Right now, storms are pouring down buckets out of the skies. Thunder and lightning and wind and rain and are swirling around outside.

No worries. Inside the house? It was warm and cozy and ready for spring. Spring refresh week has been so much fun.

Monday was all about the living room.

Tuesday was all about the kitchen.

Wednesday was all about the dining room.

And today?

Today we are all about a little craft room update. If you are just joining us, my friend Leslie and I are going to go through our entire house this week and refreshing it room by room with a new item for each space.

We’re picking the same type of item, but each of us is going to feature that item in our own style, in our own spaces and I found something for the craft room that brings a little fun to organization.

Can you guess what it is?

These file folders.

Aren’t they the cutest?

They come in a set of 12 in different colors and patterns.

Here are some of the other colors in the pack.

You can see the entire pack of folders on Amazon here.

Are you wondering where I put them?

Here’s a hint.

We recently got this cabinet at a thrift store. You can see the before here.

And when you open the doors?

You can see where I put them.

I added these plate racks to the cubbies in the top.

And added the file folders to them to organize the space.

And then?

I refreshed the rest of the space and changed up a few things.

On the vintage fabric bolt holder in the back?

I added these baskets to store extra packing supplies and office supplies and craft supplies in.

You can see them here.

Paint bottles went into the top and extra books and magazines went into the rest of the shelves.

This side of the room has a built-in desk area with new shelving and a pull-out table.

I also made this piece of artwork for almost free.

You can see the DIY here.

The iron piece on the center of the table was spray painted white and I added a little bit of greenery.

We switched out the rug with this rug from the downstairs bedroom and brought it up here.

On the wall, I added this vintage basket I found at a yard sale and used it to organize these.

And now?

My file folders and I are so full of joy.

We can’t help it.

All that vintage. All that organization. All that space waiting to create.

If you have any questions about anything in the space, you can always shop my house here.

I’m doing an entire tour of the space on Instagram later and Leslie and I are going to share a new room and a new find each day this week.

Want to see what craft room find she picked?

You can find it here.

Wasn’t that fun?

A little vintage.

A little spring refresh.

A space that makes me so happy.

And there’s always tomorrow, too.

I can’t WAIT for you to see what I found for the outdoor porch.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    Oh girl, do your paint bottles seriously always stay so neatly lined up? Anyway, the folders are fun. I like the "busy" one. The more I see of your refurbished cabinet, the more I love it.

  2. Image for Linda Pinion Linda Pinion

    Kari Anne - The Restaurant! Oh my goodness, we just finished 32 hours of it! Thank you for mentioning. Now, what's next? We have watched The Hotel and Cable Girls. Looking for another suggestion. Have a great day!

  3. Image for Barbara Chapman Barbara Chapman

    Hi KariAnne! I do love all the different file folders out there... I have some really beautiful ones with dark black backgrounds and florals... They are my special folders! Not for boring office use. ;) Enjoy your pretty craft room! The new vintage cabinet is pretty, too. Hugs, Barb :)

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