Spring flowers in the kitchen

Some people see flowers and think of spring.

Some people see green grass and know that winter is just about to close the door.

Some people see sunshine and warm breezes and trees leafing out and tiny green shoots pushing their way through the cold hard ground and realize that springtime is just around the corner.


The sign of spring I always look for?

The one that makes my heart sing and my mittens go into storage?

The multi-family yard sale sign.

White bowl of delicious apples

I saw one yesterday.

It was so tiny I almost missed it.

I blinked and looked more closely and yelled with complete and utter joy and pointed frantically and asked my husband if we could turn the car around.

Gorgeous plates displayed in the kitchen

I didn’t buy anything.

But that didn’t matter.

The point of this entire story is that I COULD.

If you never stop, you’ll never know what you missed.

I was at a yard sale and it was 2018 and all was right with the world.

Kitchen in the spring time

So in honor of yard sales and shopping and almost-spring, I thought it might be fun to take a little yard sale tour of the kitchen.

Here are some things I’ve found just around the corner from a multi-family yard sale sign.

(total aside:  This was the calm yesterday before the super bowl party storm.  So many littles.  So many chips.  So many valentine’s sprinkles.  So much joy.)

Snowflake on display

I wish I knew what these were.


Picture frames?

Cabinet fronts?

Close up of grate

It doesn’t matter.

Just look at that patina.

I bought them years ago for almost nothing at a yard sale and they have the superhero ability to make anything you hang on them look cute.  Like these snowflakes.  Or a wreath.  Or a picture frame.  Or a clipped on book page.

Apples in a white bowl

Hello whiteware.

Nice to meet you.

I collect this anywhere and everywhere.

Most of these dishes came from yard sales and thrift stores.

The only caveat?

Do not pay more than .50.  Unless it’s super cute.  Then you can spring for $1.00.

Whiteware in the kitchen

I wasn’t kidding.

You can see more of the whiteware here.

See the pieces on those built-in shelves?  I’m pretty sure they were $1.00 worthy.

Counter with glassware

I collect vintage frogs.

They are perfect for flower arranging and generally looking cute.

I stack them on top of books in bookshelves and under cloches on the kitchen countertop.

Flowers in a mason jar

Mason jars and clear glass vases like these are a centerpiece’s best friend.

I just took a whiteware tray.

Then I filled the mason jars and vases with water and added flowers.

Vintage wood sign

This sign was the first thing I hung up in the house.

I found it years ago a couple of blocks from here at a yard sale.

This is why I love yard saling.

So much character for so little money.

Wooden ampersand

And this wooden ampersand on the wall?

I didn’t get it at a yard sale, but it’s one of my favorite things in the room.

My brother made it.

The same brother that came to my party yesterday with a quiz for the super bowl.  It WAS AMAZING.  He had a page full of predictions for the game and had us guess before the game even started.  Like what color Justin Timberlake’s shoes would be?  And would Uncle Denny win the thumb wrestling contest before half-time?  And how long would Pink take to sing the National Anthem.  We all guessed and predicted and we all watched the game right next to this yard sale kitchen to see who would be right.

And my mom won.

No one was surprised.

She’s just generally brilliant. 🙂

Wooden house door stop

PS  This isn’t a yard sale find, but I just bought it at Target.

It’s from the JoAnna Gaines line.

Cutest door stop ever.

PSS  What’s your favorite yard sale find?





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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    HI Rock Star!!! My favorite buy happened this past Saturday at a neighbor's estate sale. His flag from his front porch! It has always caught my eye when I walk my sweet old Sammy dog, or when I'd be out running. At night, I always thought it was illuminated from his front porch light. But NO!! He installed a solar spot light onto it!!! This sweet old man and his wife have downsized ~ I didn't know he was a hobby woodmaker...my new flag was built and signed by him!! Anyway- it's a tribute to my family members who have served and will serve (my daughter is an ROTC nursing Cadet)~ and I will cherish it. As for the spot light, it does distract a bit, I may remove that and re-purpose to something else!! So glad you had a Super-d-Dooper Football party. Did you have a favorite ad??? I was rooting for the commercials, Pink, and JT !!

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I knew what you were going to say!! It had to be some form of a yard sale that would excite you. You are right! As warm breezes flow encouraging flowers to pop up their heads those same breezes encourage purging. The unwanted and unloved items sit out in the yard hoping a kind soul will take pity on them and take them home. You are that kind soul that sees the potential. I can't wait to see what other valuables you find. Sending hugs!!

