When I was researching projects for this post, I discovered a few things.

1.  I did not have that many projects this year.

I couldn’t believe it when I checked.

What the what?

I am the project queen.  I did tons of projects around the house, I just didn’t document them.

2.  I decided we all need more projects.  So in the new year, I make a solemn vow to share the projects I create.

3.  And that led me to the question–what types of projects are you interested in?

What would you like me to share how to do.

4.  I also decided we all need more organizing.  I was organizing the coffee mug cabinet the other day and when it was finished and cute and made my heart happy…

…I thought why don’t I share more stuff like this on the blog.

Spoiler alert.

2019 is all about organizing and DIY projects.

Oh….and decorating.

And stories.

It’s going to be a good year.

And before we get started on 2019, let’s take a look back at my favorite top 10 projects of 2018.

Simple idea to make a bookcase cuter

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How to create a piece of art in under a minute

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Simple DIY pom pom pillow

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Simple DIY Pinecone Wreath

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Mini barn door project

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Faux Wood Covered Books

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Book page decorating ideas

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Built-ins from pre-made cabinets

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Easy simple idea for wall art

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And the number one project post?

The one you all wanted to know more about and e-mailed me and messaged me with dozens of questions?

This one.

How to make drop cloth curtains

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Happy Project New Year

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  1. Image for beverlee lyons beverlee lyons

    I am with you. Organizing and big time clean out. We have retired from doing art/craft shows, and I have stuff.....STUFF. Big stuff, all kinds of most of it is going. If you want it, I probably have it. So, I am with you. Asking for and needing help in the most desperate way. I also have a tiny condo. Help is what I will be looking for. You are the one I would trust.... Thank you. beverlee

    1. Image for june june

      Beverlee, Check with your local elementary schools, daycares and preschools. They all operate on such tight budgets I would be surprised if they turned you down on craft supplies. Possibly even your local YMCA could use them. If you have overage from a tile project...smooth tiles make great paint pallets for the art department. Happy organizing.

      1. Image for Ann C Ann C

        I would add local nursing homes. I cleaned out my collection of snowmen and Santas and was pleased with how excited the lady at the nursing home was to receive them. She said they had a dollar auction coming up as well as they would make great bingo prizes!

        1. Image for june june

          Great idea Ann! I have done a lot of work with many wonderful senior centers out there too. For those of you who have yarn...many senior centers having do charity knitting and crocheting. They need yarn that is from smoke free homes too.

  2. Image for Donnie Donnie

    Yay, this is the year I want to seriously take back my home from all the stuff. Love the way, you think, it is inspiring! Looking forward to getting started!

  3. Image for Jo Ann Jo Ann

    Tanks to you sweetest blogger I am pursuing the making of the needlework manger scene you had on your blog before Christmas, a wedding present from your grandmother. What a treasure you have. Is she still alive? What year do you think she made this? Happy Anniversary and here’s to 2019. Cheers!

  4. Image for Rev. Suzanne Rev. Suzanne

    I'm so looking forward to your projects and organizing and decorating blogs for 2019! I need some inspiration, and you have it in abundance. I will come to you, the provider of amazing ideas, to find renewed energy and drive to get things done. At 70, I need a boost!

  5. Image for Ann C Ann C

    All your changes in your home have seemed like projects to me. Looking forward to all you do in this next year. My only advice (not requested) is to not take on too much. Enjoy your family and life, we your loving fans, will survive with a nice peek in once and awhile.

  6. Image for Mary S Mary S

    Organizing! YES.... I could use your guidance. And tell me where you got those matching white frame fiures in the bathroom where you put some greenery on the wire mesh?? I'm remodeling a bathroom and they would be a great addition. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Image for Jeannine Decious Jeannine Decious

    I just read up on the drop cloth curtains. I think you solved my problem for curtains. I don't want to spend a lot of money on them as the hubby retires in 2 years and we are moving! Yay! New beginnings, I am jazzed about. I'm definitely implementing several of your techniques in our new home.

  8. Image for Pat Pat

    Your built-ins on the landing was one of my favorite projects, in fact I was so inspired that we did the same on our landing, and I love the extra storage and it looks great. Thanks, wonder what we will be inspired to recreate this year? xo Pat

  9. Image for Kris Kris

    KariAnne, I think you did more than enough this year! Life has different phases and 2018 was your year of change. Be gentle with yourself. That being said .... many of us live in small homes--ways to maximize storage would be great to post on!

  10. Image for Tania Tania

    My favorite is the book page leaf garland, so cool! I would love more small, repurposing type projects in 2019 but whatever you decide to share I'm sure everyone will love! Tania

  11. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    KariAnne ~ Hope your Christmas was Merry and Blessed! I know we will love ~ and probably “need!” ~ anything you choose to share! I’ve gotten a great start on de-cluttering and organizing while preparing for Christmas guests, so I’m ready to go! Your posts are all wonderful in my mind ~ I fill my email files, saving my favorites of your projects for the future! Thankfully our carrier recently increased our storage, so I have tons more room: bring it all on! p.s. I really want to make your drop cloth curtains/drapes, too! We have two bedrooms with a huge need for privacy, as their windows face a fair amount of traffic ... (and *inexpensive* for multiples is always a good thing!)

  12. Image for PJ PJ

    Happy New Year to you, KariAnne! I am on an organizing and decluttering spree this week and even worked on the dreaded crafts closet. So far I have three bags of giveaways for the local charity shop, and I have only just begun. Your posts this year have been delightful. It is hard to choose a favorite, but I have loved your stories of returning to your childhood home. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Image for Carrie Carrie

    moving from a 2800 sq. foot townhouse to my grandparents-in-law 1000 sq. foot brick ranch has pushed me into organizing overload....SO! I am beyond thrilled you are letting me come sit with you on the 2019 journey!!! AND, I've already bought the drop cloths and will be hanging them as privacy screens in the basement because along with some major square footage gone, I also lost a bedroom!! But, moving into his grandparents home they built themselves and seeing the love in my husbands eyes when he moves around the property makes me believe I can figure it out....with YOUR help. Happy New Year!!!

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