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This simple bedroom needs and upgrade from the drab neutral colors

Can I start this post with a thank you?


I’ll put a room on the blog and ask for opinions and you show up.

Every. Single. Time.

I read all your responses and take them to heart and it makes me pause and re-examine and look at things from a different perspective.  Like when someone mentioned I needed a little pop of greenery in the kitchen? They were right.  And when someone mentioned I needed a brass door knocker?  They were right.  And when I had decorating roadblock and you all told me I’d find a place for that rug?

You. Were. Right.

So today I’m showing you another room.  I’m almost done with the master bedroom and I need a little help.


Here’s one before picture. 

A neutral colored bedroom with soft lighting and gray and brown walls

Before I show the after and take the tour.

Here are a few things I need help with:

1. What to put on the table between the two chairs?  I think it needs some height.

2. Should I add crown molding to the top of the room in white?

3. I’m thinking about plantation shutters at the windows and then long curtains.  Maybe drop cloth because it’s so inexpensive?

4. Should I add a hanging chandelier between the two chairs?


I know that’s a lot of questions.  If it’s too much, I understand.

Just grab coffee and enjoy the tour.

And now?

Drum roll, please.

An upgraded white and gray farmhouse bedroom with gray walls and bright lighting with farmhouse decorations

Here’s the after.

The same angle just pulled in a little.

The carpet is the same.  I actually really like the color.  We removed the fireplace mantel from the back wall and moved it downstairs to the family room.

The walls are painted SW Repose Gray and we striped the back wall using this tip to mix the contrasting paint and FrogTape to stripe the walls.

This farmhouse style bedroom is brighter and full of light from the paint upgrade

Soft white bed linens on a farmhouse style bed

Soft linen pillows with gray and neutral fabric colors, and a decorative wood sign on the wall

Here’s a front view of the bed so you can see the layers of bedding.

Most of it I either had or got from IKEA.

These pillow shams are from Ballard Designs and were in my bedroom at the farmhouse.

I love making this bed.  It takes about 10 minutes.  I know it’s corny, but it’s so cathartic for me.  Layer after layer of fluffy down and linen and crisp cotton going on the bed makes me so happy.

A painted gray wall with white plates and a soft white dresser

Close up wood working details on a white painted dressed with decorative drawer handles

This piece is on the far wall.

It’s a thrift store dresser I got for half-price (are you noticing a thrift store theme with the house)?

I added these crystal knobs from Wayfair.

This farmhouse bedroom is complete with an entertainment center and bookshelf decorated with woven baskets and booksDistressed wood dressed and a white vase with a thread of wooden balls

Farmhouse style bookshelf and decorations; books, potted plant and wooden crate

On the far wall, there’s an entertainment center I bought at a thrift store.

It was orange.

And I WISH I had pressed pause enough to take before pictures.

I styled it with covered books and this DIY wood bead and pom pom garland and galvanized metal and baskets.

These crystal knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

This farmhouse style bedroom has a gray themed sitting area with gray reading chairs, soft lighting from the bedside windows, and a gorgeous gray rug

Here’s a pulled back picture so you can see more of the room.

And look what showed up?

My rug that I couldn’t find a home for.

There’s already carpet in the space and I love the little pop of pattern in front of the chairs from Kirkland’s.

Thread detail work on the bed linens

Light gray upholstered farmhouse bench with a wooden frame

A vintage wooden speaker used as decoration on the bedroom dresser

The bench at the end of the bed is from Kirkland’s too.

The wood speaker came from my brother.

And I’ve had these linen chair covers forever.  I just tied them around the pillows.

Let’s take a look one more time at the before to the after.

A neutral and dark bedroom with soft yellow lighting


A new bright farmhouse bedroom with gray and white themed bed linens, furniture, and decorations


I know, right?

Can you even?

I’m so happy and thankful and grateful for all of you.

This room is part of the video series for the book. There’s a video where I show you how I striped the walls with FrogTape and how I designed the room and there’s even an entire video on pattern mixing where I take the same space and change it up three different ways.

The DIY Home Planner by KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms

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Let’s decorate together. 🙂

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All opinions are my own.

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Can I just raise my hand and say I am SO EXCITED for the "three different ways" ??? Even though I was one of the few 'purple' voters, I so enjoyed your vision(s) with the table a few months back. It's like being with you and the journey three different

  2. Image for Cyndy Cyndy

    Just stunning. Simply beautiful. But did I miss the fireplace? Where did it go? It might be too early in the morning for me here....

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Cyndy, My bad! I should have added that to the post (I just added it to the post)! We removed the fireplace mantel from the back wall and moved it downstairs to the family room. Happy day friend! karianne

      1. Image for cynthia cynthia

        I understand moving the mantel but what did you do with the fireplace box itself? Is the entertainment center in front of it? Beautiful room as always !

  3. Image for Jillian Jillian

    This looks so nice and restful! Even though our house is pretty giant, someone here (maybe me) has collected so many things I am always looking for more storage, so my first thought is a little chest with drawers and a nice lamp between those chairs for reading, I would not personally like a chandelier there. Also I would like the pretty rug pulled closer to the chairs so it is not floating in space and is connected to that vignette. Love the stripes, too.

    1. Image for Renae Renae

      I agree with 100% of her suggestions! Also green on whatever goes there. And yes to the crown molding if you're up to it and also 100% on the plantation shutters and curtains. I can't wait to see it!!

  4. Image for Sue Sue

    It all looks so peaceful. I need to know where I can get the song sheet that is over your bed. I have been married for almost 39 years and that is the song we love to dance to. I LOVE that song. I request it every time we go to a wedding. The last time I requested it was at a friend's son's wedding and the DJ really didn't want to play it because he felt it would clear the dance floor. Well, when he started playing it the dance floor was so packed and the seats were empty. It is a classic!!

  5. Image for Jillian Jillian

    p.s. also a bigger piece between the chairs would ground and balance that side with the bed area, but maybe not a tall chest

  6. Image for McKenzie Parker McKenzie Parker

    First of all, I love your blog and have been following along for years! Second, is there a plug on the wall by the two chairs? A tall lamp on that table might be just the thing to cozy up the space!