  3. Image for Mary Mary

    I bought a lot of my Christmas decor for dirt cheap this fall. Now about the Super Bowl, this was my first time watching it and boy it was such a great game. What a game for me as a newbie to watch. And that Foles fellow was incredible. His back story is even more amazing! I didn't even have a team I just really enjoyed the whole thing, game and commercials!

  4. Image for Patti Whitford Patti Whitford

    Just Friday I bought a small wooden box with Whitman's (chocolates) on the sides, not stamped but carved) for $1. With Valentine's day almost here, I couldn't resist it. It's not garage sale time here in Central NY yet but I can't wait! I bought this cutie at a consignment box.

  5. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    I love it all! Your kitchen is so inviting and has such heart. I would love to know what is in the tall basket on the floor next to the doorway in the fourth photo. I don't know about you but I would have done the happy dance all the way home after I found that vintage sign! LOVE IT! I don't have a brother that makes me wonderful gifts but I did have a wonderful dad that gave me his heart in the things he made for me. Treasures!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Suzanne, It's just the wrapping paper I used to cover my books! I was trying to figure out what to put in there and then the other day I was looking for somewhere to put all those tall rolls of paper! #happyaccident karianne

      1. Image for Kris Kris

        I had the same question. Beautiful kitchen. Will you still like me if I admit I don't really like yard sales (or garage sales as they are called here in the mitten state).

        1. Image for Ann C Ann C

          Kris, I too live in the mitten State. I have been purging and really trying to keep less stuff. My adult daughter keeps telling me how much she appreciates that I’m not leaving it for her to go thru. I love garage sales but with the purging comes a feeling of “if I find something do I buy it? “ so often last year I just kept going and didn’t stop at the sales. We’ll see how I do this year!

  6. Image for Nancy Sternfels Nancy Sternfels

    The beginning of your post made me laugh...that yard sale sign is the first sign of spring for me, too! I think my love of a good yard sale began with my mamaw taking me to the church rummage sale years ago. When my kids were little, they would anxiously look for yard sale signs and "clues" - the arrow signs pointing deeper into the neighborhood. It's not just the amazing deals...it's the treasure hunt, finding those one of a kind items for my home that I didn't know I needed! Thanks for bringing so many sweet memories to mind this morning!

  7. Image for Peg Peg

    When my daughter got married, all of the centerpieces were in vintage white milk glass which I collected for a year from yard sales and antique shops!! Love you and your kitchen to pieces!! xoxo

  8. Image for Janet Janet

    Mble y best yard sale find was decades ago, a charming wood tea cart for $5. I re-painted it (I think it was red when I got it) and used it for a tiny kitchen table (with the drop leaves up) and in the entry in the next house. Then I decided to sell it at my own sale and my cousin bought it, so my Dad drove it up to Wisconsin for her and my uncle eventually stripped all the paint and refinished the wood. He was meticulous and it's beautiful. It's now in her daughter's dining room. The tea cart that just keeps serving!

  9. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Karianne, since the Superbowl was in my home state, I thought I would post a comment. Yard sales are a fav for me because I pick up used winter wear for my visiting grandchildren who live in San Diego. You can't beat sales for coats, snow pants, boots, etc.. then as the kids outgrow the items I donate to the Goodwill where more people can take advantage of my finds. I think many fans experienced the cold this past weekend and I say to them, "hope you stayed warm" ha!

  10. Image for Gina Gina

    "So much joy." I could just feel your joy when reading that line. That's what it's all about. Yard sale finds: favorites were toys and gear for my then toddler - now teen. But I do have an ironstone tureen/$5 and a pair of vintage chairs/$5. Also fond of a large copper planter/$10. Happy yard saling!

  11. Image for Lenore Lenore

    I have a lot of favorite things but when I read your question, one thing popped into my mind. I have this old, old picture of cows which is on a mirrored backing with two big cracks through it in a frame. The previous owner had put small seashells around the frame and some were missing. I had some seashells from another yard sale stashed away just like them and glued them back where they had fallen off. While this all sounds tacky, I knew that somebody loved this picture and I thought I should honor it in the way they had it displayed. I don't live near the beach but I did have cows and miss them a lot. They lived many years just as pets (they were our lawnmowers). I think I paid 50 cents for it and I totally love it with all it's authentic chippy white paint, cracked mirror and all. One of my best finds ever!!!! (Yes, it deserved more exclamation points! )

  12. Image for Sally Sally

    I love a good yard sale! Every year a large group of us girls that all worked together hit the sales in Omaha, NE the first Thursday in June and we have the best time and a competition to see who gets the best stuff. My favorite was two 3 ft. tall cement flamingos that are gracing my garden all for the low price of $5.oo. The lady didn't really want to sell them but thought I looked like I might give them a good home:) Last year a lovely couple ended up giving two of us a tour of their home and they had a ball room dance floor in their basement! We meet the nicest people!

