Can I tell you how happy I am that you are here?

Just between us?

Don’t tell the other readers…

….but you’re my favorite.



The one with the coffee or the fruit or the diet coke or the blueberry muffin.

I just wanted to say thank you for showing up for spring refresh week.

Monday was all about the living room.

Tuesday was all about the kitchen.

And today?

Today we are in the blue and white dining room. I found the CUTEST, affordable find for the dining room that I mix and match with everything.

Can you guess what it is?

//blue and white dish set//

I have been on the hunt for plain blue and white plates that I can use to layer in the dining room. I have so many different blue and white plates that I’ve collected at yard sales and I needed a common pattern to tie them all together.

And this set?

It’s perfectly perfect.

The ENTIRE set is under $40 and it comes with dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs and the blue goes with all different types of blues.

You can see it here.

//table runner//similar dishes//gold silverware//blue and white set//

To show you exactly what I mean, here’s the dinner plate layered with a patterned plate.

I bought the patterned plates at a yard sale, but I found a super similar pattern here.

The monogrammed linens came from Paddock Threads.

//table runner//similar dishes//blue and white planters//blue and white set//


//dining room rug// blue and white striped chairs// blue and white curtains //table runner //

Here’s the entire dining room ready for summer.

There are more patterns in this room than I can count and the classic set of blue and white plates that I just got makes it all work.

I kept the table simple with just a runner instead of a patterned table cloth that would compete with all the blue and white dishes.

//table runner//similar dishes//gold silverware//blue and white set//

//dining room rug// blue and white striped chairs// blue and white curtains //table runner //

//table runner//similar dishes//gold silverware//blue and white set//

Last time I shared the blue and white planters, y’all almost bought them out.

They are the best find.

They come in a set of three and the entire set is under $40.

//table runner//similar dishes//gold silverware//blue and white set//

//table runner//similar dishes//gold silverware//blue and white set//

//dining room rug// blue and white striped chairs// blue and white curtains //table runner //

There are so many amazing blue and white patterned dishes out there on the market right now. You can hunt for them at yard sales like me or thrift stores or Amazon has tons of great inexpensive dishes (and the cutest melamine sets). I just filled my Amazon shop with tons of blue and white finds.

You can see them here.

//table runner//similar dishes//gold silverware//blue and white set//

//dining room rug// blue and white striped chairs// blue and white curtains //table runner //

My dining room is so full of joy.

It can’t help it. All that pattern. All that color. All that blue and white.

If you have any questions about anything in the space, you can always shop my house here.

Wasn’t that fun?

A little blue and white.

A little spring refresh.

A space that makes me so happy.

And there’s always tomorrow, too.

I can’t WAIT for you to see what I found for the craft room.

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  1. Image for Lynda Lynda

    OMG! Gorgeous. They are so simple but paired with the other plates? Outstanding! Your dining room is just beautiful. I have always loved blue and white.

  2. Image for Connie Connie

    Love your dining room and your blue and white. I have spent my “winter months” in Florida painting my park model trailer inside blue and white. It’s so calming and I love it. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to try something new. Congratulations on your weight loss. I know how difficult and. challenging that can be!

  3. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Love it! Dishes are one of my obsessions. Love mixing and matching. You have made your dining room even more beautiful!

  4. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Good choice! You have found the perfect set to accent all of your blue and white. The table is looking very nice and cheerful. When we bought our home almost 30 years ago it was a model home. It had been designed with green and white in the kitchen, since then we have remodeled, but at that time I found that exact pattern at Williams Sonoma in green and white. We still use them for everyday, in spite of having gazillions of dishes around here.

  5. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I currently don't have much blue in my home, but I have to say I think your dining room is my favorite blue and white room. It is just so well done. Classic but current at the same time. Those new dishes are the perfect choice to use with all your blue and white.

  6. Image for Lori Lori

    Love them! The blue and white looks so fresh and ready for summer. I don't have family to set a table for any longer but I enjoy looking at your beautiful dining room. What wonderful memories to be had there.

  7. Image for Shirley Ruschill Shirley Ruschill

    Love all your posts,all you do and all your comments. Down to earth...practical....thank you!!! From a fellow Texan.....

  8. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Kari, I have always loved your blue and white dining room and the new dishes are perfect to tie everything together. I like this subject of just adding one item to each room to change it up. I have so many things I have collected over the years I just shop my home. Such fun. PS How did you know I was eating a blueberry muffin?😄

  9. Image for Marcia Marcia

    Gosh! Where were you when I was younger and hosted dinners! I learn so much from you. I love how you use the simple white plates with blue trim to bring everything together! I love catching up with you every day! Thanks for all you share of your family and lovely home!

  10. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Lovely! All of it! And you know, I’m all about a good tablescape...and blue and white makes it better. So glad I’m your favorite, even compared to the other Leslie! Hahahahaha Happy Wednesday, friend!

  11. Image for Mary Pat Loos Mary Pat Loos

    I’m slowly turning my home into a “Blue and White” paradise. Thank you for being my inspiration. Curios to know what blue color your candles are and where you purchased them? Thank you

  12. Image for Beverly Beverly

    So much inspiration for my new home! Can you link the rug for me, please! I looked under "Shop my House" but not sure I'm finding this one. Thanks a million!

      1. Image for Karen Karen

        I have had a blue and white dining room for over 30 years due to my large collection of blue willow. It never gets old. What I don't have is your gorgeous rug ! I tried the link but it didn't work. It would be perfect in my room.

  13. Image for Linda Johnston Linda Johnston

    Honestly I thought diner dishes? We have a lot of diners around here but also know it's classic. Love how you paired it with so many great pieces with designs. Beautiful, just beautiful. And affordable!! A real plus for your readers.

  14. Image for Jan Jan

    Silly question. Do you leave your table set in the dining room all the time? When not using it? I’m afraid my 2 x a month cleaning lady would not do well with it.

  15. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    These are the perfect set to match blue and white patterned dishes, I think I need some too, thanks.

  16. Image for Ellicia Ellicia

    I really like your collection of blue and white porcelain. Growing up I watched the Andy Griffith show and I loved Aunt Bea's dinnerware. After I was grown, one day I thought about how much I liked it. So I tracked down the pattern and over time acquired a nice set and I have enjoyed it ever since. There is just something about a sunny side egg on a blue and white plate that makes it taste better.

  17. Image for Kim Kim

    What a beautiful table! I love all the varieties of blue and white. The new set you bought anchors it all so well! Gorgeous room, friend! You always do a great job!!

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