  7. Image for Joanna Joanna

    Love your new bedroom! Looks great! Your questions.... I would add some greenery on the table behind the gift from your brother (a small tree in an olive bucket?). This would blend with the greenery on your dresser. I think bamboo shades would look good on the windows instead of plantation shutters. It would also add a little wood to your space to tie in with the legs on your bed, bench, and chairs. Fabulous job! You are amazing!!!

  8. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Beautiful room! Love the idea of crown molding. Not sure about the drop cloth window treatments. I love the look of some sort of woven shade with sheers. Personally, I would not use drop cloth treatments for this beautiful light and airy room. Love plantation shutters too. I agree about needing something on the table between the chairs. How about a large, clear glass vase with a wide base with some tall stems in them? Can you pull the rug under the chairs partway to anchor it more? Just a thought. A smaller chandelier might be gorgeous!! Love it all, bedding, wall decor, etc. Enjoy!

  9. Image for Fonda Fonda

    Everything looks so soft and beautiful, then there's the black hole on the entertainment stand! Yep! The TV. It's too bad they are so, so dark. Perhaps you can fashion a cover for it that coordinateswith the rest of the room?

  10. Image for Debi Debi

    Your room is coming together beautifully! Love the bed linens too. I would definitely add the crown molding and I agree the table needs some height. And a crystal chandelier!! Yes yes yes!!

  11. Image for Deb Deb

    Karianne~ LOVE....LOVE....LOVE it all!!!!! I think a chandelier between the two chairs would be perfect! I am a "chandy" girl. Just love the way they sparkle and light up a room. Kind of like showing up for a fancy occasion wearing your most beautiful and glittery dress, and sparkly shoes too. We can't forget the shoes. ;-) Thank you for giving us a sneak peek at all the beauty. :-) Deb P.S. I just love me some Kirklands. I think I forget to breathe when I walk thru the doors of their store. :-)

  12. Image for Beverly Beverly

    It looks amazing, KariAnne. I love everything.♥♥♥ Perfect new home for your rug. Now, for a few of your questions. I would add crown molding painted white. I wouldn't put a chandelier between the chairs, but maybe a floor lamp behind one of the chairs or a lamp on the table.. For height on the table, maybe a lamp, a green plant, or a vase of flowers, maybe white peonies. I think plantation shutters would be perfect. I am not a curtain person, but the dropcloth curtains would look nice, too. Have you thought about adding a pops of goldtone or brass accesories for a few touches of warmth to blend with wood and basket tones?

  13. Image for Taste of France Taste of France

    What do you do in the chairs? Read? Watch TV? You might want either reading lamps or a soft light, but if the TV is on the facing wall you don't want something that will produce glare. What about an ottoman? I like to put my feet up, whether reading or watching TV. You can share it.

  14. Image for Cindy Barganier Cindy Barganier

    I'm voting no on plantation shutters. You have enough white. I would lean more toward a woven wood to bring some warmth to that wall and tie in the browns from other areas of the room. What about a soft linen ticking stripe on the windows? Drapery always finishes a room to me. Looking good! We need a "catch up" talk in a bad way.

  15. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    Ah, so this is the new home for the rug! I love it! I love everything, actually. I'm in agreement with others, I think white crown moulding would finish off this beautifully. A chandelier between the two chairs would add so much too. I'm all for fresh flowers on end tables. I see some dreamy creamy Hydrageas. Another little tidbit, if you don't mind me sharing, I would place something on the bottom shelf of your night table to give it some "weight." Try a basket in the same tone as your bench legs, frame, or chair legs. Or how about some more covered books with a little something on top to tie in the seating area book shelves. Its a dreamy space! Enjoy!

  16. Image for Ange Ange

    What a lovely and peaceful room. The sign above the bed is adorable. I agree with some of the comments regarding pulling the rug in closer to the chairs and more weight between the chairs, either a trunk (as one person mentioned) or a heavier table. I love the idea of the chandelier, but only with a different table (I just can't see a sparkly chandy with that table) I'd personally pass on the crown molding unless it is already in other rooms. I like the idea of either linen or drop cloth curtains with the shutters (or with bamboo shades as another commented) You have certainly been a busy lady and your house is just lovely.

  17. Image for Char Char

    Overall very lovely. A table lamp with some texture or color would give the seating area some life - or maybe a patterned ottoman. Definitely wood shades, again to add texture and a natural element. The walls are screaming for crown moulding.

  18. Image for Joan Joan

    I love this is so amazing and cozy.. I vote yes on the white crown molding and something green on the table between the chairs --maybe gold or brass container? I vote no on the chandelier between the chairs....but that is just my opinion. *grin* I love the idea of having shutters to cover the tv...or as someone said, maybe fashion a covering so that it blends in more.

  19. Image for Alice Alice

    K-yes to crown moldings, to chandelier, I think that trend is passing and overhead lighting is not soothing in a bedroom,... and definitely to drop cloth drapes, texture plus a nice draw to the eye from the tans in bedding and a nod to the wood of the bench at the end of the bed. And yes, you need some red lipstick for that table. Awesome, as always! Cheers!

  20. Image for Susan Giuliano Susan Giuliano

    I love it all. I just bought that same lamp at Homegoods along with a nightstand. Mine has a mirrored draw. I get so much inspiration from you. Keep shining!

