Looking for Fourth of July ideas and inspiration? Here are recipes, decorating ideas, table settings and so much more.

Fourth of July Ideas

Once upon a time, I was Betsy Ross.

I pulled a red wagon carrying Molly Pitcher and wore a ruffled cap and carried a flag and told America Happy Birthday and threw gum to the people watching the parade.

Never let it be said I don’t know how to rock a Fourth of July.

We are heading out to our local Fourth of July parade this morning. I’m so excited about the Fourth. I love the red, white and blue with all my heart.  So to celebrate the birth of our nation I put together a little Fourth of July inspiration.  There’s something for everyone.

A little DIY.  A few projects. Table setting ideas.  A yummy dessert.

I hope you check it all out and pin a few ideas for next year if your Fourth of July is already full.

And of course, a story (total aside:  you knew I was going to say story before I even typed it).

Happy Birthday, America.

I love you.


This Fourth of July dessert

The yummiest pie with the yummiest crust with the cutest stars.

Even if you don’t make it this year?

You will want to pin it for next year.

Trust me.

Fourth of July Ideas cookie crumble

This cookie crumble Fourth of July dessert.

It actually came out of a mistake I made, but it’s so good.

You can put it together before your guests arrive.

The recipe is here.

Here’s kind of a version of the same thing, but with fruit.

I actually published this almost nine years ago and it’s one of my most pinned posts.

For good reason.

It’s easy to put together and it tastes so much better when it sits for a while (just add the whipped cream on the top at the last minute).

You can see the recipe here.

Fourth of July Ideas for Decor

If you are looking for a last-minute idea for your Fourth of July table?

This is the cutest and simplest runner.

All you need is a little burlap and some ribbon.

See the DIY for this easy table runner

If you are looking for ideas for your party?

I have some fun decor and easy ideas for decorating for the Fourth.

See the outdoor party ideas here.

These would make the cutest addition to any party.

You could hang these mason jars off the posts on a porch or outside on the patio.

See this mason jar project here.

Sometimes all you need to decorate is one of these.

A bandana.

You can get them at the dollar store and turn them into so much more.

See these three easy bandana projects here.

The stories

To all the servicemen and women who have fought to keep our country free and the stars and stripes flying proudly from sea to shining sea….

….I salute you.

I salute your sacrifice and your valor and your overwhelming courage in the face of grave danger and almost insurmountable odds.

You are what makes this country great.

Including this cutie on the deck of his ship.

Here are some of my favorite chapters in our love story.

This ship-to-shore call

The cassette tape that said it all

This homecoming

And this.

The love story that started it all.

My finds from this week

happy Fourth of July to you

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    Loved it KariAnne! Happy Fourth and so enjoyed you and your nails and your most sincere love of country! Thank your cute Navy sailor for his service to our Nation! And I so boo hooed over your Dinosaur Wedding Post…I cried with tears of joy for you all. Congrats and so grateful for your terrific post with the photos of the wedding. My youngest will be married in early August so it was very meaningful! Thanks for all the effort you put into Thistlewood Farms! Hugs and God Bless America!

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