  13. Image for Sue Sue

    MY best find was free. It was an antique tea cart in perfect condition. It was in a large dumpster in the driveway of a home.. Tinkerbell and I knocked on the door and asked if we could have it.YES. I called 1-800-husband and this wonderful man came driving up and climbed into the dumpster and got it. There were many more items in there also that were amazing. It was so much fun. I painted the cart and it is. beautiful..

    1. Image for Betty Carol Betty Carol

      My problem is I see so many things that I want to buy for my friends. So I do and then save them for gifts through the year. On of my favorites I bought for me is a white and brown transfer ware large serving dish. I think it was $3,

  14. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Five dollar kid's table. Repainted it white to match a child's rocking chair a friend gave me. $20 wooden doll house I patched up and styled for my granddaughter's Christmas present; the paw patrol pups now live there. $15 1937 radio for my husband. He had so many memories of sitting next to one just like that listening to radio shows before TV took over. Some freebies from the side of the road; a long white cabinet we turned on end (and added casters and turned into a mobile tool library. Hung pegboards and hooks on the sides and little drawers for all the small hardware you always need. A hanging shelf painted dayglow colors and repainted white for the grandkid's playroom (to go with table and chair). To name a few...

  15. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I love all the pieces, the prices of the pieces and especially the Superbowl Party Game! What a great idea!!! I need to remember to be more yard-sale ready in the future. You know, cash (or do they take credit cards now?). Yeah, that's how long its been for moi...

  16. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

    My favorite yard sale find was a chair...it was very sad looking. I needed a chair for my Son's desk in his bed room. I painted it the same color.as his desk....upolhstered the seat with a good leatherette material.That was 20 years ago and that chair is still doing a great job. That chair was only $3.00.

  17. Image for Yard Sale Rock Star Yard Sale Rock Star

    I actually did not see that coming. I was expecting paper whites to be your sign of spring. I love yard sales and thrift stores and estate sales ! I paid $75 for a Vasiliki painting valued at $950. (I won't normally pay $75 for anything but it spoke to me!) I recently found a hand carved quail lamp by Joe Ahearn. A similar one sold for $2350 at auction. I paid $4. I also bought an original Herb Rather watercolor for $25 that is pretty awesome! On Friday I bought a Franklin Mint watch for $2. (I found it on ebay for $149 and & $20 shopping.) I have also found Roseville Pottery at yard sales and Goodwills. My advice is to look to see if an item is signed. The lamp was signed in a weird place. Also, learn maker's marks. Early Roseville Pottery is marked with a capital letter R. Another bit of advice, if the frame is great, the painting might also be great. I bought a picture for the frame ($10), took it apart and found the original price and description $400. I could go on and on but you get it!

  18. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I try to never miss dog walking Monday. Because it is the day before trash Tuesday. Today I scoured the neighborhood with Miss Gracie and found two curbside chairs. One will be at a desk I have yet to find and the other is for the Fashionista's (Lou) apartment she hopes to move into this spring. Did I mention they were FREE? :)

  19. Image for Linda Linda

    I love yard sales too. Also love Jo Ann Gaines and that cute door stop. I had to smile when I saw it...especially with the handle and knew with in about five minutes my Golden Scobbee would have it in his mouth carrying it around ....how about Buddy ?

  20. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I still get goosebumps when I think about what I bought several years ago at a yard sale. I did not go to lunch until 1 pm, so I did not think anything would be left. But......just as I got there, they were pulling out an 1800's step back walnut cupboard (it had been nailed in the shed) and a small white cabinet with 6 pierced tins. I was sure I could not afford the stepback (my heart was pounding when I asked the price). He said, Oh....$5 for each piece, we just want rid of them. Well....o.k. let's just put those sweet pieces in my little truck. I still have the stepback although my friend talked me out of the little white cabinet. I doubt that I will ever top that!! Can't wait for "sale time". Good luck to all! Blessings.