  21. Image for Sue Sue

    I love before and after photos and yours are always amazing. What about a floor lamp in-between the two chairs with a live and/or faux plant on the table along with the speakers? P.S. I'm the same about making my bed:)

  22. Image for Karen Karen

    KariAnne, You've done an amazing job, as usual.! This room looks so spacious. I had to do a double take before I realized you moved the mantle did not already have wide crown molding. Ha! Just curious about the color - I thought SW Mindful Gray was a favorite but I noticed you used SW Repose Gray in the Master Suite as well as the Laundry Room. Is it because of the lighting? I think you mentioned before about how colors can change. Was it Yvonne at Stone Gable who suggested we place furniture legs on the rugs? I don't know if this would throw off the rug being centered in your entry? I love Plantation Shutters but I always thought they were really expensive. If you're set on them and long curtains maybe just wait and save up. Otherwise, I would go all Holly Mathis and use Bamboo Shades and maybe even a Fiddle Leaf Tree. I think Miss Mustard Seed used those handles in her beautiful Kitchen! Thanks for sharing and encouraging us!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Karen, Yes! I did use SW Repose Gray in here because it doesn't get that much natural light! And it's slightly bluer! Love the idea of a Fiddle Leaf Fig! You're brilliant! karianne

  23. Image for Lenore Lenore

    I always love crown molding BUT when I look at the before picture, that white band brought the height of the room down but it might have been because of the small piece of wood at the bottom that sticks out. I wonder if that would be the same with crown molding. I know that stacking wood is cheaper to make it appear like one big crown molding but more labor intensive. Maybe thicker wood at the top and thinner at the bottom. I have some base molding like that. I like the idea of a sparkly chandelier or maybe a sparkly tall crystal lamp. I think the room is gorgeous and I know you've got this for sure! Just enjoy the hunt and take some time; it's amazing what pops up that you never would have thought about. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Such a peaceful space! It’s a beautiful transformation. My thoughts on your questions, I would not add a chandelier over the chairs, think it’s too small of an area of the room to balance it. You do need some lighting there though so I would get a larger table, then add a lamp for some height and a plant for a little color. If the space could handle an ottoman without obstructing a path into the room, I would do that also. If an ottoman would be too much maybe two smaller footstools. I would definitely add the crown molding. Instead of making the investment in plantation shutters, I would do matchbook shades (a fraction of the cost at Home Depot) and use some of the savings on drapery panels. I do like drop cloth panels in certain spaces but I think they would just be too “heavy” for your bedroom. While I don’t think a chandelier over the chairs would work, .I do think a chandelier over your bed would be just right. PS you found the perfect home for the rug!

  25. Image for Shelley Shelley

    I guess on the odd one out, but I think the room need some contrast. I love neutral, so I agree with those recommending bamboo shades at the windows, and a basket under the nightstand to give it more weight. But I do think it needs a pop of something. Maybe some blue accessories? I could see some blue and white plates mixed with your white over the dresser, and a blue & white throw on one of the chairs? I love the room – – very restful and beautiful!

  26. Image for Chris Chris

    Marianne, Ok, here is my two,cents. I want to put a mirror or two in there! And I hope this doesn’t sound rude but the plates to me say dining room or kitchen. That would bug me but thats me. Maybe a cute wood and mirrored chest between the chairs from kirklands and the night stand. I love the bedding, the rug the paint color it’s all spells peacefulness!

  27. Image for Mary Mary

    Wow it looks so fresh and clean. I like how you add all those chippy pieces in the room to give it character. Not that it lacks it since you have added so many pretty thrift pieces too. Em, I could use a nap about now, I'm coming over! ;)

  28. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    It is simply beautiful. I love the white, natural and gray but in a more cozy yet contemporary way. I love the molding above the windows and always love white crown molding. I would say a lamp instead of chandelier between the chairs because I am constantly changing things—that would not make adding something different there not doable. And who knew there was a square olive bucket with a lid!! How adorable! Love the rug in this room and I can never get enough of plantation shutters...and I do think white ones would not make your eye say “shutters” if natural ones were used! Just my thoughts! Don’t mind me...I may just hang out here and keep looking at these photos and all the peace they bring. Thanks for making my Monday brighter, sweet friend!

  29. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm going to agree with the comments about adding a bit of warmth and/or a pop of color. You could do that a lot of places--throws, curtains, pillows ... anyway, it's looking pretty but needs some sort of something. :) Oh, and I also prefer the floor or table lamp idea rather than the chandy--it would be more practical if you want to read in there and the lighting is softer. That's my two cent's worth and you can completely ignore my suggestions! Whatever you come up with will be marvelous!

  30. Image for Kathi Kathi

    Very nice. No to the chandelier, yes to a tall lamp. You need an ottoman between t he front of the two chairs to cozy up and read. And I guess a nice lumbar pillow would be nice, too. Something with another stripe, perhaps in blue? Red? Kathi

  31. Image for Cindy@countyroad407 Cindy@countyroad407

    I so love how you decide - Hmm, I think we should move the mantel to another room and just do it! I'd be like that too but the Mister, not so much. I think because he sees how much work it would be to redo the wall behind it. I also love the idea of a chandelier hanging between the two chairs but I again wouldn't because I would be married to the fact I cannot ever move those chairs because then I'd have to move the chandelier and their would be a hole in the ceiling that the Mister would have to fix. See a pattern? Anyway, I totally love all you do and I"m sure it will be perfect what ever that may be.

    1. Image for PJ PJ

      Cindy, I am in the same boat, but I thank my lucky stars that my fella is as handy as he is. There is a whole lot of compromise around here.

  32. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I love crown molding, but it did come down awfully close to the top of the windows. Maybe voluptuous puddling sheers from rods as high as you can set them or is privacy an issue? More lamps, more lamps. I like your thrift store dresser, but I think there needs to be at least one lamp there and less kitcheny decor atop and above. Hmm. The two chairs. I agree the rug needs to be placed under the chair legs and the wooden speaker belongs elsewhere and should be replaced with a nice tall lamp adequate for reading. Also agree with the comments about the T.V. and personally I'd eventually opt out of a lot of the wicker on the entertainment center and stick with more vintage and antique whites, creams and grays. Love your bed and linens and can see why you enjoy making it each morning.

  33. Image for Rose Rose

    Definitely definitely crown molding. Then maybe you would like these curtains. I purchased a pair of curtains from her and they are stunning. Hope you find something you love. Your bedroom is beautiful. Have a wonderful day. Much love, Rose.

  34. Image for Sue Sue

    I would put plantation shutters on the Windows without drapes. You need a large colorful picture or colorful lamp between the chairs. I have shutters throughout my home and you can add anything with them.

  35. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Oh it looks lovely. I would add a green plant some where. I like the fiddle leaf fig idea. I would definitely add crown molding. You can never go wrong with it in my opinion. I would put a taller piece between the chairs. As far as the plates as someone mentioned, I love plates anywhere in a house. They're like art to me. However, I would personally have a mirror over my dresser. But that's just me. Btw, I painted a small bedroom we have in the SW Repose Gray on your suggestion and I love it. It's a wonderful gray. Thanks so much.

