laundry room

Yesterday when my husband was installing the new cornice board over the shower in the laundry room….

….I went all I Love Lucy on him.

Didn’t she always putter around the house wearing red lipstick and high heels?

Valiantly trying with only the best intentions and the best heart and the best ideas to help Ricky with something.

Just so she could tell Ethel all about it later.

vintage reproduction sign

You see, we have company coming.

Translation:  let’s hurry and fix up the house and finish all the diy projects and paint the trim and patch the nail holes in the wall and repair the ceiling where we had a water leak….

….so they will think it always looks like this.

Isn’t it funny that you never really notice that the trim in your living room needs a fresh coat of paint until your mother calls and says she’ll be there in a a week.

laundry room shelving

So I made up a list of projects for my husband.

He calls them opportunities.

Isn’t he sweet?

chalkboard jars

memo board laundry room

One of the projects I had at the top of the list was a cornice board over the shower in the bathroom.

I’m not really sure why this was so important.  Why I insisted that I simply could not live another day in the house without a cornice board over the shower to hide that unsightly shower bar and rings.  My husband asked me when shower rings became such an embarrassment.

Chalk it up to watching a Fixer Upper marathon this weekend.

cornice board

laundry room cornice board

Regardless of the hows or whys Sunday afternoon found my husband standing in the shower precariously holding the back side of a cornice board we like to call opportunity number 4…trying to hide an embarrassing set of shower rings.

He shouted for help across the house.

He needed help holding it while he attached it to the wall.

(total aside:  are you thinking I should have been in the laundry room supervising?  You’re right (of course).  But sometimes even supervisors need a break) 

laundry basket

When I heard the call for assistance, I immediately sprang into action.

I ran into the laundry room wearing high heels and red lipstick with a gusto that would have made Lucy proud.

My husband looked at me and those heels.

And promptly rolled his eyes just like Ricky, kissed me on the cheek, told me high heels and projects should never go together….

….and yelled for Fred to help him install the cornice board.

Just when I was about to have a really good story to tell Ethel. 🙂

PS  If you want to make the cornice board project….click here.

PPS  If you were born after the birth of the internet and have no idea about Lucy….click here.

PPPS If you are looking for more laundry room inspiration, here’s an article I wrote on laundry rooms for Lamps Plus.

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  1. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Karianne, you solved my shower bar problem. Hopefully, my husband will tackle this solution. I think it will make me smile from ear to ear. I just bought new heels and I have red lipstick. Wish me success.

  2. Image for Cristiana Cristiana

    So I love reading your post, seriously you need to put all your blog post in a book!! But does any one really take a shower in that shower with that huge window next to it? just saying;)

  3. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I could identify with this post completely! My daughter just got married so we had many guests at the house so there were many "Opportunities" inside and out!! It gave me a good Monday morning chuckle-loved all the "Lucy" references!! I would love to know where you got he "gardening hand"! Could you share your source? Love your blog!

    1. Image for Thistle Wood Thistle Wood

      I got the hand here locally...but I think you can order them from The Painted Fox: Hope this helps! karianne

  4. Image for Amy K Amy K

    That room is adorable! But what really got me was the black and white checked valance. I've been hunting high and low for one. That is exactly what I'm after. Please tell me you purchased that and where and didn't make it yourself :-)

  5. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh it must be Monday. I kept thinking a project for "The laundry room" then saying no, she is saying a shower so this must be "A bathroom". I became as dizzy as Lucy. Then the lightbulb went on. Ah, a shower IN the laundry room. I must have missed the post about why there is a shower in the laundry room. Perhaps to bathe dogs or extra dirty family members? Either way, it looks great.

  6. Image for Tara @ Lehman lane Tara @ Lehman lane

    Kari Anne, that was really funny:). I don't know how any of us would get our projects done without company coming or lipstick and high heels! So thankful to all the husbands and their "opportunities." I agree with Christiana and hope you have a mini blind under that beautiful checkered black and white valance:).

  7. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Kari Anne, Did you happen to see the 'Lucy' special on TV over the weekend?!? Classic. Thanks for the entertaining post today!

  8. Image for Linda Linda

    A couple of things…enjoy those heels while you can! My husband got our 15 year old watching Andy and Lucy! She has seen them all! And laughs. The jokes and situations are indeed timeless.

  9. Image for LBPV LBPV

    Shower bars and shower rings are embarrassing! That's why I use a valance to cover mine. :) Great post and thanks for always providing a little chuckle if not a full on laugh.

  10. Image for Julie Timmerman Julie Timmerman

    I always enjoy your posts, I look forward to hearing from you and your opportunities! I will ask the same question as Cindy...where did you get the gardening hand! I love it and it looks awesome in your Laundry room! Thanks Lucy.....oops I mean Karianne! XO

  11. Image for Sherry Fisher Sherry Fisher

    When I first saw this picture of your laundry room, I saved it as knew that was the look for me. I still don't have this look as my laundry room shares space with my sewing machine and my treadmill, but I can always dream!

  12. Image for Gloria Gloria

    Oh my gosh - love this post and I so remember Lucy and Ethel. I think me and my sister are a lot like them ;)! Thanks for making me laugh today. You are the best!