  21. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    hm, my favorite yard sale find? That's a hard one! I've found so many good things. Probably the best thing was the sofa table I rescued from the dumpster. Nothing some paint and tightening up the legs couldn't fix. :D Love all your finds. Can I tag along with you?

  22. Image for Laurie Haas Laurie Haas

    An armoire that was part of Pier 1's British West Indies line from ages ago. It was probably more than $1,000 new and I got it for $20. The louvered doors were hanging off their hinges. Replaced them, painted it with white chalk paint and then sanded it down to give it some character and replaced the hardware with vintage glass knobs. Some day I will hand it down to one of my daughters but for now I love it. It was such a steal, I always wonder if the seller would regret it if they knew what a little paint and elbow grease would turn it into. Its like a librarian who took off her glasses and shook out her bun to show she was beautiful all along (Glasses and buns are already beautiful but you know what I mean).

  23. Image for Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

    I found a big antique farmhouse corner cabinet with leaded glass doors...$15. I think that is my favorite garage sale find. I'm like you...I look around our home and most of the decor came from garage sales and thrift stores! The best kind!

  24. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    Yard sales are the best, I have so many good finds over the years. I love the adventure, you just never know what you will find!

  25. Image for Linda Linda

    I'm not a garage sale person as I hate having to ask someone what the price of an object is. I'd rather visit my favorite thrift shops. I used to be such a thrift store snob until about 5-6 years ago when my sister introduced me to thrifting. Now I wonder what I've missed out on all these years!

  26. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    you really are a Rock Star. I LOVE your blog and enjoy reading it everyday because you make me laugh! Love those bar stools. Where did you get them?

  27. Image for Jane Jane

    I now it sounds crazy, but every time I'm driving along the back roads of Michigan (where farmhouse sales are everywhere and THE best), I never have cash. So I keep on driving. I keep money stuffed in my coat pockets for the Salvation Army during the Christmas season, why can't I have a pocket load for ME in the spring?? Love those cool grated thingies...I'm thinking cabinet fronts. Jane xxx

  28. Image for Louise Adkins Louise Adkins

    My most recent "find" was a small white bowl with Happy stamped on one side and a tall bunny on the other. It was by Mud Pie, priced at 77 cents plus a 25% off day! Yea me! But my greatest score was a Brighton charm bracelet.. It was full of Georgia charms and since I am a Georgia girl it not only spoke to me but Yelled, "Hey look at me, here I am, buy meeee! $3.49 plus tax! Googled a description on ebay and the first one that popped up was $75.00. Think I may have to head out for some shopping therapy! Enjoy!

  29. Image for Teresa Teresa

    You've brought back wonderful memories of my Daddy. He didn't miss the Saturday Flea Markets. Even after he got cancer and didn't feel too good he'd delight in going, something to look forward to. He collected antique miniature lamps. My sister and I divided them between us. And, I have frogs too! I am getting them out to decorate with. Thanks for reminding me.

  30. Image for Kay Kay

    One of my recent favorite yard sales find was a baggie full of ink pens. It seemed I could never find an ink pen when I needed one fast! Now it is such a blessing to go to the drawer, open it and it is full of pens! It is the simple pleasures in life! I have found some wonderful furniture, decor, jewelry,and needs at yard sales over the years, They have been a blessing in our lives!

  31. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Karianne, I never buy at yard sales. I have a sister that loves to buy stuff and switches decor items all the time. We do a yearly yard sale at her place twice a year so I do all my shopping there : ). She gives me the family discount. Wasn't that game something else! We are so proud of the Eagles. They had so many team members hurt and kept fighting back. I'm not a big football fan but the Wentz/Foles team are such good people it's hard not to support them. The big parade is Thursday.

  32. Image for Sandi magle Sandi magle

    I'm totally with you, and seldom buy anything new. Our family has even begun thrift store buying for gifts: unusuals, antiques, vintage games, frames filled with current photos. And I love the new look of your blog...so clean, and uninterrupted flow of content! Really worth it,

  33. Image for Amber Ferguson Amber Ferguson

    Hi Karianne! As a gal who has an entire blog series called "Let's Go Junkin'!," I can certainly identify with this post! I will be featuring you tomorrow at Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you will come over an party with us again. Happy Valentine's Day!

  34. Image for Sharon B. Sharon B.

    Hi Karianne, I love how your kitchen turned out. It looks fabulous! May I ask where you purchased your kitchen counter stools?

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