  36. Image for Chris Chris

    Beautiful room! To answer your questions: maybe to crown molding, yes to plantation shutters, no to drop sheet drapes (I think you need something that flows more - a light linen maybe), no to a hanging chandelier and yest the table needs something more. I absolutely love plantation shutters and love flowing drapes around them. This would complete that part of your room I think. The table between the chairs seems a bit undersized and I think that something larger (maybe with storage) would suggest the accessories you need a little better. I would look for reading lamps for each chair - provide light but also not compete with the television. That would also free the table top for something green as well as your wooden speaker. Plants are what is missing (I love having plants in a bedroom). Of course, as I already stated, your room is beautiful and if it makes your heart sing that is all that counts.

    1. Image for Peg Peg

      I love everything you said. A pop of color....maybe botanical prints that are soft. Greenery for sure. A small chest between your chairs. Yes! To plantation shutters!

  37. Image for Susan J Susan J

    Karianne! Love the way your master bedroom came together! I do love the pompoms and wooden beads! I will be the voice of "way out there" for a second: I like a dark cozy sleepy bedroom! That white room would keep me awake at night and waken me way too early in the morning! I have day/night dark shades in our RV bedroom with oak wood and the same ticking bed linens.... and that is just dark and snuggly and cozy enough to welcome me to get in there and SLEEP!

  38. Image for Julie Julie

    Oh's gorgeous! I have to tell you I am so wanting the wall hanging over the bed with Anne Murray's beautiful lyrics. Did you make that? It's a very special song for us and I have never, ever seen anything with these lyrics. I was thinking of attempting to make one but it's a bit daunting!!!!! Everything is beyond lovely. And, yes I think a hanging light between the chairs would be perfect!!!!

  39. Image for Melanie Melanie

    Beautiful! Love the quiet restfulness of the room. Maybe a buffet lamp on the table between the two chairs. The table is small in diameter, so I feel the buffet lamp would add height without being top heavy on the table. YES to crown moulding!! Plantation shutters would be lovely and functional and architectural, all at the same time. Check out for beautiful linen draperies (lined and weighted) at a great price. (I do not work for them, just have bought draperies from them.) Maybe add some trim to the edges of the draperies to add interest and texture. This room is beautiful!!

  40. Image for Rosemary Rosemary

    Good heavens, Look at all the comments! You can never go wrong with crown molding. Plantation shutters for privacy, but with light flowing curtains in a somewhat darker creamy ecru to break up the white. Small silk flower arrangements and more plants to add color. Lamp on table between chairs if possible. Cannot wait to hear and see what you do! Such a beautiful room already!

  41. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Love the transformation! It looks so light and airy as well as warm and inviting. On the table between the two chairs, I would add a lamp for some height a small plant for some greenery and a candle to add to the tranquil feeling. Place a small candle or the plant on top of two books stacked. Yes to the crown molding in white. If you do plantation shutters, no to the long curtains. Or do the drop cloth curtains would look lovely and you can even bleach them if you want them to be more white. No to the chandelier between the two chairs. This room is lovely.

  42. Image for Diane Diane

    What a beautiful space in which to dream!! I love the molding around the windows and the feeling you've created so far. I'm a bit of a minimalist and would pass on the crown molding so that the windows are the architectural drama in the room. The one window is very close to the wall. I think that complicates what you do with window treatments. Personally, with such a large space, I would not want to cover the window in any way and would place any curtains wide and high to show off the window as much as possible. I love drop cloth... but think it would be too heavy and would consider a more light and airy fabric. When did you come and spirit my bed away? heehee Last summer I purchased the same bed as yours. I was looking for a platform bed because I wanted an organic latex mattress which is really heavy and the bed is solid AND pretty. I agree... making my bed every morning is something I LOVE ... it gives me so much satisfaction, too. KA... putting your rug with your chairs is wonderful. I love the texture, too, but I'd tuck it under the chairs so it doesn't float in the room like a runner. You have created a beautiful canvas... but it doesn't have anything for the eye to grab onto. When we do graphics, we want to make sure that a page is not too busy and so we give the eye necessary white space for the eye to rest. In the case of your room... I would like to see some a bit of color for the eye to pause a bit as it moves about the room. Maybe coral accents like pillows on the chairs. How about a rusty metal lamp between the chairs? And what if you painted the bedside table a shade of coral too? Adding a few book covers in coral in the entertainment center would be sweet. What do you think about adding a patterned plate with some coral in the plate arrangement... or maybe a whole mix of tone on tone patterns with a few plates that have some coral designs? I might also add some coral to one of the pillow layers on your bed, also. Of course... "I'm" feeling the coral. You might have another favorite color. Your space is very restful, but it needs a bit of life to bring joy to your mornings. The pass-through window behind the chairs is a little awkward... why not make the most of it with a pretty crystal chandy? Whatever you do... I'm certain it will be amazing!! You, my friend, have incredible talent and the ability to see diamonds in the rough. Step back and enjoy sitting in your space and allowing it to speak to you. I'm sure the story of your dreamy space will come together beautifully! Diane xoxo

  43. Image for Terri Terri

    Absolutely yes to crown molding.... plantation shutters may be a little over kill?? ... Depending on what the chairs are used for ... reading?? Watching tv?? maybe an oversized ottoman?? What about a small frenchy looking open bookcase with gorgeous legs between the chairs?? And a beautiful lamp on the bookcase?? A proper reading nook .. if you will !!! lololol.... Excited to see how you finish this amazing room !!!!!! :)

  44. Image for Karen Karen

    A bigger piece between the chairs, maybe some wood with galvanized trim or something. And ABSOLUTELY a chandelier!!!!! Just the sparkle the room needs!! Then I'll be ready to move in! LOL Great job Karianne! Now let's do another room :)

  45. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Karianne, I haven't commented enough but I've been following along. You are doing a rock star job on your new/old home!! I love every decision you've made. Your bedroom is beautiful and peaceful and just perfect. ♥

  46. Image for Bev Bev

    So lovely! Falling asleep in this room must give you peaceful and cuddly sleep.. The first thing I noticed was the floating rug as others have already mentioned. mentioned. Would you enjoy a small coffee table? Maybe an interesting "farmhouse" metal? I'd want a spot to have for a coffee cup while reading in those comfy chairs. Small taller cabinet to hold a lamp for reading between the chairs? Somewhere, a wooden pot with a variety of succulents? If you prefer permanent blooms, there are so many you would have to touch to know if they were live or permanent petals.