  13. Image for Regina Regina

    This was the first Saturday I've had without plans made FOR me, and there was a FIXER-UPPER marathon on TV!!!!! I was so excited! And baby #2 (the 20-year-old just back from college) slept until noon!!! Talk about opportunities! ;) Love the cornice board . . . :)

  14. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Oh my how funny is it my friends call me Lucy so I so Get Lucy!! Love black and white check always and that ruffled shower curtain cute as a button! Make today a great one and thanks for helping me giggle!!! :)

  15. Image for Carol P-K Carol P-K

    That whole room is just so dang cute! Love the shower curtain, the gardening hand, the little cabinet with the whatnots on it and the storage bins on the shelves. Can't forget the distressed dresser. You are so creative and talented and comical. You go girl......always enjoy your blogs. Carol P-K

  16. Image for Peg Peg

    Hahaha, do you have some "splainin" to do? Love the valance, the check and pom-pom curtain, ruffled curtain, advertising sign and all your little boxes. Happy beautiful day! : )

  17. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Cute story! I used to have a valance in the hall bath to cover the rings, but it made the bathtub area too now I have seashell "jewelry"dangling from each ring. I doubt very much if people notice the hooks. I can relate to your "opportunity" list. We also have company coming, arriving today, as a matter of fact, and we've been very busy with our list. My husband relocated a large mirror for me, hanging it over the mantle on the fireplace. I know designers say not to do this, but I play by my own "rules" and I wanted to bounce the light around the room. (It looks great!) "Hubby" had to drill through brick without a hammer drill, (tough work) so I had to "spot" him by bracing the ladder, as well as holding the flashlight, and handing him tools. We've always worked together, (and I'm always the porter) so I don't think even heels and red lipstick would help me escape my own honey-do list. Wonder why doesn't he call his brothers for help? They always call him. Sometimes he's a grump, but today he was whistling!!!

  18. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Oh how I wish I lived near you so I could invite you over and you could share where all your decorating brilliance comes from and I could hope that your brilliance would rub off on me! Then again, I'd probably follow you around like a lost puppy and constantly ask if I could come sit in your butler's pantry and admire all your beautiful milk glass for hours on end. Thank you for having a blog so I can admire your genius, even if it is from afar.

  19. Image for Linda Linda

    Totally borrowing the opportunities name for household chores. Never thought to put up a cornice over the shower rod. Great idea

  20. Image for Jere Wineman Jere Wineman

    One morning whilest making the 5 school lunches as was my early morning task ,I decided I would be Beaver's Mom. I dressed in the shirtwaist dress uniform of the day for Mothers in the 60's... Added the compulsory Red lipstick and of course of course the Big earbobs (Bobs in the 60's no rings) Five trooped in,picked up lunches and trooped out! Nary a word about the new Mom. I was upset..then I realized their image was not me as Beavers Mom..but I never asked who. Needless to say I do not need to splain that I remember Lucy along with the other shows of the 50's and 60's. Loved the post today. Jere

  21. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Hahaha! Too cute! And I CONPLETELY understand! We have been in our "new to us" home for the last 5 months and slowly remodeling everything! Well my mother who lives out of state and has never been inside the house has announced she's coming for a visit in two weeks! My "honey do list" just grew by several feet and the deadline is quickly approaching! Now all those small details that I just haven't gotten around too a screaming my name! Let's also mention I'm doing all this with three little ones ages four, twos and 10, good thing I work well under pressure! Love your laundry room by the way! Xoxoxo

  22. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Doggone you did it again!! You made that evil green eyed monster resurface again!! Your laundry room makes me pea green with envy. I mean, after all wouldn't you feel that way if you had a furnace and water heater int he same room as your washer and dryer and there was NO way you could hide them?? I've tried decorating but please, say lipstick on a hippo!! Well, you are my inspiration and who knows I may find a way to make that lipstick look good.

  23. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

    Ok. First off: Thank you Thank you Thank you for visiting my blog!!!! Sweetheart that you are... I hope that you read some of my first posts (about why I am blogging;-) When I get a little more experience under my belt (aka... learn how to use a computer;-) I will be signing up for that consult thing you do!!!! Two: My husband and I watch I Love Lucy almost nightly around here!!!!!! (isn't he a great husband?!?!?!?!) My kids love it!!!! I love it!!!! And I'm 28 years old so it is for EVERYONE!!!!! Three: Where did you get/make your hand sign I saw in your picture?!?!?!?! I want it in the worst way;-) Four: You are awesome and thanks for posting this;-) Jillynn

  24. Image for Leona Leona

    Karianne, I hope your Mother is proud of you, you never cease to bring a smile into your readers lives Love all your posts , your wit and your charm. ( yes you). You would also make Lucy proud as well. I will now call all my husbands to do list "opportunities". You also have a very dear, patient husband and I would love to be your "Ethel".

  25. Image for Julia Bettencourt Julia Bettencourt

    There are very few blogs that I actually read the posts (instead of just looking at the photos) but I so enjoy reading your posts. I will have to let my husband know those are "opportunities" he has. Thanks for allowing us another peek into your home.

  26. Image for jenny p jenny p

    U have a very good sense of humor! Lucille Ball visits my house on occasion too LOL! The laundry room is beautiful & organized. Love the cornice (<; Jenny P

  27. Image for Jaimee Jaimee

    I called my husband over to my computer screen to see this adorable shower cornice that "hides the unsightly shower curtain and rings." (I love it!) I crooned, "You should build one of these for Amaya's bathroom, honey!" (our daughter) His deadpan response: "Oh good heavens." I think our hubbies could be BFF's :)

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