bun and something that almost resembled a robe and these big floppy shoes because I only planned on taking the twins to school.  I was just driving to school and back first thing in the morning.  I wasn’t going to get out of the car.

But then?

I saw the yard sale sign.

What is an almost robe-wearing, floppy shoe, messy bun person with yesterday’s eyeliner supposed to do?

I had to go.

What if I missed something?

And I was right.

I might have missed this window.  It showed up with its reclaimed wood self and its chips and its flaws and its world-weary patina.  And the best part?

It brought a friend.

Here it is in all its yard sale glory.

And then?

It sat in my room with its friend for two months waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.  Have you ever had a yard sale find like that?  You are all about it.  You pay $10 and you pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you are amazing.  And then you bring it home and it just sits there.

Waiting for you to be inspired.

This is a find-a-window-at-a-yard-sale-solution-post PSA.

If you have a window or an architectural piece or even a mirror or an over-sized frame and you have no idea what to do with it.

This is the post for you.

Here is one reclaimed wood window four different ways.

Option 1:  Hang a flower basket

This is a basket that I got at a local boutique.

It has a rope handle that is tied on either side.

I simply hung it in the middle of the frame and added fresh flowers to it.

If you want to use fresh flowers, simply add a tiny vase full of water inside.  If you like faux flowers (which just between us are looking more and more real every day), simply add the flowers and hang.

Here are some close-ups of the flower basket.

Option 2:  Hang a sign

If you want to add a little character to your window, layer in a sign in the center.

I’m a little bit partial to this sign.

It came from my product line.

You could also layer in another window on top.

Or another architectural piece.

Or something else that you come up with because you are full to the brim with amazingness.

Option 3:  Hang a plate

This is almost an arranged yard sale marriage.

You know I am all about whiteware.

I buy it at almost every yard sale I go to.

I love the white against the reclaimed wood.

I love how the reclaimed wood picks up the vase full of wood slices.

An oval platter might work as well.

Or even a series of plates.

Option 4:  add a wreath

This is such a simple option, but so pretty.

The boxwood wreath makes the wood pop.

It might look pretty hanging from a ribbon, too.

So there you have it.

An almost robe-wearing, floppy shoe, messy bun person with yesterday’s eyeliner.

A reclaimed wood window.

A yard sale.

And a happily-ever-after.

And now?

Are you curious which option I ended up deciding on?

My lips are sealed.

You’ll have to stop by the house for sweet tea. 🙂

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  1. Image for Deedra Deedra

    Love your window!! I live too far away to stop in for you must tell me. I promise I won't breathe a word!

  2. Image for Loris Lutke Loris Lutke

    I do so hope you chose the rope basket with the fresh flowers! Your home is amazing! I love the way you decorate! I wish I had your talent! May I ask you what are your absolute favorite paint colors and are these particular colors in your home already?

  3. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I like all four options. Aren’t options one of the best things in life?! FYI if you have a plate or platter with a good glaze-don’t do this with a crackled plate- you can use it like a dry erase board! You can write on it & change it at will. I think a cute decorative mirror would look good on the window too. And you found the perfect place for the window!

  4. Image for Rachel Going Rachel Going

    Oh, I just love a good yard sale story and one with options at that! I guess I'll just have to wait until you can't keep the secret any longer and tell us which option you chose. In the mean time, I'll go have some sweet tea.

  5. Image for Barbara Schneider Barbara Schneider

    Hi, I am coming over at lunch...…..You have got to show me! By the way, I like chicken salad sandwiches with my sweet tea! Love ya friend! Have a Sun Shiny Day! It's going to be a gorgeous one!

  6. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I'm on team Boxwood Wreath, too. Wouldn't it be nice if they would infuse artificial boxwood with actual boxwood fragrance? I love to visit landscaping places in the spring and just wave my hands over the boxwoods . . . that's right up there with straightening the shelves a a book store! ;) Way to yard-sale, friend!

  7. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, my goodness! I love them all and if it were me—I would switch it up and use them all! That cute sign!❤️ And my heart is always happy with a wreath. It brings life where it goes...keep stopping for yard sales. And I dare you to put a cute photo of you with your messy bun and robe stopping in your next book!!😂

  8. Image for Nita Nita

    I love the wreath and the basket with rope handle. Plate would be too plain and the sign too white. My friend stopped in at a yard sale, bought a perfectly square windown frame (not large) that was divided into four equal parts inside. So they added mirrors and now use it in their half bath. It's beautiful. Many things to do with them and yours is very pretty.

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    The timing on this project couldn't be better. Thank you, thank you, Karianne! We are having a short but sweet taste of Spring here in CNY, after a week of wind chilled Polar Vortex, and my mind is abuzz with things I want to tackle. Especially the upstairs North facing window at the end of my landing/hallway. It looks directly into my neighbors' siding, gets no sun and no matter what curtains , blinds and whatever else I have tried, it just looks sad. Now I am inspired to try hanging a wooden window frame with a boxwood or forsythia wreath over the existing window. I can just see it, now to make it real, lol.