  47. Image for Carla Hanson Carla Hanson

    Karianne... love the softness of all the fabrics in this room. Looks peaceful and comfortable. I agree that a lamp on table between the chairs might be just enough there. You might add a pop of color somewhere in the room that is seasonal. Also a green plant is a great idea. You rock and have made this home "yours" again. Thanks for sharing before and after pics.

  48. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    Everything looks beautiful. You have worked so hard and done a fabulous job. 1. I think crown moulding would add interest and give the room a finished look. 2. My suggestion is woven blinds (match finish of wood on bench) and light curtains. 3. For the seating area: I would find a larger 3 drawer chest to put in between the chairs (adds storage plus puts weight on that end) maybe finishing the wood with the same finish as the padded wooden bench at the foot of the bed. Lamp and greenery but no chandelier. I think the chandelier locks you in and the chest/lamp option provides for flexibility to change if desired.

  49. Image for Martha Martha

    As much as I enjoy your blog posts, the comments are great too! I also appreciate that you listen to your fans ideas. I love the room, I do agree you need a few pops of color. I am a major color person and I always need pops of I first started reading your blog, I wasn't sure how I felt about your very neutral pallet, but I have grown to love it as much as I do a more color filled decor. .I also agree with some comments about pulling the rug closer to the chairs. I vote no to the chandelier, I think they have become so trendy. Now, I do have a question about the covered books.....why? As a retired librarian, it kills me to see that done. Books are a wonderful way to bring color and interest to a room, but to cover them so they cannot be identified and they blend with the decor seems really silly to me. Don't hate me ♥ I'd love to know what your readers think!

  50. Image for Kelly S Kelly S

    Beautiful space--serene. I'd love to see a small, worn steamer trunk in between the two chairs. A little more chunk.

  51. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Looks great Karianne! Okay, let's see if I can tackle your questions. I would put a lamp on the table between the chairs for some height and reading light. I like the rug there but it feels like it's floating in the room...might be good to anchor it either partially under the chairs or with a little coffee table or ottoman type coffee table for tv watching? That option might be a shin-buster in the dark though ;) I'd also say yes to the crown molding, I think it would be a nice touch! I like the idea of curtains on the windows to soften the look, maybe a nice neutral linen fabric? I have found some really inexpensive well made 95 inch curtains lately at Tuesday Morning...seriously around $30 for a pair. Do they have one of those in Dallas? If you plan to keep the ceiling fan, all it really needs are updated light covers. I have a very similar light/fan combo and need to update the covers because we like the fan and won't ever get rid of it since it's on a two story vaulted ceiling in the living room and great for air circulation. Happy decorating friend!

  52. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    All I could see was the wall hanging over the bed! That is our song. Glad you enjoy it also. Crown molding for sure. Chandelier for sure. Are you sure you need shutters and drapes? If you make the drapes, please, please give us a step by step of "HOW tO DO them". The room will be lovely! Any room where love resides is lovely.

  53. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Hey sweet Karianne! I would absolutely do the crown molding along with the plantation shutters in white. Also, I just finished a bedroom project using beautiful linen drapery panels flowing and puddling at the floor. I would love to see a beautiful chandelier over the bed and incorporate natural tones of beiges, taupe , and grays. The space between the chairs needs a small chest with drawers and a table lamp with a burlap shade. The plates above the dresser needs to be anchored with a beautiful painting or ornate mirror with the plates on each side. Some succulent plants in a stoneware tureen would add a pop of green with low upkeep on top of the dresser perhaps staged with some covered books. To me using different shades and textures of the colors I listed above will give you the serene and peaceful vibe you are trying to achieve. Your room already is gorgeous it just needs some tweaking! You are the best and I enjoy your blog immensely!

  54. Image for Terry Terry

    Karianne, you do such beautiful work! I think I agree with others that the restful room needs a pop of soft color. The browns and tans are good but a third accent color of blue or green would help. The table between the chairs may be a bit small. A larger table would allow for a lamp and some accents. Also a larger picture with some color would highlight this area. A pretty drape with some color is another option.

  55. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    What a huge difference! Yes to the crown molding, yes to shutters and curtains (I used drop cloth in the studio - perfect!), and some kind of green plant between the chairs.I don't know what to tell you about a chandelier - I need my ceiling fan! LOL! It is so restful and pretty!

  56. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Wow, LOVE the look. To answer some of your questions: No crown molding as it would come down onto the striped wall and make the top stripe appear thinner than the rest. Yes t the plantation blinds, White is classic but you might want to consider adding a bid of depth with a light wood tone to bring out the wood in the bench. (We had medium wood tone blinds in real wood in one of our houses and it looked great!). Hmm.. .. adding some height to the table b/n the chairs would be good, How about some greenery, a topiary perhaps? And a silver or gold tone framed pic? Thanks for letting us all join in!

  57. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Enough have asked, where can we purchase the DANCE wall hanging by Anne Murray? You are a brave and kind word to open this to ALL of us.

  58. Image for Ann Ann

    No, to the chandelier above the chairs. You might someday want to change out the chairs for something else, and then the chandelier wouldn't be in the right spot and you'd have to move it and repair the ceiling which would be a pain. I agree with hanging a large, vertically-oriented picture between the chairs,to draw the eye up. That makes a great statement and when you don't want the picture any more, it's easy to fill the hole in the wall.

  59. Image for Christa DiPinto Christa DiPinto

    Room looks great! In fact the whole house does but I am craving a bit of color these days. Everything is fifty shades of neutral... perhaps a light blue or blush pink or even green? Maybe just some pillows or a throw over the chairs or bench. You could even put a fun shade on the lamp a previous commenter suggested. But whatever you decide I am sure it will be thoughtful and lovely and have a story! Can't wait to see it 😀

  60. Image for Dawn Dawn

    1. Definitely white crown molding! It always finishes a room off. 2. Love the plantation shutters idea. 3. Hang a vintage black chandy between the two chairs then decide on the table. You might not need anything tall on the table. 4. If you still feel it's lacking something, place a real or artificial orchids in a deep pink or purple on the table. Love what you have done so far.

