Wondering how to decorate your fall table? Spoiler alert. It doesn’t need to be expensive. All you need is to shop your house.

how to decorate your fall table

When I shared all the wreath ideas yesterday I got some messages asking about more fall decorating, so I thought today we’d tackle tables.

You know.

You’ve seen them.

Those fancy fall tables.

Full of pomp and circumstance and museum-worthy pumpkins.

I love a beautiful table as much as the next person, but what if we went all thrifty? What if I gave you TONS of ideas for walking around your home and finding items you could use on your fall TABLE right now?

These are the super simple decor hacks that I use when I don’t have time or budget to run to the store.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as thinking outside the box. Maybe it’s using something you have in a new way. Maybe it’s finding creative ways to bring in a little fall without spending a dime.


We’ve got this fall table.

Here’s how to decorate your fall table by shopping your house.

how to decorate your fall table runner

how to decorate your fall table centerpiece

How To Decorate Your Fall Table

Idea number one: Use a door garland on your table


Instead of decorating the door?

Place it on your table instead.

Go up to those tubs in the attic and find a garland. Any fall garland will do. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of autumn to your home without overwhelming your table. Simply drape the garland across the table as your centerpieces or place it on top of your tablecloth.

Then add in dried leaves (or in this case, I cut leaves from the yard and just let them dry in place). You could also use dried hydrangeas in this arrangement, too).

And tuck in pumpkins.

Donity done done done.

how to decorate your fall table charcuterie board

how to decorate your fall table leaves

Idea number two: use a board for a table runner

Turn your dining room table into a harvest feast. Shop your house or garage for a board.

The more pitiful the board is? The better.

You can leave it wood color. Or stain a design on it. Or paint it white.

If you have any old hardware? Add them to the bottom of the board for feet (I think I need to do a DIY on how we did this. LOL.)

Then? Place it in the center of the table as a runner and decorate around it.

You could also cover the board with a burlap runner and load it up with gourds, squash, and bundles of wheat. Add some candles and lanterns to bring the richness of the outdoors inside your home.

how to decorate your fall table dining room

Idea number three: Use garland for chargers


Garland. I know, right?

If you have any random fall garland in your tubs, use it around the bottom of the plates for chargers.

Just tuck it around the edges.

You could also do this with leaves from the yard.

Magnolia leaves would make amazing chargers.

how to decorate your fall table pumpkin vase

Idea number four: fill a pumpkin with fresh flowers from the yard

Looking for a unique way to display fall flowers?

Why not try using a pumpkin as a vase? Simply cut off the top of the pumpkin, scoop out the insides, and fill with water. Then, arrange your favorite fall blooms in the pumpkin. For a festive touch, add some autumn leaves or berries around the base of the flowers. Best of all, this arrangement can be made using items that you may already have around your house. So why not give it a try? You may just find that pumpkins make perfect vases.

You can also use a hollow plastic pumpkin and paint it to match your table.

Simply cut off the top. Then fill a vase with fresh flowers or leaves from the yard and use as your centerpiece on the table.

Idea number five: use small glasses as vases

I know this seems Captain Obvious, but it’s such an overlooked idea.

Simply collect a few leaves and place them in small glasses or vases. The leaves will add a touch of color and nature to your home. And it’s so simple. With some of the prettiest fall centerpieces I’ve ever made—I just shopped my glass cabinet.

You can mix your glass vases with glasses, too.

That way you have vases with different heights.

Idea number six: add fruit

I love to mix in fruit in my fall decor.

I just shop my refrigerator and put out bowls of apples or pears or lemons.

Why let that pretty fruit sit in the fridge until you are ready to eat it?

Decorate with it instead.

Idea seven: add stems to a vase

You can shop your attic or shop your yard for cuttings.

Then simply add the stems to a glass vase on the table.

I’ve also let the stems and the leaves dry in the vase for the fall season.

Idea eight: make a centerpiece with fall flower pots

Need a simple idea to decorate your fall table?

Create a centerpiece with a grouping of fall pots. It’s so easy. I just went to the grocery store and found these fall flowers and added them in a large circle to the center of the table.

You can use taller and shorter vases or use books or pedestals to add different heights to your centerpiece.

how to decorate your fall table glass vase of leaves

See what I mean?

Decorating doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive.

You probably have so many things in your home that you can re-think for fall.

Now open your cabinets and let’s get shopping.

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  1. Image for Ann Ann

    I love your ideas. They look spontaneous. However, some require urban dwellers to buy twigs, branches and even colored squashes are relatively $$. Even squashes are sold by the pound in Washington DC area. I am really cheap so I am not criticizing your post in any way. You gave me a couple of great ideas. Thanks

  2. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    So many great ideas, only one table. Haha. I might have to select an idea for each week, that way I can create a new, and fresh look for each week. Thank you for always providing such great inspiration. Karen B.

  3. Image for Stacie Stacie

    Karianne you always are thinking outside of the box! I would have never thought to use a door garland for our table, but what a great idea!! I really love that magnolia leaf garland with the little hints of orange pumpkins tucked in.

  4. Image for Caroline Caroline

    I love these ideas. To save money at the nursery I use cuttings all summer long. I put them in small glass vases, but I put them on a tray on my kitchen table while they root. It looks like beautiful flowers and greenery. It is easy to shop your house.

  5. Image for susan Maren susan Maren

    my dining table is the first thing you see when you come in I am not sure how to decorate it because we also eat dinner on it, so it can't take up much space or can be easy to remove.

  6. Image for María Eugenia Montañez María Eugenia Montañez

    Hermosas mesas, todas muy de acuerdo con la la ocasión. Muchas gracias. Me equivoqué y me di de baja, pueden darme de alta en el correo. Gracias

  7. Image for Va in NC Va in NC

    Dear friend, Thank you so much for all the great ideas and a reminder to check a few tubs I have for items I could use. Noticed your dining room chair with the leaf print just Love it; have been looking for fabric to re-do my breakfast chairs could you pls email the source. Thank you for doing such good informative posts and sharing your great ideas to all. Blessings

  8. Image for Kimberly Westby Kimberly Westby

    Oh wow, just 'found' 4 antique dark metal door knobs amongst my Dad's workshop odds and sods. Thanks for the idea, to attach them to a board, instant feet. And, of course there were various nice pieces of wood planking and boards.

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