    1. Image for Kathy Kathy

      Great idea! I hung an old weathered shutter over a glass block window in the master bath of our Georgia home. It was a square shutter that sat on the window sill and did not cover all the glass. So, it let the light in, provided privacy and covered most of those ugly glass blocks!

  10. Image for Mary Kaiser Mary Kaiser

    Love them all, but would have to claim the wreath one my favorite. I will send you my address so you can send me your garage sale find and the wreath. I have a perfect place for them and will send you pictures so you can keep touch with them while they are hanging around with me!! LOL Love this post alot!!

  11. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Love the wicker basket, with the sweet flowers!! So many ways to change it up with the seasons, or special occasions❤️ Any chance I might be right!?!?!?!?!?

  12. Image for Cynde Cynde

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, as I was reading this post a light bulb went on!!! I have an old ironing board that I took apart and made a cute laundry room sign which also holds some vintage hangers, but sad thing, I have all the legs and cross pieces left. What to do, what to do??? Make a window frame!!!!! Thank you for your wonderful blog, I enjoy it so much!!!

  13. Image for Lorri Lorri

    I love the wreath idea....Im thinking a real boxwood wreath would be the best ever!!! I also love the wicker basket as well. You pick out the cutest baskets 😆

  14. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, I believe that rotating all the options would be the best solution. That way you can say oh this is a wreath week or let’s go with the plate now! Keep your options fun!

  15. Image for Susan Susan

    I vote for the wicker basket with flowers. But am I missing something? You said it came with a friend, who or what was the friend?

  16. Image for Linda Chauvin Linda Chauvin

    Can’t believe no one asked about your quote sign. It’s YOUR quote!! Can anyone use it if they also use your name? I think you may choose that one....with a big ole boxwood wreath nestling around it.

  17. Image for Lynn Lynn

    I like all the options. I'm just curious to know what was the friend that came with the window? Was it the basket sitting on the floor under it?

  18. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    The basket (on the floor) goes under the window frame!!! or is it just me??? And you chose the one with the fresh daisies!!! as you are ready for spring!!!Lol

  19. Image for Helen Helen

    Australia a bit far to pop by but I am thinking either the wreath or the plate. As a quilter it would look great with a mini quilt framed inside.

  20. Image for Shelia Shelia

    Love your little window Karianne! You could wrap it in burlap ribbon and then loop those wooden beads with heart on the ends and hang them off that crossbar piece about 4 of them so they dangle down low to fill up some of that empty space in the lower half of the window. Then make a red and cream buffalo check ribbon and attach it in the center of the top horizontal bar. I like your idea with the wreath on it best but that’s been so overdone on every farmhouse decor blog. Maybe hang the boxwood on it where you had it then get some miniature grapevine wreaths and some skinny satin ribbon and tie them where they dangle down from the crossbar to once again fill up that visually empty space in the bottom half of the frame. Just a couple of simple ideas. I’m always amazed at the stuff you find and choose at these garage sales, lol! Things like window frames look good with your decor. They’d totally stick out like a sore thumb in mine. Can’t wait to figure out what my style is with your help. When does the FB group start and what’s the name of it so I can put it on my groups list. Please let me know, I don’t want to miss it!!! 😁

  21. Image for Donna Donna

    Option 1 looks the best to my eyes, but the post was a fun one. (I have always wondered about "pajama pants" moms, never the other gender in the school drop-off line. Not saying I am judging, seriously. I am in my own backyard with my robe whenever the spirit moves me to do so.) Many of us will be on our way to look for a similar wicker basket & those wood slice stems at Hobby Lobby. I have a porch door to decorate & an old window in it to hide. Thanks for the cheer & for keeping it real.


    Love all the ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have several old window frames....some for over 30 years :) My mom painted a landscape scene for one (so it looks like you are looking out into a beautiful garden in the English countryside) and another has a mirror. Have loved them for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Image for JoAnn McMillan JoAnn McMillan

    I like the boxwood wreath the best. Do you remember where you bought the wreath? I need one for a vintage window my son found for me.

  24. Image for MaryS MaryS

    I choose the wreath AND the basket... I have both... just no little window. I want to put out a wreath now (raining here) but the birds think it's for them! Won't let them stop me tho. So here goes...

  25. Image for Tracey Tracey

    I love this! I found an old door at a local decor shop a few months ago. I just asked how much it cost. My husband frowned. What are you going to do with it he asked. Well I don’t know but I’m just asking about it. We came home without the door, but if I go back without the husband I just might come back with an old door or window or something

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