  61. Image for Debra Matcovich Debra Matcovich

    I think the bedroom is so pretty, but very bright. Are you going to put drape panels if you want to sleep in late. I also would add two more smaller pictures under the one between the chairs. Just a thought.

  62. Image for Be Be

    I think the the crown molding is essential for such a stately home and room. I love the thought of of the chairs for reading or coffee and tea. There needs to be some kind of lighting between the chairs. Also love curtains in a bedroom for softness, but I miss color. Color makes you smile. Remember these are my personality and you have done a fab of a job to remake this beautiful home. This room is not just for you, but your husband too

  63. Image for Diane Diane

    Yes to the crown molding. If you do plantation shutters then do a light linen or woven drape,the drop cloth will be to heavy. A larger table between the chairs and a pretty lamp. Would rather see a mirror than the plates. Also, some greenery.

  64. Image for Brenda Hurst Brenda Hurst

    We should all have a bedroom this nice! Lovely! --agree with shutters to cover TV when not in use --chandelier over left side of dresser --no to crown molding --yes to shutters and two-thumbs-up yes to dropcloth curtains with white pom trim --mirror between chairs with wreath on it --stacked books and candle on table --round leather ottoman on rug in front of chairs You are so talented!

  65. Image for barb barb

    I just love your bedding. It also takes me around 10 minutes or so to make our bed too. I've followed your blog for quite a few years and have read your's wonderful! But I gotta ask, are those salad plates or dessert plates you got stacked under the glass dome? ;)

  66. Image for Charley Charley

    The Plantation shutters will be enough at the windows and should be the star as is. A round heavy looking table put with a glass top between the two chairs the same color as the legs of the chairs for some variety in the room. Then a large gold lamp which will match the color in the baskets. I'd like to see some art from time to time in your rooms rather than plates or signs. I'd wish you could see a very large canvas that was a piece of abstract art that I painted over with metallic craft paints and plain old wall paint colors from other rooms in a variety of strokes. This piece is a stand out over the fireplace in an otherwise traditional home. I used grasscloth wallpaper on the back of the built in bookcases on each side of the fireplace with some metallic threads that inspired the metallics in the art. Everyone that comes in the house loves this wall.

  67. Image for Becky Mullowney Becky Mullowney

    KariAnne, it looks beautiful ! Yes to the crown molding. And if you want inexpensive drapes, consider the Ikea Ritva ones. I have them in our formal rooms and am pleased. They are thick enough to provide privacy and thin enough to let in the light. They hang well. Thanks for sharing your jourey with us!

  68. Image for Nancy Nancy

    You have such a lovely design sense. I agree with most of the above suggestions. You NEED an amazing mirror ( I still remember the post about you and the store security camera.). Everyone has to check out their hair after getting dressed in the morning. I think the chair area needs an amazing reading lamp. (No chandelier-hard to read comments by). Some type of amazing window treatment (everyone needs privacy now and then.). An amazing green plant (I am sure that you will give it a name and talk to it daily). You blog is a joy to read. My challenge to you is to take your time, spend as little as possible and inspire us as usual with your amazing talents.

  69. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Yes to crown moulding. No to a chandelier-it's too permanent and you will lose the option to rearrange. I would use a floor lamp that has a table tray attached. Also, the small rug is pretty, but needs to scoot closer to the chairs. In addition, I would add a argue area rug under the bed, it would help ground it.

  70. Image for Judy Judy

    Yes, crown molding in white. I would do a larger table with a tall crystal base lamp. Love the room, bright, airy, welcoming, relaxing.

  71. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    As always I am gobsmacked by your awesomeness! Gorgeous. I love white and grey so there you go more motivation for me. We had grey carpets in our old home and I always loved the color. I can't go all white, but I sure would love it. Our dog sleeps on my side of the bed and white anything is a toughie. Aren't you sweet to ask what we think. I smile and say I could no more tell Van gogh how to paint than to tell you my darling friend how to decorate. If it feels good, boom shaka laka, hang a chandelier. xo P.S. love, love love the chairs!

  72. Image for Kris Kris

    It's beautiful! Love all the layers on the bed! I say yes to crown molding. No to plantation shutters, they block out more light than you realize & it's so bright and pretty! Bamboo shades and the drop cloths would be great, like others suggested. And a larger table/chest between the chairs. Love the chandelier idea! The house is amazing!

  73. Image for Pam Pam

    KariAnne, Please let us know where you got the Anne Murray dance sheet picture above your bed! My husband and I have been married for 44 years in May and that is our song! Love your bedroom! Bought your book, “Simply Amazing!” I have laughed, cried and identified with many of the stories you’ve told. Keep those memories! The are irreplaceable!

  74. Image for Julie W Julie W

    Crown molding always! How about a bigger round table between the chairs (you could even get one of the inexpensive ones with a puddling cloth (could use drop cloth if you choose that for curtains) on top until you find a perfect one. Pull the rug in closer to the chairs to create a cozier feel. Chandy if you desire one. I would look for some beautiful patterned wallpaper for the back of the bookcase. Yes to the shutters not sure if you will need the curtains. Beautiful room - beautiful house - beautiful blog!

  75. Image for Sara Sara

    Karianne, beautiful, peaceful restful bedroom!! Yes to shutters No to chandelier Tall lamp and larger table I did a bedroom set up at High Point for a furniture company a little while back and it was peaceful and soft like yours. We put a bunch of inexpensive (faux but looked real) blue hydrangeas in a white milk pitcher. That was the only color in the room and it just popped. You could use a soft green hydrangea if you don’t want lots of color. Also a soft blue, green or blush colored throw on one of the chairs would be nice. Love your other book and can’t wait for your new one! Keep the pictures coming!

  76. Image for Cherie Cherie

    It’s beautiful! I would say yes to crown moulding! It’s so timeless and makes such a huge difference in a room.

  77. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Love! Everything! You amaze me (and everyone else it seems!) with all you've accomplished in such a short time. I love the "before & afters," and offering opinions. I'm all in with the idea of adding a Fiddle Leaf Fig! I've seen a few great faux ones, but wouldn't a rather large/tall, live one be "sweet?!" I'd say yes, put a chandy over the tableI (I really, really love them)! And since I'm always looking for a way to add unexpected contrast ~ drop cloth curtains would certainly be that ~ and cool ~ tho' I'd also be open to some of the other suggestions offered. I agree the rug needs to be grounded a bit toward the chairs, rather than floating. Finally, crown molding ~ yes! ~ I have no doubt you are up to that, or any other task, at this point! You are our own "Wonder Woman!"

  78. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    p.s. I was just advised yesterday that my book ~ your second ~ shipped! I cannot wait to get my hands on it ...

  79. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    Karianne, I have to agree with some of the others who mentioned something green. Yes, the Fiddle Leaf tree would be perfect! Your room is awesome! You have created a “haven” with this bedroom.

  80. Image for Michelle Manning Combs Michelle Manning Combs

    So pretty and comfy clean looking. Yes to the chandelier and I’d stack an old ladder w pretty throws on it between the chairs.

  81. Image for Glenda Shine Glenda Shine

    This is beautiful but again, you need something green and living looking in the room otherwise it comes off as cold. Crown molding is always a yes. Instead of a chandy above the table, I would suggest a grouping with something taller and several "smallers" like books and a small vase with flowers. I would also move the rug in to become a part of the chairs and table vignette. I think heavy shutters are out and something sheer and wispy would complement your look better. It's easy to look at something and think of tweeks but you have the vision that has created an amazing room.

  82. Image for Carol Wellein Carol Wellein

    I am an artist and taught art to elementary and middle school students for 40 years. May I suggest that you put a beautiful watercolor in your room? I see so many words being displayed on walls. Support an artist and hang a lovely piece of art that has meaning for you and your family and will add a pop of color, too.

  83. Image for Robin Robin

    What a beautiful and restful room. I would do the crown molding for sure. Between the two chairs I would use a round table with a pretty cover that goes to the floor - possibly with a subtle pattern on it. A tall glass container with branches with small white flowers and maybe a family picture in gold frame on the same table I like family pictures in the bedroom! I would move the rug closer to the chairs -maybe even under the front chair legs. Beautiful space !

  84. Image for Chris Chris

    Karianne, I’m laughing at all our comments! I hope we aren’t regretting asking us for our two cents. Haha! Hope we aren’t giving you a royal headache! You ask we deliver! LOL xox

  85. Image for ART ART

    I LOVE IT! I want to move in.....seriously, I am going to go work on my neglected bedroom...#masterenvy to the max....If you are still up for suggestions: I would just replace the metal table between the chairs with a slightly larger one...maybe in a light wood finish (similar to bench legs) that will add a warmer/organic touch and a small plant/succulent....Love the wood speaker, too!!!!

  86. Image for Susie Susie

    Your room is so relaxing looking> Great job i think a chandelier would look beautiful between the two chairs. It would make me want to curl and read there.

  87. Image for tegmapat tegmapat

    Great job! The room looks so much lighter and airy! I think I would keep it that way by adding some full sheers to the windows puddling onto the floor. I definitely think the bed between the windows gives more balance to the room, and your choices of colors is great! I definitely like the focal point stripes on the wall, too.. Would the fireplace have worked between the two chairs, or are your really wanting it down in the family room? If so, perhaps a lamp would look nice on the table for reading and that might give it the height it needs.. All in all, it's really well done! Pat yourself on the back!

  88. Image for Kay Kay

    The room is so restful and lovely. Just amazing! My suggestion for between the chairs is a floor mirror. It would give you height and reflection in that space. I suggest a glass bowl with some succulents on the table with some of your wooden bead garland. If you are up to a road trip, come to Pryor, OK to the FabriCut factory outlet for drapery fabric! I just purchased some beautiful Vervain linen for $1.50 a yard! Stop by and pick me up on the way.

  89. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    KariAnne, this is your sanctuary, your private abode, so it should please you and your husband first and foremost. Having said that, I will tell you what I think is missing: visual texture. Natural materials. With a neutral room it’s so important. But I don’t necessarily think that you have to put it on the windows—as in bamboo blinds, in preference to Plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are so classic and provide such good privacy and light control, not to mention, easy to clean. Personally, I would rather wait, and save up for good drapes, than use drop cloths. Crown molding always adds distinction to a room, but it wouldn’t be at the top of my list on a restricted budget, either. Yes to something between those chairs. A bigger table would improve the spot, along with a tall lamp. If you decide on a chandelier, a star might be nice there. They make such interesting patterns on the ceiling! Most of all, have fun decorating your new/old house, because you’ll probably have to live with your decisions a long time.

  90. Image for Graham Graham

    Well, let's see... yes to crown molding, no to chandelier. IMHO, the tables need something more substantial between them with a lamp and a plant, pictures of family. A lamp, so if either of you can't sleep, you can go to the chairs and turn on the light without disturbing the person in bed and read. A chandelier might be too much light. Yes to pulling the rug closer and then, find some legs for that tool chest. It would be a great coffee table in front of the chairs for magazines or drinks. On the down side (I just can't keep my opinions to myself) I'm not nuts about the raw finish on the bench in front of the bed- can we paint it. I love the tufted top, but the legs, not so much. As far as the curtains go, I've read that even if you get your drop cloths from the same store, same manufacturer, they still may not match. Just a thought. Let's meet in Pryor, OK, that fabric outlet sounds great!

  91. Image for Peg Peg

    Crown molding? Check. Plantation shutters? Double check. Chandelier? Triple check. OR, board up the opening behind the chair, and put a tall bookcase between the chairs and wall sconces on either side. OR a put a not-so-tall bookcase between the chairs and a lamp on it. No matter what you do, it's absolutely beautiful!! Total aside, glad to see the pieces of molding (that were in your entryway in Kentucky) make an appearance!!) xoxoxo

  92. Image for Jeanne Marie Mikkelsen Jeanne Marie Mikkelsen

    The rug is too small for the space between your chairs; Try it under the foot of your bed-to ground it. Your chair area needs more accessories to cozy it up! I don’t think a light from the ceiling would do it. Maybe a standing floor lamp? A bigger table between the chairs? Don’t use painter drop cloth for curtains. Something airy and light weight would work better in this soft and feminine room! It is a beautiful room!

  93. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Love that you put the bed where the old mantel was before. It was half hidden behind the wall before and now is the focus of the room. I think a hanging chandlier between the chairs would look great. It would bring your eyes up since the chairs are pretty low. I love seeing each room revealed as the develope.

  94. Image for Pamela Martin Pamela Martin

    I am probably the last person who should offer my opinion, but we put shutters in most of our windows as we could afford them, and I feel they don't need curtains. I love them just plain. Ours came with built in trim around the window casings. I just love them. I don't expect to ever have to buy curtains again. *Smiles*

  95. Image for Cori Cori

    Love it Love it!! So beautiful and restful. I think I could crawl up in the bed and nap for days. And of course the rug love the rug!! Job well done.

  96. Image for Kathy S Kathy S

    Ikea Ritva white curtain panels come in two lengths up to 118". You can use them with or without rings. I just threaded them onto a french rod to make pencil pleats. I also washed them prior to hanging since I needed to hem them for the correct length. and knew I would need to launder in the future. Cheaper than drop clothes for sure and have received many compliments since the fabric has a nice weave similar to linen.

  97. Image for Alison Piantanida Alison Piantanida

    I like the curtain idea and the chandelier idea But how would crown molding look with the stripe? Also IMHO I think the table between the chairs is a bit too small, modern and dainty... if the chandelier was hunq over a bigger more substansial table, don't think you would need that much height like another person said maybe some green/living plants in here too well that's my 2 cents more like 2$ :)

  98. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Karianne: Your room is a beautiful sanctuary. Love what you've done. Your request for input is hardly needed as you always do a spectacular job. Per your request for our input though, my suggestions would be yes to the shutters, and I see nothing wrong with paint cloth drapes. The material is not too heavy, and is pretty neutral picking up the tones of the carpeting. You could make tab tops with perhaps tie-backs that have similar pompom trim of the pillows on them for a bit of whimsey. Or light colored wooden buttons on the tabs. If you are going to keep artwork on the wall behind the two chairs, I most likely would not put a chandelier. I like the idea of a little larger table between the chairs. Again, if you're keeping the artwork, a taller piece on the table might not want to extend up in front of the artwork. A vase with tan-ish colored felt flowers or straw to tie into your brother's speaker and the basketry. In keeping with the age of the home, I would say yes to the crown moulding, but without it, it gives a sleeker look, so just depends on the look you're going for. Whatever you do, you do with pizazz and a joyful heart. Happy decorating!!

  99. Image for Linda Linda

    Lovely room so peaceful. Yes always crown molding, yes on the shutters and curtains. No on the chandelier. Just my thought it’s your room follow your heart, you do a wonderful job.

  100. Image for Jane B Jane B

    You already have more than enough comments and ideas but...what the hey - here goes ;) I would move the wooden speaker to that little ledge on the wall behind that chair; put a pretty, tall lamp on the table between the chairs and add a patterned throw to one of the chairs. I'd move the pretty rug closer to the chairs and yes, crown molding would finish everything off. The room is stunning and the only other thing I would do would be to add a pop of color somewhere, whether it is greenery or that pretty patterned throw that I'm suggesting.

  101. Image for Theresa Theresa

    Hiya there Ms Karianne, I have been an avid fan of your blog but not really the comment leavin' type. So here goes!!! You my dear are a tremendously gifted designer and have most likely figured it all out all ready. My two cents is that whatever 'pop' of color you decide to use for your spring/summer decor should have an impact on this room as well. My suggestion is a beautiful clear periwinkle blue and to go alittle bolder. Maybe those drop cloth drapes dyed...or a petite dresser with lamps with shades in a color between those chairs. I just love the crown molding idea and the shutters. My favorite... the over stuffed ottoman. Romantic picnicking in the bedroom, anyone??? Thank You Dear Lady for sharing your story and your talent.

  102. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Whew! Such great suggestions. I'm late to add my thoughts. 1) I think the chairs require a heftier table. Wood tone. 2) Crown molding always looks good but it looks fine without it. 3) Plantation shutters or bamboo shades, I think in wood tone. Especially if you use drop cloth curtains. Or just use curtains but maybe a pattern with color but nothing overwhelming. Muted. 4) I would think if you’re going to sit in the chairs to read or whatever, you’ll need a lamp. I don’t think a chandelier would work. I think the room needs wood, texture, a little contrast, a little color. You’re so good at that. It just needs your personality and touch.

  103. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Hi! New to the blog and was wondering if you could provide which knobs you ordered from Wayfair. I went to the site and there are just so many to choose from. Question: Do all knobs fit all dressers? Thanks so much and I love your blog. Lisa

  104. Image for Mary Mary

    You are so very talented and I love your sense humor. This is a beautiful makeover. Like you I love having a more neutral color scheme. It allows me flexibility. All neutrals or I can add seasonal colors sprinkled through out with a few accessories. After looking at other parts of your home also with neutral, I think the one difference is that they are grounded by beautiful warm wood floors. I am not saying to take up the carpet and replace with hardwoods, but perhaps adding a bit more warmth through woods and wicker. Some even in deeper tones than you already have. I agree with those who suggested a larger table between chairs, this might be an opportunity to add more of those deeper tones. I believe a lamp would be great there and like the idea to have a chandy over the bed( gives the bed even more romance and presence). I would add the crown molding in white and I say go ahead with plantation shutters, especially if it makes for more uniformity from the outside. I would also go with more fluid fabric for drapes instead of drop cloths. More greenery would be great too. Whatever you decide I know it will be as beautiful as the rest of your home. Love it!

  105. Image for Ananda Ananda

    wow this bedroom is STUNNING!!!! it looks so effortless, but i know how much talent and creativity it takes to create such beauty from a blank canvas! LOVE LOVE!!!

  106. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! Oh my many great things to see and so much inspiration!! You definitely knocked it out of the park with this makeover!! Thank you for sharing.....blessings, friend!!

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